Notes On Articles


Some articles have a sort of shelf life–that is they expire after a certain date. The question is what should be done after that date. Since there are so many articles around, it’s easy to lose track of what is going on. This page keeps some notes on this matter.

Hidemiku Re-does his videos

All his videos need to be checked as he has apparently done extra work and perhaps produced some new videos even:

  • Hidemiku–New Vocaloid Character (produced by Hidemiku)
  • hidemiku – Dancer, Choreographer, Film Director, Vocaloid Character Creator and possibly even a singer (guest dancer is ✿ lilymouse ♫) :

Voclalekt Visions falls to the “ashes,” but a new group arises: @SRealityP

Discovered this AUG 2013, but the event happened much earlier.

☆ノ彡 Vocalekt Visions, @neutrino006 [流れ星P, P中性微子], @Tempo_P

Voclalekt Visions is no more it seems. But the new group to rise form its “ashes” is:

Are they as good as Vocalekt Visions? Wolf Nerve (music producer, his music featured here as citizen16) thinks they are: and perhaps might even be better!

@nida_84774 (Snow Miku, but pictured as angel Miku)

Requests follow back with only 8 tweets. Will check out what this person is tweeting about–if anything.

This account no longer existed in 2014.

Idol industry gets a bad name

  • “IU Scandal, What It Says About the Idol Culture”
  • “The scandal is mostly caused by the fact that she’s a celebrity and one mistakenly uploaded photo on her Twitter now threatens her very reputation.”

Ref: accessed Jun 2013

  • “Recently, Korean idol group T-ara was in the scandal spotlight for allegedly bullying its own member Hwa-young.”
  • “The lack of personal life for idol stars has often been discussed in TV shows. Last April, Sandara Park of 2NE1 revealed her CEO forbid the group from dating for at least 3 years after their debut.”
  • “Many idol groups are required to be housed together. While this may be convenient for the agency to manage each member’s schedule, it can also be seen as the members being forced to spend time with one another regardless of their actual dynamics. One idol group complained of having to share a single bathroom among seven to eight members.”
  • “This strictly controlled, ascetic lifestyle with questionable provision of basic human rights is often seen by both the agency and idol members as a rite-of-passage for fame.”
  • “idol group members face is the lack of socialization that teenagers would normally experience. As they are separated from society at an early age, are exposed to the attention of the media and are spoon-fed by staff, many idol group members face difficulty adjusting to life after they retire. Complaints from retired members range from not knowing how to pay their taxes to not knowing how to use public transportation.”

Ref: accessed Jun 2013

  • Young Actress commits suicide after alleged abuses that were overseen by her agent.

ref: accessed Jun 2013

  • Open World Entertainment was caught in controversy as it’s founder “Jang Seok-woo” was charged “sexual abuse” of trainees (six trainees, two of them underage)



False promises in entertainment industry leads to human trafficking

Ref accessed Jun 2013:

Non-official contact with GoodBadPsycho via RT (Jun 2013)

My initial impression is that this music is not suitable for this channel. The twitter account of @GoodBadPsycho is automated or done via search engine from twitter most likely, RT anyone who mentions specific things it would seem.

Tokyo cyber detective

My interest in this music comes from the fact that dancers in July 2013 are taking an interest in this–but I am as yet unsure who (or what groups) choreographs for these dances…

The website that is used to get some of the information here, is also of interest as it is designed around some traditional methods of Japanese web design–the use of beautiful pictures for the links.

Officially called Tokyo Cyber Detectives, this song was released on 31 Dec 2012 on and album (CD) called Daylight Dreamer for a historic cost of ¥1,800, which translate to roughly $18 US dollars, or €14 Euro dollars  if the price remained the same till July 2013 (given that international exchange rates also vary over time).

The song has also defined each of the characters involved in its lyrics, a thing that makes Japanese music different and possibly more real to the fans.

The fictional characters belong to a group called the Tokyo cyber detective brigade (all the traditional Vocaloid characters become character actors in this):

  • Hatsune Miku (now an actor) the leader of the team in certain circumstances.
  • Kamui Gakupo: the swash buckler of the group
  • Kagamine Len: The gum blowing, gum shoe, waiting to become a real big shot once he gets out of this town (and job it might be assumed).
  • Kagamine Rin: loves Miku and Len, and is the nasty sneaky ninja agent type–Hyaaaaaa!
  • GUMI: Skilled in tracking the money trail, and packs a nasty gun too.
  • IA: Cybernetically enhanced, past is uncertain.
  • Luka: Saved IA from a [deadly] accident. Luka is most likely a Bruce Willis style of character, that likes to solve everything by brute force, and a handy shotgun; rather then calm, non-emotional investigative detective work.

