Pearltrees Hack

See also: ☆ Pearltrees Radically Redesigns Its Online Curation Service [article]:


Pearltrees changed things and the mind map type layout no longer appears.

This is a hack that needs pearltrees to be visible (open in another tab, or window) to work. The map shows the structure of pearltrees, and can be used for navigation, and adding additional content.

The nature of mind-maps is that they should be kept simple, and thus the above picture is complex—but it is like a well-traveled backbone for pearltrees. The standard mind-maps (that could have picture as well) are probably closer to the ideas of keeping the details simple are listed below.

Mind maps are a way of laying out content in a relational way that the current pearltrees and pinterest do not. Drawings shown here try to produce the structure that once existed in the older style (mind map) pearltrees.

It does need art tools to use, and the current drawing is blurred for some reason during editing (unknown why this is so), but clears up when displayed in the page form. Other drawings added by a more professional tool seems to work better (at font sizes of 10 to 12). Those pictures are shown below.

There are programs that produce great mind maps, but they appear to be annoying to use, and are nothing like pearltrees, or wordpress.

The sharing of information (or promotion), might need to be reconsidered, as a pinterest look to pearltrees means that it must be presented to the audience in a different way; especially since the (mind-map) links no longer exist or have any meaning.



Gharr (extended)


Pure Technical Expanded


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Shortened link to article: Pearltrees Hack [article]:



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