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I prefer to stay in the background and make you the star! My purpose is to simply curate things of interest. My interest is to get people to take notice of what I write and tweet about. This benefits you with world wide exposure, contacts and opportunities. While the people and groups I promote are of interest to me, ultimately I am much more interested in the audience and they are my priority. I don’t seek a narrow audience but a audience that is wide ranging in location, age groups, and interests. My presentations (conversations) my divert suddenly to different topics with little similarity as I try and cover my audiences different interests.

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Miku ❤❤❤

Miku ❤❤❤ Concert Vocaloid 2011 (France) [song/music]: #Vocaloid #Hatsune

Hatsune Miku ❤❤❤ Concert New York [song/music]: #Vocaloid #Hatsune

Miku ❤❤❤ live Thai [song/music]: #Vocaloid #Hatsune

Shortened link to video: ☆ Hatsune Miku ❤❤❤ Human Android [song/music]: #Vocaloid

✿ ◕ ‿ ◕ Hatsune Miku ❤❤❤ 😉

MikuPa Singapore 2011 – Love Colored Ward [song/music]: #Vocaloid

Shortened link to video: ☆  に合わせて踊って見られた”こんにちは、お元気ですか?” Hello, How are you [Dance]: #Vocaloid

Shortened link to video: ☆  Miku ❤❤❤ has gone on world tours via clear-screen in the past, will she visit you? Kocchi muite Baby_Mikupa [Dance]:

☆ 【IA生誕3周年】IA×Jumicchi — We gotta run 【LIVE】[song/music]: #Vocaloid

Here Miku ❤❤❤ makes a visit to LA [short video]: #Vocaloid #Hatsune

“Hatsune Miku triggered chain reaction of creativity,” she belongs to us all, sings 4 us, has fans all over the world: #Vocaloid

[Band Edition] Mitani Nana & Hatsune Miku – Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa [Music/Song/Dance]: #Vocaloid

MIKU EXPO in Indonesia Live Report Pt.2 – Finally we met!

☆ 【初音ミク 】MIKU EXPO in Indonesia Live Report Pt.2 – Finally we met!【Hatsune Miku】 [songs and music]: #Vocaloid

Diva & Pop Idol Miku ❤❤❤  is published in music, illustration, video, CG, cosplay, live performance & dance [e-guitar]: #Vocaloid

Buy your #vocaloid: and make it dance: today (special thanks to #Miku #Hatsune ❤❤❤)


mixed content

✭ 【初音ミク/Hatsune Miku❤❤❤】1day 【オリジナル曲+PV】[song/music]: #Vocaloid

✭ 【Nekomura Iroha】 1925 (Piano ver.) 【VOCALOID】[song/music]:



☆ノ彡 @neutrino_P [流れ星P, P中性微子]

☆ノ彡 Vocalekt Visions, neutrino [流れ星P, P中性微子], and @Tempo_P is a friend of his.

Voclalekt Visions is no more it seems. But the new group to rise form its “ashes” is:

Are they as good as Vocalekt Visions? Wolf Nerve (music producer, his music featured here as citizen16) thinks they are: and perhaps might even be better!


☆ノ彡 neutrino [流れ星P, P中性微子] — <SELECTED MUSIC OR SONG> [music]: #Vocaloid #Megpoid #Gumi

Other Music


This looks like another video service breaking into the market.

♬ @TheFreshRecords — Hingga Waktu [song/music]: #blues

♬ A Night Wish (ft. @arikristiono) [music]:

Taken from ♬ Cool songs and music [article]: @arikristiono has not tweeted, so it’s a blank account in 2014

♬ @adessaputraa—Harder Than You Know (cover) [song/music]:

♬ Faqih — Pohon Untuk Kita // trees for us [song/music]:

♬ @NoelleMikazuki — 泡沫 // Soap Bubbles (Cover)
 📌 News Flash: “☆ 美佳 みかずき @NoelleMikazuki decides to take down her old music videos in 2015… and possibly some of her old social media material.” [article]:

♬ Hazza 翻唱 邓紫棋 — 《泡沫》 ‘Bubble’ (G.E.M. Cover) [song/music]:

✰ reinakathy — Fantasy [Dance] [a very cool dancer, the techno chans might like :D]

Also check out: ☆ And They Danced [article]:

