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Singers & Bands (temporary page) is a page that has been created because of the huge number of songs and music that has to be checked out. It will be deleted when the songs and music has found places in other articles or in the promotional sections.

In 2018 the page was renamed Singers & Bands Page, as most of the music has remained here, or occasionally moved to new page sections.

Facing West

Thank You

If I have not done so yet: I know many of you do thank me for sharing your music, and/or projects, and I would like to say:

“Thank you for entertaining my followers, and web-surfers. As I often say—it’s I who should be thanking you.” ~ Gharr

Main Section

☆♬ — [song/music]:

♬ Acting Quiet

Twitter: @ActingQuiet

♬ @ActingQuiet — Who I Really Am [song/music]:,

♬ @ActingQuiet — Poor Reader [song/music]:,

♬ @ActingQuiet — Bismuth [song/music]:,

♬ @ActingQuiet — Monazite [music]:,

♬ @ActingQuiet — Channel [mostly music]:,

♬ @ActingQuiet — Contained Nowhere (Live Electronica Remix) [song/music]:,

You can find an additional Acting Quite song here: ♬ keituji — Nada-so-So // なだそうそう (cover) [classical-guitar music]: (Make You Feel My Love)

Awaken Sovereign

♬ We the Ones from @AwakenSovereign ( — “Come Back Love” [song/music]:

♬ Ambassador Bloom from @AwakenSovereign ( — “I am Life” [song/music]:

♬ Chelsea Ronquillo

O_O the language???

♬ @chelsearonqs – Guap (lol for fun) [song/music]:

♬ Ades Saputra

☆ @adessaputraa – Still I Try ( The Honey Trees Cover) [song/music]:

♬Erdi Yanto

@erdi_yanto_ introduced the music, and mentions a youtube link also, it has only four songs like “jarak dan waktu // Distance and Time” when checked at the start of 2016.

♬ Erdi – Semangatlah 2 // Cheer [song/music]: #Rock

♬ Erdi – Puncak Tertinggi // Highest Peak [song/music]: #Rock

♬ Erdi – Musik Lagi // Music Again [song/music]: #Rock

♬ Erdi – Adventure [song/music]: #Rock

♬ Erdi – Jagalah Dirimu // Take Care [song/music]: #Rock

♬ Erdi – Aku Yakin Bisa // I Sure Can [song/music]: #Rock

♬ Erdi Yanto – Jarak Dan Waktu // Distance And Time [song/music]: #Rock

♬ Erdi Yanto – Hanya Kamu // Only You [song/music]: #Rock

♬ Aldrey

♬ Aldrey — Mírate (Video Official) [song/music]: #Mirate

♬ Aldrey — Causa Y Efecto (Lyric Video) #CausayEfecto [song/music]:

All American Rejects

New members

♫ The All-American Rejects – Swing Swing [song/music]:

The All Star Indie Band

♬ The All Star Indie Band — Stairway to Heaven (Cover) [song/music]: #Power #Hard #Progressive #Rock

Shared by @LZsongs (possibly vocals for band)

♬ The All Star Indie Band — Rock & Roll (Led Zeppelin, Cover) [song/music]: #Rock #Classic

♬ John Nixon of 7and5 Ft. Frederick Alexander Abraham — Blue Tomorrow (Vocal Version) [song/music]: via @LZsongs

Amy Monzon

♬ Amy Monzon — Love Song [Dance/Song/Music]:,

☕ Contact Details: @amymonzonmusic

Anna Sentina

♬ Anna Sentina ft. Ryan Glisan Guitar Solo — Shut Up and Dance (Bass Cover) [music]:

♬ Anna Sentina ft. Band — American Idiot [music]:

♬ Anna Sentina ft. BriansThing (Sax) — Feel Right [music]:

♬ Anna Sentina — Stronger (Kelly Clarkson, Cover) [keyoard—no bass this time—music]: #Awesome

♬ Anna Sentina ft. Emil and Dariel & COOP3RDRUMM3R — REAPERS (Muse, Cover) [music]:

♬ Anna Sentina — Hard to Concentrate (RHCP, Cover) [music]:

♬ Anna Sentina (keyboard) & Eric Emery (vocals) — Creep (Radiohead cover) [song/music]: #Awesome

♬ Anna Sentina & BriansThing (Sax) — Isn’t She Lovely (Cover) [music]:

♬ Anna Sentina, Miki Santamaria, and Coop3rdrumm3r — Dangerous (David Guetta, Cover) [music]:

♬ Anna Sentina — Take the Power Back (Rage Against the Machine, Cover) [Bass music]:

♬ Andrew Cassara

♬ @AndrewCassara ( ) — Last Time [song/music]:

♬ @AndrewCassara ( ) — Believe (This is for Real) [Lyric Video, song/music]:

♬ @AndrewCassara ( ) — That’s Some Crazy [song/music]:

♬ @AndrewCassara ( ) — Tell Me Now [song/music]:

♬ @AndrewCassara ( ) — I Know [song/music]: #nice

♬ @AndrewCassara ( ) — Taking Chances [song/music]:

Arindam Mani Das

This singer produced a wonderful cover of The Rose. Mr Das is also a developer (programming), and my have experience with start-up businesses. He also thinks we need more women in tech:, a reasonable idea since nations that include women in business often do well.

♬ Andalias (@arindammanidas) — The Rose (Cover) [song/music]:

♬ Andalias (@arindammanidas) — Annie’s Song (Cover) [song/music]: #Classic


This group may have launched earlier, but this time they have some quite good songs out and they were shared. The group came into notice after Paris Asterino (@ParisAsterino) followed me; and the songs were quite interesting.

