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Technology advances at an ever increasing rate and occasionally Gharr decides to do some research or maths that is in development. There is really no place for odd notes that are not easy to place into an article, or sometimes to understand. Our world is rapidly changing, and keeping the big picture also can be challenging. Certainly rising sea levels will be a major worry, but other things are also occurring on a global or solar system (perhaps local star system or even galactic) level.

Lyrics Producer @nillacchi

Likes scary-chan music: “@Gharr_home haha idk i like all music but drama and doom just work for me haha i might try something more cheerful next” ref:

This is the link to Google Drive: and it has two songs in it when checked in 2015 April

Drones, Robotic AI, Human Rights

🌐 AI-Robot assassins, and capturing people for interrogation is too late; we need to solve the many problems our communities face. ☮

🌐 we should really discuss how to solve the worlds problems, but not through conflict, war & assassinations:
🌐 What kind of a world are we (& our AI-robots) laying the groundwork for in the future—will human rights even matter
🌐 Who will get to teach the AI-Robots the rules of engagement, or will the rules be bypassed like with the drones:

☆ The Drone Papers (wonder what will happen when the assassins become AI-robots) [article]: #whistleblower #Drones

☆ The Drone Papers (what they don’t want you to know) [article]: #whistleblower #Drones

📌 Moved by Paris Attacks, Former US Drone Operators Speak Out [article]: #news #drones #politics


📌 Harajuku Girls [interview]: #Japan #Sub_Culture #Decora

📌 Oh… (◕ω◕) The Selfie Culture [interview]: (Sel*Kira selfie light) #Fashion #Media

Your privacy, and rights to say, and do stuff

📌 CryptoParty (via @CryptopartyBLN) [a video]: (your privacy, and rights to say, and do stuff)

📌 The #Freenet project has a new website via @ppinternational

☆ CryptoCat (Encrypted Communications): #Love #Those #Cats #Freenet #Privacy

☆ Ninja Cat (@ninjacat_en) (French language; simple chat service that encrypts your conversations)

☆ “Making private communication simple.” ~ @whispersystems, #Encryption #Made #Easy #Secure #Conversations #Freedom

Also check out:

Drones use government policy or #black-ops avoidance of laws to assassinate targets. Collateral damage (such as random people killed) are automatically classed as enemy combatants. People have had their passports revoked to allow for assassinations  of people to avoid legal ramifications of countries like the UK for example, and possibly many other countries.

  • ☆ The Drone Papers (what they don’t want you to know) [article]: #whistleblower #Drones
  • ☆ The Drone Papers (wonder what will happen when the assassins become AI-robots) [article]: #whistleblower #Drones
  • 🌐 Who will get to teach the AI-Robots the rules of engagement, or will the rules be bypassed like with the drones
  • 🌐What kind of a world are we (& our AI-robots) laying the groundwork for in the future—will human rights even matter
  • Will there be more news as governments seem determined to use mass monitoring of the population, just now they are passing laws that will allow for public information to be shared by government and possibly private organizations (at minimum those functions of government that have been privatized, those private organizations will probably have access to peoples “private” information). These laws force organizations to retain information (often considered private) for a number of years. It is possible, even in democracies to have a government elected by the majority, and the ability of such governments to change laws seems unlimited. Once the laws are changed, the agencies could look back though years of history of the entire population, and persecute people at will based on that history, or with the drones, revoke people’s passports, and assassinate them. Scary world.

Rhythm Rhyme

📌 Get into the Cypher: @RahmanJamaal Invites you to the US Social Forum [the arts]: #Any #Beat #MC #Flow


📌 How to make Almond Cheese [talk]: #too #easy #DIY #Vegan via @FunderClub

📌 Vegan Foods and Recipes [website]: via @FunderClub


📌 “Edyn: smart garden system that monitors & tracks environmental conditions, helping U make your plants thrive.” ~

Hunter Report

Does review on games, technology and stuff–not sure how up to date or reliable the technical stuff is as that scene can change so quickly.