♬ Sam Doll – J’veux pas savoir [song/music]:

♬ @georgeludwig — Redhead [song/music]:

♬ @georgeludwig — Oceans Of The Moon [song/music]:

♬ @georgeludwig — Godsend [song/music]:

☆ Miki — I Climb to Dragon Sky (龍天に登る) [song/music]: #Vocaloid #SFA2



♬ Epic North Music – This is the Future

♬ Epic North Music — This is the Future [music]:


♬ Pattern Drama — Girar O Mundo (Eric Volta’s Introverted Melancholia Mix) [music]:


♬ The Space We Live In [music]:


☆ DJRS — Banishing you to the Moon [music]: #nice ♬


☆ Tycho — Awake [song/music]:


☆ God Is An Astronaut — The Last March [music]:


☆ Starsmith — Be My Love ft. Tawiah (Lyric Video) [song/music]:


♬ @ElementTheCity & KnightHood — AINA (Original Mix) [song/music]: ☆☆☆

♬ Borgeous — Invincible (@ElementTheCity Remix) [song/music]: ☆☆☆


♬ Afrojack — Ten Feet Tall (@BorgeousMusic Remix) [song/music]: ☆☆☆


♬ Hardwell – Spaceman

♬ Hardwell — Spaceman (Original Mix) [song/music]:


Techno & Dub-Step

♫ @ianhalsall — Bounce V4 [song/music]: #dubstep

♫ @ianhalsall — REFLECTIONS [song/music]: #dubstep

♫ @ianhalsall — THINK ABOUT YOUR DREAMS [song/music]: #dubstep

♫ @ianhalsall — DECIDE [song/music]: #dubstep



The Venus Project Crew & ♬ Koonmusic presents — Special Moments [music]: #TVP #RBE #like2

The Venus Project Crew & ♬ Koonmusic presents — Our Children [music]: #TVP #RBE #like2

The Venus Project Crew & ♬ Koonmusic presents — Cities [music]: #TVP #RBE #like2

The Venus Project Crew & ♬ Koonmusic presents — Patience [music]: #TVP #RBE #like2

The Venus Project Crew & ♬ Koonmusic presents — Air And Water [music]: #TVP #RBE #like2

The Venus Project Crew & ♬ Koonmusic presents — Waterfalls [song/music]: #TVP #RBE #like2

Wonder what these tags mean: #ResourceBasedEconomy, #RBE, #TheVenusProject, & #TVP; then watch this : #like2


♬ @djaxelf, ft @VenusRisingInfo & @SheenaBratt1 — RBE

♬ @djaxelf, ft @SheenaBratt1 — RBE [song/music]: #TVP #Like2

♬ @djaxelf (ft. @VenusRisingInfo & @SheenaBratt1) — RBE [song/music]: #TVP #like2 — this seems to no longer work; possibly to focus on the group putting out content that is directly sourced from itself.

♬ @djaxelf (ft. @VenusRisingInfo & @SheenaBratt1) — RBE [song/music]: #TVP #like2


Adam Rivera

♬ Adam Rivera — The Answer [song/music]:

♬ Adam Rivera — Gone [song/music]:


This Wild Life

♬ This Wild Life — Pink Tie [song/music]:

♬ This Wild Life — Puppy Love [song/music]:

♬ This Wild Life — Take It Back [song/music]:

♬ This Wild Life — Roots and Branches [song/music]:

♬ This Wild Life — History (New 2014) [song/music]:

♬ @thiswildlife — “Over It” [song/music]:, (a break up between two people that were in love)

Erm, I was not actually going to add to this section, but @KevinsBeard RT one of the songs (puppy love)–this account may have nothing to do with the official band members twitter account, but I found this when looking down that accounts time line:


Long Tracks (over one hour)

☆ Authorized FAN MADE SRP VOCALOID Concert at KamiCon 2014 : via @SRealityP ♬♬♬

☆ PiSTream #070「@mana_guitar mana(live)〜Casting Artist Syndicate:Vol.1」[song/music]:

☆ PiSTream #071「mana(live)〜Casting Artist Syndicate:Vol.2」[song/music]:

♬ Stellardrone — Beautiful Ambient Space Music | Part 2 [music]:

♬ Stellardrone — Beautiful Ambient Space Music | Part 2 [music]:

Beautiful Ambient Space Music tracks was brought to my attention by @marsrader

♬ Elton John —  2002 Full Concert, The Royal Opera House (London) [song/music]: via @4025kappa

☆ Ben Landis Music [article]:×5

☆ Futurecop! Songs and Music [article]:


♬ Charlotte Hacket

She was first featured here on YouTube singing a fairly professional (studio) version Young, Wild & Free, but around July 2013, that video was no longer available.