Aura Qualic

Some of this seems to be album samples… need to figure that out…

  • ☆ Aura Qualic — Cityscapes [music]:
    • Movie theme like quality with plenty of chime like notes
  • ☆ 【2012】 Tetris (AURA QUALIC HANDSUP REMIX) [music]:
    • 8 Bit sound with a cowboy like “yEAH!” yell occasionally.
  • ☆ 【AIR】青空 -Aozora- (Aura Qualic Mix)【アレンジ】Uplifing Trance [song/music]:
    • #Trance with wonderful song
  • ☆ まほちゃん(CV 彩) — Little Heart in Love 【第二生徒会室】[song/music]:
    • A happy style song
  • ☆ 【C83】 初音ミク DiSTANCE 【クロスフェードデモ】 TRANCE … appears to be bunch of samples of an album or random music clips.
  • ☆ 【初音ミク//Hatsune Miku】 Piece Of (Aura Qualic Remix) 【Vocaloid】 [song/music]:
    • #Electronic #Techno

Avril Lavigne

♫ @AvrilLavigne — Give You What You Like [song/music]: #GYWYL #Video because of fan request

♬ Beau

Want to want me (Jason Derulo Cover) and Herbal Teas (original) videos were made private in Dec 2015, and are no longer available.

Lucy Collis

@LucymcollisLucy aka #SoundsGood on YouTube: is a musician and gamer (member of @PrismGamingUK). She tends to make short songs rather then full length covers and often ends a video with a short vlog also.

♬ Lucy Collis — ‘Save The Night’ [song/music]:

♬ Lucy Collis — ‘The One That Got Away’ (cover) [song/music]:

♬ Lucy Collis — She looks so perfect (cover) [song/music]:

♬ Lucy Collis — YOU & I (cover) [song/music]:

♬ Lucy Collis — ‘A Song For France’ [song/music]:

♬ Lucy Collis — Perfect (cover) [song/music]:

♬ Ben Myers

Quite, low level music in most cases… possibly needs a sound engineer to make the music sound pro, or he makes the music that way to encourage album sales…

♬ @BenMyersOnline – Motorcade [song/music]:

♬ @BenMyersOnline – Valentine [song/music]:

♬ @BenMyersOnline – Send Me Away [song/music]:

♬ @BenMyersOnline – I’m Not Letting Go [song/music]:

♬ @BenMyersOnline – “Sneaky Feelings” (Elvis Costello Cover) [song/music]:

♬ @BenMyersOnline – I’m Fitting In (original) [song/music]: (Modern Social Landscape)

♬ @BenMyersOnline – An Open Wound (original) [song/music]: (Partner Crosses The Line)

Boy In A Band

📎 Boyinaband — Debate: “Coming out can be a bad idea.” [discussion]: #LifeLessons #DontStayInSchool (song) ⚧ LGBT

♬ Greg Holden — Boys In The Street [song/music]: via @JustAGlassChild (musician) ⚧ #LGBT

♬ Boyinaband, ft. Cryaotic & Minx — Spectrum [song/music]: ⚧ #LGBT

Ѳ.Ө Boyinaband — debates “Internet friends are not real friends.” [discussion, video ]:

This is interesting discussion about SpaceX, it is interesting because the speaker has no need to do this video–they are truly impressed by

☝ Boyinaband — The guy who is saving the world. [discussion]: (inc. SpaceX) $.$

📎 Boyinaband — How to Not Deal With Stress [a video]: #LifeLessons #DontStayInSchool

♬ Boyinaband — Don’t Stay in School [song/music]: #DontStayInSchool

📌 The Rise Above [website]: [info]: #LifeLessons #DontStayInSchool

📌 mindfulness mediation [one of many websites]:

Blue Aesthetics

🎶 @blueaesthetics — 5-4-13 [music]: #Rocking #Baby

🎶 @blueaesthetics — 4-22-15 [instrumental music]: #Awesome

🎶 @blueaesthetics — Another Word for Desperate (Straylight Run, Acoustic Piano Cover) [song/music]:

🎶 @blueaesthetics — Konstantine (Something Corporate, Acoustic Cover) [song/music]:

🎶 @blueaesthetics — As Long As You Love Me (Backstreet Boys, Cover) [song/music]:

🎶 @blueaesthetics — Untitled Mixdown [song/music]: (letting you go, goodbye)


Background music for a game like eve; very relaxing.

♬ @BrainvoyagerMsc ( — A Touch Of Oblivion [music]:

♬ @BrainvoyagerMsc ( —Floating Through Colorful Realms [music]:

♬ @BrainvoyagerMsc ( — Drifting Memories [music]:

All That Has Been has been transferred to: ☆ Mix Two 2016 [article]:

Bulletproof Stockings

♬ Bulletproof Stockings — Easy Pray [song/music]: #public #life

♬ Bulletproof Stockings — Day By Day [song/music]:

♬ (@BPStockings) Bulletproof Stockings — No Longer Available Songs

  • Vagabond’s Wagon
  • Frigid City

Chris Bloor

♬ Chris Bloor — Falling [song/music]: #Rock

♬ Chris Bloor — Open Those Eyes [song/music]: #Rock

♬ Chris Bloor — Marco Polo [song/music]: #Rock

♬ Chris Bloor — Little Wing [song/music]: #Vintage

Taryn Shaw

♬ Bri Bramanti, Taryn Shaw, Amanda Shochat—Didn’t Leave Nobody But the Baby (Cover) [song/music]: via @tjshawmusic


Construction Area 47

This may exist elsewhere–lots of new music came in and things got a little hectic


Demi Louise

♬ @DemiLouiseMusic — Wasn’t Expecting That (Jamie Lawson Cover) [song/music]:,

♬ @DemiLouiseMusic — ‘Are You There’ (Lakyn Heperi Cover) [song/music]:,

♬ @DemiLouiseMusic — RUINS [song/music]:,

♬ @DemiLouiseMusic — Best For Last (Adele Cover) [song/music]:,


♬ DFO — 1987 [song/music]:

♬ DFO — I Won’t Share You [song/music]:

♬ DFO — From Me [song/music]:

♬ DFO — Better Off/New Ground [song/music]: (screaming guitar instrumental finish)

♬ DFO — Barricade [song/music]:

♬ DFO — Away [song/music]:


♬ Evanescence — My Last Breath [song/music]:

This was shared by ☆ Nikumanguitar 仲邑将太郎 who seemed to like this video quite a lot. The video has a metal like sound to it.

