2017 News



  • @wonder_evo_live
  • 10/14米子 ワンダーライブ//10/14 Yonago Wonder Live
  • Listed on twitter under the new promo-fleeting tag
  • October 14, 2017 (Sat) We will hold a live event at the special stage of the Seventh Yonago Movie Incident (Patio Plaza).
  • hope [that the following acts will be performing:] # ILoVU # Aikawa Kozue # Hoshino Morning # Shogaku Mitsuori # Shirasaki Hatsune # Yonago Movie Incidents # Idol # Try dancing # Tottori # Yonago
  • This event seems like it is going to be big, judging from who is performing there.

More follows of interest

  • DJ Promo AKA @DJPromo6 ⚠ Material That is unsuitable for sharing on Gharr’s Channels has some adult only rated content, gamer content… They have a soundcloud with a huge [serious level] collection, for possibly DJ work… too few tweets to be considered to be a serious promoter as yet. Quite an interesting person or group, as can’t help to wonder what they use during their performance work [sound cloud only?]. It’s worth checking out what they decide to do on twitter in the near future.
  • Following: @kenshiroplus
  • Following: RYINA AKA @ri1712 Solo Artist,
  • Following: @submersivemusic,,
  • Not followed… yet… @DezMoneyMusic seen this musician before, not sure where the music is going… very few guides… possibly dark undertones… possibly adult content…
  • Avaritia (latin from greed) Greed = Greed Greed litrally AKA @Avarlce ([hindi]continuous [Turkish] by): 🐣🔔 not sure where this person is going with their tweets, and RT. They appear to support The Venus Project, but have only 20 tweets right now.
  • @godsandanimals: No idea, too early to tell. They only have one release on SoundCloud: Runaway People by Gods & Animals
    and that seems to be Jazz based.
    Soul / Funk / Blues / Psychedelic; Williamsburg, Brooklyn based band.
  • Following: @EliTidmoreMusic
  • @PhoenixTaylor11: Very close to making a full on music video.

Roll out 1: Code 26: policies

♬ RYINA AKA @ri1712, — ☆Punch☆ [the sky, and bring out the big dreams] ⭐️ [song/music]:

♬ Submersive AKA @submersivemusic, — The Depths [music]: #Techno #Chans

♬ Submersive AKA @submersivemusic, — Threshold of Reality Album [vocals/music]: #Techno #Chans

♬ Haunted Like Human AKA @CodyClark_Music — River (Come Back Up) [song/music]:

♬ Eli Tidmore AKA @EliTidmoreMusic — Heart In My Phone [song/music]:

♬ KENSHIRO+ AKA @kenshiroplus — Vengeance Preparations EP [song/music]: 🤖➕ #Gamer #Gig #VR #synthwave #outrun


Have different energy levels, motivations, and the re-branding effort is making for hard times in deciding how should be done… just drifting and observing what I do normally, and what is actually happening as I operate on the random schedule.

The speed of follows, and sometimes un-follows means I need to record stuff here, or might miss out on the chance to review if person or group has interesting material that can be shared.

📌 Adam Bouzane (D.EDDT, Building Technologist, Systems Administrator) will spearhead the operation to “begin initial procedures for the next phase of detailed design and production” for The Venus Project.

Repeating Media Questions

Quote “… the planning stages and will be years before buildings are built…” source: Sept 2017, comments section.

🌎 @TheVenusProject A question has been asked about accelerating a current project’s timeline: (-tweet-link-here-) ❧

(-🌎 @ZeitgeistVernon Will The Venus Project B cooperating with @onecommunityorg 2 accel. this ( project’s timeline?-)

📌 Left a comment on Tokyo Girl about “Set of 3 travel pillows + earplugs + 3D eyebrows, Newest inflatable travel pillows, Portable travel pillows with carrying bag, Innovative pillow for plane, train, office for sleeping, relaxing:” UMATRIX makes every task a mystery.

Finding travel pillow product on Amazon (Germany):


📌 Sandra Szabo AKA @therocketqueen9 is now on patreon; check out the offers if U are a fan of the group’s music: 👍😍

📌 Check it out #NEW: ♬ @noahparkermusic, 🙊 “Radio” [song/music]:

  • What direction will Noah Parker’s music go in—it’s too hard to tell right now as only three songs exist on his YouTube channel.

