Notes on Vocaloids, UTAU, CeVIO & Other Characters


Tsurumaki Maki

Tsurumaki Maki (弦巻マキ) was released November 12th, 2010. “The official name of the product is Tamiyasu Tomoe (民安ともえ) which is the same as the voice provider’s name. The voice provider, Tamiyasu Tomoe, is a popular voice actress working mainly in adult-oriented (erotic) games.”

Because of the association of this Vocaloid with the adult market and themes, it is probably not appropriate to use this Vocaloid here in most cases.

AHS seems to be the supplier of this product:, so care might be needed when RT their posts on twitter for example.

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Shortened link to article: Notes on Vocaloids, UTAU, CeVIO & Other Characters [article]:


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