Contact Points To Her Music

Sample of her music:

♬ Charlotte Hacket — nothing available here at the moment.

Please not, it’s possible that her music may become unavailable, so links might not work in the future.


Life is for the best of times

♬ If It Means Alot To You (cover) [song/music]:

♬ Jul Ft Reinaldo Yosua – Mirai E ( Kiroro Cover ) [song/music]:


Rumi Shishido

♬ @RumiShishido [ 宍戸留美] – 長ぐつの唄 // Song of the three Naga-gu [song/music]:

♬ @RumiShishido [ 宍戸留美] – ゆれる// I shake [song/music]:

Au Revoir Simone

♬ Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story [song/music]:

♬ Au Revoir Simone – Somebody Who (Official Music Video) [song/music]:

♬ Au Revoir Simone – Crazy [song/music]:



♬ @EasthamEastham — MORNING LIGHT [music]: ,

♬ @EasthamEastham — Feel [music]:

♬ @EasthamEastham — Down in the deep [music]:

Michael Warming





For soundcloud music see: nodamotoi [songs & music]:

♬ @nodamotoi「素敵な夜」 // great evening [song/music]:

♬ @nodamotoi「つなぐ」// I connect [song/music]:


Aaron Zimmer

♬ @aaronzimmer | Live At The Rock Shop (Zimmer TV #7) [teaser][song/music]:,

♬ @aaronzimmer is on Facebook, “how bout it?” [Facebook]: [he might give U a free EP]


Chase Allan: Country Style Music

I have chosen his older music, but they are quite good. His newer music was made around jun 2014, but this artist will probably produce more music of interest.

♬ @ChaseAllanMusic — See Amazing [song/music]:

♬ @ChaseAllanMusic — It’s Your Love [song/music]:

♬ @ChaseAllanMusic — Brand New Day [song/music]:



♬ @AxetheAce —  Sleep outside [song/music]: #as #it #is ☆☆☆ ,◕‸◕, #punkrock #indie

♬ @AxetheAce — Where the Spiders March [song/music]: [who are we? who should we be? Wake up!] #punkrock #indie

Follow♬ @AxetheAce & check out the #indie #punkrock on Facebook:


Dustin Phillips

♬ @dustinphillips – Make Believe [song/music]:

♬ @dustinphillips – Hear You Me (feat. Liz Akhavan) [song/music]: [☆ nice]

♬ @dustinphillips – December [song/music]:

♬ @dustinphillips – On Top of the World [song/music]:

♬ @dustinphillips – Caifornia [song/music]:





Music via @twkweb is no longer available–it a log-in, members only thing.


☆ @vubeliuv27 [Ley] — Time Machine (Cover)

☆ @vubeliuv27 [Ley] — Time Machine (Cover) [song/music]:

@vubeliuv27 [Ley] — Mozaik Role [song/music]: #nice #FFMusic #indie #section #fan_song (◕ω◕)

♬ kashiku baby — ラグスの鎮魂歌 Rags no Chinkonka (Rags Requiem)

♬ kashiku baby — ラグスの鎮魂歌 Rags no Chinkonka (Rags Requiem) [song/music]:


♬ Volta remix (@iamvolta) [Tiga & Jori Hulkkonen] — Trust Your Body [song/music]:

Volta (@iamvolta) — The xx – Sunset [song/music]:

Volta (@iamvolta) – Mossing/Wasabi [“EP” music]:



☄ To the rest of the world: J-Pop & Music in some bands have a real 1970-1980 Rock Fashion Style to them 😀 Rock Your World.

