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Current Edition: 💃TE(◕ω◕)M⭐️🗞201712✨:  TEARS✨ティアーズ✨DanceGroup

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💃TE(◕ω◕)M⭐️🗞 December 2017

TEARS✨ティアーズ✨ (A dance group: managed by a company, or business—the owner, manager, director, or CEO dances for Candy Go! Go!)

This information may be placed in other parts of the website for Gharr, this is just a introduction statement for the moment.

When the dancers graduate from a professional group, there is often a lot of tears, and that may be why the name for this group was chosen. But time will tell… as to the actual reasons why this group was formed, and how it came to be named.

Alignment Bio Style Summary

TEARS✨ティアーズ✨ Short bio style summary

The fans seem to enjoy this group’s performance quite a lot.

Twitter: TEARS✨ティアーズ✨ AKA @tears20161129
Website: http://one2one-agency.jp/ As a guess TEARS✨ティアーズ✨ is at the stage of new, or growing. The website is not fully developed for this group.

The twitter account might (for the moment) be owned by the one2one agency.

The strange twitter name: tears20161129 ⇨ might refer to the date the twitter account for tears was formed: ▓『⏰ Date: 29 Nov 2016: 🔍 Discovery 』. The numbers of dancers in tears may be growing. Have not known the group for long, and am uncertain if graduations occur.

🔔 It’s possible that TEARS✨ティアーズ✨ may have re-formed, and existed before 2016; or that they split up and re-formed during period of 2016–2017.

The Business Structure of TEARS✨ティアーズ✨

Groups of dancer can often form professional stye businesses, and companies. Their families may also help out, as there can be a lot of details to be handled. There are a lot of applications, and other service businesses that can make life easier for such businesses or company structures. TEARS✨ティアーズ✨ from the quote below: one of the dancers is in Candy Go! Go!, and manages the group. They may have got the ability to perform this role while working (dancing) in high profile groups like AKB48. Most likely such skills are gained with education, and practical exercises during gigs in professional groups like possibly AKB48. Now this professional skills belong to the groups mentioned on the website of 2017: Candy Go! Go!; Under Beasts; and TEARS✨ティアーズ✨ (the group we are interested in here)!

Information from Website for TEARS✨ティアーズ✨:
Shibuya Girls Rock Idol
“I” belong / manage “CANDY GO! GO!”
Welcome to ONE TO ONE Agency.
Regular auditions are held…
~ from website 2017: http://one2one-agency.jp/about.html

Information on Promoting, and Sharing Information About This Group

This group has no other sources media so far, other then twitter videos (which by the Nov 2017 re-branding of Gharr is considered to be okay). Amazingly the video can play for around 20 minutes—did not think twitter would allow for such long play times.

It will be interesting to see how the material from this group will be shared…

This dance group has the ability to become a very popular and well known group.

End Notes

💃TE(◕ω◕)M⭐️🗞 looks a little like—leaderless—team, or gives a feeling of the global community working together.

This news section has its named designed after a event of an extremely famous dancer who appeared totally stressed after not getting enough sleep in her vlog. After some rest, her aura had changed completely, and she almost sparkled during her dance performance—she just looked so extremely cute (◕ω◕)

Editions are given a new name each time material is deleted. The idea of the news sections is to keep it current, and short. The format is:

  • Format: 💃TE(◕ω◕)M⭐️🗞<year:month; date is optional>: <Significant Thing>
  • Current Edition: 💃TE(◕ω◕)M⭐️🗞201712✨: TEARS✨ティアーズ✨DanceGroup
  • Try and give each edition a unique name.
  • Generally older material is deleted, to keep the news section short, and current.

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