📌 Hunter Report — Purple Corn Bread [adventure & cooking]:


📌 @MelissaEde LGBT Advocate: Make up Tips — Don’t get mad at the Eyeliner Pencil ( [a video]:

📌 @MelissaEde ⚧ Advocate [a video]:

Alt: 📌 @MelissaEde ⚧ Advocate :

RyanMonroy & TheAlexisZar

★ @Meg_N_dancer may be a unofficial part of the RyanMonroy & TheAlexisZar team, and it’s possible some of her tweets might end up in Gharr’s tweet stream because of that.

★ @RyanMonroy, @TheAlexisZar  [Podcast 4]: Gator Moore: Actor and Fitness enthusiast interview

★ @RyanMonroy, @TheAlexisZar [Podcast 4]: Gator Moore #actor Interview [Ace Wonder Movie]:

★ @RyanMonroy, @TheAlexisZar [Podcast 4]: Gator Moore: what it is like 2 be an #actor (Ace Wonder Movie) #interview


📻 Listen in 2 conversation about life, & crazy stuff (because U can) @RyanMonroy, & @TheAlexisZar [podcast]: (1 hour)

📻Interested in sheep, trends, challenges, trend-setters, fame, etc: check out @RyanMonroy & @TheAlexisZar) [podcast]:

📻 @RyanMonroy, & @TheAlexisZar imagining what they would do with a billion dollars [podcast]:

📻 Audience Caution: @RyanMonroy, & @TheAlexisZar conversation could go anywhere (or become a film) [podcast]: #Scary


☆ @TheAlexisZar (video game review) — Advanced Warfare: Monthly Montage [a video]: <–> Try and vary this

#warning pod-casts by ★ @RyanMonroy (comedian) may have questionable content (bacon) and unsavory games (poker)

★ Things you should never tell your girl by ☆ @RyanMonroy [a video]: #awesome

Follow ☆ @TheAlexisZar & ☆ @RyanMonroy and enjoy their videos, comedy, and game reviews.

  • Some material is adult level comedy
  • Had to learn to drive for movie
  • Movie script is not in sequence—it’s whatever is convenient 4 crew
  • Often out of sequence scenes are based on location rather then a time line.
  • Character development during movie means that out of sequence shots in one location can be hard for an actor.
  • Usually given the script the day before, and must remember it all for the next days scenes.
  • The importance of continuity in a Movie between scenes: placement, emotions, and any odd things that are caused on location in a scene such as a tie pushed out of place. Babies can be very hard to manage for continuity.
  • A little about the team dynamics on Movie Set: often whose in charge can be difficult to ascertain as actors might have invested a lot in the movie, the directors father might be one of the actors are some of the crazy power struggles that might exist on a set.
  • When someone is in the camera, & they are not suppose to be it is called the Bogey.
  • Standard Movie Set Itinerary: 8:30 start, hair & makeup, costumes, & then straight onto set.
  • Sometimes a Movie will require the actor to learn unusual skills.
  • Actors do have stunt doubles.
  • people would probably like to carry the podcast around with them and listen to it while they do their day’s activities.

★ @RyanMonroy — The 20-20 Podcast Episode 6 (Glasses Crew #4) [a video]: Nearly Hour Long

  • discusses movies: Terminator
  • The film crew gets larger with @TheAlexisZar, and @RyanMonroy
  • Review of major actors and how they feel about them.
  • Starwars, and Aquaman Movies discussion
  • If you just like a discussion in the background while you go through your day then check out the podcast.

☆ Spacecraft could go to Mars in weeks & nearest star system in just about 30 years [article]: #research

Just a second article in support:

The following articles are about sound engineering:

CPU System Design. Of Historic Interest: The following is a cute representation of the things that might go into a controller design, for slower controllers, it may be possible to use a computer to trace the wave-forms from various points in the control circuitry. A circuit simulator may  also be able to model your designs, and show all the resultant wave-forms that are produced by the circuit. Wave-forms were of interest in older circuits (and in high speed circuits of today) as there is a delay as a signal is processed by the logic gates, and that can lead to unexpected results.

