Legends against TVP, TZM (not a formally part of TVP, as they split in 2011), and other opposing organizations to TVP or RBE

This page was not going to exist–the point of such a page seems counter to promoting things. However some people seem to pose as TVP supporters and then turn out to use words that oppose the organization. If people came right out and said that, it might be good, but for some reason some choose to use subterfuge or misdirection and that makes work on reporting and promoting this subject difficult. Gharr does have two organizations and one of them supports The Venus Project, and the other promotes people and groups.

The problem is that if Gharr interacts with a person for some time, that person (or group) goes onto the public stage and becomes famous to some degree, and they can not be simply erased (unless they choose to do so themselves). But their comments don’t disappear, and the people who payed attention to them don’t forget what they have said. For that reason a record is kept here in case my audience wants to rehash a subject.

@NMJUNCTION (Shitter’s Full)

This person may have used a block and unblock to force Gharr to unfollow, and of course @NMJUNCTION unfollowed Gharr.  The list may have also cleared because of this action. If this person did block Gharr, then the new system requests a reason for the block, must be a new rule twitter included.

This person received significant online time on Gharr’s twitter channel and has been recorded (via comments made) in case followers or future browsers of time line want to rehash those discussions.

@NMJUNCTION does like gardening.

This persons bio: “This Shit’s Got To GO MAN! Humanity’s ignorance will lead to its extinction. Wake up b4 it’s too late! If u dont know abt #resourcebasedeconomy do it! : “it takes time to learn and develop and innovate them IN REAL LIFE not just in imaginary RBE CONCEPT” : “that is all rbe is is imaginary RIGHT NOW. We have not applied it to the world yet. Its a good concept, but still imaginary.” : “even Jacque Fresco has said we dont know if RBE would work, but we should try it to find out. Its still imaginary.” [FALSE]: FAQ 36 “Technically The Venus Project is feasible today.” : “…but he [Jaqcue Fresco] does sometimes lie or exaggerate.”


What does @NMJUNCTION support: Gardening, but otherwise unknown. Actual comments from @NMJUNCTION incicates that this person does not support Jaqcue Fresco, The Venus Project, or a Resource Based Economy.

The comments @NMJUNCTION makes seem to directly oppose the idea that this person supports The Venus Project, a Resource Based Economy, and Jaqcue Fresco.

This seems to be a person who misdirects or uses subterfuge to move into the supporters of TVP and RBE and then puts in the seed of doubt under the guise of a supporter. Gharr has taken the time to interview this person for days, and this person seems to end up having little to say in favor a Resource Based Economy, and on the surface (days of interviews) has little to say about an alternative plan–unless “the system seems to be working as it is suppose to be” is a vague but supportive comment that everything is fine with the way the monetary system is working right now.

Q So you do believe that the monetary system is working just fine? Answer by @NMJUNCTION: “I think its [the monetary system] running how it was designed to run.” https://twitter.com/FullOfShite/status/487223777344778241

  1. Has a unusual name: Shitter’s Full
  2. May have links to @Ringabell95, https://twitter.com/Ringabell95/status/487234519930781697
  3. Thinks that:
    1. Thinks RBE is just an imaginary concept
      1. “IN REAL LIFE not just in imaginary RBE CONCEPT:” https://twitter.com/NMJUNCTION/status/485885244252250113
      2. “that is all rbe is is imaginary RIGHT NOW. We have not applied it to the world yet. Its a good concept, but still imaginary:” https://twitter.com/NMJUNCTION/status/485888594977234944
      3. “@Gharr_home even Jacque Fresco has said we dont know if RBE would work, but we should try it to find out. Its still imaginary.” [FALSE]: FAQ 36 “Technically The Venus Project is feasible today.” http://www.thevenusproject.com/faq#faqnoanchor ref tweet: https://twitter.com/NMJUNCTION/status/485892961998098432
      4. A change in stance: “@Gharr_home like I said I never said it wasnt feasible, I said it was imaginary. But are ppl ready for it, obviously not. So it cant work” [False]: FAQ 36 “Technically The Venus Project is feasible today.” http://www.thevenusproject.com/faq#faqnoanchor ref tweet: https://twitter.com/NMJUNCTION/status/485902137109778434
      5. “@Gharr_home I support rbe, I think jacque is very well informed in many areas. No doubt. But he does sometimes lie or exaggerate.” https://twitter.com/NMJUNCTION/status/486169710950891520
    2. Loves Gardening
      1. “@Gharr_home here is a #GrowTower I built from combining ideas on youtube, then tweaking it. pic.twitter.com/IsnNVEV5bphttps://twitter.com/NMJUNCTION/status/485875209832894464/photo/1
      2. “@Gharr_home I am growing food at home, and learning vertical farming methods, running experiments to see what works best for me.” https://twitter.com/NMJUNCTION/status/485870350891089920
    3. This person does not like references from people that have not done it themselves
      1. “@Gharr_home you were trying to tell me how I shld build my system, yet you’ve not built any yourself using those technologies yourself:” https://twitter.com/NMJUNCTION/status/485889356532432898
      2. “@Gharr_home let me ask, HAVE YOU PERSONALLY grown plants using LED lights?” https://twitter.com/NMJUNCTION/status/485882125883674629
      3. “You just dont hold much klout in that area.” https://twitter.com/NMJUNCTION/status/485889020472201216
    4. This person hands our references in fields he does not work in. It is complicated, but this person thinks that the US is part of England and both England and the US are corporations. If this person applies the rule of haven’t done it, cant comment on it, as in point “iii This person does not like references from people that have not done it themselves” then people would have the right to reject his references in the same way. To some degree, I feel that he also projects this to The Venus Project: it does not exist, so Jaqcue Fresco has no right to talk about a Resource Based Economy (see above comments). To me this is as illogical as saying you can’t build a bridge from plans, or you can’t read a recipe and cook it. Our production system is based on these things.
      1. JESUIT MERCHANTS RULE THE BANK OF ENGLAND – CITY …: http://youtu.be/TKuNf5XbYuI @Gharr_home for your consideration.
      2. ~The United States Always Has Been A British Crow…: http://youtu.be/rel0qeCyfnI @Gharr_home
      3. America Is Still A British Colony Part 1: http://youtu.be/FXFJZ8JtjTY @Gharr_home
  4. Buts into random conversations–don’t RT but can open discussion with @NMJUNCTION about gardening (but under no circumstances provide references or help)
    1. “@MelissaEde @Gharr_home the u.s. never became independent. pic.twitter.com/eJ56anTKPN:” https://twitter.com/NMJUNCTION/status/485848794328612864
    2. Discussion about this persons references are futile, as this person has one rule for you (you can’t comment unless you have done it) and one for themselves (I’m commenting on the economy, I have not worked or done any work in that field, but my comment is still relevant).
    3. Please note: references can be quite good, Gharr does not expect you to work in the field or have done it.
  5. Seems to like protesting against the system.
  6. “@Gharr_home I cant live in the future, I can live NOW. And right now im working on what I think could help myself and others” https://twitter.com/NMJUNCTION/status/485893969029890048

