✾ LM.C is a Japanese Band, but has fans from all over the world

It’s not hard to imagine that this band has a strong fan base all over the world. They have been on world tours before: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LM.C

The author listed this here on a separate page, as the website was unusual and may have made an effort to provide a little extra security for those who visited the website.

When the author tried to copy the website from the “location bar,” or the place where you type the URL of a website–the address bar, the author got this unusual result: http://www.lovely-mocochang.com (the “http://” part is missing, and the favicon for the website is also missing, clicking the mouse on the globe (where the favicon normally is) results in this message “this website does not supply identity information, & your connection to this website it not encrypted”). To get the full URL for this website you have to click on the “site identity button” (website id check)–a small favicon near the address bar, and selecting more information, and the general tab, you can see the full URL (This is the URL you would see in this case http://www.lovely-mocochang.com/index.html). Favicons are not total indicators of a secure site, as they have been criticized, because the favicon’s image can be made to look like it’s a safe site, by adding a padlock to the symbol (although: not currently sure if this negates the color coding on the address bar).

✾ LM.C webiste link is probably just making an extra effort to make sure it’s website’s visitors remain safe, but for those of you that like to write articles about them, it can make things a little confusing when you want to back up your document with some solid references. The author hopes this article helps make your work easier.

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Shortened link to article: ✾ LM.C is a Japanese Band, but has fans from all over the world [article]: http://wp.me/P10Tww-22A


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