Legends for TVP, TZM (not a formally part of TVP, as they split in 2011), and other supportive organizations of TVP


Acronyms defined

TVP is an acronym for The Venus Project.

TZM is an acronym for the Zeitgeist Movement. It is not a part of The Venus Project, but may make mention of it.

Official links for TVP, The Venus Project

Semi Official Links

These are classed as semiofficial because they are not mentioned on The Venus Project Website. This section does not imply anything, as these links could still be official, as the correct reference has not been found to make sure it is official. Also media may be focused on and then released, and thus making one source that was official, not official at a later date for example–the most significant example of this is the Zeitgeist Movement, that is no longer a part of The Venus Project and all the previous related videos and other media that may have been generated before that date.

Finally, The Venus Project website may not be up to date as it is run by volunteers and the flow of information is not always as expected. Also projects need some time to provide enough information to see if they are viable in an economy based on money. Not all project get of the ground.

The Venus Project TV: http://worldtv.com/tvp_global (it is yet to be determined if this an official source, you can get videos from The Venus Project Media on YouTube–that is official, but has been directly mentioned by @TheVenusProject)

Peace walk

Quote 1: “My name is Luke Wonderly and my goal is to walk across America, and to go out to every State Capitol, to the House, the Senate & finally to the President.

Quote 2: My name is Luke Wonderly, and I am on a PEACE Walk across America – spreading awareness of The Venus Project.com Resource Based Economy – a clear, defined plan for attaining long term sustainable World Peace.

These articles might be of interest:


This section tends to be project orientated. However some projects may not get mentioned here because the are being worked on in other places such as pearltrees on in WordPress articles.

Legends is a page based on people or groups Gharr meets through the social networks; and projects that Gharr is involved with on The Venus Project (that may be official of independently developed by Gharr). For those who don’t know, Gharr is split into two organizations, one focuses on promoting things, the other works with The Venus Project. This page is dedicated to Gharr’s organization that works with The Venus Project.

There are other ways to store this information, but this is one accessible way to do it–as the other way can involve art programs and even web design tools.

Social networks are odd, because you can know thousands of people there and brief mentions can form strong links with people. The problem in such cases are trying to remember the original links when a discussion could involve thousand of comments. Also when working on Projects there is group dynamics that need to be taken into account, and making sure the project is going in the direction that meets its original aims or goals.

Currently the term used in the promotions section called “Hiatus” is not defined in this section, as we are only dealing with The Venus Project here on this page.

It would be true to say if the major figures in The Venus Project change or go into Hiatus, such people or groups then might be significant to a discussion, and the word “Hiatus” may indeed need to be better defined here.

Project: Global Networks That Promote The Venus Project

Links 2015+

Old Links Pre-2015

This is project is based on the idea that global networks are out there promoting The Venus Project, and it is time to connect to them (through likes, follows, and so on), as this might strengthen the network and since the channel here is not designed to be a full on promotion of The Venus Project these other social network members might provide content and be places for people to go if they desire a more full on information service to what interests them.

Connection with other networks, will also allow others to work on content, that Gharr does not have the time to focus on because Gharr’s other organization currently ties up a lot of resources in promoting stuff that often has little to do with The Venus Project.

Global Networks: Initial Research of Content Providers

Being a representative for The Venus Project is not always easy, also sometimes peoples focus on topics also shift for not particular reason, and so the contact list here may change at times. Gharr for example also promotes music, and does not focus only on The Venus Project at all times.

This twitter account is not mentioned directly on the TVP official website, but is of interest: @TheVenusProject

It’s hoped that the people that are networked with here, are cast in a positive way. The comment about the difference between the Zeitgeist Movement & The Venus Project is noted here, as it is important for RT the material of these people; but just because a person has decided to stick with the Zeitgeist Movement–does not mean they are not of great interest, as all the world’s people must join together to make The Venus Project possible.

