What Legends is about

Legends is a page based on people I meet through the social networks. There are other ways to store this information, but this is one accessible way to do it–as the other way can involve art programs and even web design tools.

Social networks are odd, because I can know thousands of people there and brief mentions can form strong links with people. The problem in such cases are trying to remember the original links when I could make thousands of comments like that.

Another thing that occurs is that artists go into “Hiatus” after they leave a group–a good example of this is when the performers leave JKT48 or AKB48; this causes problems in fans minds as it’s hard to tell if they want to continue in show-business or want to try something else–Gharr may be able to help the fans out with this by keeping track of people (of course contact details after the performers leave can be difficult to track down also).

List of Legends

@touya_jubeat is a dancer, whose video’s reside mainly on niconico douga. This person does do collaborative work with others.

“Is a leader has a activities, etc. that was seen dancing at the national center in Gifu team of sexy]. Collaboration, event appearances, etc., I am accepting requests. Hearts / Fabo Magic / Add Video mile → mylist/32574473 of sound gated retirement / Nico Nico / dancer / Akiba ”

The dances that this person does results in quite a few dance videos of interest (but non of them feature touya_jubeat, this person’s dance team “team of sexy” would seem to be an unusual name for group).

Found due to fav they gave the video Metabi beat dance video.

@Otattemita specializes in piano–sounds good, @ateotu is a skilled Vocaloid and music producer

@ateotu looks set to really go for the music industry as this person does indeed know other really skilled musicians like @Otattemita. No doubt this person’s music career is well worth watching, as some really great music might be produced–and already has been IMO.


A sense of déjà vu, no doubt this group or person has followed Gharr before.

  • Visited 24 countries; likes to listen to music, shopping, and fragrance.
  • T-Shirts and Postcards with care to take notice of certain colors and lighting.
  • Main Business: Photographs & Design

Bio: Many of this persons family works in various areas of the arts and craft. Spent time taking photographs around the world. Attended Doshisha University: aesthetics and art studies major, and specializes in color.  Has exhibitions in various cities–using various materials from paper to even glass. Thinking of expanding business.

Blog: http://ameblo.jp/akaneclub7/


Lilt-Yuuha has changed his twitter name to “The Raid Yuuha“, indicating tht he’s moving on to other projects. At the time of Jul 2013 he was sharing information about working at his home studio (possibly), so it would seem that he’s still interested in show business.

The other members of Lilt are no doubt also focusing on their own particular projects also.

Roxanne Meadows

She’s becoming more active on the social media scene–that Gharr tends to check out.


This person mentioned that they were into making art: http://flavus-art.tumblr.com/post/48520989600/just-finished-this-is-a-hero-character-based-on

Knows @VocaloidBrasil: https://twitter.com/Flavescit/status/333688287736758272 “haha, I sure know this site man, I was an old colaborator for it. Now I’m just a supporter of Vibe and her gang~” (Vocaloid and UTAU contacts)

Gharr is still learning about UTAU, as it’s actually quite complicated as there are so many characters are possible. There are also characters produced outside UTAU, as production of characters and voice can be done through other methods. No doubt about it, an article on this subject would be very interesting to produce.

An added difficulty with UTAU, is following the true nature of a UTAU character, as it’s probably more in the domain of both the producer of the UTAU character and the fans (because it’s possible that many musicians may choose to use a UTAU character and try to make their own interpretation of what the UTAU character should sing, and what personality the UTAU character has, that includes music styles they might like to play).

There is probably an additional difficulty with these characters, because they will probably need a sort of tag that shows all the people involved in the UTAU characters development–a sort of bio that is passed along when music is shared that use those UTAU characters. At the moment Gharr feels that pearltrees or pinterest might be suitable for passing along this bio when the music, video, or art is shared.

Finally, there are websites out there that keep track of the births, life, re-animation, and possible hiatus of a the UTAU character.

Some sites speak of the death of a UTAU character–for example a creator of a UTAU character decides that the character should cease producing music and asks for their wishes to be respected. Gharr’s feeling on this is similar to the idea that Elvis is dead–it’s not possible, there will always be the son, sister, wife, distant relative, successor to, impersonator, variant of and so on of Elvis. If a UTAU character is well liked, they will find a way to remain with their fans somehow.

우람 Wooram, ‏ wooram_arif (Woo Ram)

A person that may be getting into the entertainment industry: http://www.youtube.com/arifrahmanhakim89 and it will be interesting to see what he decides to produce.