☆ 【まくまく】「孤独の果て」を弾いてみた kodoku no hate, The End of Solitude [e-guitar music]:

✾ heidi – シックスセンス-sixthsense- [song/music]:

✾ heidi – ランドスケープ-landscape- [song/music]:

✾ Luna Sea- Rosier [PV][song/music]:

✾ X Japan- Jade PG Version [song/music]:

✾ GACKT「BLACK STONE」 [song/music]:

✾ Versailles – Philia [song/music]:

Leed in for Gorillapappa [e-guitarist music]:

Website for Gorillapappa in case you are a dancer & want to collaborate your dance with his e-guitar music:

❃ トトロックを簡単にアレンジして弾いてみました♪ – Totorokku [e-guitar music]:,

❃ 教えて魔法のLyricをギターでロックに弾いてみた。- teach magic [e-guitar music]:,

❃ LOVE&JOYをロックに弾いてみました。【40万再生ありがとう☆】 [e-guitar music]:,

【ONE OK ROCK】Clock Strikes 弾いてみた。【コラボ】[song/music]:

❃ God Knows…を少しアレンジして弾いてみた [e-guitar music]:,

❃ 【50万再生】ルカルカ★ナイトフィーバーをロックに弾いてみた【感謝】 – Luka Night Fever [e-guitar music]:,

❃ 【ノリノリで】メランコリック【弾いてみた】 – Melancholic [e-guitar music]:,

❃ Gorillapappa receives special thanks from dancers: ノリノリVer【いくらミンカ+初音ミク】メランコリック 最強コラボ o(^-^)o♪ [dance]:

❃ Carrying You – Laputa – Castle in the Sky [Rock, e-guitar, music]:,

❃ Rainy~愛の調べ~を弾いてみました。 [e-guitar music]:,

✾ DELUHI / The farthest [song ✿ music]:

✾ A / バニラスカイ – Vanilla Sky [PV] [song ✿ music]:

✾ LM.C / OH MY JULIET [song ✿ music]:

✾ In crowded cities like Tokyo, keeping a cat is a luxury or simply impossible–hence the cat cafe [article]:

✾ Crowded cities: pets R considered a luxury. Can’t own a real pet. What about a virtual one:, #virtual_pet #pet

❃ 「白い雪のプリンセスは」弾いてみた – Princess of white snow [e-guitar music]:,

✾ LM.C / Bell the CAT [song ✿ music]:

✾ LM.C / PUNKY ❤ HEART [song ✿ music]:

✾ A / GODDESS [song ✿ music]:

✾ A / MASQUERADE [song ✿ music]:

✾ A(エース)残酷な天使のテーゼA Cruel Angel’s Thesis [song/music]:

✾ A 【エース】 SAKURA [song/music]:

◈ HiGH-STREAMテーマ曲 【STREAM】 by Hidenori&Hiroki [e-guitar music]:

◈ SECOND IMPACT [e-guitar movement, demo music]:


  1. ✾ LM.C is a Japanese Band, but has fans from all over the world [article]:


The Band Called Lilt (リルト)

Do As Infinity / 柊(Hiiragi) [song/music]: via @Tsukasa_lilt from The Band Called Lilt (リルト): (Just a guess: this band may be in hiatus).



The Soundcloud account for this no longer exists.



☆ Puffy – My Story PV [song/music]

☆ Puffy – Kuchibiru Motion – くちびるモーション [song/music]:



♬ @GoodbyeJessica–Ambisi Yang Terlupakan (The Forgotten Ambition) [song/music]: via @adessaputraa,

♬ @GoodbyeJessica — WOW [song/music]: via @adessaputraa,

♬ @GoodbyeJessica — Bintang (Star, Luck, or Fate) [song/music]: via @adessaputraa,


Flash Jam

You can connect up with Flash Jam on


Shortened link to video:♬ FLASH JAM – “LADY VENOM” [song/music]:, iTunes: ✰✰✰ via @theflashjam

❦♬  MesAyah

❦♬  MesAyah — Bridge over beloved waters [song/music]: #O_O ❧

@MesAyah on:

Some work needed here: as the lyrics to his song is on his wordpress site and need to check out some more poems.


Tribute for Ochi

☆ VideoWork Tribute for Ochi JKT48 [song/music]:


Shout Out Louds

Shout Out Louds – Walls

Shortened link to video: ♬ Shout Out Louds – Walls [song/music]:



♬ @KellyLaunder – This Fever (original) [song/music]:

[newest song 2013]



♬ @firesuiteband – Forever December [song/music]:


The shins

❇ Simple Song [song/music]:



◈ @hurryletsgo – New Home [song/music]: (set video 480p)

◈ @hurryletsgo – Oceans Away [song/music]:

◈ @hurryletsgo – I’ll Always Remember [song/music]:



► @Smoothiesforme would love 2 hear from U, learn more about her here:


Citizen 16 (album)

This material does not really belong here. Citizen 16 has a wide variety of styles and this part may eventually be shifted to other sections that reflect those different styles better. That is, music that belongs together for some reason.

