Related to RBE, The Venus Project, or the Zeitgeist Movement


Some interviews may exist in this section, in part this may help define individuals or groups and is well worth recording.

One Community “For The Highest Good Of All”

🔶 Appear more independent then linked The Venus Project: so they have been given their own page: ☮ One Community Global [article]:

“One Community is a non-profit organization creating self-replicating living models that simultaneously address the foundations of every challenge our planet is currently facing.”

Sample Tweets

Chistian Williams

“Generalist – Dynamicist Futurist; studying similarities between humans, plants, animals, technology, culture and health.” ~ @c_williams_p

“@Gharr_home thanks Gharr. The future should be geared towards the simplification of infrastructures (liquid, solid and energetic)” ~

This person will no doubt choose an area of interest—even if it ends up being generalist and futurist; there is a lot of room for what the vision of our future might be.

Currently  just checking out what this person tweets. His current tweets (2015) seem to be about how our minds and environment interact to make us who we are.

Groovejoy (TV)

“Songwriter, vocalist, music publisher, video editor, gardener, blogger. ” ~ @groovejoy02

However Groovejoy seems to be also interested in our world—and possibly being fair to all people by extension of that concept.

Picture of Buckminster Fuller

Give People the tools for a new way of thinking.

Discussion on Systems, and Experimenting on simulations of us

  • ~ @c_williams_p systems science (not everything is easy to understand, or analyze, or find parts to) [wiki]: #synergy
  • @c_williams_p: @Gharr_home Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, it is not easy to understand but it is indeed understandable. A useful tool for holisticism
  • ~ @c_williams_p yes–killing wolves effects the health of the prey, where the prey feed, and thus plants may go extinct–>cascade effect…
  • ~ @c_williams_p Engineers force systems to be linear by allowing the systems to operate over limited ranges–control systems analysis.
  • ~ @c_williams_p simple rules can also (cellular automata–machines with simple rules) result in unexpected complexity
  • ~ @c_williams_p what will be the effect of taking our data, forming simulacra/simulations-of-us, and commercially experimenting on them IDK!
  • @c_williams_p: @Gharr_home cellar Automation is a beautiful example!
  • ~ @c_williams_p If research is not commercially focused–yes. But it won’t be SANTOS- The Digital Human [physical]:
  • ~ @c_williams_p It is also possible to experiment on millions or even billions of The Digital Human–if commercially focused could be bad.
  • ~ We are at a new stage in automation, & defining who we are–you might play a large part in that @c_williams_p #futurist.

Gharr’s Thoughts about the transition

  • How #Transition that we are in right now, will unfold is only generally defined by #TheVenusProject. We can still share good ideas about it.
  • Is the group a part of the #Transition? IMO possibly… yes #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy
  • The #TheVenusProject is currently at a stage of sharing information about a #ResourceBasedEconomy
  • For us to be generalists: we should share good ideas during this #transition period #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy
  • Share good ideas that would B nice to have in a #TVP City & world in this time called the #Transition #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy
  • 🌎 Have good ideas that will help us care-about/love other people, life, & this earth–share it with us #Transition #TheVenusProject #RBE
  • 🌎 We are all people, and we can be a world community, if we want it to be that way #Transition #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy


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Shortened link to article: 🌎 Related to RBE, The Venus Project, or the Zeitgeist Movement [article]:


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