📌 Designing a CPU in VHDL [article]:,

“In regard to the so-called social contract, I have often had occasion to protest that I haven’t even seen the contract, much less been asked to consent to it. A valid contract requires voluntary offer, acceptance, and consideration. I’ve never received an offer from my rulers, so I certainly have not accepted one; and rather than consideration, I have received nothing but contempt from the rulers, who, notwithstanding the absence of any agreement, have indubitably threatened me with grave harm in the event that I fail to comply with their edicts.” ~ Robert Higgs Quote:

This is a nice historic lecture in economics (but one that is not standard possibly) that uses a lot of figures and graphs that are indeed classical in passing information to students and colleagues. Of course wars may be a factor in encouraging Big Government (centralized governments), but other large influences are also influencing why government is acting in the way it does, since increasing automation is also a factor in changing the way our world works.

📌 How War Leads to Big Government | Robert Higgs [talk]:

Robert Higgs does not include the effects of war and business on the world, and technology increases (which he seems to think is fiction), and he focuses more on increases in government power, and that includes welfare (via non-war crises in some cases). He mentions that the purchase of a fighter jet that produces something for payments by the government, versus nothing but transferring money to the poor and disabled where nothing is produced (votes, or production in economical terms); the votes are provided in such cases by those who benefit from having that welfare (which may be the poor if they can vote) such as doctors (medical care to those who could not afford it), or those whose work exists because of that welfare—the equivalent of being on the government payroll. Yet profiteering from war (which Higgs feel is a backlash against government controls to grab assets and peoples efforts), and the effect on the global population for the production of that jet fighter. Robert Higgs is only focused on economics, but does stray into talking about politics to some degree (as politics and economics have close ties), and so many not be able to appreciate the global picture or the larger effects of the monetary system, and does not seem to contemplate the issue that the monetary system may be failing, and this leads to the relevance of his field of study in today’s world. If it were possible to read between Robert Higgs’ ideas, and Jeremy Rifkin for example, then it might be possible that both see a future where no or more likely (to stay within the confines of the current system) a very small government exists.

📌 Robert Higgs | The Welfare State[video]:

When Robert Higgs fails to grasp what the full effects of automation, and the monetary system failure has on our world, then we reach for another economist to explain it—such as Jeremy Rifkin. But of course the question is: has the time of the monetary system, and the economist come to a end as our monetary looses its relevance.

3D Printers

📌 Estonian Designer “Kalle Lüütsepp” creates cheap 3D printer. Download it [thingiverse]: (RAMPS Controller)

Other Engineering Stuff

The following youtube channel features new technology:

🌎 Chinese company ‘builds’ 3D-printed villa in less than 3 hours [article]:

🌎 Fully-customized, modular solar house is 3D printed prefab (built in two weeks) [a video]:

🌎 Ecocapsule [website]: [blog]:

📌 Altaeros Energies harnesses high altitude winds to deploy low-cost power [website]: (also access to internet)

📌 The world’s first $9 computer [website]: , : (might store your own website)

ESA website may experience problems…

🚀 So that is where you get your coffee from—when you’re on the international space station O_O [panoramic tour]:

✎ Difference Between Accuracy & Precision [information]: (inc. Mars Mission)

✎ There’s some large scale ideas to rid the oceans of plastic waste: Floating Seawater Skyscraper [article]: #Energy

✎ Plastic waste can be turned into 3D printer filament [article/kickstarter]:

✎ Man invents machine to convert plastic into oil (Just Sharing Cool Stuff) [a video]: #Recycling #Energy #Income

✎ Ikea’s flat-pack refugee shelter is entering production [website]: via @hnshah

✎ 3D-printed mini jet engine [a video]: (layer by layer build)

📌 Plasma sheet (hypersonic flight) “resonance, or matched electromagnetic oscillations” [antenna]: #Communications

NYU researcher creates super strong metal. It floats on water [article] via The Venus Project

🗞 Physicist discovers new 2D material that could advance material science [science news]:

📌 Interested in how cities R built from Scratch—new city in India [article]: The Venus Project #Transition #RBE

🌎 “ECO BRICK IT: recycling plastic into bricks; ideal for homes, farms, composts” :,


Ⓜ “A network that rewards you with reach; Free. Open-Source. Encrypted” ~

📌 Cute: a community of LED gardeners [website]: via Hacker News [website]:

📌 O_O Every Vocaloid (◕ω◕) Ever Made (Part 2: Updates, Continuation, & More!) 🎬 [interesting]:

