Notes On Articles


Some articles have a sort of shelf life–that is they expire after a certain date. The question is what should be done after that date. Since there are so many articles around, it’s easy to lose track of what is going on. This page keeps some notes on this matter.


None, edited, & deleted old material in 2018.


Historic Article 2013

Idol industry gets a bad name

  • “IU Scandal, What It Says About the Idol Culture”
  • “The scandal is mostly caused by the fact that she’s a celebrity and one mistakenly uploaded photo on her Twitter now threatens her very reputation.”

Ref: accessed Jun 2013

  • “Recently, Korean idol group T-ara was in the scandal spotlight for allegedly bullying its own member Hwa-young.”
  • “The lack of personal life for idol stars has often been discussed in TV shows. Last April, Sandara Park of 2NE1 revealed her CEO forbid the group from dating for at least 3 years after their debut.”
  • “Many idol groups are required to be housed together. While this may be convenient for the agency to manage each member’s schedule, it can also be seen as the members being forced to spend time with one another regardless of their actual dynamics. One idol group complained of having to share a single bathroom among seven to eight members.”
  • “This strictly controlled, ascetic lifestyle with questionable provision of basic human rights is often seen by both the agency and idol members as a rite-of-passage for fame.”
  • “idol group members face is the lack of socialization that teenagers would normally experience. As they are separated from society at an early age, are exposed to the attention of the media and are spoon-fed by staff, many idol group members face difficulty adjusting to life after they retire. Complaints from retired members range from not knowing how to pay their taxes to not knowing how to use public transportation.”

Ref: accessed Jun 2013

  • Young Actress commits suicide after alleged abuses that were overseen by her agent.

ref: accessed Jun 2013

  • Open World Entertainment was caught in controversy as it’s founder “Jang Seok-woo” was charged “sexual abuse” of trainees (six trainees, two of them underage)



False promises in entertainment industry leads to human trafficking

Ref accessed Jun 2013:


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