📌 @Tim_Hilberts: “All activity from this account has moved to @TheaRileyMusic” ref: Jul 13 2017


New Music


♬ Keith Pevoto aka @TheKPpoject is producing some more music soon:

📌 New website builder: Webnode: (re-directs to some preferred country)
📕 Info in wiki:

🗞 Musicians and producers are openly praising ✅ Bandcamp:

Wish this was a joke, but probably more of this type of behavior to add more, and more code on our behalf will follow.

Code attached after target="_blank" for links.
rel="noopener noreferrer"

At first, was working on links for Carrie Fisher in 2017 (she died recently), and thought that it had something to do with her death, but apparently the system is putting those links in to stop a vulnerability…  that target="_blank" produces when you click on a links and get directed to a new page.

  • rel: “The rel attribute specifies the relationship between the current document and the linked document.”
  • noreferrer: “Requires that the browser should not send an HTTP referer header if the user follows the hyperlink”
  • noopener: “Requires that any browsing context created by following the hyperlink must not have an opener browsing context”

~ source 2017

“The newly opened tab can then change the window.opener.location to some phishing page. Or execute some JavaScript on the opener-page on your behalf…” ~ source 2017:

Clearly JavaScript is used by many to make everything work correctly on websites, but is can cause mischief. It would appear that a new tab opened is also linked to JavaScript, but this is not stated directly in the above quote.

The links above just included a target="_blank", but after a save, the following was added on my behalf by WordPress: rel="noopener noreferrer" and that brings into question just how much control over code does one have in today’s age, where a second or third party randomly adds stuff to the code written, or perhaps as in the vulnerability of target="_blank" writes code in while the code is actually interpreting, or executing (opening a new window for a link to be displayed in).

Code seems to be heading more into spyware, and the user having less control of the code they make, under the guise of security threats on code like target="_blank" that’s been around for a very long time without problems.

It’s getting to the stage that a programmer no longer knows or understands the code that is added to code that is written by the programmer, or what is happening to that code during possible interpretation, and execution. It seems that we are being asked to trust the government, and big industries yet again even though they openly steal personal data from us, more of this behavior is likely to result because of these so called security features. But people just seem to drift along, trusting that it will all be okay, that nothing bad will happen if we do whatever big industry, and government tell us without question—has our freedom of speech, and the freedom of the technical community fallen so low, that we now openly lie to each other. What purpose does this serve, or are we already at the unstoppable early stages of global warfare… and will more of this behavior to erode our freedom follow… what kind of system are we engineering for ourselves?


The Venus Project joins steemit:

“Steemit is a social news service which runs a blogging and social networking website on top of a novel blockchain database, known as Steem.”

Steemit—an alternative to money, or the pure monetary system is always as complex. so it will be interesting to see if The Venus Project will confuse its followers by opening the community to such earnings schemes, or if the community will find an income stream useful, and not distracting from the core purpose of sharing good ideas, and solutions.

Uber for example seems to be using psychological methods to entice drivers to work they way the company wants them to, rather then the way drivers want to work (it pays the company to try and get drivers to work longer shifts).

📎 @oceanhub interesting logistics, manufacturing, It’s interesting because there may be a major shift in international markets for some reason, but it’s hard to tell, but this group seems unusually market focuses and aggressively expanding it’s social media presence, perhaps indicating some major projects are happening around the world.

music… a tough one when nothing pans out…

👾 @TekForceRises takes gamer music and news to the next level on Patreon , 🤖 #TRON = Trace On

👾 Don’t worry, @TekForceRises’ #TRON will never happen… or will it… [3D Virtual Reality]

TROFF = Trace Off


Dance group ILoVU(@i_lovu_official) drops lilymouse, and her replacement is 白咲はつね//… Hatsune(ILoVU), but not familiar with her usual historic dance styles. So currently no sure how well she can dance with the group…

Since lilymouse still follows ILoVU(@i_lovu_official), she must still be on friendly terms with the dance group.


Space Cat Girl (AKA Spacekatgal) decides to block Gharr, she was complaining about workplace diversity, how her colleagues were ignoring it and responding in an emotional way instead, and I suggested: “Probably more a reflection of how much your colleagues feel that they can change the world. Share good ideas, & solutions.” People generally work on things they feel that they control, and changing the world is not often one of them.

Out of courtesy Gharr un-followed her husband Frank WU (he was not following Gharr).