► Citizen 16 — Construct [song/music]: indirectly via indirectly via ☆ノ彡 neutrino [流れ星P] placed here ==>

► Citizen 16 — Fragile Man [music]: indirectly via indirectly via ☆ノ彡 neutrino [流れ星P]

► Citizen 16 — Desert Winds [music]: indirectly via indirectly via ☆ノ彡 neutrino [流れ星P]

► Citizen 16 — When Heaven Burns [music]: indirectly via indirectly via ☆ノ彡 neutrino [流れ星P]

► Citizen 16 — Grave [music]: indirectly via indirectly via ☆ノ彡 neutrino [流れ星P]


► ELUVEITIE – A Rose For Epona [song/music]:



► @furyofficial – Fury – Kill The Light [song/music]:,

► @furyofficial – Iron Maiden’s The Trooper [song/music]:

► @furyofficial – Purgatory [song/music]: #Heavy #Metal (this should go for 5:06 mins–Halts at 2:55 mins for some reason.)

► @furyofficial – Burn The Earth [Song/Music]: #Heavy #Metal

► @furyofficial – Dangerous World [Song/Music]: #Heavy #Metal

► @furyofficial – In To The Dark [Song/Music]: #Heavy #Metal

► @furyofficial – Life Eternal [Song/Music]: #Heavy #Metal

► @furyofficial – Faith That Would Kill [Song/Music]: #Heavy #Metal

► @furyofficial – Dawn Of Survival [Song/Music]: #Heavy #Metal #Epic

► @furyofficial – Eyes Of The Dead [Song/Music]: #Heavy #Metal

► @furyofficial – War Machine [Song/Music]: #Heavy #Metal

► Follow @furyofficial,, if U R into #Heavy #Metal

Anchored link to this section: ➺Fury


Left Turn city

#Breaking #News ► @leftturncity is going to be releasing some new music “real soon!” 2013

► @leftturncity — Waiting [song/music]:

► @leftturncity — Lost [song/music]:

► @leftturncity — Low [song/music]:

► @leftturncity — Habit [song/music]:

You can follow ► @leftturncity on FaceBook:,

Anchored link to this section: ➺The Band Called Left Turn City


Nicki Kris

♬ ‘Beautiful’ ft. @NickiKris vocals [dance]:


♬ @NickiKris ( — Dream Big (Son You Can Be Anything You Want To Be) [song/music]:

♬ @NickiKris ( — “You’ve Got A Hold On Me” [song/music]:

♬ @NickiKris ( — “Fall Apart (Do You Miss Me Too)” [song/music]:

* Nice song but ends abruptly

♬ @NickiKris ( — ‘Catch Me’ [song/music]:

♬ @NickiKris ( — “Picture Yourself” [song/music]:


♬ @NickiKris ( — “Wasn’t Meant to Be” [song/music]:

♬ @NickiKris ( — Does She Love You [song/music]:

♬ @NickiKris ( — Gone too Soon [song/music]:


♬ @NickiKris — Tell Me [song/music]:

♬ @NickiKris — I Come Alive [song/music]:

♬ @NickiKris — I’ll Still Be Here [song/music]:

♬ @NickiKris — Together We Stand (We Go On) [song/music]:

♬ @NickiKris — Beautiful [song/music]:

We Go On: Together We Stand no longer available, but since it now uses the lyrics of We Go On, that means that We Go On song no longer exists. This may be a edit error, but for the moment the song title stands as is.

♬ @NickiKris — Anything for You [song/music]:

♬ @NickiKris — I Want You to Touch Me [song/music]:

♬ @NickiKris — Let Your Love Rain Down On Me [song/music]:


With lyrics that twist the music out of all recognizable shape and leaves the listener a little confused, and perhaps even horrified, this group’s songs might be classes as blues, or country. Yes… nice label, but in a world gone mad with marketing and money, those labels have at least become normalized, and we know what what to expect from such labels, but this groups songs does not fit in with that group or marketed labels.