📌 Here’s What a Commons-Based Economy Looks Like [article]: (My not be a supporter of Resource Based Economy as proposed by The Venus Project: #P2P #Commons_Development

(“Here’s What a Commons-Based Economy Looks Like” via @mbauwens)

#extremely #interesting Pixar Animation [lessons]:

☢ Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out on Dangers of Genetically Modified Food [article]:

☆ Changing your body language—can give you confidence [talk]:

☆ Planet Earth Now Has A Flag [FaceBook]: #TheVenusProject #Transition #RBE #WorldCommunity

✎ A brief #history of #Bitcoin: via @ppinternational

✎ Global Wealth Inequality – What you never knew you never knew [info]:

🌎 Aquaponics [pinterest]:

#Internet_of_things #aquaponics #worms #Fish #automation [info] #Transition #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy

🌎 Robot Chef Cooks 2,000 Meals! Set To Go On Sale In 2017 [article]:,,

☆ Earth Underwater Documentary [a video]:

This documentary was via & @TheVenusProject

✎ Our streets may be lit up by Bioluminscent trees [article]:

✎ Animal testing and experimentation may come to a end [article]:

📌 Lab-Grown Burgers Just Got A LOT Cheaper! (Hold the Cow) [a video]:

✎ A supersonic submarine might be used as long distance passenger transports [article]:

✎ Self-healing, stronger then bone, 100% recyclable plastic [article]:

✎ Like man, animals can feel pain, pleasure, happiness, and misery [article]: (not sure if this reference is strong enough for the technical community).

✎ A simple laser blast could help grow your teeth back [article]:

✎ “plastiglomerate” is a new type of rock that often forms near camp fires or burning of rubbish [article]:

✎ It’s possible that light may travel slower then first thought, and this will affect many things including distances to stars and galaxies [article]:

✎ This Map Of Every Device In The World That’s Connected To The Internet [article]: may help explain why the tweet map is dark in some areas :

☆ SpaceX Wants To Colonize The Solar System Within 100 Years [article]:

☆ Our solar system also rotates around the galaxy at a speed of 220 km/s or 0.073% of the speed of light [wiki]:

If humans traveled at 72,000 km/h (20km/sec) they would reach Andomida galaxy in 38.57 billion years. #colonizing_other_galaxy

Of course this does not include the fact that we might not be able to reach Andromida galaxy if our solar system (orbiting around the galaxy) is heading in the wrong direction at 220 km/s.

☆ According to this video, it will only take 3 months to spread the message about The Venus Project to the entire world [ video ]: (28:55+)

☆ Wars are also about profit. If people did not profit from wars, then the reason for war would be real, not profit based. ☆ Peace Walk Luke Wonderly Law Talk 8 8 14 [a video]: via @TheVenusProject

✎ UK, England, Great Britain and a whole lot more [a video]:

☆ Oh, I always wondered what Reddit was: What is reddit? [a video]:

✎ Bio3D’s Incredible Bio-Printer—3D Print Cells, Proteins, Antibodies, Bacteria & Plastic in One Session [article]:

✎ Scientists film how the brain makes memories for the first time ever [article]:,

✎ Can Plants Grow on Mars and the Moon: A Growth Experiment on Mars and Moon Soil Simulants [article]:

✎ Experiment tests whether universe is a hologram [article]:

✎ The PowerCube can be deployed to remote villages or emergencies : #electricity #water #shelter (

✎ The PowerCube water cleaning technlogy (The Ecosphere Ozonix®) [website]:

✎ RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms [is our education system outdated?] [a video]:

✎ An Interview with Kei, the Artist Behind Miku Hatsune, at the 2014 J-Pop Summit Festival [article]:

Above was via @Nihongogo, but they do have adult style material on their twitter time-line, so they are not mentioned on Gharr’s timeline. Their website is also quite interesting and has up to date news. Artist Kei did not really know what a vocaloid was at first and for that reason it took him some time to draw Miku. later on Kei says that he could not keep up with all the things that was happening with Miku, as she had taken on a life of her own: “At first I have mixed feelings of happiness and hesitation to see what’s going on, but after a while I just can’t keep up with it anymore and I realize that she is her own thing, her own Miku.”