  1. @Gadmartin Has many different interests #Technology #Apps #Finance #Philosophy, and may also be interested in human behavior, or the human condition. He also shares information about TZM, and TVP.
  2. @ResourceB76 #RBE #Cowspiracy #ClimateChange, aquaponics, hydroponics, airoponics, general news; strong supporter of animal life. Tweet samples: https://twitter.com/ResourceB76/status/657317407933923328, https://twitter.com/ResourceB76/status/657153592512507904
  3. “The Venus Project” North East Ohio Group

    1. A.M FaceBook Group 😀 https://www.facebook.com/TVPohio
      1. This facebook page is currently run by a keen organic gardener, but of course this person does not represent the group, so it has little to do with the contents of the facebook time lines.
  4. @nireiny (Andronike)

    1. Ref tweet: The Venus Project – Science Vs Religion (Set the Record Straight) : https://twitter.com/nireiny/status/459296208628879360
    2. But this person also posts interesting things about science, astronomy,  & Quantum theory (but it spills over to particle physics for me). In one day the author wrote three science articles that were inspired by this person’s tweets.
  5. Nathaniel Wotrin: No longer active twitter account

  6. @MichaelSDeVries

    1. Qualifications: http://www.thevcf.com/resumes/msdtechsum.htm
    2. Current interests include data bases and of course The Venus Project.
  7. georgetvp

  8. @Ringabell95

      1. Talks of The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement: http://twitter.com/Ringabell95/status/358198315709513728, but the two organizations have split apart. The split caught many people by surprise–but not all people, some had a feeling that it just might happen.
  9. JustinJL aka @justinjlockhar1 (was public 2017 Nov), now also @justinjlockhar1 (protected account in 2017 Nov)

    1. JustinJL aka @justinjlockhar1
      1. Shortly after, the get more followers service used by JustinJL posted a DM on Gharr’s twitter channel, JustinJL went into Hiatus, possibly he did not expect the effects of using the service to get more followers.
      2. The account is now protected, and his tweets are no longer visible (except to those who request to see his tweets).
      3. Not sure if JustinJL is linked in some way to Grayson Peddie AKA @GraysonPeddie: https://twitter.com/GraysonPeddie/status/927501083265691650
      4. So far @GraysonPeddie twitter account doen’t reflect the get more followers service habit of posting advert tweets, or DM Gharr… So it’s assumed he does not use this particular service.
    2. For the most part (of a very long time period) JustinJL has steadfastly promoted The Venus Project, and possibly a book.
    3. Outside guidelines of Gharr for sharing
      1. In 2017 Nov, perhaps frustrated by the small number of followers, JustingJL used a service to buy or provide free followers. Gharr got a DM, and the time line of JustinJL now has promotions of that service that is very aggressive in its approach.
      2. JustingJL may be working towards some new business angle…
  10. TBA

The Venus Project’s primary aim is to spread the news of what its aims are: http://www.thevenusproject.com/en/the-venus-project/aims-a-proposals.

The Venus Project is still growing–after its separation with The Zeitgeist Movement–and it’s still a small organization in global terms; and there are lots of projects that are available for people to get involved in: http://www.thevenusproject.com/en/get-involved/what-can-i-do; and some of them are projects that a single person can start independently of The Venus Project. It’s possible to start project outside The Venus Project, and get them formally recognized later on also.

One of project that Gharr is interested in is the social networking, or at least increasing the scale of networking that exists currently–that will promote The Venus Project.

Lastly, just to restate the obvious, The Venus Project is in a major growth phase, and lots of projects are available because many people still do not know about it–but that will change in the future as things like The Venus Project Movie comes out; and it’s hoped that a strong social network will exist help promote this movie.

Another possibility is a Resource Based Test City, might be closer in becoming a reality now that The Venus Project got a chance to talk (via an internet connection) at the UN Novus Event (where Jacque Fresco was also given an award)

“On July 17th, 2016 The Venus Project founder Jacque Fresco received the award for City Design & Community from the NOVUS summit in conjunction with the United Nations division UN DESA. This was held at the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations.” ref accessed 2017: https://www.thevenusproject.com/united-nations-award-given-jacque-fresco-city-designcommunity/


—End of Page—

Shortened link to article:🌎 Legends for TVP, TZM (not a formally part of TVP, as they split in 2011), and other supportive organizations of TVP [article]: http://wp.me/P10Tww-25L


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