The most recent video was celebrating their bands tenth birthday.

These songs fit in with my horror theme article: ☢ 【サヤカ】 magenta【歌ってみた】& other songs [song/music]:

☢ @ToneAndNiche — Yer Light [song/music]: Darkest Metal, done in clean country death music freshness ♬

☢ @ToneAndNiche — Each Moment Gone [song/music]: Darkest Metal, done in clean country death music freshness ♬

☢ @ToneAndNiche — House Of The Rising Sun (cover) [song/music]: #classic #slow #style ♬

☢ @ToneAndNiche — Listening [song/music]: Darkest Metal, done in clean country death music freshness ♬

☢ @ToneAndNiche — Dying Oceans [song/music]: Darkest Metal, done in clean country death music freshness ♬



► @IndraAzenx – Aitakata (Metal Cover) [music]:

Also check: ♬ Cool songs and music [article]: for new SoundCloud channel.

Anchored link to this section: ➺IndraAzenx



► 331Erock – California Dreamin’ by The Mamas & the Papas Meets Metal [e-guitar, music]:

► 331Erock – Dr. Who Meets Metal [e-guitar, music]: #amazing

► 331Erock – Nyan Cat Meets Metal [e-guitar, music]:

Anchored link to this section: ➺331Erock



HakkinenRUS — крови является цена, чтобы получить славу || Blood is the price of glory (cover) [e-guitar music]:

Anchored link to this section: ➺HakkinenRUS


Nicki Kris

She is also interested in doing collaboration work with other musicians.


Red Bacteria Vacuum

Love Red Bacteria Vacuum article:

Support: Pre-mood music: ❂ And So I Watch You From Afar – Think:Breathe:Destroy [song/music]:

✰ RED BACTERIA VACUUM – 恋愛ミュージック(love music) [song/music]:

Support: ❂ Oh dear, the girls from Red Bacteria Vacuum are screaming too much, I need a break from it: “Don’t Fret” [song/music]:

✰ Red Bacteria Vacuum- Star [song/music]:,

✰ Red Bacteria Vacuum-Why [song/music]:,

✰ Red Bacteria Vacuum- Envy [song/music]:,

✰ Red Bacteria Vacuum – “One of the best all-girl punk rock bands from Tokyo!” [song/music]:,

Closing Act: ❂ Kasper Rosa / “Coronal Mass Ejection” [music]:



♬ @ReeceWL — Mirrors [song/music]:

♬ @ReeceWL — Lazy Love [song/music]:

♬ @ReeceWL — Stay (Rihanna Cover) [song/music]:

♬ @ReeceWL — Boyfriend (Justin Bieber Cover) [song/music]:

♬ @ReeceWL — Lego House (Piano Acoustic – Ed Sheeran Cover) [song/music]:

♬ @ReeceWL — Turn Up The Music! [song/music]:

♬ @ReeceWL — With You [song/music]:



@Svetmusic | String Theory

► Hip-House Violin |@Svetmusic | String Theory [song/music]:,

► @Svetmusic plays HipHop Violin-Promo [music]:

► @Svetmusic sings Lazy song VIOLIN Remix [song/music]:

► @Svetmusic sings All The Way [song/music]: not available

► @Svetmusic – Without You Violin Remix [music]:

► @Svetmusic – Good Feeling Remix (Violin Cover)[music]:


Venus Rising

You can follow ♬ @VenusRisingInfo on facebook: #RBE #TVP #like2

♬ @VenusRisingInfo — My Muse And I [song/music]: #RBE #TVP #like2

♬ @VenusRisingInfo — Rainbow Child [song/music]: #RBE #TVP #like2

♬ @VenusRisingInfo — Fire In Your Eyes [song/music]: #RBE #TVP #like2

♬ @VenusRisingInfo — RBE [song/music]: #TVP #like2

♬ @VenusRisingInfo — In Love’s Name [song/music]: #RBE #TVP #like2

♬ @VenusRisingInfo — Dreaming Of Peace [song/music]: #RBE #TVP #like2



Sheena Bratt became part of a new band called Venus Rising in 2014.