📌 Kei Garou, the designer behind Miku Hatsune and her Vocaloids [website]: [interesting]

✎ RSA Replay: A Brief History of Humankind [a video]: [what binds groups that are larger then 150 people]

♦ Phonebloks: organization encouraging development & production of products that produce less waste [website]:

♦ Willkommen bei Maker Austria [verticle gardens, electronics, pallet recycling, 3D Printers]:

✎ Aerial maglev podcar may be Tel Aviv’s mass transit system of the future[a video]:

📌 What is Open Source explained in LEGO[a video]:

📌  Plant Breeders Release First Open Source Seeds [article]:

📌 Sheets of organic LEDs could light our ceilings & walls [website]:

This information about sheets of LEDs was found via

✎ DIY solar panels [article]:

🎲 Life Saving Tips for your #RPG Characters [a video]: (@dicestormers might even use this:

📌 Why CC is making a mobile app [article]:,

📌 Game Programming in Ruby [article/book]:

📌 Visme (@VismeApp) — The Best Online Presentation & Infographic Tool [intro video]: #business #startup #sharing

📌 Author’s/Writer’s tips for Punctuation Marks  [picture]:

📌 Where To Get Ideas For Songs [a video talk]:

📌 Tim Hughes: Automated “online” Sales due to technology [a video]: via @TraceTV, #business

📌 Money for free (2015)[documentary]: #BasicIncome

📌 Y’all wanna know where the word “Illuminati” comes from? [a video]: via @RahmanJamaal #Hijacked #Term (

📌 This is the Addalock: Portable Security Door Lock [website]: #Travel #hotel #rental #students #Security #Safety

📌 Addalock: Portable Security Door Lock (with Jennifer Coffey) [a video demo]: #Travel #hotel #rental #students

📌 iDoorCam: “WiFi Doorbell – Answer Door from Mobile Device” [a video]:

📌 Wearable: Transforming Your Skin Into A Touchscreen [a video]:  #Transition #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy

📌Joshua Harris’ 3D Clothing Printer Recycles Old Garments 2 Create New Apparel [article] #Transition #TheVenusProject

☎ The World’s First CrowdFunded Nation [ummm… not a #startup #business]: [entirely different concept] 🌎

📌 Blood Scan Reveals Every Virus That’s Ever Infected You [article]:,404926

🐾 So Pinterest drives traffic to your website… :O

The Venus Project

🌎 “If U have social media skills, & can help manage a social media account 4 The Venus Project, love to hear from U”~

🌎 I SUPPORT THE VENUS PROJECT [a video tribute]: #ResourceBasedEconomy #RBE #TVP

☆ Person from The Venus Project asked “Please mention some famous people?” OK: Vegetarians: ,

☆ Planet Earth Now Has A Flag [FaceBook]: #TheVenusProject #Transition #RBE #WorldCommunity

🌎 The Choice is Ours (2016) [ The Venus Project ]: Resource Based Economy

📌 What’s The Venus Project? Why not find out 4 yourself! “No more war, poverty, or hunger”,

🌎 What is The Venus Project? [introduction]:  (Resource Based Economy) #TVP #RBE #like2

🌎 Jacque Fresco – No Utopias, No Final Frontiers: The Venus Project, Resource Based Economy:

🌎 The Choice is Ours [movie]: ; The Venus Project, Resource Based Economy; #RBE #TVP

🌎 The Venus Project: why we need to share good ideas; & start to really care about each other: #ResourceBasedEconomy

🌎 The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #Transition “…our thoughts are influenced by the monetary society”

🌎 Resource Based Economy #Transition The Venus Project on increasing quality of life (

Tweet of inserted in above tweet: ☆ Resource Based Economy #Transition The Venus Project suggests automation & technology should maximize quality of life rather than profits.

Common Prompts

🌎 The Venus Project: There is no UTOPIA [answer]:

🌎 The Venus Project: It may take more then a vote ( to change the prison system ( 4 example.

