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Mar, 2015 News

1) Music Scores: Write them in your browser

☆ Write music scores in your web browser (flat–bata) [new software]: ☆☆☆

AUG, 2013 NEWS:


Br1ght Pr1mate is promoting a new albume–and it’s quite good: Once Upon An Apocalypse [album]:

But the first track called OUTBRK has some static sounds (like TV of old with no shows on it–static filled screen) that have some very high frequencies in it. It hurt my ears, and I suggested it would be nice if the higher frequencies were filtered out a little (sound level reduced for those frequencies) tweet:

2) Presenting the Jungles (ex-Red Bacteria Vacuum)


1) Melody from JKT48 has been appointed as Japan’s, Okayama Fruit Ambassador!

#news Melody (from JKT48; @melodyJKT48) has been appointed as “Japan’s, Okayama Fruit Ambassador” [website]:

[discovered on 23 Aug 2013]

#news It’s Official: Melody (from JKT48, @melodyJKT48) is “Japan’s, new Okayama Fruit Ambassador” : #ceremony

It’s Official! Melody (from JKT48, @melodyJKT48) is “Japan’s, new Okayama Fruit Ambassador” [#news Picture]: #ceremony

Melody (from JKT48, @melodyJKT48) “Japan’s, new Okayama Fruit Ambassador” is in the #news : #ceremony

In this news article it’s stated that Kazuo Sato is Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Director. However the internet as of yet has yielded no further results.

Sample references:

OCT, 2012 NEWS:

1) Sergey Lazarev picks up the creative mood

Lazarev (I assume using the last name is more respectful) has produced a number of new songs that are going to be very interesting to listen to:

A)I will not give up without a fight

B) Unreal Love

2) Pomplamoose is on the loose

Antwaan alerted me to some new videos by Pomplamoose. Suppose it’s time to check out what they have been up to. Kickstarter has also featured on many musicians and game programmers social media, no doubt many of them feel that this is the new way to fund their music and creativity.

Hey It’s Pomplamoose – Theme Song [song/music]:

3) Angelina releases practically a whole album of stuff recently

Angelina aka @ChigusaSinging Has a whole bunch of new stuff our that would be very interesting to listen to. It was released in one large block!

I also want to be extra careful with this singer and dancer as her group is really trying hard to pump out good entertainment and the last thing I want to see is YouTube getting heavy-handed with her YouTube account and twitter account. There is nothing worse than becoming a fan of someones creations and then it all just suddenly disappears. It has happened a few times before and I hate to see it occur this time. So this stuff will only be transferred to the main section if I feel it’s going to stick around.

Angelina- Good Bye Days (YUI) [cover] Indonesia [song/music]:

Angelina – Tobenai Agehachou (AKB48) [cover][song/music]:

Angelina – Give me five! (AKB48) [cover] Indonesia [song/music]:

Angelina – Into The New World (SNSD) Indonesia [song/music]:

Angelina – Junjou U-19 (NMB48) [cover] Indonesia [song/music]:

Angelina – More Than Words (Maaya Sakamoto) [cover] ending code geass akito [song/music]:

Angelina – New Ship (AKB48) [cover] Indonesia [song/music]:

Angelina – Good Luck My Way (L’arc en Ciel) [cover] Indonesia [song/music]:

Angelina – Synchro Tokimeki [cover][song/music]:

Angelina – Crossing Field (LiSA) [cover] Indonesia [song/music]:

Angelina – Friendship Birthday ~ Arashi no Yoru ni (Sea☆A) [cover][song/music]:

4) AKB 48 Families News

AKB 48 families JKT48, NMB48 (Namba, Osaka) News: NMB48’s new team ‘Team BII’ debuts at NMB48 Theater in Osaka [official website]:

AKB 48 families JKT48 News: Mitsumune Kaoru leaves AKB48 due to health problems [website]:

AKB48’s Mitsumune Kaoru to withdraw from the group [magazine]:


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