The lyrics to this song are here:

This might be the official website (in Japanese language):

Yes, this is possibly a source document for releases of various music, the website is also close to a traditional Japanese website, it has on it’s home page picture links to websites of interest. This is a list of various releases, but not sure if these belong to the same group–as producers seem to join groups to assist them in getting their music noticed, but the process is a little vague:

Vocaloid and UTAU Scene

Not sure how to use all this information. Current thoughts are to split it into new articles, or between several existing articles.

  • The singing software Vocaloid Yuzuki Yukari
  • Kagome-P (Disco ☆ Chocolatheque, I already have the YouTube Version of this in my blog/website)
  • Tomohide Ogata: is chairman and CEO of the company AHS Co.Ltd., which is currently marketed 5 Vocaloids, “Yuzuki Yukari“, “Nekomura Iroha“, “Kaai Yuki“, “Hiyama Kiyoteru” and “SF-A2 Kaihatsu Code Miki“. Also VOICEROID.
  • AHS also provides many different music and video tools, and some are even imported from Germany to Japan. The company recently invested in 3D technology.
  • As CEO Ogata has experience with music itself, he travels around to combine new technologies in the fields of music, IT and 3D world.
  • Kagome-P will also support the J-disco D


This article is due to be moved to archives and then to be deleted

  • Song Sheet: Never Be Sorry again [article]: (not official) (to be moved to archives)
  • A note to say “Never Be Sorry again [article]” has been moved to the archives should be left here and deleted later on as well.

Articles of Interest With Time Dependencies


Discovered March 2013: launch Point is apparently a group of musicians that collaborate material. They have split up and live in different US states right now, but will be producing more music.

The website is based around “The Bunker” as he says his new studio has that look about it. I assume he will be making videos in it, and so want’s a theme that fits in his current situation. Well worth keeping and eye on, as @Launch_Point website has a video called Change: that’s quite good.

I go this information from @Launch_Point tour/business-card video:

Myspace has some good stuff:

♬ @Launch_Point — Defined [song/music]:

♬ @Launch_Point — Guilty [song/music]:

Contact points:


  • It’s getting very distant on my WorPress site, will have to add it somplace else or I will lose contact with new stuff. I will probably have similar problems with some other sites I would like to regularly check on–fashion, art, music, tourist info, food reviews, mak-up reviews, and so on.


  • Really need to clean up these articles as the split has happened and now it’s time to try to reduce the material and reflect if the two organizations have moved on. Currently the two organizations are still finding their feet and things may go on being vague as it’s not always clear exactly where TZM is now. For that matter, TVP also can seem a little less focused on thing that once were well focused on by TZM–but that may be just the author’s view… some real time-consuming research on this matter will have to be done.

High and Mighty Color

Check out it there are any songs that could be placed in the main section as one of their videos was taken down and the article was deleted. Perhaps put them under a category name this time if the videos are that sensitive and hard to get.

Other Articles

A lot of articles that contain information will needs to be reviewed, but probably many of these tasks can be done on a more flexible basis as there is no real expiry date.

On test of the need for review is my own reluctance to share the article–because I feel it may have some imperfection. With so many articles it’s likely that there will be a need to record some of them here to get me to focus on them and to allow me to set some priorities on which ones are more important or easier to change.

List of Articles that need creation

  • I have not really looked over neutrino’s youtube channel as I have stuck to vimeo–I never expected I would like so much of his music–nearly everything he does is totally amazing.

Articles Due for Edits

These articles may be edited, deleted and/or possibly renamed. If the articles are re-named: this will be of great interest as it will affect articles with links in them–it’s suspected.

Translator errors

Apparently one of my articles has this Chinese symbol in it:  屎 . They did not mention which article it was… so that is a real problem. Will take some time to find it–if it exists at all.


Research notes might be recorded here however because once the article is published there is no draft mode-but one can create a draft and then copy it over to the main article. So the research published here (which is not intended to be permanent) would be more like a rough sketch, odd notes, to do list, or a resource list to be used for the edit of the existing article.

Concerns on Blog Reaching Mature Marketing Age

This blog has so much content, that it has now become possible to choose professional style entertainers and artists for the articles here. However it is clear that this blogs market is moving for all sorts of reasons:

  • become famous and move on
  • become less famous or in hiatus and come into focus here

The worry is that to find new talent, people start of as very amateur or semi-professional. Some of these people go on to become professional, and many take other paths. Thus a new blog might be useful now to keep an eye on these new people and what possible problems they face in getting into the market–stuff many of the professional artists and singers may have found ways to avoid or the groups that support them enable them to avoid.

If this is not done the main blog may become stale in some ways as it gets its information from more mature entertainment markets and artists.


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