Pens are often used in documents for various reasons. There is some art to making a post or page look good, and this article is a place to record such experiments: 🖊 Pens Style Samples [article]: 📋

The list of pens has expanded, and has its own page now. From past experience, this page is highly useful during edits.

Contents List

Directive Text

The eye is very sensitive to slight variations in the lighter colors.

1.0) Dark Cyan Reference: This is used for text that references a link (not usually done), and should not be tweeted. Less commonly used, as it resembles code snippets. Also used for non rendering links (defined below) that can be tweeted, as this styled-directive suggests caution when copying and pasting text.
<span style="color: #0085A0;">Text that is highlighted</span>
1.1) Miku Pure compared to the directive Dark Cyan Reference text above.
1.2) Miku Variant Green vs directive Dark Cyan Reference text above.
2) Disaalert: Wake-up! This is used for text that references a link, and should not be tweeted. Is used for Mix-Ins of music and so on.
<span style="color: #933D00;">Text that is highlighted</span>
3) Orange Lighted: Warning: This is used for text that references a link, and should not be tweeted.
May be used for pure text such as statements about how long a video, or music will go on for: “Nearly 17 minutes of pure performance:”
<span style="color: #B22D00;">Text that is highlighted</span>
4) Miku Orange compared to the directive text above.

“Non-Rendering Links” using directive pen (Dark Cyan):

For non-rendering links, the method used here leaves some of the link code in place, allowing mouse hover to alter the underline (but not the text) which is colored faded orange (but looks similar to gold). A note is often supplied below to give reason for unusual style—unless it interrupts the flow of a reader.

Unlike directive text, this style just warns that this link is not a standard link, and caution should be used when copy and paste are used in WordPress for example. It seems to cause no problems in twitter (for the moment). It’s suspected that WordPress, may not get along well (inability to communicate) with twitter (emoji in that case), and YouTube; or may be having disputes on how standards should be handled: such as using emoji and hyperlink names; or the dispute may be with users, and how pages should be styled; or the people that make the code, also make errors, and that code error maybe corrected in good time…

Javascript is possibly used in WordPress for saved and updated pages before that page is viewed, and can alter a link for example, and produce something different from what is originally-typed, the famous one being Ponder The Mystery song by William Shatner.

Just A Guess: A pattern-matching operator might be used, by making a regular-expression, and this expression is not 100% accurate at detecting patterns, especially when the pattern is dependent on the context that it is placed in.

The song, and code is shown below:

♬ @WilliamShatner — Ponder The Mystery [song/music]:

Note: Take care when using copy & paste, with above link (may end up changed)

The music link

<span style="color:#0085a0;">♬ @WilliamShatner — Ponder The Mystery [song/music]: <a href="" target="_blank"><code><span style="color:#aba37c;font-size:medium;font-weight:bold;"></span></code></a&gt; ❧</span>

The comment box

<p style="margin-left: 50px; color: #707777; background-color: #eaeaea; border-bottom: 2px solid #e0e0ff; border-top: 2px solid #e0e0ff; border-left: 4px solid #eaeaea; border-right: 1px solid #eaeaea;">Note: Take care when using copy & paste, with above link (may end up changed)</p>

“Background” Faded (orange) Text

This is used for text that remains in the background. Sample music might be in this faded text, because it’s pre-formated for tweets, but not really meant to be used often.
<span style="color: #aba37c;">Text that is highlighted</span>

Nexus Pen

Reserved for use of nexus lists (binding articles and pages that are similar).

<li><span style="color: #339966;">Header [<a href="" target="_blank">link</a>]</span></li>

Penciled Text

May vary due to color settings on screen.

Penciled Text

Penciled Text is very similar to Ghosted Text, but Ultra Ghosted Pen is very light. Penciled Text is often used in the main sections of a page. It’s designed to minimize attention to the text, as it’s more like a note in a lot of cases. For example: notes for some songs that are no longer be available for various reasons (including regional restrictions). It is slightly darker then Ghosted Text, to reduce eye strain as much as possible, but it’s difficult to know if a screen has the resolution to actually show the two shades of grey (and does not default to a lower number of displayed colors).

