Global Calendar

Selected Global Dates of Significance

🌎 Time Zone [Map]:

The dates are global, and this may mean that on occasions the time zone, country or city might need to be mentioned. Global time zone indicates the date is celebrated on the the date as it occurs in each part of the world.

01 January

02 February

03 March

  • 09: Miku Day (or thank you day); 3=mi 9=ku (Miku); or 3=san 9=kyuu (Thank You). You will often see pictures of Miku painted with a 39 as part of the scenery on this day, or just various pictures of Miku (sometimes hand drawn).
  • 🔷 13: is Jacque Fresco’s birthday, but he would want us to celebrate it by encouraging a Resource Based Economy, and making other people’s lives better.

04 April

05 May

06 June

07 July

  • 12: ♬ (@GlencaChysara_) Glenca Chysara’s birthday[4]

08 August

09 September

10 October

  • Discovered Some: Japanese Colors[5]

11 November

12 December

End Notes

[1]@Zorbitor is the founder of “Worldwide Wave at Surveillance Day,” if what their short twitter bio says is true: “I am Zorbitor. My 2011 Worldwide Wave at Surveillance Day video was banned in Germany. Proud member of Circle of Moms. ~ 600 FOLLOWERS CAN’T BE RIGHT ~” [twitter bio as seen on Aug 2015]. The video channel ( by @Zorbitor is a little zany (but might be a valid statement or a valid—kitsch—video art form). Gharr does not follow @Zorbitor on twitter, but a @AnalizeThis (followed by Gharr in 2015) decided that “Worldwide Wave at Surveillance Day” was worth a Re-Tweet. Who knows… perhaps this is the right way to create such a special day.

[2] Tweet Ref: and

[3] Japanese Colors:

[4] ♬ (@GlencaChysara_) Glenca Chysara–Akulah Wanitamu // I’m Your Lady [article]:

[5] Hatsune Miku’s birthday corresponds with her vocaloid release date: “Crypton did not provide much info in the way of Miku’s personality which has allowed song/music video creators and fans to associate the traits that they think suit her best.” For fans there are several versions of Miku out there, each fan choosing the traits and personality of Miku they like best. For example Miku is thought to be naturally shy by many fans.

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Shortened link to article: ☆ Global Calendar [article]:


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