Legends (Uncertain Alignment): Seem to be related to TVP, TZM, RBE or many be completely unrelated but at first look seem similar

Legends: Uncertain Alignment. It is unknown what position this group or individual has with respect to The Venus Project.

The P2P Foundation for example has a 10 year old video that criticizes The Venus Project, and the founder Michel Bauwens (AKA @mbauwens) made a comment that The Venus Project was techno-cratic (style government? [FALSE: an RBE uses no government]) ref: https://twitter.com/mbauwens/status/838476794084933632

@mbauwens to @gharr_home “:techno-cratic Venus Project should not be confused with technological sovereignty of p2p communities”

This allowed Ghar_home to decide (after a long time of uncertainty) where the P2P Foundation stood in relation to The Venus Project = non-aligned, and also against The Venus Project. Since the P2P Foundation has several future contingency plans, it may take up other positions of alignment, based on circumstances at that time.

This page is for groups that are not for or against—but they tend follow their own path. There may also be groups that have agendas or concepts that are not strictly based on science that may have aspects of TVP, TZM, RBE or other affiliated groups; but such groups main focus is on their non-scientific aspects.

Such groups—because they are not based on science—might not be good references.

Lateral Philosopher

Generally cycles through a style that might be referred to as viral pictures; that was the staple of Sotiria’s tweets in the past (see below) for example—except that Sotiria’s text on the pictures was all in Greek.

Has some animal rights pictures as well.

Some political material… because of US elections…

“Just me talking about various topics and sharing ideas… I support #RBE +other causes mainly anti-capitalist and anti-authority.”

Σωτηρία 2650

Πολιτισμός Τύπου 1 // Type 1 Civilization // @politismos1

Sotiria may not only be aiming at a Resource Based Economy, but also at the chance to encourage us to form a stable type 1 civilization.

Politismos1 tweets similar things to Sotiria.

Resource Based Economy

🌎 Made for The Venus Project (https://www.thevenusproject.com/ ) by @politismos1 [#Type1_Civilization]: https://youtu.be/74aQ28qrqfM  #ResourceBasedEconomy


“bot ‘Sotiria’ which is a Greek name that means: ‘female savior’ :)” is a female character (but she is only one of many) from the year 2650 where a Resource Based Economy is a part of her world. People from that time have learned how to send social media bots back to the past (2015 onwards), so they can share with us information about how good a  Resource Based Economy is—and to convince us to start a Resource Based Economy as soon as possible.

Sotiria tweets in Greek and uses pictures in that have greek words in them, and that makes it really hard to translate and share what Sotiria is saying. It is not easy to stay in character, so will see how well this is done—should be interesting.

Politically based tweets such as: “On stage, in oldest of the show, the new Minister Chaikalis Paul #anasximatismos // Επί σκηνής, σε παλαιότερή του παράσταση, ο νέος Υπουργός Χαϊκάλης Παύλος #anasximatismos” [ a picture ]: https://twitter.com/Sotiriarbebot/status/622094916697649153 will just get a RT without a translation, as they are probably more of interest to people that speak Greek and are interested in specific cultural and political issues.

1) 🌎 RT @Sotiriarbebot and yet… the world still believes an election will give us a solution: https://twitter.com/Sotiriarbebot/status/634986052470611968

2) 🌎 “Evolution instead of revolution.” ~ @Sotiriarbebot: https://twitter.com/Sotiriarbebot/status/624651768580952064 #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy #Type1_Civilization

Tools that might be useful

Type Greek: http://greek.typeit.org/

Citizen of Gotham

This group is not formally affiliated with The Venus Project and in Gharr’s opinion is currently [2015] not a good source of information that is based on science, but may be more speculative in nature.

This group seems to be into media production and attention getting videos—in much the same way today’s news groups want our attention; because that is the business that they focus on: selling the news.

Citizen of Gotham posted a RBE video about Greece (popular subject as it may be leaving the European Union after it defaulted on debts owed to the IMF and perhaps indirectly to the EU—2015).

