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Sometimes the mind is confused, or tired. At other times the information just seems to make no sense. Notes from such crazy session are put here. Is it news? Who knows.

3) ⭐️【K2D4 NETWORK】Interview on The Venus Project

⭐️【K2D4 NETWORK】Interview on The Venus Project [video]: https://youtu.be/lfU-DsutatU ❧ Comments below in relies. A really good interview; Resource Based Economy

⭐️ When you understand what a Resource Based Economy and are a engineer, artist, dancer, singer: Of course you want to introduce #RBE ideas into your projects when possible including technology, & stuff about social systems like human rights. The Venus Project.

⭐️【K2D4 NETWORK】Interview on The Venus Project: the small steps to a Resource Based Economy was Q. was asked. Incorporating #RBE ideas into your projects brings the world closer to making it easier to transition to a #RBE (it’s just another way to share info)

⭐️ Should #AI have feelings? The Venus Project will accept it if emotional-robots (that also recognize peoples feelings, and emotions) in medical, child care, and elderly care are an advantage. Work in that area if you want to; Resource Based Economy

🌎 The Venus Project is interested in building a test city (UN Novus Event) https://vimeo.com/175825676, https://www.thevenusproject.com/the-venus-project/aims-and-proposals/

⭐️ The Venus Project has a very basic design (including #AI without emotions), so arrival to a Resource Based Economy is 3.5 to 10.5 years away if we all want it. #3D_Printing

⭐️ After the first few cities (and certainly for the children that grow up in a #RBE) there is no final design for the Resource Based Economy Cities, we don’t know what they might look like if technology and social systems advance beyond the boundaries of today; The Venus Project

🌎 Young children from all over the world from the future in a Resource Based Economy will have the chance to design their very own RBE-City [a video example]: https://youtu.be/TF4zfU2Fvsc The Venus Project [let your imagination, and design skills fly]

⭐️ Sharing good ideas, and solutions are great, sometimes I share unexpected facts: ☆ Early Copyright History: https://youtu.be/H_aOHpn_vqQ [not what you expect]

🌎 8 men own same wealth as half the world’s population [news]: https://www.oxfam.org/en/pressroom/pressreleases/2017-01-16/just-8-men-own-same-wealth-half-world #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

2) The Center of a Circular City in a RBE

Exhibition center exhibits

  • new technology
  • data, supply, materials, manufacture, demand, critical discussions
  • social issues
  • entertainment (including solo live entertainers)
  • things like hands on projects like learning to play music in person, singing lessons in person, even though things like this can be done on the internet, or on-line possibly #AI tutors.

1) The Chaotic News: none as yet.

yeah! nothing.

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