Promotion Touch Points


This section is not a must do, it is a to-do that is optional. That is these things are a focus on things that should be fitted in whenever possible.

Promotion touch points: the amount of contacts that Gharr now has, is quite large and on top of that the number of articles in WordPress is also getting large and it’s starting to get hard to remember all the things going on; especially when things can change from one day to the next. While the time dependent section helps, it does not assist for direct stuff that is done routinely here. Promotion Touch Points is a sort of area that helps to indicate what Gharr should try to get out to the public, but it’s not a must do, rather its just a reminder of stuff that has a priority.

There are also complex things going on like problem with bit rates on the Internet, websites being taken down, browsers crashing, computers crashing and what appears to be hacking on occasions (various). All this makes it very hard to keep track of things and to time promotional activity. sometimes I get the feeling it’s all held together by sticky tape and will fall apart at any moment–forget the idea of well-engineered systems.

This section is similar to media and promotions. The difference is it has a priority tag attached to all things that are placed here. Thus this is a high maintenance area that has been added to the time dependent section.

Basic Touch Points

Themed Title Projects

This section came into existence because it might be unwise to write mixing into articles as it is a unrelated subject.

Orlando Bowen

There are a lot of people that do good things in this world. Orlando Bowen is one of many people that find a way to live a positive life (helping others); even though he has had some hard times in life. Certainly a interesting person.

For me he is an awesome person as he immediately took the time to reply with personal tweets that were encouraging to what is my one of my core projects (promoting things), #WOW:

“@Gharr_home Thanks for the RTs and for the follow. You are appreciated and should know that. The thing U like to do will impact lives, Thk U” ~ ref:

🌎 @orlandobowen “Empowering people to overcome adversity, & find their passion” [website]:,

“Orlando Bowen left a successful IT career in corporate America to play football for the Toronto Argonauts. He worked tirelessly to bridge community-police relationships as the Canadian Football League’s liaison to the police, until his fifth season as a pro athlete, when he was brutally assaulted by corrupt law enforcement, and then framed as a cocaine dealer in a coverup. Orlando and his young family lost everything – until he was fully acquitted after a lengthy trial, but his injuries made it impossible to return to professional football. He is now a speaker on forgiveness, and the director of a non-profit for youth leadership development.” ~

Additional Reference:

JKT48 Graduates Selection

Articles of interest for JKT48 Members

Not Sure why this is here or if it needs its own article

♬ @Stararband — Renegade Heart [song/music]:

Samoa and possibly other

♬ Richard Parker – Suga Ea La’u Pele (Remix) [song/music]:

♬ Mr. Tee — Beautiful Samoa [song/music]:

♬ Valencia Fesolai – 1 + 1 (Beyonce Cover) [song/music]:

♬ Chrisjes – Toe Fo’i Mai [song/music]:

♬ Sunny – Broken Melody [song/music]:

♬ Swiss – Samoa Matalasi (Cover) [song/music]:

♬ Christline – Talaiga [song/music]:

For Reggae Chan (◕ω◕)

♬ @tweetprofessorb, & the Army of Love—Tough Times [song/music]: ❧ #Mexican #Reggae #Chans

♬ @tweetprofessorb, & theArmyofLove—Temptations [song/music]: ❧ #Mexican #Reggae #Chans

♬ @tweetprofessorb, & theArmyofLove—Key Of Foundation[song/music]: ❧ #Mexican #Reggae #Chans

♬ @tweetprofessorb, & theArmyofLove—Tough Times Album [song/music] ❧ #Mexican #Reggae #Chans

♫ Bob Marley – Three Little Birds (Ricky Mears Remix) [song/music]: ❧ Played The Reggae Chans

♫ Banditos Bonitos feat – Gimme Sunshine – Nina – bee good mixt [song/music]: ❧ Played The Reggae Chans

♬ Mitchell Brunings – Redemption Song – Bob Marley Cover (Koni Remix) [song/music]: played 4 the #Reggae #Chans

♬ Breezy Rodio (@BreezyRodio) – When Push Comes To Shove (Delroy Wilson) [song/music]: 4 #reggae #chans

♬ Breezy Rodio (@BreezyRodio) – Talking Blues (Bob Marley) [song/music]: played 4 #Reggae #Chans