My interactions with Spacekatgal in the past have been positive, and I have received some likes. She is a game developer, and is now working in politics. While she deserves a lot of respect for what she does, and for trying to make this world a better place by encouraging diversity in our workplaces and society, working in politics may have changed her. Don’t think she would have blocked someone so easily in the past, and it does not seem to be an action that promotes diversity–which is something she seems to strongly support (at the moment).

Her tweets will be missed, they were enjoyable to read.

Net Neutrality: “the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.” Source 2017: not known… search engine boxed text result.

Net Neutrality may be under threat… 2017.

Obama, before leaving office, expanded who can intercept communications:

Now private data can be trawled though by US: 1) Air force Intelligence; 2) Army Intelligence; 3) Central Intelligence Agency, 4) Coast Guard Intelligence; 5) Defense Intelligence Agency; 6) Department of Energy; 7) Department of Homeland Security; 8) Department of State; 9) Department of Treasury; 10) Drug Enforcement Administration; 11) Federal Bureau of Investigation; 12) Marine Corps Intelligence; 13) National Geospatial-Intelligence; 14) National Reconnaissance Office; 15) National Security Agency; 16) Navy Intelligence.

It degrades privacy, but more analysts can trawl through the data.

“EasyCrypt is a cutting edge email privacy service that provides end-to-end encryption, metadata protection and anonymity at your existing email address:” @EasyCrypt_co,

🌎 “Cutting edge email privacy service: end-to-end encryption, metadata protection & anonymity…:” @EasyCrypt_co,


Mumu (ferret): is rumored to have died. Goodbye little creature, you had a loving owner that will miss you a lot.

No Date

RBE Supporter Video References

Small list of selected references

Sish Advexon: Mostly Documentaries:
TVP Archive: Possibly not official:
stjamal11: Most notable; TVP-Tour:
Arjang Jameh: TVP Models Tour:
Conscious Consumer Network: Various topics:


Haruka Nakagawah has graduated from JKT48

She changed to twitter contact to: @Haruka_NKGW10

She is currently promoting businesses, and stores that may or may not have helped her during her career in JKT48. Apart from promotion, it is uncertain if she will continue to perform, or if she is taking a break form that.

Black Satellite

Black Satellite AKA @BlackSatellite announce Endless Album:

Black Satellite put a song out called My Resolve (will be remastered and included in new album) and as a taster, it seems quite good, but not sure what music this band will provide (if any) once they launch the album.

History: The band was probably called Black Light Revival but some trade mark legal issue forced them to change their name to Black Satellite. However Black Light Revival has four male members while the Black Satellite band here has one male and one female member (two people) and that either indicates a different band or a band break up. Just adding a little mystery to the history of this band. The other option is that two bands want the same name.

Did a twitter interview/discussion with “Joanna J Bryson” AKA @j2bryson: “I’m working to head off robot legal personhood, & have a couple international law profs ready to challenge it if nec.”

It seems that people are finalizing laws that could impact on #Transhumans, robots, AI, and humans that form relationships with them. #Transhumans are quite tricky as they don’t have a clear border around them to define what they are, some might even be uploaded as data, and downloaded into new bodies; also there is no reasons why one or more AI can’t be integrated to various degrees into the #Transhuman’s form (perhaps separating, and acting independently on occasions). It’s also possible that #Transhumans may have very long life spans in the future.

For my part the word: Kill-Switch seemed totally wrong, and gave the image of police, and technical people forcing their way into people’s homes and destroying/killing a robot lover, without any regards to a person’s feeling, or attachment to that robot. Pets in our world don’t have much rights, and I remember the horror of a blog about park rangers that came into a family’s yard, and fired five shots into a young pet deer that had been allowed to sleep in the house with the kids. The law did not allow for wildlife to be pets, so the park rangers did their duty; but the emotional pain of the parent’s words, and possible life long pain of loss for the kids certainly seemed to eclipse the “duty to the law that the park ranges had used, to kill that dangerous creature.” A similar sad story was caused by a police officer performing his duty by knocking on a door, and telling a person they had left their car-door open. Unfortunately the house-door was closed, as the family had gone back in to get their dog, that they were taking to a vet. When they opened the door, a very excited, and happy young dog slipped past, and got shot a number of times as the police officer felt in danger. Not a happy moment for the kids there either, and parents were in tears, and disbelief.