This is his Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wooram.arif

This is his blog: none

He is located in Jakarta region–from twitter header info. He also uses audacity to produce music, indicating he’s interested in making a very professional style of music: “@Gharr_home thank you very much, I was recording this track actually also using Audacity.. really love this freeware so much ^^” Reference tweet 2013: reference tweet no longer exists, as the twitter account associated with it has ceased to exist.


Has announced that he will be giving up MMD, to focus on game review. He cited the fact that it took a lot of effort to make MMD and then to find all the people he had to credit for the related work.

expertise: technical staff, making the Vocaloids dance.

YouTube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/VocaloiMMD34 (this and other channels will now be used to review games)

This person has just became formal part of Vocalekt Visions: https://twitter.com/Tempo_P/status/300303669436493824 in Feb 2013. Retired Around JUL 2013.

Interesting discussion:

This tweet caught my eye: “Please people on my YouTube channel use ether Japanese to speak to me or English those are the only languages I know of.”

Since Vocalekt Visions exists all over the world, I suggested that if a person did not speak English or Japanese, then they could use either of these two translators:

  1. http://www.babelfish.com/ (For a cost: a person will do the translation)
  2. http://translate.google.com/

However, @VocaloiMMD34 just said “@Gharr_home I will not use any translating websites all those translating websites are bad they can’t even get the Japanese correctly.

Reference tweets 2013: https://twitter.com/VocaloiMMD34/status/325086066799419393

Since I’m likely to forget the conversation (I have over 2000 contacts), I left this note, as he may mention this again–he seems very serious about this topic, and I don’t want to accidentally mention the same things again and get on the wrong side of him. He is probably a key figure in understanding exactly how Vocalekt Visions works, I don’t want to lose such a significant source of information–and he makes the Vocaloids dance.


YouTube: AmiTwinkleMagic

I mentioned that she is a businesswoman based on these tweets:

Her tweets indicate that she wants to approach her entertainment career in a commercial way with lots of products to sell.

I noticed her professional voice in “Cruel Angel Thesis” (2055 views when I checked in Jan 2013). However, her technical crew let her down on the live performances and she sounds quite bad… so it remains to be seen if she can keep her confidence under such conditions.



I have managed to make fairly certain that this is the official account of the ex JKT48 member Cleo-JKT48. It’s uncertain if she will continue in show business.

Seems the management may have decided Cleo should have an official account, so now this is Cleo’s twitter account: @cleo2angels

Cleo has expanded into the boots business: @cleoboots

Cleo has officially mentioned @Glenca2Angels & so far this group does seem stable.


Neneng Rosediana–not certain of twitter account

From wiki: http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neneng_Rosediana it appears that she may become an actor. In the videos mentioned here under the twitter name @ochi_24, she still seems to like to entertain us.


Name: Neneng Rosediana, twitter account, not verified–she may have more than one.

This twitter account has remained silent since November 2012!

Known as Ochi JKT48. There was some distress in JKT48 and it led to a number of the girls leaving the group (graduating) and Ochi go some mention at the time.

The current account seems genuine, but it’s hard to fully confirm that this is Ochi’s account as I am not certain of the relationships this person had with others and did not closely follow her when she was in JKT48. IMO, they way she tweets indicates that this account does belong to Ochi

Interestingly enough Ochi (aka @rose_neneng) mentions she does not want to reveal why she graduated–but discussion around the time of here leaving indicate lots of rumors, but this will not be discussed here as she was a full member of JKT48 and is now famous and her career could go in any direction right now.


YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ochiloversOFC and yes this also has a related twitter name (that stopped tweeting in November 2012) @OchiLoversOFC and states via a linked website that her birthday is on January 24, 1999.

This account is still active and is producing videos–and also seems very legitimate, including a birthday video on.

The reliance of others in the social network to supply information

Even Gharr’s other organization relies on others to provide content because while it’s desired to focus on many things, it’s hard to specialize in all of them; that is why Gharr has fromed links to others in articles like these (that are mostly nothing to do with The Venus Project) and is always searching for new social network contacts:

  • Making that dream possible [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1AT
  • Cybernated Farm Systems, @DouglasMallette [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1Pd
  • The Venus Project Tags [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1R4 #TVP #RBE #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy #like2
  • Mentions with in the tweets I make of websites, and account name (such as twitter names).
  • ☆ 美佳 みかずき @NoelleMikazuki‘s Promotions & Reviews [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1S3
  • ☆ Gharr’s Oshimen [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-22o
  • This article is both news, history and also mentions people who are significant (social network) in part of the Vocaloid and UTAU industry (according to Gharr at least): #News Meeting of Giants in Vocaloid & UTAU 8 AM GMT 12 Apr 2013 [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-22S @VocaloidSongs, @neutrino006, & @Tempo_P
  • An example of a network that handles fashion and interesting topics: Wrapped [article]: http://wp.me/s10Tww-wrapped
  • This is an example of sites that handle interesting fashion, information, and designs for example: All Those Interesting Websites, and Blogs [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1We
  • Articles like this one (that may not be mentioned directly on a regular basis) can have networks mentioned in some parts of them: Monitoring The Performance Of Your Social Media [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1wX
  • This article is part of something that networkers might find mysterious, because tags and categories can be used by search engines to allow people to find your article: How WordPress Lists Posts, Pages, Categories, & Tags work [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1ap
  • All these information sites can indirectly give away information on world-wide social networks:
    • #futurewewant [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1cC
    • Hash tags and what they mean: http://bit.ly/b4EMSr
    • Wolf [picture]: http://wp.me/s10Tww-wolf, also animal conservation: http://pear.ly/bmSGL
    • A real-time, live, global map of tweets: http://bit.ly/hXdGZv and a world time zone link is included.
    • Twitters influence on a global scale: http://wp.me/p10Tww-16B
    • While online marketers can be annoying at times (perhaps all the time), they are great at networking and all of us can learn a lot from the way they work together as a really tight team–they made it clear, when I made the article that they wanted as much effort and quality put into the article I was producing as possible because their online reputation meant a lot to them: People using social media in the way they want also helps businesses [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-169 #marketing #networking #management
    • I made this from the research I did on the internet, but it represents an important thing–we should be aware of all aspects of the community we are a part of, and not depend on the stuff information provided to us by twitter for example: Twitter info-graphic made using http://www.easel.ly/ (the kind of stuff that people like to share) [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-180 #useful
    • Other websites, and social networks can also be useful in connecting with people and groups. Most businesses often make themselves available in several ways since they know no one media type or social network will have total control. Here is an example of other site that Gharr finds useful: Find out more about PearlTrees: http://bit.ly/hm2tah
    • We should also be aware of audiences we might not meet often in our daily travels in life, as they may in fact be people or groups that are quite significant on the internet and may even play a direct and major part in our global communities future directions, manufacture, and space exploration as remote work stations become a reality: The future of mobility for the disabled & elderly: http://bit.ly/hI4zQf
    • There is also a worry that filters and helpers that select content they think are of interest to us will exclude us from communities that are in fact really interesting and vital to the work we want to do: Filters Continue to Censure and Remains a Problem for Many (Middle East Gets Upset): http://bit.ly/fIAA4L, http://pear.ly/R-Qr
    • Not all the communities are well represented by Twitter or WordPress, because some of them use stuff that is not easily available such as complex maths symbols or diagrams: Interesting Maths Stuff (using wolframalpha): http://bit.ly/j918Lc, http://pear.ly/R4cj, and Gharr’s article: Tweeting Symbols and Texting: Gharr’s Style Manual [article]: http://wp.me/P10Tww-1U1 includes some maths symbols that not everyone knows about that can be used in tweets and in WordPress.
    • Also getting notices rather than desperately searching for social networks that are of interest is another interesting method: “let them find you:” Getting more views and traffic (via WordPress & other sources): http://bit.ly/o1YLOK
    • Live project, can also give you a glimpse on what various communities are interested in: Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/, Gharr also includes some of their Kickstarter projects here: http://wp.me/p10Tww-19K.
    • A major segment and influence on our society comes from business, and understanding them can also help in understanding your community both online and offline: ☯ The Business Model [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1tM
    • This article is not designed to be shared, but it has some very interesting information in it. The article uses search engines to find other community members with things that might be of interest to Gharr. In one of the above articles I mention the importance of including the right words (I call them tags, categories and hash tags above), here I show the opposite: Gharr using search engines to find communities of interest: ☆ New Stage [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1Nb
    • you can also find communities hanging around devices and software that interests them; for example: The @jmonkeyengine–Programming… Devices… Game Engine [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1Os might be interesting to programmers and worthy of mention by them often. C#, C++, Java, J# (J sharp) and other languages are often also focuses of intense discussions for example.
    • International, and national holidays can also bring communities together: World (International) Cat Day and Forgotten Machines [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1TU

—End of Page—


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