Interesting Contacts (Legend Section)

Justin Murphy AKA @jmrphy: “Assistant Professor of Politics, secular catholic libertarian communist.”

  • Initial conclusion is that JM followed my account because he liked techno music, and not to talk politics, or global change. But my interests in The Venus Project, will force me to reflect on his work and how that might fit into the transition.
  • Don’t really meet many people like this… they appear to use all the methods, theories, graphical summaries that technical people use in the documents they produce… but not sure if their discipline really comprehends what they use, as it is viewed through the lens of a politician rather then a technical person. Feel that they use the technical stuff to get use to it, as their advisors might hand such documents to them.
  • They seem to focus on the local area, not surprising, as that is what probably defines the people who vote for them.
  • They seem abrasive in their language, possibly a holdover from the military system where hierarchy is everything. “Hey dipsticks! subscribe to my channel.” To an outsider it seems to be a little over the top, and a joke, but perhaps not so for the crowd that works with politicians.
  • IQ, and entropy (not the reversed type on earth) play into main line arguments for example. This allows for further ideas to be developed that might seem suspect to a technical person. Such as: “we are populated by technology.” Again it is hard to know if this is all serious, as false signals and news in politics can be played out as true, and that period of Trump has shown this to be seemingly true. Perhaps JM is reflecting on this false signalling by Trump in developing his lesson arguments, and seeing how his class, and public react to it. Not knowing JM well, means what he gives out has to be taken at face value. JMs choice of twitter, might be a direct experiment to mimic what Trump is doing, so it may add up. Still politics can convoluted, and that means he may still need to be taken at face value.
  • Historic and complicated ideas also are given simple names, or short paragraphs of description: making it hard to know how deep a statement actually is. Have seen this style of deep thinking before, and it reminds me of someone who likes not only to solve cross-word puzzles, but make them. Perhaps there is a link to the way lawyers like to think in all this… Technical people do this also: the simple words: control theory for example is a whole field that is covered by many books.
  • The Venus Project needs to work with politicians during the transition… an interesting concept, but wonder how it might work in practice. Have a feeling that politicians and technical people will need to set up strong pathways for communications, and change, if the system remains in place during the transition. These people have a huge history of ideas that need to be navigated to make a transition smooth on their level (which might still seem very disruptive to them).
  • At the moment the political systems might note that change is happening (and might use language that denies it: “we are populated by technology”), so there is no sense that there is a powerful desire for things to change, but industry will no doubt start the wheels rolling anyway.
  • Wonder if JM will enter politics at some stage in his life?

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