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This section is dedicated to art and photography promotion (or sharing).

  1. Marija Trujic Modni dizajner–Artist
  2. Marija Trujic Modni dizajner–Fashion
  3. @Antwaanmusic Photography
  4. Pria Kataria Puri Western Collection (2011)
  5. @devilkitten jewellery Range
  6. Star Craft II
  7. yuichirohirayam
  8. ☆ @HIBAOWAIS Fashion

Marija Trujic Modni dizajner–Artist

☯ Marija – Art [pictures]: #art

☯ Marija – The Water Carrier [picture]: , #art

☯ Marija – Silent Thoughts [picture]: , #art

☯ Marija – Exotic Woman [picture]: , #art

☯ Marija – Woman of the lions [picture]: , #art

☯ Marija – Right to the finish [picture-sketch]: , #art

☯ Marija – Blissful Music [picture-sketch]: , #art

☯ Marija – Portrait of a woman [picture-sketch]: , #art

Marija Trujic Modni dizajner–Fashion Designer

Some of the words used here are directly from the fashion designer Marija Truic.

Slide show [1]

Background: Gimme Shelter | Playing For Change [song/music]:

☯ Marija Trujic – Fashion Week NIS 2011 [a slide-show]: #fashion #dresses #must_have

☯ Agoria – Les Violons Ivres [music]:

Also check out @agoriamusic,

Fashion Video NIS [1]

☯ Marija Trujic – Black and White Dresses : #fashion

Slide show [2]

background: Naturally 7 Wall of Sound [song/song?]:

Somebody That I Used to Know – Walk off the Earth (Gotye – Cover) [song/music]: via Marija Trujic

☯ Marija Trujic – U want it, need it, in your heart: words–unnecessary. Black and white dresses [a slide-show]: #fashion

☯ Agoria – Les Violons Ivres [music]:

Also check out @agoriamusic,

Video school fashion show [1]

The below video is from Marija Trujic’s school fashion show; and the collection is called “Black, white and something in between”.

☯ Marija Trujic – New curvy designs and signature cuts that individualize the dress design : #fashion

Quote from Marija Truic about the following video: “This collection is called “Yin & Yang”. It reflects our every day struggle to find the balance in life, a constant search for a meaning of darkness and light inside us: the energy that moves us, and motivates us to explore our own mind. I wanted to show that it is the way we see the world trough our experiences that makes us classify different things as good or bad. The materials used in this collection are glossy satin with lace and decorative strips.”

Fashion Video NIS [2]

☯ Marija Trujic – Feng Shui: a dress to discover the Ying & Yang of who you truly are : #fashion #dresses


Slide show [3]

Vladimir Babij – Just a melody (2012) █▬█ █ ▀█▀  [music]:

Shortened link to video: Vladimir Babij – Just a melody (2012) █▬█ █ ▀█▀  [music]:

☯ Marija Trujic – purchase these #dresses ( ) by contacting her on FaceBook:!/pages/Marija-Trujic-Modni-dizajner/143221445751365 #fashion

☯ Agoria – Les Violons Ivres [music]:

Also check out @agoriamusic,

Fashion Video NIS [3]

☯ Marija Trujic – purchase these #dresses ( ) by contacting her on FaceBook:!/pages/Marija-Trujic-Modni-dizajner/143221445751365 #fashion

Video school fashion show [2]

☯ Marija Trujic – purchase these #dresses ( ) by contacting her on FaceBook:!/pages/Marija-Trujic-Modni-dizajner/143221445751365 #fashion

@Antwaanmusic Photography

❁ @Antwaanmusic – pearltree slide show : may take time 2 load, use next button 2 change frame

❖ @Antwaanmusic – In The Clouds, sunlight [photo]:

❖ @Antwaanmusic -Sand Surfer, Catch a wave [photo]:

❖ @Antwaanmusic – Famous wonder of the world… Thing [photo]:

❖ @Antwaanmusic – Even a bug has to sun-bake [photo]:

❖ @Antwaanmusic – Hey… Give me more pollen [photo]:

❖ @Antwaanmusic – Teddy, I need a very big hug [photo]:

❖ @Antwaanmusic – Using the force to levitate a object [photo]:

❖ @Antwaanmusic -You aren’t looking at my acorn are you? [photo]:

❖ @Antwaanmusic – Another Late Night [photo]:

❖ @Antwaanmusic – The Biologists Preserved Lizard [photo]:

❖ @Antwaanmusic – River Snow Plate Fracture [photo]:

❖ @Antwaanmusic – Music Equipment, Pacifica [photo]:

❖ @Antwaanmusic -Possibly a portal into another dimension or a giant washing machine [photo]:

Pria Kataria Puri Western Collection

❦ Pria Kataria Puri Western Collection: #fashion #dresses

@devilkitten jewellery Range

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – Wire Earrings: (large collection)

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – Knotted Necklaces: (large collection)

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – Beaded bracelets: (large collection)

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – Other wire items, pink pig:

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – Various “Wire Rings:”

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – Various “Wire Brooches:”

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – Various “Wire Bracelets:”

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – Various “Wire Necklaces:”

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – PMC brooche:

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – Various “Knotted Earrings:”

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – “Knotted bracelets:” (large & very cute collection)

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – Various “Beaded rings:”

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – Various “Beaded Earrings:”

✿ @devilkitten #jewellery – Beaded Necklaces: (large & very cute collection)

✿ @devilkitten Featured #jewellery 4 today – :

〄 @devilkitten writes & reviews #RPG, board, & computer #games: Counting On You [song/music]:

〄 @devilkitten writes & tweets about #RPG, board, & computer games:, #games #RPG

〄 @devilkitten – Keyring #RPG [article]: #must_have #game

〄 Never miss out on a chance for a good #RPG #game again: The mini-key role playing game from @devilkitten:

Starcraft II


The author is increasingly coming into contact with business people and new entrepreneurs who want to do business differently or are in a very creative mood. These type of people are very interesting.

yuichirohirayam is a twitter account. They link to these sites:

They seem to have organized a house that can be used by creative people

“By becoming a hub for people who are involved in producing something that, We would like to place ideas in motion. “Business Development” “Product Design” “design” … Who are involved in developing something that creative people, Those who we about to enter that world, Please feel free to come to play.” translation form website.

It is not currently certain how the members join–or if membership is restricted in some way–it would seem likely to be the case, musicians and artists for example operate in a similar way. It will be interesting to follow this group because they seem to be innovative and action orientated, very good qualities in this new age of business.

☆ @HIBAOWAIS Fashion


Search Engines and Bubbles

There has been an effort to restrict the things you see on the internet. It’s easy to dismiss this as we all think we can use various ways to avoid it–but how can we know if we are being contained in an information bubble if all the tools provided to use are interconnected and share information. Unfortunately this is becoming everyday internet reality and soon it will be quite easy to forget what search results were like in the past. There are advantages such as security–possibly, but Google for example use to supply a note in the search results to warn of security threats so having it done automatically for us might be a disadvantage too.

This section is a bypass of that bubble that contains us–it is still not hard to go outside the boundaries and do searches that put us in the wilderness of search engine results.


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