♬ Breezy Rodio (@BreezyRodio) – Hope [song/music]: played 4 #reggae #chans

Also check out Singers & Bands (temporary page) [article]: for more music by Breezy Rodio

♫ Romain Virgo – Star Across The Sky [song/music]: 4 reggae chans (◕ω◕)

♫ René Polus — Levan Polka (Reggae Version) [music]:  4 reggae chan (◕ω◕)

♫ Enve feat. Hatsune Miku — Cold Coffee [song/music]: 4 reggae chans (◕ω◕)

♫ Vocaloid 3 (OLIVER) — Uncle John From Jamaica [song/music]: 4 reggae chans (◕ω◕)

♫ Stu Makes Chocolate Pudding at 4am to the Sound of Instrumental Reggae [music]: 4 reggae chans (◕ω◕)

♫ 【 Rhythmic Caribbean Reggae Instrumental 】 Tazir — Aurora [song/music]: Played 4 the #Reggae #Chans

♫ Ady Suleiman — A State of Mind [song/music]: 4 reggae chans (◕ω◕)

♫ Ed Sheeran — Pony (Koni Remix) [song/music]: 4 reggae chans (◕ω◕)

(via Akiko ‏@4025kappa:

♫ James Garrison Summers — “In Love With One Lady” [song/music]: Played 4 the reggae chans (◕ω◕)

♫ Quorum a cappella — Ievan Polkka by Loituma [vocal music]: #Jazzy Played 4 the #Reggae #Chans #Vocaloid

♫ ★★Hatsune Miku Ievan Polkka [Dance Remix]★★ [song/music]: (◕ω◕)

♫ Selena Gomez – Same Old Love (Filous Remix) [song/music]: ❧ Played for Varient Reggae Chans

♫ Vini Vici – Trust In Trance [music]: #❧

Vocaloid Metal

☆ @OnStratosphere — Nemo [ Hatsune Miku – 初音ミク ] & [ Megurine Luka – 巡音ルカ ] [song/music]: #vocaloid #metal \m/

☆ @OnStratosphere — [ Hatsune Miku & Prima ] Dark Chest Of Wonders (Cover) [song/music]: #vocaloid #metal \m/

☆ @OnStratosphere — [ Megurine Luka ] Amaranth (Cover) [song/music]: #vocaloid #metal \m/

Gackt Fan Club and Other Music

Re: Miku :3

♬ Nakamura Shotaro ★ Hatsune Miku — Border [song/music]: #Vocaloid, ♬ Nakamura Shotaro ★ Hatsune Miku — Nichi-Rin [song/music]: #Vocaloid, ♬ Nakamura Shotaro ★ Hatsune Miku — Stepmother [song/music]: #Vocaloid, ♬ Nakamura Shotaro ★ Hatsune Miku — The unfailing devotion [song/music]: #Vocaloid, ☆ Nikumanguitar 仲邑将太郎 – Shinichi Kobayashi (Cover) [e-guitar music]:, ☆ Nikumanguitar 仲邑将太郎 — Shichi-Sho-Ho-koku [song and music samples from album]:, #Vocaloid #Miku

Movie feel

Collin Clowes

In 2015 two songs were lost, and can no longer be shared: Fly by and On My Way.

Songs by Collin Clowes can be found here: ♬ Just You and Me [song & Music]:

☯ Cold

Cold is a real good song, but has some really dark undertows.

JKT48 Related 2013

Just to please the purist fans:

The graduates of JKT48 (that that are ex-members, or have left JKT48) are not officially a part of JKT48–but will be mentioned next!

Indonesia 2012

Various Music (via fans in Japan)

Free Form Music

Free Form Music: Now 4 some music from selected producers, hobbyist, and new musicians #FFMusic #indie #section

This section will also announce people or groups that it will be featuring (ft.) to give them the maximum exposure.

The #FFMusic #indie #section will consist of two closely spaced tweets.

In additions to music from selected producers, hobbyist, and new musicians: there will be other stuff mentioned also.



Level 1 Focus

For some reason this seems to be popular, I assume it has something to do with the Russian version of the Hollywood rumor mill 😉

Level 2 Focus

Rock Music

Historic 2012 list

—End of Page—

Shortened link to article: ☆ Promotion Touch Points [article]:


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