Sample of normal black text near some Penciled Text.
Sample of normal black text near some Ghosted Text.

Note: often used in notes for a particular pre-made tweet. Often users may not have their social media or organizational structure finalized for example, and this can result in legacy websites that are based on out of date information. Heading style 5 is often chosen for these notes so they don’t interfere too much with the main article. May also be used to notify fans of videos that are no longer available.
<span style="color: #707777;">Text that is highlighted</span>

———Ult Gh.☆☆☆pencil☆☆☆Ult Gh.———


Ghosted Pen: A grey-color same as page end parts.
<span style="color: #808080;">Text that is highlighted</span>

Ultra Ghosted Pen: A grey-color used to border Ghosted Pen with stars ☆★☆ for example.
<span style="color: #aaaaaa;">Text that is highlighted</span>

Purple Pens

Purple Pen

Light Purple: May have more then one use

Used by Gharr in heading style H1 (aligned to center) to bring news about Hiatus, or other related material that will have some effect on operations. Check ☆ Gharr will be going back into Hiatus at 27 April 2015 [article]: for a example of a simple post.
<span style="color: #857cab;">Text that is highlighted</span>

Dark Purple: #Poems, and possibly other uses..

📎 original, tweet, recorded random notes, rewrite to article // it does not always flow in a perfect way // memories still exist // then confusion results #poem
<span style="color: #502888;">Text that is highlighted</span>

Blue-vie Pen, but looks purple or violet on screen. Used to highlight text.
<span style="color: #2222dd;">Text that is highlighted</span>

Green Pens

Green Pen

Used in some articles to set aside additional information using color. The setting aside of the information may be for several reasons: for example the pre-made tweets might be secondary pre-made tweets that are not considered as usual or common pre-made tweets (eg. for the purposed of promotion). Green pen may have other meanings as well within an article.
<span style="color: #307733;">Text that is highlighted</span>
Green Idea Pen used in articles like “Making That Dream Come True. Emphasis organic growth, and earth friendliness.”
<span style="color: #005500;">"Green Idea" Text goes well with <span style="color: #3366ff;">highlighted (neutrino blue)</span></span>
Light Green Pen: Non-specific use
<span style="color: #00aa00;">"Light Green Pen:" Text that is for non-specific use</span>

Pure Orange Pen

This can be used with black text as a highlighter, and is similar to red pen in some ways. It is sometimes known as blaze orange or orange-red. Here is a sample of how it might be used in (bold) black text:

  • ☆ (@kanamonkey82 //AKA monkey82) sabotendoll
  • Seven Stars // 「セブンスター」
  • We never meant to say that!
  • 6-May-14 (lady GaGa gig date)

<span style="color: #ff6600;">Text that is highlighted</span>

Orange Pen

This is a dark orange with brown tone
For use with green pen (instead of using red pen). It may also be used with red pen for highlighting purposes or making words stand out.

Orange Pen may also be used to highlight historic old names, and historic old links (such as ones used for twitter).

<span style="color: #775222;">Text that is highlighted</span>

Blue Pens

Blue Pen

Example of Blue Pen: text in blue is a way of separating information. Blue pen is often traditional for use in notes from lectures, or lessons. It may also be used in first drafts and thoughts. Pencil: in web-sites (style manual information) is used to take the focus off some types of text, such as notes. When Blue Pen is mixed with black-text it is often used in end notes, or what would be margin notes (that are traditionally written in red). Since no margins, or in text notes (notes are often used in Excel for example): in these documents blue end notes may use other headings to explain their purpose in a document. See document structure for parts that may be added to the end of a document if blue pen us used for other purposes. For albums or long play media, this pen is used for comments.

