Country, Instrumental, Traditional, and etc.

♬ Ed Harris

Various styles of music and does some collaborations.

♬ @EdHarrisMusic — Day’s End [music]: #relaxing

♬ @EdHarrisMusic — The Osprey [song/music]:

♬ @EdHarrisMusic — “Britches Full of Stitches/Mickey Chews Bubblegum” [music]: link? N/A 2015

♬ @EdHarrisMusic — An Cineál Gesture [music]:

♬ @EdHarrisMusic — Lament A Deartháir (A Brother’s Lament) [music]:

♬ @EdHarrisMusic — The Congress Reel [music]: #amazing

♬ @EdHarrisMusic — “Drifting” [music]: (slap guitar you see on some of my Japanese videos also) #Awesome

♬ Brittany & @EdHarrisMusic — “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” [song/music]:

♬ @EdHarrisMusic — Chesapeake [music]:

♬ (@tamrahayden) Tamra Hayden

Tamara Hayden had given Gharr several thank you tweets for sharing the music, and feedback like that is greatly appreciated. It’s nice to know that the promotional work is done in the right way, and making the producers and entertainers happy 🙂

I got a thanks for sharing from this producer:

♬ (@tamrahayden) Tamra Hayden — Eden Will Bloom [song/music]:, #awesome

♬ (@tamrahayden) Tamra Hayden — Wild Mountain Thyme (Will Ye Go Lassie) [song/music]:,

♬ (@tamrahayden) Tamra Hayden — Black Is the Color [song/music]:,

♬ (@tamrahayden) Tamra Hayden — A Series of Misunderstandings led to this… [song/music]:,

♬ (@tamrahayden) Tamra Hayden — 8th Great Wonder [song/music]:, [a life’s contemplation]

♬ (@tamrahayden) Tamra Hayden — Right Here, Right Now [song/music]:, #jazzy #future

♬ (@tamrahayden) Tamra Hayden — Lucky [song/music]:,

♬ (@tamrahayden) Tamra Hayden — You Are [song/music]:,


🎶 Bongo Straits — He Never Came Back [music]: #photobombed

🎶 Byron Tietjet & Band — Tell ‘Em I’m Surfin [music]:

🎶  Bob Dowd & Band — Dark Eyes; Twist [music]:

🎶 The Pickniks — Lemon Twist (Will Holt, Cover) [music]:

♬ Stone Cold Cash (@ChiJohnnyCash, – One Piece At A Time (Johnny Cash Tribute) [song/music]

Country Music Style

Brian Lee Robinson

  1. Abandoned: @BLRobinsonSongs
    1. ⚙ Asked for help, due to medical condition that caused pain.
    2. “This pain doctor changed my life. My back pain of ten years is gone. He did it in his office under a local.” ~ 30 Jan 2016, ref:
    3. Gharr’s tweet: “@BLRobinsonSongs #Texas #Singer needs your help” ~ 7 Dec 2016, ref:
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Songs no longer available on original link on Reverbnation

  • Understand The Pain
  • That Old Cat
  • Don’t Hold Your Breath
  • Rainbows by Now

♬ Roger Alan Wade — The American Night [song/music]: (How Far it is to Mars) via Brian Lee Robinson #MarsOne

“That is actually Roger singing American Night. He is an old friend and I love his writing and singing.” ~ 2015 Nov (edited 2018)

I can only guess, but “The American Night” might be liked by a lot of people all over the world… and I love the tiny mention of “how far it is to #Mars” lyric–a nice link to the past, and humanities possible future in the solar system (

♬ Roger Alan Wade — “Brainerd Road” [song/music]:

Amarillo Sky

Yellow or Gold (amber-colored) Sky.

It can also refer to yellow jaundiced skin (often from often seen in liver disease such as hepatitis or liver cancer).

Amarillo, TX: Industrial City with a population of around 190,000 plus.

♬ Jason Aldean – Amarillo Sky [song/music]: (changing times:, @CyberFarmSys)

♬ Jason Aldean – Fly over States [song/music]:

♬Ryan Broshear

Initial music find can be find here: ☆ Indeterminate Mix 2016 [article]:

Jazzy Music Style

♬ Tracy Ready

Tracy Ready gave a big thank you and shout out to Gharr. The tweets are not recorded here, but the feedback and knowledge that Gharr’s (free) promotion efforts and (free voluntary) work that goes on in the background (such as the partial article here) is appreciated is a real blessing.

♬ Trace Relations, @TraceTV (singer), w/ Augie Meyers — Prosperity Street [song/music]:,

📌 @TraceTV (singer),, doing a social media talk [vblog]:

📌 @TraceTV (singer), — Keep the “Social” in Social Media [vlog]: #business

♬ Trace Relations, @TraceTV (singer) — Groover’s Paradise [song/music]:,

📌 Follow ♬ Trace Relations, @TraceTV (singer) on facebook:

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