Facing West

♬ @facingwestmusic — ◁⏰░Transient Δ░⏰▷ [song/music]: ◁⏰░TransientΔlink░⏰▷

🔶 Transient YouTube Resource:

Suggested songs and music

  • Last Day on Earth
  • Destiny’s Calling
  • Irresistible (Fall Out Boy, Cover)
  • Ghost (Original)
  • Anything For You #Awesome
  • Evermore
  • Adventure Of A Lifetime (Coldplay, Cover)
  • Hercules
  • Renegades (X Ambassadors, Cover)
  • Stressed Out (TwentyOne Pilots, Cover)
  • Embers
  • Broken Arrows (Avicii & Zac Brown, Cover)
  • Elvis Presley & Nate Ruess acoustic mashup
  • Dissection
  • 2 Heads (Coleman Hell, Cover)
  • Fighting (Saints of Valory, Cover)
  • Budapest (George Ezra, Cover)
  • Anchor #Epic #Full_Band #It_Rocks
  • Journey Of Life (Sidney Powell, Cover)

♬ Caitlin ft. Sidney — ‘You’re Gonna Hear Me’ [song/music]: (later formed band Facing West)

Felix Jaehn

♫ Felix Jaehn — Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) ft. Jasmine Thompson [song/music]:

Juliana Vieira

♬ Juliana Vieira — Welcome to the jungle (Guns N’ Roses, e-guitar, Cover) [music]:

♬ Juliana Vieira — Toxicity – (System of a down, e-guitar, cover) [music]:

♬ Juliana Vieira — [Original Music]: (+ spoken intro)

♬ Juliana Vieira — Back in Black (AC DC, e-guitar, Cover) [music]:

♬ Juliana Vieira — Stronger (Kelly Clarkson, e-guitar, Cover) [music]: #Awesome

♬ Juliana Vieira — Born This Way (Lady Gaga, e-guitar, Cover) [music]:

Ken Riffey Jr. (Band)

🎶 @KenRiffeyJrBand — Crzy4U [song/music]: #Bowie #Rock #Pop

Kingfisher Sky

♬ Kingfisher Sky — My Better Part (Official) [song/music] #Metal

♬ Kingfisher Sky — King of Thieves [song/music]:

♬ @fumikoro123 ☆ふみ☆ — links lost

♬ Oka Runaruna7

☆ @oka_runaruna7 — 命のユースティティアを // Justitia of Life [song/music]:,

☆ @oka_runaruna7 — 秘蜜~黒の誓い~ // Secret Nectar~Black Vow~ [song/music]: #Scary #Chan (video)

📌 Alluring Secret ~ Black Vow [lyrics]:

☆ @oka_runaruna7 — 番凩 // Pair of Wintry Winds [song/music]:,

📌 Pair of Wintry Winds [lyrics]:

☆ @oka_runaruna7 — Genealogy of Red, White and Black [song/music]: , #Scary #Chan (video)

☆ @oka_runaruna7 — 蝶と花と蜘蛛を* // The Butterfly, Flower, and the Spider [song/music]:, #weakened #love #triangle

📌 The Butterfly, Flower And Spider [rough translation]:

☆ @oka_runaruna7 — ECHO [song/music]:,

📌 Echo [lyrics]:

☆ 【おかるな】 @oka_runaruna7 — カンタレラ//Cantarella [song/music]: #scary #chan (obsessive attraction)

Various meanings from murder of admirer of women then realize attraction was mutual, or forbidden relationship. English sub-titles to song:

☆ 【おかるな】 @oka_runaruna7 —Flashback [song/music]: #scary #chan (lies & a broken heart)

A broken heart and realization of lies [lyrics]:

☆ 【おかるな】 @oka_runaruna7 — ヒビカセを歌ってみた [song/music]:

Know this song, but can’t id yet…

♬ @fumikoro123 ☆ふみ☆ & @noka35520398

No Ka may take videos down and replace it with a newer version without notice. The old version may be made private.

♬ @fumikoro123 ☆ふみ☆ — 糸//Thread (Nakajima Miyuki cover) [song/music]: [background “Iris garden” by @noka35520398]

No Ka’s references are becoming less defined, it took some time to find what the above video might be linked to: This might be due to sound editing or even sound editing of individual voice and music channels that might be considered to be an entirely new piece of work when mixed together again. The music and song are accurately labeled and that is a good thing.

♬ @fumikoro123 ☆ふみ☆ 歌ってみた You Raise Me Up ふみ [song/music]: [background by @noka35520398]

♬ @fumikoro123 ☆ふみ☆ — red thread (Aragaki Yui Cover) [song/music]: [background & 3D actor director: @noka35520398]

♬ @fumikoro123 ☆ふみ☆ — 春風//spring breeze (Rihwa Cover) [song/music]: [background & 3D actor director: @noka35520398]

♬ @fumikoro123 ☆ふみ☆ — Dear… (西野カナ//Nishino Kana Cover) [song/music]: [background & 3D actor director: @noka35520398]

Go Periscope

♬ Go Periscope feat. Susy Sun — Dreaming [song/music]:

Gov’t Mule

♫ Gov’t Mule – Beautifully Broken [song/music]:

Hanya Kamu

This song may exist elsewhere–lots of new music came in and things got a little hectic

Ida LaFontaine

Lists of interest via hyperurl-dot-co

  • Commun It (manage twitter):
  • Spotify
  • rdio
  • beatsmusic
  • deezer
  • slacker
  • tidal
  • soundcloud
  • google play
  • itunes radio
  • YouTube
  • Vevo
  • xboxmusic
  • Rhapsody
  • MusicUnlimited
  • Songl
  • fnacJukebox

Songs & Music

This music is available on Vevo (uses flash), and probably other video streaming services.

