Warning: these interpretations may not be standards.

Text acronyms have been overtaken by emoticons, so things like VBG: very big grin might be better represented by 😀 or :)) also; X.O is poke in eye or black eye for when you supposedly injure someone with your words; O.O is when you are awake and interested “is that rumor really true;” O.o is when you are confused.

Be careful when using punctuation near emoticons as it can alter their meanings.

Common Text Acronyms:

  1. \m/ Metal Text Symbol: this symbol can be tricky, and should not be used at the beginning of twitter for example as “\” is also known as a “escape character” in computer programming. Use this text symbol at the end or after a space in a paragraph or sentence. The reason this is here: is because some computers don’t have the “\” sysmbol.
  2. AFK: away from keyboard
  3. BTW: by the way
  4. BRB: be right back
  5. IMO: in my opinion
  6. IMHO: in my humble opinion
  7. L8R–avoid using this: [see you] later–which internationally is the same as bye rather then the arrangement of a meeting later on and probably should be avoided because it is confusing.
  8. LOL: laughing out loud [less common interpretation is lots of love]
  9. ROFL: rolling on floor laughing
  10. OMG: oh my god–which is just and inflated version of I can’t believe this
  11. OOMF: one of my friends; one of my followers (on twitter)
  12. RT: re-tweet–but also has the alternative meaning of “real time”
  13. TKS or THKS: thanks
  14. TMI: too much information
  15. TLC: tender loving care
  16. WTF: what the fuck–often said when something unexpected happens
  17. U2B: Youtube
  18. XOXO: shorter form of xoxoxo and means hugs and kisses (often used as a ending to message).
  19. XYZ: examine your zipper

Shortened link to this page: Texting: http://wp.me/P10Tww-1vC


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