Legends (Organizations & Individuals)


🗺 Legends are not actually about legends as in stories, or legendary people or entities. Legends is more like a sign, or a table explaining a map, chart, or diagram (with symbols) of some type.

In this case we use legends (similar to metal plaques, but instead on the internet media): to describe groups, and even individuals (often but not necessarily by actual name). Often such groups or individuals post things on social media that is significantly interesting about the future of our world.

The link to stories, people, or entities of some sort is a nice touch as it makes this section stand out, as a legend below a statute, or picture, or map would stand out in times long ago (and less so in a multimedia age, but there are still people reading legends on trees—about the tree, and metal plaques on footpaths describing history).

The Groups, and People of the Legend’s Sections

It is worth taking an interest in global groups (for the most part), but some may be regionally focused (nation or EU for example).

Other groups may be independent, but support The Venus Project (but may not need to do so), and are working with projects that could benefit the world, and even help The Venus Project in some way.

  • Primarily there is groups for The Venus Project.
  • There are groups Against The Venus Project (but may not provide alternative solutions).
  • There are groups that are independent, but are still interesting. Those organizations may have noticed The Venus Project, but have taken little notice of it, or have criticized it (are against it officially to some degree).

While The Venus Project does not see Politicians as a source of solving the problems we face today, during the transition, such groups will be required to help out.

Politics, Profits, and Policy

Politics is complex, and for an individual, it can be overwhelming, and complex. The talk of politicians, and even policy makers is an atmosphere of debate, were the common person often feel alienated, and lost, if not powerless as those in power or fame tend to access to discussions/debates that are highly public. At best the public in such cases might be allowed to sign a petition put forward by some group. Both politicians, and policy makers are accused of being influenced by profits, and often big business (some big companies even having a direct say in policy).

Because of automation, some in politics feel that there may be other factors—but not money—that will influence political policy making, such as peoples desires to work in cooperative groups, and share resources (even global resources, and cooperation at a global level—that may be self organizing). The problem for these groups is that policy making and working with the government, tends to alienate the standard person. For example the discussion of a policy can involve not only the idea, but examples, counter-examples, how that policy is different, how that policy relates to making profits, how that policy fits in with political, and business power struggles.

In the end the language of politics and policies, end up providing a language, and procedure that is not helpful to in conveying a idea of solutions, sharing, and cooperation.

Focusing on Language and Solutions

The Venus Project discusses things in consistent language, that fits in with the solution it’s proposing, making it an easy to understand, and share.

An example of a (against) criticism of The Venus Project is that a Resource Based Economy is not easily transferred into policy. That is correct, since in a Resource Based Economy there will be no government, law, money, and thus policy. Unfortunately, like economists (which some are also politicians or advisors to politicians) who can’t see a world without money, politicians, seem to be unable to see a world without governments and policy makers.

The Transition, and Working With Governments

However since government will be involved in the transition, it will be interesting in how they produce policies for the first test city, and eventually The Resource Based Economy.

In Conclusion

As the monetary system fails, automation (robots, and AI) increases, and global events (such as mass extinctions, rising sea levels, acidification and pollution of oceans, pollution of our air, toxic materials in our soils, depletion of the soils we can farm, depletion of non-renewable resources including oil, increasing unemployment, increasing gap between the poor and rich), and the loss of confidence in our politicians, there will be a need for change.

The Venus Project proposes a solution, but even all 7 billion of us like that solution, we will still need to work with existing groups during the transition.

Thus taking an interest in a number of groups is wise, even if those groups don’t just fit in with the concept of supporters of The Venus Project.




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