It’s hard to say what @NMJUNCTION (Shitter’s Full) supported, but given the view that the US is a part of the UK (not independent from it), US & UK are both corporations not governments, and possibly the banks control everything: then this may be @NMJUNCTION (Shitter’s Full)’s view of our world (taken from one of the people that RT’s this persons stuff):


Please Note: Gharr currently neither supports or opposes the above flow chart.

@NMJUNCTION (Shitter’s Full) may also see a link to Egypt (religion is assumed) and the government that is controlled by the banks. It is assumed that certain people that control the banks (Gharr assumes the Illuminati, templar knights, or ancient Egyptian priests possibly) also control the governments (that are just corporations) through those banks.

While all this is interesting, from Gharr’s point of view: it is difficult to see what there is to promote here, other then causing fear and suspicion of the government and economic system. Gharr would promote a solution, but such flow charts and ideas don’t provide this. In effect the above flow chart and ideas are to Gharr, very similar to promoting violence and negative emotions in people and this is not the type of “adult” material that Gharr tends to get involved with.

While adult material is avoided here (but is sometimes covered anyway) the idea that ultra rich people exist in this world would not be surprising given that Egypt was linked to Rome and we all know when government or military groups fall out of favor they take the money and wealth and run (possibly to Egypt in those days). So the idea that extremely wealthy people that are distant descendants from a mixture of Roman and Egyptian bloodlines does not seem so far fetched. Could those people have influenced governments and countries through the ages with their wealthit’s possible to believe. However wealth is not easy to keep, as when a family grows in size, wealth often divides up, making each person less wealthy. Given also that world wars have occurred, such people would have to remain on the winning sides and avoid being part of the conflict. From where Gharr stands, it would be a hard to believe that such a family could avoid all the pitfalls and end up wealthy though all the strife and problems that occur in this world (including plagues for example in Europe and Religious persecution).  This topic is just one of those mysterious ideas that is hard to solve without more details and as mentioned, is more adult orientated as it is probably not included in our education system.

A more complex and real situation is not a family that lives through the ages and governs our world but perhaps a power struggle or a series of coups to gain large financial gains. In Egypt this may have occurred when a leader was murdered and his or her history erased as if that person’s life never happened. In today’s media orientated world that might be harder to achieve, so a change of government or business ownership might be recorded. What would be passed down in such cases is ideas of how to do things, and that would be what would define the Illuminati, templar knights, or ancient Egyptian priests that people would refer to: not a linage of family, but survivors of power struggles that happen to be in a position of wealth at a particular instance of time that may hold ideas that date back to Egypt for example. Such people could exist in today’s world and the ideas such people have could have easily survived world-wars, plagues, and religious persecution. Faith certainly in the form of religion (ideas) has survived the test of time, so economic ideas on how to handle wealth could also survive such tests of time. Is this what has happened? That is a hard one to prove, especially if such groups guard and protect themselves from coup attempts by using secrecy. From Gharr’s point of view this is a good conspiracy theory, but the world still changes, and the human race is on the verge of large scale changes that has nothing to do with history. The reasoning behind this is that those historic ideas could not foresee what technological changes would occur, and it is quite possible that ancient ideas will no longer be relevant in today’s world, or a world where a Resource Based Economy might exist for example.

End of Interview & report on @NMJUNCTION (Shitter’s Full) ——————————




—End of Page—

Shortened link to article: Legends against TVP, TZM (not a formally part of TVP, as they split in 2011), and other opposing organizations to TVP or RBE [article]: http://wp.me/P10Tww-34U



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