The video was headed: Greece: the world’s first Resource-Based Economy? (supplied a group or person called Rise Together—google shows this term is popular for a number of groups and projects names that aim to help people out).

A check of Citizens videos directly after it posted (via twitter) that great heading: “Greece: the world’s first Resource-Based Economy?” revealed a direct flow into videos that seem to involve conspiracy news on links to a very active KKK running around the USA burning down heaps of churches. This is not main-line news so one has to question how such conclusions were formed (correctly or incorrectly) by the reporters and video producers. At first glance, Citizen of Gotham is perhaps more for entertainment or for those that like to believe in all those amazing conspiracy theories—and there are an awesome number of them out there.

Rise Together

Rise Together is not affiliated with The Venus Project and probably should not be used as a reference as they seem to have material that is based on non-scientific ideas.

This group has their own clear direction, and ideas; although those directions, and ideas may differ from The Venus Project, and the Zeitgeist Movement.

This group does know of The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement, and seems not be phased with the idea of a society that does not use money.

The YouTube channel mentions one person, but this person clearly works with groups and other organizations, so one can assume that Rise Together is a group also.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ForgivenessTatePub/videos

This person is a “retired (but still licensed) psychotherapists according to the about me section in 2015. In the about section one gets the impression that this person seems to be genuinely be concerned about the world, and other human beings. While the topics may seem to edge towards conspiracy theories, and possibly non-scientifically based concepts, it is quite possible that this person is trying to be very genuine in helping other people, and revealing the truth as they discover it. The video headed “Greece: the world’s first Resource-Based Economy?” was very professionally produced and fun to watch. This person is a great speaker.
This is the website mentioned in the video (but not put into the comments section) that mentions the Transition: http://www.respublicaofearth.com/transition.html

A quick scan of this document reveals that a Resource Based Economy (that is mentioned in the above mentioned video heading) is not mentioned, and it seems based on introducing laws and governance—in a Resource Based Economy as proposed by The Venus Project there will be no governments or laws.

In the video she also mentions the controllers and possibly aliens. She may be considering earth becoming a part of the galactic community. This assumes aliens and much more, and there is no evidence this is real in the mainstream media. But if your into aliens and conspiracy theories, then this website might be interesting to you.

It is also unlikely that Greece will give up the use of money (Rise Together does know about the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project and should then know what a Resource Based Economy really is).

In the video it acknowledges that the article used for Greece giving up the monetary system is not based on facts. That further strengthens the idea that Greece will not isolate itself from the world community, or give up the use of money.

From a scientific basis however this reference may not be strong in most cases; but that is also up to you to judge.

This group was mentioned by Citizen of Gotham, and has many videos that seem to contain videos of aliens in the UN, $500,000 Bounty for Obama’s arrest, Mind Control, and baby meat being served as food to name a few headings that were observed in 2015.

Advocate for The Venus Project Foundation

AriaBiteThat also seems to have connection with ancient Egyptian gods, but it is not known if the connection is religious or symbolic, but Sekhmet & Neith were portrayed as powerful women “gods” in those ancient times. AriaBiteThat seems controversial in many ways, but that may just be who this person is.

Since The Venus Project Foundation and The Venus Project have similar names, it is very hard for Gharr to RT stuff on twitter, as it may cause major confusion for followers of The Venus project.

It remains to be seen if it’s possible to work with, or promote the things that AriaBiteThat mentions. Perhaps AriaBiteThat followed Gharr (in Oct 2015) so as to get an idea what Gharr likes to tweet about… but that is just a guess…

How to cover topics mentioned in The Venus Project Foundation website is going to be another challenge, as they do have relevant things to say also… perhaps this will not be possible to share that information in a direct manner for Gharr, if it should confuse followers of The Venus Project. Perhaps it is only possible to indirectly mention what The Venus Project Foundation says on it’s website in such a case.


—End of Page—

Shortened link to article: ✎ Legends: Seem to be related to TVP, TZM, RBE or many be completely unrelated but at first look seem similar [article]: http://wp.me/P10Tww-3pw


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