Certainly this topic also brings in whose data is it, when humans interact with robots—if a machine AI collects your finger prints, body fluids, and measures your temperature, records images and sounds from you for example—this can be used to gain access to your private data—using finger prints for example that are used to unlock devices or to take details about your health so health insurance costs can be calculated, and to make things about you that you might consider private, public. #IOT

There is a sense that we are looking at our current, or previous understanding of the economy (monetary), what motivates us, and today’s style of thinking to formulate a future for men, women, #Transhumans, and AI-robots that may not be relevant to them, and may even cause harm to them. Certainly not only technology will change in the future, but also the way people think.

The #Transhuman culture and various human cultures will be impacted by what happens in this field, and it’s worth keeping an eye on. Feel that the interview should be recorded on a separate page, as this topic has the potential to stray into topics such as the evolution of our global languages, and that would be of great interest to The Venus Project. Also this topic covers cultures that exist in the future, and are developing today (although not everyone may be aware of it yet), and my promotion of The Venus Project, and reaching out to people will require me to have an understanding of what conditions these cultures are facing. Because of the exponential nature of technology, and social change, this disruptive technology is probably closer in time then I believe—because the future-horizon is approaching me at an accelerating rate, and will get here much sooner then I would expect.

Also if the interview/discussion is recorded in a document, each part of the communications on twitter should be examined with care, as “Joanna J Bryson” backs up every statement she makes with a very extensive number of referenced materials, and some of those references may be written and produced by her, or co-produced (it would be no surprise). It would be nice if reference material can be examined—assuming it can be found, but the field has probably expanded since last time I read and studied this topic. So the work on this interview may take some time or may be ongoing, with is probably more likely—because the simple discussion had a lot of depth to it.

Hello blue sky train @harotore has changed their website to:

They also exist on twitter now too.

Only found out about this, when twitter accused me of using automated tweets, which they don’t like apparently. However it turned out they were just detecting a bad hyperlink.

Right now time flies on twitter. Wondering when it will be relaxed enough for me to work on articles, but will try and flow with the events, as what Gharr does, is changing from articles, to mixes, and probably something else now—but don’t know what that something else might be. Stopping to do an article like this is probably not wise, so will probably start promoting long music tracks if time is tight.

Also getting many technical subjects coming in about shopping (no staff), universal language translators you can stick in your ear, alternatives to income as our world gets increasingly automated, and things like laws relating to robots and AI. There are heaps of other topics about technology that is very interesting as well.

2016 News


Realized some songs are missing—possibly due to edits going wrong.

@Astrale_music seems to be deleting their music, and adding new or upgraded versions, this may allow me to use the new style of posting music for them, as it’s more flexible.

SMAP disbands:

While they might find it difficult to continue to make music if blacklisted, they may still be able to continue to act…

Members: Masahiro Nakai, Takuya Kimura, Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Shingo Katori
Manager: Michi Iijima (also leaves Johnny & Associates), but she has kept a low profile.

It will be interesting to do an article on management and promotions companies, and to see what happens to the above mentioned people, and if they stay in show business.

RIP: Carrie Fisher died in December 2016

These tweets were just a catch up of what William Shatner, and what Carrie Fisher and #Gary are up to:


@yayshplz, mysteriously deletes all her tweets and music (or restricts access to music). Her Twitter and Facebook indicate a possible re-launch of some kind as the reason.


The last tweet in series is lost, but not the last tweet in that time line… However, it must have still exited some time in the past as one anonymous group RT the infromation.

This is probably one of those things that is really hard to notice if you tweet a lot, and your information is lost in the search time line for some reason. My guess is because anonymous RT the information a bug exists that prevents similar information being too close together as it may be considered spamming, and so for some reason anonymous got preference to the tweet I created, but I still have the credit as they mentioned Gharr in their RT. The problem is that not everyone may want may see anonymous tweets.

The tweet still exists in my time line:

However under the search under The Venus Project, or Resource Based Economy, it does not exist, despite @AnonymSA_HQ seeing the tweet and re-writing it to:


☆ @EMMInRealLife has made some controversial videos to her songs/music. The music itself is quite good, but seems adult orientated to various degrees. The video from Judge me includes drug related themes, and that may affect the people I do all my work for (The #Chans). However after that video she made some other quite powerful videos that were dark, but possibly empowering for women. Her tweets indicate that she may still see things as a competitive, and conflict driven business world:

On twitter people seem more cooperative, and kind often, perhaps because we follow people that we like.