🌎 The Venus Project: What will people do if they have everything they need? #LIVE Resource Based Economy

🌎 The Venus Project: Being functionally selfish in a cooperative society [explanation]: Resource Based Economy

🌎 All cultures will be a part of The Venus Project; Transhumanism might be a major culture in the future. #transition Resource Based Economy

🌎 The Venus Project: Will people all be alike [in a Resource Based Economy? #Cultures

🌎 New idea: just click to add car to shared fleet [article]: #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy


💭 is humanity committing Global Extinction via Monetary System “Harakiri?” [song/music]: #transition #TheVenusProject #RBE

💭 Sometimes I wonder if we are already ♬ Gone [song/music]:  #Mass_Extinction #Transition; The Venus Project #RBE

❦ Will humanity “♬ Fall Down Together” #mass_extinction because of money system [song/music]: #transition #TVP #RBE

❦When we’re gone ♬ the monetary system didn’t care about us, or our world [song/music]: #Transition #TheVenusProject

☢ Era Of Automatic Facial Recognition & Surveillance Is Here [automation, AI]:; #Transition; The Venus Project #RBE

🌎 The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #Transition Wow… AI learn from our fiction (books) #TVP #RBE


♬ 【Mizuho CDM】—Addiction (to money) (Original) [song/music]: ❧ #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

☆ Always Be ^o^ 【VOCALOID Original】[song/music]: #Transition share good ideas: The Venus Project #RBE

☆We have been waiting for you to “Come Home” 【VOCALOID Original Song】: to The Venus Project,

☆【初音ミク//Hatsune Miku】Desperate【オリジナル】[song/music]  #Transistion #BasicWage The Venus Project

🌎 Thinking Backwards [article]: #Money is just and #Idea

  • 🌎 Thinking Backwards: Money is just an idea we created [video]: Resource Based Economy; The Venus Project


🌎 Understanding Life [a video]: You must be your own leader, master, teacher, guru in a #RBE #TheVenusProject

🌎 Understanding Life [a video]: All cultures are looking for solutions to the world’s problems #RBE #TheVenusProject

O_O A psychologist thinks it’ll be normal to have sex with robots by 2070 [AI NEWS]: #Transistion #TheVenusProject

The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #transition digital copy/avatar also known as simulacra/simulations-of-us

Tweet for inserted in above tweet: “…Your digital avatar will (B experimented on 2) help predict what you will do

“The US Department of Defense (DoD) wants contractors to mine your social media posts to develop new ways for the US government to infer what you’re really thinking and feeling — and to predict what you’ll do next.”

🌎 The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #transition A copy of U (avatar/simulacra-of-you) has a lot of uses:

🌎 The Venus Project #RBE #transition AI called your-Avatar/simulacra-of-you is here to stay,


🌎 The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy; New Gen Wind Turbines (no blades) [news]: #TVP #RBE #transition #Spain

🌎 The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #transition Soap Bubble Solar Cells Created By Scientists [news]: #TVP

♻️ Convert plastic into oil/fuel (Cool Stuff) : #Income #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

♻️ France & Route 66 aim 4 solar powered roadways, The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy


🌎 Tomorrow’s cities: How The Venus Project is redesigning the future [article & video]: #ResourceBasedEconomy #Future

🌎 Floating city, zero waste [article, video]: #transition; The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #TVE #RBE

🌎 3D Printed floating Cities made from algae and plastic waste [article]: #transition; The Venus Project #RBE #TVP

📌 Solar Powered Hyperloop (vacuum tubes) [article]: #Transition #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy #TVP #RBE

✎ Awesome new concrete that can heal itself like a scab! [article]: #RBE #TheVenusProject #News #Transition

📌 Glass that can block out heat and light (50 shades of grey) [article]: #transition; The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #Cities

✎ The first autonomous heavy-duty truck gets its license to drive in Las Vegas [article]: #RBE #TheVenusProject #News #Transition

📌 Serviced by Robot “Drone” Ships [article]: #Transition #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy #RBE #TVP

📌 Apparently a well known fact: “companies preinstall Malware” [article]: #ResourceBasedEconomy #TVP #Transition

🌎 Jacque Fresco introduces The Venus Project at The ICSE [interview]:

🌎 Jacque Fresco introduces The Venus Project at The ICSE [interview]:

📌 Autonomous drifting underwater scientific platform [article]: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

(📌 SeaOrbiter [website]:

🚀Spider robots may soon 3D print satellites in space [article] #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

Transition World Problems

☆ Earth Underwater Documentary : #Transition #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy #RBE #TVP may loose coastal farms

📌 “We R entering a mass extinction that threatens humanity’s existence” [article]: #Transition #TheVenusProject #RBE

📌”In 2014, average of 42,500 people were displaced every day.” [article]: #transition #TheVenusProject let’s solve it

☯ #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy #Transition It’s time to start solving these problems [article]:

★2m Wedge-Tailed Eagle takes down Drone.★ [technology & nature]: #Transition #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy

🌎 How much turmoil occurs as system breaks down, will depend on how well educated people are [talk] #TheVenusProject

🌎 The Venus Project, Resource Based Economy, #Transition Technology=Jobs=Yes=High Caste Demand Low Caste Jobs #India

🌎 @Sotiriarbebot Is it possible to “Evolve gradually to a #RBE” in the #Transition (because we are educated)? #TVP

📌 @Sotiriarbebot #Transition #profit drives automation, cybernation, & artificial intelligence 2 replace jobs FAQ 3:

📌 Indeed @Sotiriarbebot, TVP encourages all people to be educated [website]: #Transition #ResourceBasedEconomy

Myanmar migrants (refugees)

🌎 UNICEF–Put It Right [a video]: #Transition #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy It’s time to solve these problems!

🌎 The Venus Project & Resource Based Economy — We no longer need #war or the #borders that divide us [song/music]:


◐ The Venus Project, & a Resource Based Economy: has no art 4 art’s sake, but killing your universe might still hurt

(tweet: If someone killed, or shut down the “life lines” to your entire universe—would you scream [emotions]? #NoMansSky)

“…At some point the servers will be shut down. It will all be turned off, and it will be us who pull the plug [on a entire universe].” #NoMansSky


🌎 The 8 Minute Surgery That Will Give You Superhuman Vision. Forever [article]: #transition #TheVenusProject #RBE

☆ Bioartificial replacement limbs [article]: #Transition; The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #RBE #TVP

📌 “How mobile phones are making childbirth safer in Ethiopia” [article]: #Transition; The Venus Project #TVP #RBE

Work, Income, Automation

🌎 How “government” works in a Resource Based Economy? [talk]:  The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy; #TVP #RBE

✎ Global Wealth Inequality – What you never knew you never knew [info]: #Transition #TheVenusProject #RBE

🌎 In 2016: Richest 62 people as wealthy as half of world’s population [news]:

🌎 Would you put your trust in a handful of money orientated people to determine the future of our world, & 7 billion people?

✎ People are starting to get it: Humans Need Not Apply [a video]: via @TheVenusProject

✎ Will Work For Free | OFFICIAL RELEASE | [Nov] 2013 [a video]:

2 Hours: (about the fact that every area of our society, and work is becoming automated, and at the end it says becoming aware of what is happening is important. What is the solution to the unemployment problem—perhaps that is not the problem! We are looking at a future of abundance, but how do we handle this transition? Some people and groups have some good ideas. Those people and groups are mentioned at the end of the video!) The information in this video seems to be up to be mostly up to date, but some sections are not necessarily in line with my research. There are some sections I have not seen before. The section on education is interesting.

📌 Machine Labor Day “Humans Need Not Apply (#basic #wage):” #Transition #TheVenusProject

🌎 “Tesla fleet operates as network—one car learns something, they all learn it:” #Transition; The Venus Project #AI

★ Star Trek fan contemplates a universe w/o money [article]: #Transition; The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

📌 The Venus Project: B. F. Skinner on education [talk]: via @TheVenusProject

  • 📌 The Venus Project: culture of people that: feel loved, care about health; develop potential; part of community—to solve world’s problems.