<span style="color: #404499;">Text that is highlighted</span>
Navy Blue Pen: used as a highlighting pen, or alternative to blue pen. Also used in neutrino style for quotes, and to highlight albums or music that plays for a very long time—say over an hour.
<span style="color: #000050;">Text that is highlighted</span>
Neutrino Heading Blue Pen: used as a heading style often.
<span style="color: #005588;">Text that is highlighted</span>

Neutrino Blue Pen: used as a highlighting for text pen or in bold as a gig heading: Hatsune Miku & Lady Gaga.
<span style="color: #3366ff;">Text that is highlighted</span>

Red Pens

Red Pen

Example: The important date is: February 12, 1809. Try not to forget it

Example of Red Pen: Red pen may be used inside a block of text to highlight it. It may also be used in a separate block of text to draw attention to something.

YouTube for example may often take down videos—but the video may come back on once the dispute is settled. Thus red pen gives some context to the fact that a video has been taken down, but may end up being back again at some later date.

Some material may be taken down without notice for no particular reason, and an unrelated message may be used to mark the historic location on a page in some cases—it’s still possible for the material to exist in other places: ⚠ Indeed: it was the best of times, and the worst of times. ☢

<span style="color: #770333;">Text that is highlighted</span>
Article Standard Red Pen for black text, and neutrino pen styles for heading sized text to highlight names or nick names (centered H2 or H3 often).
<span style="color: #800000;">Text that is highlighted</span>
Dark Red Pen for black text
Ms singer whose stage name is the-amazing-singer has a record company called tas-records.
<span style="color: #550303;">Text that is highlighted</span>

Pink Pen

Example of Pink Pen: Highlight text: “Support: Hatsune Miku.”
<span style="color: #ff00ff;">Text that is highlighted</span>

Sample mix-in for Pink-Pen

  • Hatsune Miku & Lady Gaga
  • 6-May-14 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets

Miku Pen (Variant) Pure (00B0B0)

Used for some headings on music mix pages

Miku Pen (Variant) Blue (0080F0)

No use yet

Miku Pen (Variant) Green (00A080)

No use yet

Miku Pen (Variant) Red (F04040)

No use yet

Miku Pen (Variant) Pink (FF70A0)

No use yet

Miku Pen (Variant) Orange (F06040)

No use yet

Codes for Miku Pens
<span style="color: #00b0b0;">Miku Pen (Variant)</span>
<span style="color: #0080f0;">Miku Pen (Variant) Blue</span>
<span style="color: #00a080;">Miku Pen (Variant) Green</span>
<span style="color: #f04040;">Miku Pen (Variant) Red</span>
<span style="color: #ff70a0;">Miku Pen (Variant) Pink</span>
<span style="color: #f06040;">Miku Pen (Variant) Orange</span>

Light Gold Pen (747400)

Not a standard Pen, as it lives in the alignment section. It does use the lock on pen “Gold Pen (525200)” to start the topic rolling in the correct direction.

For use in person groups alignment section outside TVP. Although not directly related to alignment, but rather a lock on note for that specific topic style. This is more to do with people or groups significant features, or differences with people/groups that seem similar. A helpful feature as contacts grow above 3,000+, attention to minor details becomes harder, and placing a person/group that is related to a memory can become more difficult.

For some reason: made a link between @LeanneHanMusic and @LucymcollisLucy. Not sure if it is the similar names, or some sort of associations between the two that caused the confusion, or if there were other reasons for a connection to be made such as family or relatives, but in fact: no link may actually exist. So these two are good examples of using the alignment section’s notes of differences. Spent time getting to know these people, but as my focus shifted, my memories faded, and some degree of confusion, and false memories settled in it’s place. The below may help prevent such mistakes, as these two people are in fact of great interest, particularly Leanne Han who had made some awesome music I am sharing in 2017 on soundcloud.