If we are to form a world community our songs and thoughts may need to change.

@EMMInRealLife may see glimpses of this world community ( “To all of my LGBTQ, Hispanic, female, Muslim friends and to my friends of color… I love you so much. I stand with you. #ImWithYou,” and “For me, I have always been DEEPLY passionate about women and had intense fire in my spirit and was soooo hated for it”)  and will move away from the us and them view, so we can all become a world community. So it’s possible her thoughts and sayings will unite with the thoughts of the global community, rather than “the competitive world we live in right now, where everyone is a potential prey to competition, and/or a sale” (general quote from Roxanne Meadows—from The Venus Project—when referring to the monetary system, and how it affects our very thoughts).

The above sayings could be changed to:

  1. “People hold a high opinion of you, that is why they choose to take an interest in you, or to collaborate with you.”
  2. “If people have their basic needs met, as would be the case in a Resource Based Economy, they could find the time to love their family, the people, and all life on this earth. They would want to take care of the earth and the environment that supports us all. If the word love is replaced with the word Extensionality—people that enhance our lives, then we would have many people that will make us feel loved, or know many people that enhance our lives even if a close partner has to leave us for some reason. Love is often associated with other types of relationships that don’t enhance our lives: Don’t kill the love song”
    1. In a RBE
      1. There are no armies
      2. There are no police
      3. There are no prisons
      4. There are no borders or countries, just a world community
      5. There is no government
      6. and a lot more…
  3. “If you have all your basic needs met, as would be the case in a Resource Based Economy, you could do anything you want to.”

Some of her music that sound cool:


☆ Tokyo 2020 Preview — Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony [music & preview]: #Japan ft. @H_ZETTRIO

☆ Songs in Tokyo2020 show on Rio2016 closing ceremony /リオ閉会式トーキョーショーの曲 ft. @H_ZETTRIO [music]: #Rio #Olympics #Japan

Seems there is a new style of twitter accounts

📌 @BreakThruRadio tweets about the indie scene: “BTRtoday is the world’s best source for indie-lifestyle. We ditch popular politics and focus on what YOU need to know, hear, and see.”


Lots happening in July/August #Wow

📌 Oh… I got followed on twitter by @RobotList… is that a good thing, or am I about to be replaced by a robot? 😀 Not sure if this one is neutral, for, or against robots… but the language, and pictures suggest against. #Dark_Future Of interest is the coverage of sex robots (apparently this will be a huge trend in the future, as robots become a part of our daily lives).

📌 “#artist, #educator, #author, social activist… #Yangon.” ~ @KristenPalana;

Kristina has some interesting portfolio of promotional and creative videos.

A fun sample of her video promotions #Education

📌 “Introduction: Give Your WordPress Website a Makeover. Divi Theme Spotlight” : ~
@KristenPalana #educator

She also may be an #activist for helping children in developing countries : 📌raises funds 4 housing, health, income generation, & education projects 4 children in dev. countries ~ @AurasHouse,

★ テミン (TAEMIN, ) — 「さよならひとり」//Goodbye Alone [Dance Practice ver. ]: via @movie_xtrend

New producer/singer

♬ @nnNeros ミセルバ渋谷, — 君がそばにいるように//Now you’re in a buckwheat noodles [song/music]:

♬ @nnNeros ミセルバ渋谷, — 余所事 歌ってみた//Another’s affair (Cover) [song/music]:

♬ @nnNeros ミセルバ渋谷, — さよならミッドナイト 歌ってみた//Midnight (Sayonara) Goodbye [song/music]:

♬ @nnNeros ミセルバ渋谷, — ポラリス//Polaris (Hatsune Miku #Vocaloid Cover) [song/music]:

♬ @nnNeros ミセルバ渋谷, — Feeling good 歌ってみた (Cover) [song/music]: #Jazz #Awesome

♬ @nnNeros ミセルバ渋谷, — コールドハンド 歌ってみた//Cold hand (Cover) [song/music]: ❧ #love_song

♬ @nnNeros ミセルバ渋谷, — Bound To You (Christina Aguilera Cover) [song/music]: #Awesome

♬ @nnNeros ミセルバ渋谷, — rain stops, good-bye (Hatsune Miku #Vocaloid Cover) [song/music]:

☆ Miku is so famous, that she even has singers like ♬ @nnNeros ミセルバ渋谷, making covers of her songs #Awesome #Vocaloid

♬ @nnNeros ミセルバ渋谷, — 「Calc.」 (Hatsune Miku #Vocaloid Cover) [song/music]:

♬ @nnNeros ミセルバ渋谷, — from Y to Y (Hatsune Miku #Vocaloid Cover) [song/music]:

✰ Strawhatz – Kimono [dance]:


📌 Youtube may have enabled a feature that blocks videos to various or all other countries other then the one the video is produced in. This is a problem for things like AKB48 videos for example (UZA Dance).