♬ @SheenaBratt1 sings – In Love’s Name [song/music]:

♬ @SheenaBratt1 sings – Synchronicity [song/music]:

♬ @SheenaBratt1 sings – My Muse and I [song/music]:

♬ @SheenaBratt1 sings – Fire In Your Eyes [song/music]:

♬ @SheenaBratt1 sings – Lazy Daze [song/music]:

♬ @SheenaBratt1 sings – Everytime [song/music]:

♬ @SheenaBratt1 sings – The She and He Song [song/music]:

♬ @SheenaBratt1 sings – Dreaming Of Peace [song/music]:

♬ @SheenaBratt1 sings – Rainbow Child [song/music]:


Mixed Music

♛ @blackhotels – Goodbye Josh [song/music]:,

♬ @jennastarar – The Promise (Dolphin Song) (Olivia Newton John cover) [song/music]:

◈ @hurryletsgo ♪ Hurry! Lets Go – Neon Lights [song/music]:


☆ Hyperstudio_sonika & sweet ann – Right Beside You [song/music]: 

♬ @jamestownstory – Say Anything [song/music]: in some places public affection is forbidden by law… love is dangerous


♬ Birds of Wales – ‘Just Right’ [song/music]:,

♛ @Stararband – That’s The Deal [song/music]: ♬

♬ Ginko Beluba – Artificial Helium [song/music]:

☆ ♬ Anggi & Avira — Debu Bintang || star dust [music]:

☆ Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル – First Love [song/music]:

♛ @Stararband – Truly Right [song/music]: ♬

❥ Kelly Launder – This Fever [song/music]:

♛ @blackhotels – Shapes & Kings [song/music]:

Copy 2 of song: ☆ Simple Song [song/music]:

☆☆☆ Perfume Edge [song/music]:

► Jamestown Story – Ashamed [song/music]: via @brandynanderson

☮ Starar — Christmas Tradition Living [song/music]:

☆ Keep Changing The World [song/music]:

♥ Sitar–a music instrument–meditation relaxation/music [blissful music]:

♥ Marija — Blissful Music [picture-sketch]: , #art



♬ @andrewsfoshee — Love Is Everything [song/music]:

♬ @andrewsfoshee — Pedestrian Blues [song/music]:


One Hour, or More of Music

This is ♬ @TechnoPippi‘s website:

♬ @TechnoPippi — Taka Tuka Techno #2 [music]: #techno #chans

♬ @TechnoPippi — Techno Pippi B2B Gabriela Penn liveset May 28 2014 [music]: #techno #chans

♬ Simon Patterson — BBC Radio 1’s Residency – 27.03.2014 [song/music]: #techno #chans

☆ Perfect Emotional Vocal Trance Mix l March 2014 (Vol. 6) [Reupload] [music]:

☆ Jizel — Uplifting Trance 2014th Winter Mix [music]:

☆ Jizel — Uplifting Trance ‘2013th Summer’ Mix [music]:

☆ Gerti Prenjasi mix: Electro House Mix 2016 | New Best Club & Dance Music [song/music]: (1 hour+)



♬ @MattLinnen — Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles cover) [song/music]:


Hartmann Schedel Related Music and Songs

♬ Gissel Enamorado ft. @AriitaAlvarado — Eres Todo // you are all for me (cover) [song/music]:

The lyrics: (translated in to english and the lyrics are quite sweet: “You’re everything to me: // The sun that shines and makes me so happy. // Force that makes me live – // Only you, my love. // …

♬ Chino ft. @AriitaAlvarado — No Lo Es! // Ah… This is not it! [song/music]:


☮ @DouglasMallette

Douglas Mallette twitter account is no longer the focus for cyberfarmsystems, a new twitter account has been made especially for the business: CFS @CyberFarmSys

@CyberFarmSys, “the complete elimination of hunger throughout the world.”

Put it right #putitright Stop world hunger as the first step; support ☮ @CyberFarmSys –MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE 😀

UNICEF Put it right , The food production units that ☮ @CyberFarmSys has can exist in cities!!!

