Key for End Notes, Footnotes, and Notes Symbols


Your document may not have all the sections mentioned here in the key, usually you will have less. These end-note, footnote, and note marker symbols are optional, and some documents may not have, or need them.

Found below a paragraph, or part such as a pre-made tweet

✎🗒 Note: placed under paragraph, or parts such as a pre-made tweet.

At the Dividing Line for a Section, or a Heading Level

A footnote has a matching symbol that can be found near a line dividing a section, or near a section end marker, such as a heading level. Footnotes are generally not references here, but short notes that are too large to fit into the brackets or em-rule.

Found In the End Notes Section

A short note ‖Ⓐ that is often hyperlinked to send the reader to the End Notes section for short notes, and expanded references. If a footnote becomes too large, it will be sent here instead.

Random facts (II) use bracket enclosed roman numerals, but are not generally placed in the main article as they are slightly distracting, as other markers can perform this function. They tend to hold facts that are related to the main article. Generally they are not hyperlinked, as the information they contain is not considered critical, or high priority. Highly critical, and priority facts will be in the glossary. A table of contents will usually indicate if a glossary is included in your document.

Pure supporting references2.1.1 are always numbers, and are hyperlinked to the particular reference that exists in the End Notes section. Nearly all references will go in this section, and not in the short-note, footnote, or random fact section. This section only holds references that are relevant to the main document.

In The End Notes Section You Will Also Find

A) 🖍 random notes not related to the main article. They are organized in alphabetical order. Many different thoughts occur while working on a project.

⭐ Brainstorming, and Unrelated Notes, fragments 🖊 🖋 🖌 🖍 💭 ⭐ 💎 🚩 ⚠ that don’t have a particular structure, and may even be incomplete sentences or fragments.

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