Jared Meyer

Found out about Jared Meyer from Collin Clowes: ♬ Just You and Me [song & Music]:

♬ Jared Meyer – Dislocation [music]:

♬ Jared Meyer – moving forward [music]:

Jérémie Renoir

This instrumental music mostly—a soundscape background.

♬ Jérémie Renoir (@StudioMontaigne) — Run (Studio Montaigne Remix) [music]:

♬ Jérémie Renoir (@StudioMontaigne) — Miracles (Cover The Dø) [music]:

♬ Systematic (Jérémie Renoir–@StudioMontaigne–Remix) [music]:

♬ Jérémie Renoir (@StudioMontaigne) — The Rock [song/music]:

John Scargall

Country style sound

♬ (@JohnScargall) John Scargall – Harder They Fall [song/music]:

♬ (@JohnScargall) John Scargall – Leave It On The Track [song/music]:

@whatsupramona liked this song:

♬ (@JohnScargall) John Scargall — That Wind’s Always Gonna Blow [song/music]:

♬ (@JohnScargall) John Scargall — Live Out Loud [song/music]:

♬ (@JohnScargall) John Scargall — Two Face Factory [song/music]:

♬ (@JohnScargall) John Scargall — A Little Bit of Lovin’ If You Don’t Mind [song/music]:

♬ La Roux – Bulletproof

♬ La Roux — Bulletproof [song/music]:

Laura Gastelle

Laura Gastelle @LauraGastelle seems to go for a minimalist approach with a standard single photograph, a YouTube channel with two songs (when checked in 2016), and a series of repeating tweets.

The music is a piano with great vocals to accompany it.

♬ Laura Gastelle — Alive (Original) [song/music]:

♬ Laura Gastelle —  My Immortal (Evanescence, Cover) [song/music]:

Leona Lewis

♬ Leona Lewis — I See You [Theme from Avatar][song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — Someday [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — Silent Times [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — If You Leave My World [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — Call On Love [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — I’ll Wait For You [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — That’s Why You Go Away [song/music]: #Classic

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — We Shared The Night [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock—Someday (Alt. Version) (with Lyrics Closed Caption) [song/music]: ❧ via @OFFICIALMLTR

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — Dream Girl [song/music]: ❧ #love 2 #mums

Mikey Wax

🎶 @MikeyWax — Catch The Midnight Flight [song/music]:  #Jazzy

🎶 @MikeyWax — Shake It Off // All About That Bass (Taylor Swift + Meghan Trainor) [song/music]:  #awesome

🎶 @MikeyWax — Only One (Lyric Video) – Mikey Wax [song/music]: (you can get it at itunes)

🎶 @MikeyWax — You Lift Me Up [song/music]:


Have a few copies of Shake It Off, so this one should be shared with care…

♬ Mo’Nik (@therealmonik) – Shake It Off [song/music]: #alright

♬ Mo’Nik (@therealmonik) – Summer Rain [song/music]:

♬ Mo’Nik (@therealmonik) – Do It Again (Pia Mia ft. Chris Brown & Tyga; Cover) [song/music]:

♬ Mo’Nik (@therealmonik) – El Perdón (Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias, Cover) [song/music]:


♬ OBB (@OBB_Music, ) – Stressed Out [song/music]:

♬ OBB (@OBB_Music, ) – Magic (Coldplay Cover) [song/music]:

Songs that are no longer available

  • Up Close & Personal
  • Who Cares If Were Dancing
  • All Eyes On You
  • Come On Home
  • All I Need Is You
  • Stop bullying “if only”

Ozga Music dot Com

⏰ Add in timer for this music:

Non-twitter account references as this producer/musician has close to 90K followers…

Via rachie ♡ れいち

☆ 【Anthony】 Things I Want You to Hear 【English Cover】 [song/music]:

Reuben Keeney

Mixes that are modern and sound really good

♬ Reuben Keeney — Better Run [song/music]:

♬ Reuben Keeney x Jasmine Thompson — Sweet Child O Mine [song/music]:

♬ Rainy Boy Sleep — Ambulance (Reuben Keeney Remix) [song/music]:

♬ Stalking Gia — Born Free (Reuben Keeney Remix) [song/music]:

♬ Reuben Keeney x Chicane — Saltwater [music]:

Ruiz Sierra

❦♬ DJ MC @djRuizSierra — Goldsound b2b Ruiz Sierra – Coro Cafe 20110930 [industrial techno]:

❦♬ DJ MC @djRuizSierra — Goldsound & Ruiz Sierra East Side Miskolc 201111 [industrial techno music]: #wild


♬ Sabrina – How To Be A Heartbreaker (Marina & The Diamonds Cover) [song/music]:

The Sons Of Sancho

♬ @thesonsofsancho — Solo Estoy // I’m single [song/music]:

♬ @thesonsofsancho — Maria [song/music]:

♬ @thesonsofsancho — Damien [song/music]:

♬ @thesonsofsancho — Electrico [song/music]:

♬ @thesonsofsancho — Brownskin Chief [song/music]:

♬ @thesonsofsancho — Control [song/music]:

♬ @thesonsofsancho — Re-evaluation [song/music]:

♬ @thesonsofsancho — Duopoly [song/music]:


♬ Subdigitals – Surfing in Cyberspace [song/music]:

♬ Subdigitals – Break Away [gotta… it’s not my style][song/music]:

♬ Subdigitals – Secret Life [we’re here to bring the sunshine to a million homes][song/music]:

♬ Subdigitals – Virtual World [another kind of life that shines–but it’s a real world; our world][song/music]:

♬ Subdigitals – Planet Net [the awakening to a new world] [song/music]: #Digital #Surfers #Global #Community

A nice finish for this is the above song: ♬ Leona Lewis – I See You as it a avatar that is an entirely different concept.