🎬 Austin Robert AKA @Austin_OnFire has announced in his short-bio that “| Singer | Song writer | Dreamer | Imagine, Create, Love | Currently in the studio writing debut record”

Austin Robert has no website or other related websites that are known yet… nor is the style of music apparent…


A group has decided to go the social media rout with T-Shirt designs, having some experience in the music industry probably helped… They seem to make various vlog video to build a community: They seem to understand that their social world is changing…

🎬 🚏 How 2 Build A Huge Valuable Following On Instagram [free Blog/ebook]: via @freeclothing, ❤ 🚥 🔶

🚏 Thanks @freeclothing, ❤ for the blogs/e-books & vlog videos. 🙂

up to …Ep 11

All videos up to this point have been shared: “Merciless” – TeeTubes_007 [vlog]:  via @freeclothing,

@freeclothing is a new style of company that should be interesting to a number of people, they are being innovative, experimental, and focused on a new type of audience.


Wind runner tweet by Kim Cameron & SideFX, @sidefxband:

She and SideFX seems to being some major gigs and promotions.


A DJ from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia has been getting some mentions of twitter, her twitter handle is Tori Roe, @toriclueless. This is one of her tracks shared on twitter by Gharr…

♬ CLUELESS — Clued In 001 [song/music mix]: #house (50 mins) played for techno chans.

A new style of twitter share for bandcamp:

The best that can be done normally: Tavonna Miller — In This Room [song/music]:

On bandcamp it has the option to share the music on twitter: “omg best track ever: this seems to make twitter use the embed picture/music option somehow.


there is a whole bunch of people and groups that are featured here recently:

  • @cc_alai, AKA ALAICC does #live music (only) that is quite nice to listen to.
  • @CollapsingScene: dark style video on vimeo
  • @ZONAVIBES: Interested in promoting a new single called Peace, Love, & Understanding. Soundcloud is not easily found, but it’s worth checking out:
  • @gangredofficial: A electronic style of music, & remixing.
  • @FarDestinymusic: edging in on gamer style music, but a new style that is not easily defined (at least by Gharr) and had to add lots of hash-tags to assist in describing what the music might be like. Like it!

K-Bust probably has a whole bunch of music that is not currently featured here, but might be of interest. Certainly worth checking out!

K-Bust – Topic on YouTube:

♬ @kbustofficial, feat. Nick Lucas — Fallin’ [song/music]:

Also got this share from @noka35520398,, no ka has shared some great content with Gharr on so many occasions, it’s really appreciated.

♬ ナタリのジブリ – 天空の城ラピュタ 君をのせて // Natalie Emmons — “Kimi wo Nosete” (“Carrying You”) [song/music]: ☆☆☆

The Japanese translates to: “Natali of Studio Ghibli – Laputa: Castle in the Sky put Kimi”

Kimi seems to relate to the self, but sometimes it’s not time related, and can relate to a younger self, or possibly a future self…

The actual translation is: “Carrying You : From Laputa ‘Castles In The Sky,'” but the above singer possibly acts it out as if it is herself she is moving to the castle in the sky that is featured in her video. Kimi is certainly an interesting word, with possibly lots of interpretations.

📝 There’s lot of shares with radio like shows that last for one, two, or more hours. Here is a sample by

John Harper (@johnnymercyside) Radio DJ for @FuseBallymoney is the announcer featured on the above radio show. He is known by a number of musicians and bands whose music Gharr likes to share including @RustyShipp.

Not sure how long these types of recordings hang around on the internet… (Ep. #28 stands for episode twenty-eight, but it is a nice touch as it seems like extended play record twenty eight—sweet).