Animals, Plants, Food

🌎 “Fresh Water from Wave Power” [article]: #Transition; The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #TVP #RBE

🌎 Aquaponics [pinterest]: #Transiton #TheVenusProject #RBE

🌎 Robot Chef Cooks 2,000 Meals! Set To Go On Sale In 2017 [article]:, #Transiton #TheVenusProject #RBE

✎ Our streets may be lit up by Bioluminscent trees [article]: #Transition #TheVenusProject #RBE

✎ Animal testing and experimentation may come to a end [article]: #Transition #TheVenusProject #RBE

📌 Lab-Grown Burgers Just Got A LOT Cheaper! (Hold the Cow) [a video]:  #Transition #TheVenusProject #RBE #TVP

🌎 The Venus Project knows that we like parks, gardens, organic plants, agriculture, & hydroponics [info]: #RBE #TVP

📌 No dig gardening, No till farming, Mulching, Living mulch :  #Transition; The Venus Project #RBE #Food_Web

📌 Keys To Building a Healthy Soil : #Transition #TVP #RBE #Life #Insects-(49:15); The Venus Project

📌 Gabe Brown: Keys To Building a Healthy Soil :  #Transition #TVP #RBE #Life; The Venus Project via @LA_CHEFs

📌 Agroecology (& possibly organic farming) vs Industrial Agriculture [infographic]: #Transiton; The Venus Project

📌 Strawberry Picking Robot : #Transiton; The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #TVP #RBE

📌 Our soil could be dead in 60 years #Transition; The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy; #RBE #TVP via @LA_CHEFs

📌 Clean Drinking Water, rather then Bottled Water : #Transition; The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

Transition Products

With global community awareness

The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy [The lawyers during the #Transition; might include automated bots] #News

“Hiring a lawyer for a parking-ticket appeal is not only a headache, but it can also cost more than the ticket itself. Depending on the case and the lawyer, an appeal — a legal process where you argue out of paying the fine — can cost between $400 to $900.

But with the help of a robot made by British programmer Joshua Browder, 19, it costs nothing.”

🌎 The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #TVP #RBE #Automation #Transition [news]:

Basic Income

📌 The Venus Project #News #Transition Automation is here to stay, but so might be inequality [#hawking]: #RBE #TVP

article in tweet:

📌 “We are Human” KozHats inc. website; Koz Hats. This group is no longer in operation in 2017 it seems. Was brought to Gharr’s attention by: Stephanie Hernandez (very common name) AKA @stephiehernande. This person is no longer on social media since 2015, for unknown reasons… They were of interest as they wanted to be one of the many solutions, and icons to bring notice to and help, to the homeless in the US. Thank you.

📌 After Robots Take Our Jobs… Economy Will Look Like [article]: #Transition #TheVenusProject (basic income concept)

🌎 Humans work in tandem with AI 2 B creative (partial automation of creativity) [article] #Transition #TheVenusProject

⌛ Wearable computer skin [picture]: #transition; The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

Article for this has the heading “The CEO of IBM just made a bold prediction about the future of artificial intelligence” and the article mentions a grey area of creativity where there is no exact right or wrong solutions. The AI might be given the task of informing a creative person of various possibilities and solutions  for buying a house, making a new recipe, risk assessment, making a toy, or even a new medical treatment.

🌎 The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #Transition 3D print professional multilayer PCBs now possible :

Also see @3Dpcb

🌎 #Transition New technologies—if used correctly—can become the infrastructure for a Resource Based Economy; The Venus Project.

🌎 #Transition Resource Based Economy; The Venus Project: Also if you want to know about new technologies, check out:

The Venus Project Magazine from tweet inside above tweet can be seen in text mode:

🌎 @mbauwens: Resource Based Economy is already becoming a increasing part of our everyday society [#TZM, #TVP #RBE]: (My not be a supporter of Resource Based Economy as proposed by The Venus Project: #P2P #Commons_Development

🌎 Clash of Civilizations—RBE is becoming part of our everyday lives [poem]: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌎 A Resource Based Economy (as proposed by The Venus Project) can not exist in a fractured, partial way (#Transition isn’t the destination).

🌎 The Venus Project has this to say about #Religion vs #Science when it comes to running a Resource Based Economy [a video]:

🌎 It takes 3.5 years to 10.5 become a RBE –> The 10 Year build time of cities can probably be reduced to 3-5 years with 3D Building Printing and other automated techniques in construction, the 6 Months (which is closer to 3 months) is from this video: (1:29:00+) time span.

—End of Page—

Shortened link to article: ☆ Notes of Interest [article]:



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