Social Network Notes

Social networks are a part of many people’s lives, this is just some notes and news on some of those networks.

Social networks are not always found in stuff that is provided for us. The traditional website depends on being shared and also found on the internet when search engines are used.

People spending time on social networks and positive affirmations

Gharr’s response

⭐️ Love the way business people can see a myriad of economies, & an unlimited number of opportunities, as our world changes at an ever increasing rate. Our increasing desire to use social media is certainly worth tapping into.

⭐️ Of course robots, #AI, house wives, and house husbands that are willing to work for free will continue to exist into the future, and is a dependable economy, that business people can base their new ideas on.

⭐️ Of course the #Transhumans (eg @zoltan_istvan) will probably ensure our elderly, injured, and sick people live long healthy, high-quality lives. So that industry will change.

⭐️ We live at a time when huge changes are happening (a new era). I want to experience it all, and work with others to share the idea that this can be a world for us all, we can get all our basic needs met, and we may even be able to end the era or wars.

Video Production

Don’t know if this section will remain here as it is video production and green screen related. It also has elements of a startup business, and that is also of high interest.

Quite a number of people are working in the field of video editing, social media, and blogging. It is a field that is of interest to a very wide audience.

Came across Camtasia (video editing software) mention recently and here is an interesting video about very simple animation using a cover to hide part of the image.

This is an interesting video called “How to make a Whiteboard Animation” and while the content is interesting, what is most interesting about this presentation video is that it demonstrates some of the business directions that video producers who become well-known can take.

  • 2 minutes is apparently a good time for an animation on a low-budget since it is unlikely to go on television (30 seconds is typical for television…). That is roughly 140 words.
  • Animations apparently are more popular than real-footage videos.
  • Professional presentation can convince people to go with you and buy your service, or product.
  • A business can sell a product using a story, diagram; metaphor,  telling it straight.
  • A Problem, A Solution, Why you are the better solution, a call to action (contact details at minimum)
  • Script writers can help you with the above tasks.
  • To make video you do need equipment including lights.
  • You need video editing software to create video animations. This can also help you make green screen effects.
  • The video is hard sell—asking you to use a professional studios, so you and your business can look professional also, and thus make more contacts. and sales.
  • If you are a small business, there are hints in this video (and the previous one) that might help you to DIY a reasonably good whiteboard animation.

📌 How to make a Whiteboard Animation [a presentation]:

Steve Potgieter video productions are featured here, and having viewed a few of his videos (that are quite well done), it seems he is learning as he goes and developing a very sharp style of selling and video production. Of course it is uncertain as to what direction his interests will take him, but he seems a person whose video channel should be of interest:

I hope to mention some of his videos in the future (if time allows) as his video animations are really cool, and he seems to have a clear interest in the start-up scene.


The designs from Horizon-1 look a lot like The Venus Project. Also Horizon-1 seems to be a high cost project, with dedicated people who could be working on all sorts of projects. Yet there is little to be found on the internet about them. Their own website is poorly designed, and the main support of Horizon-1’s existence seems to be a single YouTube Video (that is also the main support element used in the website).

It is also suspicious because the organization chose to reveal itself during the Pluto flyby (the NASA New Horizons space-craft, and mission) July 2015.

It is hard to say if Horizon-1 is real, a trailer to a movie, or just a prank by some actors that decided to have some fun. There are a lot of real money going into city building (some with no populations) to test various things including The Internet of Things.

Because of all the projects that seem to be going on in the world, there is a real chance that Horizon-1 could be real. The video and website are left here for future reference. What is said in the video is quite interesting.



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