  • ♬ ไม่บอกเธอ // I did not tell (Cover) [song/music]:
  • ♬ มองแต่ไม่เห็น ฟังแต่ไม่ได้ยิน (ศรัญ) // “I do not see; I listen but do not hear (Saranya). [song/music]:

Tina S

♬ Tina S — Altitudes (Jason Becker, Cover) [e-guitar, music]:

♬ Tina S — The Loner (Gary Moore, Cover) [music]:

♬ Tina S — The Best of Times (Dream Theater, Cover) [e-guitar. music]:

The Supersonic Jets


📹 Making of Coldplay—Adventure Of A Lifetime—Koni Remix (🎤 multi-track 👣🔀 creation in motion) [fun 🎛 tutorial]:

With YouTube Auto-Playthrough, other Koni music & songs may be encountered…

♬ Free Fallin’ – John Mayer Cover (Koni Remix) [song/music]:

♬ Obadiah Parker – Hey Ya (Koni Remix) [song/music]:

♬ Mads Langer – You’re Not Alone (Koni—@officialKoni—Remix) [song/music]:


Promoting things and staying in the background can often mean that feedback is missing. It is really nice to know that the promotion is making a difference, and making the producers of dances, music and/or songs happy.

Gharr does promote other things also, as sharing good ideas and cool stuff if fun and can help the world move to the next stage. But music is a big deal, and it is felt that people love being entertained.

It’s easy to forget really nice things… hope incredible thank you messages—like the one here—from people, and groups are not forgotten by Gharr!

Sometimes people, or groups say some amazing things, and make Gharr’s day:

Section 1: A unexpected thank you & feedback (that was appreciated)

Section 2: a amazing thank you

Section 3: The world community becomes more interlinked and larger… Great stuff.

Now someone who understands the music scene, is sharing the links to some incredible bands that might be great to share here!!!



Tokyo Ghoul

♬ TOKYO GHOUL – UNRAVEL (Cover) 東京喰種-トーキョーグール- Op [song/music]: #Scary #Chan #Fiction #Characters


Abstract music that probably goes will with Thurston Ray’s music. This musician took the time to have a private (messaging) discussion with Gharr and while only producing two videos, does seem to be quite interested in the music industry, business, and promoting his music.

♬ (@linadrenaMusic) linadrena — The Journey [music]:,

♬ (@linadrenaMusic) linadrena — Equilibrist [music]:,

♬ (@linadrenaMusic) linadrena — Turbulence [music]:,

♬ (@linadrenaMusic) linadrena — Remember Einstein’s definition of Insanity [music]:,

♬ (@linadrenaMusic) linadrena — Tiny Boat and the Storm [music]:,

♬ (@linadrenaMusic) linadrena — Underwater [music]:,

♬ (@linadrenaMusic) linadrena — Climbing the Rock [music]:,

♬ (@linadrenaMusic) linadrena — Pick the colours [music]:,

Dizziness can be interpreted in a negative way–as the ending is a little mysterious, but it does have a nice sound to it.

♬ (@linadrenaMusic) linadrena — Dizziness [music]:,

♬ (@linadrenaMusic) linadrena — The Variables [music]:,

♬ (@linadrenaMusic) linadrena — Paintings [music]:,


♬ Gallant — Weight In Gold [song/music]:

Thurston Ray


♬ (@ThurstonRay) Thurston Ray — Sista Shine [song/music]:, #Pure #Poetry #Vocal #Sista


♬ (@ThurstonRay) Thurston Ray – Beat Don’t Stop [song/music]:, #Abstract #Poet

♬ (@ThurstonRay) Thurston Ray – Chasing Chances [song/music]:, #Abstract #Poet

♬ (@ThurstonRay) Thurston Ray – Once Upon A Dream [song/music]:, #Abstract #Poet

♬ (@ThurstonRay) Thurston Ray — Holding On [song/music]:, #Abstract #Poet #Classical

♬ (@ThurstonRay) Thurston Ray — “L Word” [song/music]:, #Abstract #Poet #Mainstream

♫ DIAURA – Lost November

This a mixed in metal like guitars and singing in it, nice effect.

♫ DIAURA — Lost November PV (FULL) [song/music]:


♫ Dominic — Ramona Lisa [song/music]:

D Dwayne

Has produced another video called ammo which is not bad when you listen to the music alone, but the video itself is pure gun culture, and would be considered as adult content here. The dancers/models in the video are handling what looks like real guns, and real ammunition.

♬ (@djDwayneMusic) D-Wayne — Rebel [music]:

Very techno sound, but with drum like beat.

Ellie Goulding

♬ Ellie Goulding — All I Want (Kodaline Cover) [song/music]:

☆ [M80] feat IIOIOIOII and Citizen16 [COLLABORATION]

I think this has some 80’s style song and music. I don’t think this will mix well with the other music this musician has made. Will have to think carefully of where to place this.

It is quite good, I like it.

☆ [M80] feat IIOIOIOII and Citizen16 [COLLABORATION] [song/music]: ♬♬♬

♬ Citizen 16 & et al. — Temptation [song/music]: #Industrial #EBM #futurepop #agrotech

♬ Citizen 16 & et al. — Lies Within Beauty is not available

♬ Citizen 16 & et al. — Can’t Stop Time is not available

♬ [@icarusaccount] The Icarus Account — Anything & Everything (live acoustic) [song/music]:

♬ [@icarusaccount] The Icarus — Iris (Goo Goo Dolls cover) [song/music]:

♬ [@icarusaccount] The Icarus Account — No One Else (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) [song/music]:

♬ [@icarusaccount] The Icarus Account — Grow Old with You (Adam Sandler Cover) [song/music]:

♬ [@icarusaccount] The Icarus Account — Love is not Supposed to End This Way (lyrics) [song/music]:

♬ [@icarusaccount] The Icarus Account — Too Young For This Love (lyrics) [song/music]:

♬ [@icarusaccount] The Icarus Account — Dancing at the Terminal (Lyrics) [song/music]:

Her And The Horizon Twitter: @HATHofficial

♬ Her And The Horizon — Shark Week [song/music]:

♬ Her And The Horizon — The Backwards Ascent [song/music]:

♬ Her And The Horizon — Critical Thinking [song/music]:

♬ Her And The Horizon — Pilot Error [song/music]:

♬ Her And The Horizon — Black Dynamite [song/music]:

♬ Her And The Horizon — Dean Stockwell is My Favorite Cylon [song/music]:

♬ @LeanneKingwell — CHOKING ON HALOS [song/music]:

♬ @qleen_official — Secundus (創作) [music]: ☆☆☆

♬ Julie Valencia — S.O.S (Indila cover) [song/music]: 

♬ Nightcore — sos (Indila) [song/music]:

♬ Indila — SOS (Remix) 2015 [song/music]:

♬ Ester — S.O.S (Indila Cover) [song/music]: ☆☆☆

♬ Julien Gallois — S.O.S (Indila Cover) [song/music]: ☆☆☆

♬ Lauren Mckee — Home Sweet Home [song/music]:

♬ DJ Mona — Can You Feel It [song/music]: #Techno #Chans          (via @Staff_Carat)

♬ Stadiumx ft. Angelika Vee — Wonderland (Original Mix) [song/music]: #Progressive

♬ Live City ft. Lyon Hart – Cover Me [song/music]: #Progressive

♬ Alessandro Viale — Sweet Little Thing (Da Brozz Remix) [song/music]: #Techno #Chans

♬ Electro Swing Collection [song/music]: (Over an hour long)

Glass Child

♬ (@JustAGlassChild) The Glass Child — WHO AM I [song/music]:

♬ (@JustAGlassChild) The Glass Child — The Fall [song/music]:

♬ (@JustAGlassChild) The Glass Child — Miss Blue [song/music]:

♬ (@JustAGlassChild) The Glass Child — Winter Girls [song/music]:

♬ (@JustAGlassChild) The Glass Child — Oceans [song/music]: #classic

♬ (@JustAGlassChild) The Glass Child — Yesterday [song/music]:

♬ (@JustAGlassChild) The Glass Child — The Water’s Edge [song/music]:

♬ (@JustAGlassChild) The Glass Child — HEROES [song/music]:

♬ Heather Braverman

The link DITDEP takes you to iTunes

♬ Heather Braverman (@heatherthebrave, ) — Diamonds In The Dirt (Piano Version) [song/music]:

Holly Drummond

♬ @Holly_Drummond — Diving In [song/music]:


❂ K-Bust (@kbustofficial) – Emotion [song/music]: 🎵🎸 #IndieArtist


❂ K-Bust (@kbustofficial, — We’re 1 [song/music]: 🎵🎸

❂ K-Bust (@kbustofficial, — Everything (Systembanger Remix) [song/music]: #Techno #Chans 🎵🎸

❂ K-Bust (@kbustofficial, — Don’t Wanna Try (Systembanger Remix) [song/music]: 🎵🎸

❂ K-Bust (@kbustofficial, — I’m Sorry Remix (Systembanger Remix) [song/music]: 🎵🎸

Yuya a.k.a Yuya

☆ YUYA a.k.a YUYA (@yuya__0612) — Sirens [music]: 🎶

☆ YUYA a.k.a YUYA (@yuya__0612) — Shock Jock Jack [music]: 🎶

☆ YUYA a.k.a YUYA (@yuya__0612) — Forget Me Not (Hip Hop Track) [music]: 🎶

☆ YUYA a.k.a YUYA (@yuya__0612) — My Generation (Original Mix) [music]: 🎶

A little too industrial sounding

☆ YUYA a.k.a YUYA (@yuya__0612) — Quasi’s Friends (Original Mix) [song/music]: 🎶

☆ YUYA a.k.a YUYA (@yuya__0612) — Pumpkin Slipper And Glass Carriage (remaster) [song/music]: 🎶

☆ YUYA a.k.a YUYA (@yuya__0612) — Swing Jack (Original Mix) [music]: 🎶

Critical Choice & Atmos

♬ Critical Choice & Atmos – Wavetable [music]: #Techno #Chans

Jay Cosmic

♬ Jay Cosmic — Borgeous x Lights _ Zero Gravity (Jay Cosmic Remix) [song/music]:

Section 1

♬ Section 1 (@section1music) — Rhythm Of My Heart [song/music]:

♬ Urry Fefelove & Abramasi feat. Fedor Burov — I’ll Wait For You [Section 1 (@section1music) Remix] [song/music]:

♬ Section 1 (@section1music) — Gonna Take You High [Remastered][song/music]:

♬ Trancestral — Blast From The Past [Section 1, @section1music Remix] [music]:

♬ Section 1 (@section1music) — Hard Stuff [Axel Coon Remix][song/music]:

♬ Section 1 (@section1music) — Viva La Hardcore [song/music]:


Nightcore can edge over to more adult world or darker side of humanity. So the songs here are very selective.

📹 Nightcore ~ Masterpiece (Jessie J) [song/music]:

▶ [nightcore] ★ We Are The Colors [song/music]: 

▶ [nightstep] ★ Altitude [song/music]: —  #techno #chans ♬ no longer available [2014]

▶ Atom/output — Altitude [music]:

▶ [nightcore] ★ Hold Me Now [song/music]:  #relaxed #chans  ♬

♬ Nightcore — Hold Me Now [song/music]:

▶ [nightstep] ★ Light Up The Sky (Remix) [song/music]:  #techno #chans  ♬

▶ [nightstep] ★ As One [song/music]:  #relaxed #techno #chans ♬

▶ [nightstep] ★ You Wouldn’t Know Me [song/music]:  #techno #chans  ♬

▶ [nightcore] ★ Lightswitch [song/music]:  #techno #chans  ♬

▶ [nightcore] ★ Read All About It [song/music]:  #Sweet

Kiso Armic

♬ Kiso Armic — Sunrise (Kiso Remix) [song/music]: #Techno #Chans

via @OneTimePad7

@yuri_yuzriha Music and Songs

☆ Yuri Yuzriha — Aerial Electronic (Original Mix) [music]:

☆ Yuri Yuzriha — Blackbird (Original Mix) [music]:

☆ Yuri Yuzriha — Ocean Depths Symphony (Original Mix) [music]:

☆ Yuri Yuzriha — Is There Reality Somewhere (Original Mix) [song/music]: 4 #tehcno #chans ♬

☆ Yuri Yuzriha — Cosmonaut (Original Mix) [music]:

Gyeong-ryeong Lee II

♬ Gyeong-ryeong Lee — Writing To Reach You (Travis Acoustic Cover) [song/music]:

♬ Gyeong-ryeong Lee — The Beat Goes On (Beady Eye Acoustic Cover) [song/music]:

♬ Gyeong-ryeong Lee — Listen Up (Oasis Acoustic Cover) [song/music]:

Other music by Gyeong-ryeong Lee

Leah West

♬ @LeahWestMusic — Santa Fe [song/music]:

♬ @LeahWestMusic — Destiny’s Calling [song/music]:

♬ @LeahWestMusic — Beyond Words [song/music]:

♬ @LeahWestMusic — Orange Bliss [song/music]:

♬ @LeahWestMusic — Anything For You [song/music]:


♬ Mingoz — Say You Do ( Japanese Cover ) [song/music]: ☆☆☆ #MEGITSUNE

Paper Lights

♬ (@ThePaperLights) Paper Lights — The Cave [song/music]:,

♬ (@ThePaperLights) Paper Lights — Caverns (Interlude) [music]:,

♬ (@ThePaperLights) Paper Lights — Counting On You [song/music]:,

♬ (@ThePaperLights) Paper Lights — I Caught Myself Dreaming [song/music]:,

♬ (@ThePaperLights) Paper Lights — On Your Way [song/music]:,

♬ (@ThePaperLights) Paper Lights — Never Let You Go [song/music]:,

♬ (@ThePaperLights) PAPER LIGHTS — Always In My Head (Coldplay Cover) [song/music]:,


♬ Pope — Dance The Night Away [Dance/Song/Music]:


♬ @AnthonyRetka — In Good Time [song/music]:


♬ Rihanna — Sledgehammer (From The Motion Picture “Star Trek Beyond”) [song/music]:

Rusty Shipp

♬ Rusty Shipp (@RustyShipp, ) — Sinking Scarabs [song/music]:

♬ Rusty Shipp — F-Words (You Don’t Mind) [song/music]:

Rocket Queen 90

♬ Sandra Szabo (@therocketqueen9) — Perfect Soul [Official Video][song/music]:,


♬ TheRocketQueen90 & Steph — Fall to Pieces [song/music]:

Am I Wrong (metal/rock version)

♬ TheRocketQueen90 ft. ames & FJ — Am I Wrong [song/music]:


♬ TheRocketQueen90 — To the Moon and Back (Savage Garden, Cover) [song/music]:

♬ TheRocketQueen90 ft. Johan Holmström — Black Velvet (Cover) [song/music]:

♬ TheRocketQueen90 — Bother (Stone Sour, Cover) [song/music]:

♬ TheRocketQueen90 — Lonely Girl (Tonight Alive, Cover) [song/music]:

♬ TheRocketQueen90 — Awake and Alive (Skillet, Cover) [song/music]:

♬ TheRocketQueen90 — Redugo (Sandra Szabo & Marcus Greenway, Cover) [song/music]:


The youtube versions seem to cut off before the end, so the sound cloud ones might be better.

♛ @Stararband — ScrapYardLand [song/music]:

♛ @Stararband — Summit [song/music]: ★★★ ♬

♛ @Stararband — For The Water [song/music]: ★★★ ♬

–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

♛ @Stararband – Summit [song/music]:

♛ @Stararband — For The Water [song/music]: ★★★ ♬

♛ @Stararband — “Guess My Heart” [song/music]:

♛ @Stararband — Let The Girls Rock (Bruce Hornsby Cover) [song/music]:

Not sure if this following one exists in another place here…

♛ @Stararband — Change Of Heart (The 1975 cover) [song/music]:

♛ @Stararband — Ride [song/music]:


Unusual choice in video making where the pictures don’t seem to enhance the song. Other musicians have also made videos where the content does not seem to have the same meaning to international audiences. It’s probably better to use the soundcloud for this singer. The singers recent mixing indicates a professional approach to mixing and music production that if continued may result in some very interesting music. A musician that is well worth taking an interest in.

Popular Japan Music

♬ kuro — ジブリ・メドレ// Studio Ghibli Medley [song/music]: ☆☆☆

♬ kuro — パイレーツ//Pirates (cover) [music]:

♬ kuro — HOPE [music]:


♬ Waterflame — Grid voyage [music]:

♬ Waterflame — NightLife [music]:

♬ Waterflame — Endgame [music]:

♬ Waterflame — FF Theme – Fox fender OST [music]:

♬ Waterflame — Forest plotting – Fox fender OST [music]:

♬ Waterflame — Building blocks – Fox fender OST [music]:

♬ ZaZaMaree

♬ @ZaZaMaree, — Go Back [song/music]: #pop

♬ JackEL & ZaZa (@ZaZaMaree, ) — Just Fine [song/music]: #Dance #EDM

♬ @ZaZaMaree, — Life’s A Party [song/music]: #pop

♬ @ZaZaMaree, — Kiss Me [song/music]: #Kiss #Me

♬ @ZaZaMaree, — #Forever [song/music]: #pop

Angela Sani music

Also check out: ♬ @Angelasanimusic — People Help The People (Birdy Cover) [Song/Music]:

♬ Arghavanmoeini

⏰ Historic: A 911 Moment:


♬@arghavanmoeini — Someone like you (Adele Cover) [song/music]: #nice #production

♬@arghavanmoeini and Chad — Heart Wants What It Wants (Cover) [song/music]:

♬ @jodywhitesides & Kristy Hanson — Just Give Me A Reason (P!nk Cover)

♬ @jodywhitesides & Kristy Hanson — Just Give Me A Reason (P!nk Cover)[song/music]:

Kristy Hanson

6’10 Celtic Punk band

♬ 6’10, Celtic Punk band — Hurricane [song/music]: via @AxetheAce (Punk Rock Guitarist and vocalist)

Vector P, yutapo pon

♬ @yutapo_pon (vector P) — 「カゲロウデイズ」 // Mayfly Days [e-guitar]:

♬ @yutapo_pon (vector P) — 「ナノ・セカンド」 // Nano-Second [song/music]:

♬ @yutapo_pon (vector P) — 「如月アテンション」 // Kisaragi Attention [e-guitar]:

♬ @yutapo_pon — 「トレモロ」 // Tremolo [e-guitar]:

♬ @yutapo_pon — 「アストロ」 // Astro [e-guitar]:

♬ @yutapo_pon — シルエット // silhouette [e-guitar]:

We Have a Dutch Friend

♬ We Have A Dutch Friend — Game Or Fame [song/music]:


♬ ZUKSone★ — HEY!!! [music]:

♬ ZUKSone★ — My Girl [music]:

♬ ZUKSone★ — Mermaid [music]:

♬ ZUKSone★ — Shadow Puppet [music]:

♬ ZUKSone★ — Black Widow [music]:

♬ ZUKSone★ — Match [music]:

♬ ZUKSone★ — Stratosphere (Outermission) [music]:

♬ ZUKSone★ — Bring It [music]:

♬ ZUKSone★ — Karate Chop [music]:

♬ (@ZUKSone) ZUKSone★ — The Throne [music]:

♬ ZUKSone★ — Breakthrough [music]:

Zack Knight

♬ Zack Knight Ft. Khiza and Kumar Sanu — Dheere [song/music]: via @HIBAOWAIS (fashion supplies)

Coke Studio

♬ Samra Khan & Asim Azhar, Hina Ki Khushbu, Coke Studio, S. 8, Ep. 5 [song/music]: via @HIBAOWAIS (fashion supplies)

Kajol, Ajay

♬ Kajol, Ajay — Jab Kisiki Taraf Dil (Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha movie) [song/music]: via @HIBAOWAIS (fashion supplies)

Deewani Mastani

♬ Deewani Mastani | Full Audio Song | (Bajirao Mastani Film) [song/music]: via @HIBAOWAIS (fashion supplies)

☆ MC Mason Callaway

☆ MC Mason Callaway — Winter Longing (PROD. BY VANTAGE //) [song/music]:

☆ MC Mason Callaway — SEΔSHINΣ [music]:

☆ MC Mason Callaway — Candy Talk (prod. by Jeff Liu) [song/music]:

☆ MC Mason Callaway — its your chance. [song/music]: #amazing #transition inc. #vocaloid #wow

☆ MC Mason Callaway — Summer Games (prod. by kyusai) [song/music]: #oh #yeah!



Alinkin king, @AlinkinKing

No idea what the lyrics are, but suspect that they will end up being adult orientated… in the mean time a margin of error for translation is given, and this music is featured here for now.

♬ Alinkin ft. Kazz — L.O.V.E [song/music]: #Ghana #Love #Africa #UK

♬ Alinkin&Budiman — JigiJigi [song/music]: (prod. by Appiatus) #Ghana #Nigeria #Hiplife #UK

♬ Alinkin, Panpan (Bie pono no) by Twisted productionz [song/music]: #Ghana #Afrobeat #UK #HipHop

♬ Dave Rasheed ft Alinkin—DANCING KING [song/music]: #Ghana #UK #Germany #Hiplife #Afrobeat

♬ Alinkin Ft Kwasi Yirenkyi — BoNu BioM [song/music]: #Ghana #UK #Leeds #Hiplife

♬ Alinkin — High5 [song/music]: #Afrobeat #Hiphop #Dance #UK #PowerDrumBeat

♬ Alinkin — Swag Check [Song/Music]: #Alinkin #Afrobeat #Dance #Rap #Hiphop

Fan-girl Requests

♬ Breezy Rodio (@BreezyRodio)

♬ Breezy Rodio (@BreezyRodio) – Girls Wanna Have Fun [song/music]:

♬ Breezy Rodio (@BreezyRodio) – One Of A Kind [song/music]: #Jazzy #e_guitar

♬ Breezy Rodio (@BreezyRodio) – One More Chance With You (Little Walter) [song/music]: #Swing #Shift #Jazz

♬ Breezy Rodio (@BreezyRodio) – Sunny Road (BB King) [song/music]: #Jazz #Blues

♬ Breezy Rodio (@BreezyRodio) – I Believe To My Soul (Ray Charles) [song/music]: #Classic #Jazz

📌 Also check out ☆ Promotion Touch Points [article]: under For Reggae Chan (◕ω◕) section for music by this group.


♬ The Soultastics (@Soultastics, — Tainted Love [song/music]: #Jazzy #Version

♬ The Soultastics (@Soultastics, — Superstition [song/music]: #Supercharged by #Jazz

♬ The Soultastics (@Soultastics, — Moondance [song/music]: #wandering #Jazz

♬ The Soultastics (@Soultastics, — Fly Me To The Moon [song/music]: #Ultra #Classic #Jazz

♬ The Soultastics (@Soultastics, — Forget You [song/music]: #Jazzy

♬ @Soultastics, — Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps [song/music]: #Jazzy #Cuban #Dance #Style

Verzatile Technique

♬ @VerzatileTech — White/Black [music]:


Shifted to ❁ Country, Instrumental, Traditional, and etc. [article]:


This music not shareable, it just takes you to a web page where you can press play on a number of songs.

♬ Check out @WhittyWhitesell music… Waiting for Promises is good [album]:

—End of Page—

Shortened link to article: Singers & Bands (temporary page) [article]:


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