☮ Do Something | Largest organization for teens and social cause via @dosomething, @CyberFarmSys


  • #sustainable #agriculture #clean #food & #nutrition
  • No More Hunger [15 includes space before it]
  • #nomorehunger [14 includes space before it]
  • End World Hunger [17 includes space before it]
  • #endworldhunger [16 includes space before it]
  • End Hunger [11 includes space before it]
  • #endhunger [11 includes space before it]
  • No Hunger [10 includes space before it]
  • #nohunger [10 includes space before it]
  • the future we want [19 includes space before it]
  • #futurewewant [14,, includes space before it]

@DouglasMallette‘s tweet mentioning Gharr:

❃ She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… [music]:

❃ Become aware of the problems we face as a global human race

❃ Give me a day // this night time // this love

Book and Movie Promotions

1) ❃ The Weekend Special By Maureen Greaves:, #Book #Fiction

❃  Jack Dempsey passengers’ reveal stories of alcoholism, affairs and secret double lives:, #Book #Fiction

2) ❃ @MainelyMarla brings you “Lies, In a Season of Tribulation:”, #Book #Fiction

❃ Woman’s life: entangled in the world of organized crime & a deadly play for power:, #Book #Fiction

3) ☢ The Whisper by Jeanette Hall:, #Book #Fiction

☢…After night of meteor shower: 7 friends find their nightmares might be true:, #Book #Fiction

4) ✱ The First Responders by Anthea Appel:, #Book

✱ On the morning of September 11th 2001, two hijacked jetliners crashed into the Twin Towers: The First Responders: #Book

5) ❃ War Star Rising by ZooDoc:, #Book #Fiction

❃ Maya girl dreams of a time when there will B an end 2 wars, slavery & human sacrificing:, #Book

Since the above is a video, it can be spaced before the book location site is revealed.

6) ❏ Lance Henriksen’s #autobiography “Not Bad For A Human” #Book promo clip :

❏ Lance Henriksen’s #autobiography “Not Bad For A Human:” #Book

❏ Whether he’s playing: a cop, hitman, android, cowboy, father, or sadistic monk: #Book

7) ✱ @edoowado brings you Poems: “Among the Wasps Silence: Twelve Dozen Haiku by a Portuguese Bum:” #book #haiku #poems

✱ @edoowado ‘s  love of Japanese art is some 40 yrs old: ikebana, origami, sumi-e, & of course haiku: #book #haiku #poems

✱ Link b/t haiku & Zen Buddhism were also important in @edoowado ‘s adolescent search 4 spirituality: #book #haiku

✱ This ebook is the result of first year of Twitter haiku as @edoowado: #book #haiku #poems

8) ☀ Turning Point by @DouglasMallette:,, #Book

☀ Space exp. solves key issues: unemployment, edu., environment, energy, & world relations:, #Book

☀ “Turning Point:” Future of humanity is its exploration of the stars:,, #Book

9) ✽ Boys of Wartime: Daniel at the Siege of Boston, 1776 by Laurie Calkhoven:, #Book

✽ Twelve-year-old Daniel Prescott is caught in a war between the English and American people:, #Book #Fiction

10) Empty

11) ☸ The Waking of Carag Cri’eth By Steve Jones Snr:, #Book #Fiction

☸ The Cri’ethan nurtured his chosen creatures, the barbarian race called Cannatii:, #Book #Fiction

12) ☆ @tsuda 津田大介 “那須野浩太郎ブログ : 津田大介著「Twitter社会論」” : #book #twitter

☆ @tsuda 津田大介  Author: Daisuke Tsuda, “Social Theory of Twitter”: #book #twitter

☆ @tsuda – “Social Theory of Twitter” [Buy Now, Book]: (written in Japanese language)

☆ @tsuda – Information breathing, or is that “Breathing Information” [Buy Now, Book]: (written in Japanese language)

13) ☆ Kensaku Kishida – Yesterday, became homeless. 昨日、ホームレスになった。 [単行本] [Buy Now, Book]:


Carrie Fisher author of “Shockaholic:” #book

❀ Carrie Fisher author of “Wishful Drinking:” #book

15) ◐ @TheRealBuzz author of several books:, #book

◐ @TheRealBuzz author of “Reaching For The Moon:” #book

◐ @TheRealBuzz author of “Magnificent Desolation:” #book

◐ @TheRealBuzz : The Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science & Space Exploration is on iTunes and the iPhone App store!

16) ♇► @plutokiller author of “How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming:”

17) ☸ @Wyrde – Reaching Out [poetry]: No Longer Available #book [off the market, but new ventures are planned it would seem–looking forward to learning what that might be! ]

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