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Movie, Comic, Other (Temporary Page)

There is a lot of music that is coming to Gharr’s attention, and for the moment some of it will be stored here till it is moved to the main section or a promotional section. When all the music has been moved, this page will be deleted.

♫ MandoPony & Megabyte Brony — Spitfire (Give It All You Got) [song/music]:

♫ MandoPony — (Five Nights at Freddy’s 2) “Survive the Night” [song/music]: #Scary #Pony #Chans

♫ MandoPony — “Inside of Me” [song/music]: #StarFox

♫ MandoPony — I Ink Therefore I Am [song/music]: (Do The Squid!) #SPLATOON

♬ Walking 250km through Japan ★ 「Japan Epic Selfie」[song/music/tour]:,

♫ 「ブレイブリーセカンド」オープニングムービー // “Bravely second” Opening Movie — Great Distance [song/music]:

☆ ベジタリズム //Bejitarizumu (Vegetable Dance) [dance/song/music]:

☆ ivymariethepoet — Indestructible (Robot Gangsta #1) [music]: 🎶

☆ Taemin ‘Press Your Number’ Mirrored Dance Performance [dance]:

☆ Taemin ‘Drip Drop’ Mirrored Dance Performance [dance]:


☆【Dangan Ronpa MMD】ELECT【Ibuki Mioda&Tsumiki Mikan】[dance/song/music]:

☆ きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – もんだいガール, kyary pamyu pamyu — Mondai Girl [song/music]:

☆ 『OLA!!』 / 『ゆず』 / 映画「クレヨンしんちゃん」主題歌 / 歌ってみました!! “OLA!!” (Yuzu Cover, “Crayon Shin-chan” Film) [song/music]:

☆ Pika Girl

☆ Rymaru Master

Gamer Music

Satellite Young

♬ Satellite Young (@gyorome, — ジャック同士/Jack Doushi (SynthWave Remix) [song/music]: #Neo_80s

♬ Satellite Young (@gyorome, — Faces (Clio Cover) [song/music]: #Neo_80s #Retro

♬ Satellite Young (@gyorome, — Geeky Boyfriend (Synth Pop Remix) [song/music]: #80s #JPop

♬ Satellite Young (@gyorome, — フェイクメモリー // Fake Memory [song/music]: #Neo_80s

♬ Satellite Young (@gyorome, — Break! Break! Tic! Tac! [song/music]: #80s #Synthpop #JPop

♬ Satellite Young (@gyorome, feat. Mitch Murder — Sniper Rouge [song/music]: #80s #Japan

Uncle & the Bacon

This music has a jazzy feel to it.

♬ (@UncleBaconBand) Uncle & the Bacon — Afterburner [song/music]: #Swing #Shift #DigitalAge #Jazz

♬ (@UncleBaconBand) Uncle & the Bacon — Cybernoid 2 [music]: #Swing #Shift #DigitalAge #Jazz

♬ (@UncleBaconBand) Uncle & the Bacon — Nå er dagen over (Big Band Style) [song/music]: #Swing #Shift #8BitAge #Jazz

♬ (@UncleBaconBand) Uncle & the Bacon [Zelda] – Tal Tal Heights (Big Band Style) [music]: #chan #gamers #heaven

♬ (@UncleBaconBand) Uncle & the Bacon [Sonic the Hedgehog] – Green Hill Zone (Big Band Style) [#gamers music]:

♬ (@UncleBaconBand) Uncle & the Bacon — Delta (C64) (Big Band Style) [#gamers music]:

♬ (@UncleBaconBand) Uncle & the Bacon [Lemmings] — Postcard from Lemmingland (Big Band Style) [#gamer music #zone]:

Comics and Drawings

🎨 Gumi — SpeedPaint #9 Splatoon [a video]:  #Vocaloid #Art #CoolStuff


📹 Antonisa Scott (@AntonisaScott) — Speed Drawing: Disgust [character] Of Inside Out [a video]:  #ohhh

📹 Antonisa Scott (@AntonisaScott) — Speed Drawing: Fear [character] Of Inside Out [a video]: #Yikes

📹 Antonisa Scott (@AntonisaScott) — Speed Drawing: Sadness [character] of Inside Out [a video]: ;_;

📹 Antonisa Scott (@AntonisaScott) — Speed Drawing: Anger [character] of Inside Out [a video]: O_O


🎬 Help Antonisa Scott (@AntonisaScott) & co. get comics, drawings, 3D models 2 “Drawing Tablets!” [#startup]!donations/c4v1 #funding

The funding goes to Oscar Feliz Cartoons (@OscarFelizArt), so the two people must be able to work as a team it is assumed.

@OscarFelizArt tend to focus fights and girls… no surprise there… and as yet there is no video that is of interest for sharing by Gharr. That said, the videos that @OscarFelizArt does create are quite fun, and an interest in future work and animations might yield some great stuff for sharing in the future—as many gamers live the fight scenes from games or movies for example.


Other things of interest:

End Notes

1)  ☢ Ashlynn Marie aka Ashlynn Travis (Dancer), that was specializing in robot, popping style dancing was featured here, but she seems to be still defining who she wants to be online, and may need some time before she finds her true mojo. This is her new youtube channel (the old one is no longer available for unknown reasons) [youtube video channel]:

—End of Page—

Gharr is currently in hiatus: “I miss writing all those articles, and sharing all those great things, and ideas on the internet.” 2015

Shortened link to article: Movie, Comic, Other (Temporary Page) [article]:


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