Mistakes like this have been made in the past, and it not only reflects badly on relationships, but can distract me from my work here, as I feel unsure, and confused over distant facts while writing an article. A problem that results in further errors within documents. This simple trick can take a lot of that pain away.

@LeanneHanMusic Leanne Han (Makes full length music; Free Copyright Movement and a part of @PrismGamingUK) She has some awesome music on her list, and numerous other no-copyright music that is related to her. She may also have interest in charities, and making this world a better place. It is possible she may know LucyMichelle.

@LucymcollisLucy LucyMichelle (Makes short non-complete but perfect music videos, she also reviews games using vlogs, holds events for her followers and supporters; possibly in a similar way that is encouraged by Patreon) She’s also related to the #PGUK Games & Networks, and thus may also like the idea of charity events. It’s possible that she may know Leanne Han. She appears to be very skilled at socializing, and using the social networks, a good trait for a performing artist to have.

<span style="color: #747400;">Light Gold Pen (747400)</span>

Gold Pen (525200)

Used to specify a lock-on (functional behavior, or position on solutions, thoughts, or ideas) of opinion about a person or account that may have been uncertain for some time. Neutrino Blue Pen can be used with this style. Before this time, an uncertainty may have existed on what the person or group did, or what function the person or group performed.

<span style="color: #525200;">Gold Pen (525200)</span><span style="color: #4444cc;"> lock-on</span>

Bright Gold Pen (947000)

No use as yet

<span style="color: #947000;">Bright Gold Pen (947000)</span>

Ancient Gold (b8b800)

No use as yet

<span style="color: #b8b800;">Ancient Gold (b8b800)</span>

Gold (d8b040)

Highlight birthdays, and some special days in main pages, usually has dark or dark-colored background.

🔷 9 March : is Miku ❤❤❤ Day #Hatsune (◕ω◕)
🔷 31 August : is Miku’s ❤❤❤ Birthday #Hatsune (◕ω◕)

🔷<strong style="color: #d8b040; background-color: #3366ff;"> 31 August </strong><span style="color: #3366ff;">: is Miku's ❤❤❤ Birthday #Hatsune (◕ω◕)</span>

Silvers (Near ghosted pens)

The concept here is near colors can be mixed to give a natural look to pages, and if necessary backgrounds can be used to give highlights (but this will reverse style as lighter colors dominate on dark backgrounds if used). The human eye is more sensitive to changes in lighter colors, then it is for the darker colors apparently. Do there very slight changes might actually be relevant, and get noticed on certain occasions.


This song is no longer available. deleted.

<span style="color: #808080;">This song is no longer available. <span style="color: #aaaaaa;">deleted.</span></span>

This band started to get into the adult industry, and the material that it shared was no 
longer suitable for sharing to the general public, so the information about the band was 
removed from here. Apologies to any distress this has caused to fans. All information has 
been deleted. Changing the font will remove ability to easily manage paragraphs if 
pre-tag is used.

<pre style="color: #909090; background-color: #eeeeee; font-family: Georgia; font-size: 90%;">Code to get background with font.</pre>

Silver (a0a0a0)

Slightly darker then ultra ghosted pen. No specific use as yet

<span style="color: #a0a0a0;">Silver (a0a0a0)</span>

Dark Silver (909090)

Very close to ghosted pen. No specific use as yet

<span style="color: #909090;">Dark Silver (909090)</span>

Bold Italic with in colored paragraph

This effect can be done using the editor, but the bold makes the text black, so some work needs to be done to add extra color to that particular spot. To do this: the color code must be put inside the bold and italic tags (html).

Ms singer whose stage name is the-amazing-singer has a record company called tas-records.

Here is the basic code for this:

<span style="color: #0000ff;"><em>Ms singer</em> whose stage name is <strong><em><span style="color: #0000ff;">the-amazing-singer</span></em></strong> has a record company called <strong><em><span style="color: #0000ff;">tas-records</span></em></strong>.</span>


Decorational Pens: they decorate something… make text look better, or make the whole page look nice.

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