And the grammer-girl (she can be found on the search engines of 2016) says there is no hard and fast rules to hyphens, and that is why twenty-eight comes in two forms in the above paragraph, because it looks good rather then follows the some strict rule…

🌎 Police take an interest in the Speaker For Gharr’s emails (Gharr is a group), the potential is that this website/blog/wordpress and other accounts could be potentially come under government control if they get the passwords for those emails… no reason for the interest in the emails were given… and the speaker for Gharr has no idea why an interest should be taken in emails and potentially this website/blog/wordpress and other related websites: such as twitter, pinterest and so on. New emails are probably on the horizon, because of this… if no valid reasons are given in the long term… Gharr doesn’t use emails for communications—it is merely to set up accounts. Gharr prefers to work in the public domain whenever possible.

And very appropriately Starar releases Ride:  ♛ @Stararband — Ride [song/music]:

That girl get credit for a good video and dance:—💎 Suppose the girl should get some credit: Dat vid good! Taylor Swift – Shake It Off [dance it girl, song/music]:

“I play drums, bass and guitar. I like to record in as few takes as possible.” ~ Chris Bloor,

“We are three brothers that love Jesus, music and having fun.” ~ OBB Music, @OBB_Music,

Those girl singer/dancers at Little Mix have come out with some new music: Secret Love Song; Love Me Like You; and Black Magic [[YouTube Chanel]]

New release for @Stararband: Our cover of The 1975’s Change of Heart… Enjoy! #the1975 #newmusic #coversong

New artist discovered, Alinkin has musical influences from the UK, Africa, and Ghana.

♬ Bulletproof Stockings have changed the way they share music, and now have less songs available for sharing (at the present moment).

New song discovered: ♬ Rusty Shipp (@RustyShipp, ) – Sinking Scarabs [song/music]:

Futurecop! (@futurecopx) puts out some new music after a long break from the scene, and includes some remixes.

Bass Rebels – No Copyright Music has been pumping out so much music, it’s hard to keep up with it:; and resorting to simply Re-Tweeting a lot of their work via @BassRebels

This is a sweet song: ♬ Thimlife – Friends [No Copyright Song/Music]: via @BassRebels, & @PrismGamingUK

Brianna Wu did a surprise share of music she and possibly her partner likes: ♬ Ferreck Dawn – Heaven Sent [song/music]: via Dev (Software); BusinessWomen; Advocate: @Spacekatgal

Here’s some additional music by Ferreck Dawn:



The Future Of Work #TheFutureOfWork is a popular topic on twitter, and often has widely different meanings.

Alex, @MWD_ALEX, Singer, Guitarist, and songwriter for Rock band MY WORLD DOWN: announces new music:,

Twitter Machine Blocking Application—does it exist…

Just got blocked on twitter with machine like speed by Dave M, Spot of the Loon XXXX (name not fully given, as it’s unimportant; nick named: army of dave).

What happened was that I made a comment on Re-tweeted-content that @ThatBlokeSean—a person who produces a considerable amount of tweets—produced. I probably like him as he shares music. When I realized that I forgot to RT Spot-of-the-Loon-XXXX’s tweet, and then went to do that, I found I was blocked…

Spot-of-the-Loon-XXXX seems to post a lot of pictures, and that means his posts are probably automated, so it is interesting to note that some automated programs might be set to block certain interactions automatically. Of further interest is that Spot-of-the-Loon-XXXX may operate under more than one automated account, that means that the same thing could potentially happen again. I’m not sure how twitter views automatons blocking people, or the reasons that an automation might give for blocking a human…

It’s also curious to wonder if automated twitter accounts can affect the reputations of human twitter accounts…

While it seems a little harsh to do that in my case, such apps (applications/programs) could be useful when you have children, and want to filter what type of accounts they are allowed to interact with. Might be interesting, if such programs are commercially available, to put this in internet safety section—as parents and carers are probably going to find it hard to monitor the internet 24/7.


Checked out some music by @cadenceusa “DJ/Producer | | |


#Video #Producer & #Musician David Thursby @dthursb is a recent graduate that is into covers (music), games, anime and possibly other projects. He likes to hang out with friends and is into MMOs. He will be working at two jobs apparently so his time will be limited.


♬ If you feel like going wild! Check out this website by @OficialCrankerR Techno | Jungle | Deep House


♫ Ollie James @DjOllieJames produces a 2 Hour Live Deep Tech & Techno House Mix [music and songs]:

2015 News


Laura Silver @laurasilver93 is possibly a member of the *Lithuanian* band Red Skies. She does post some adult content (only 457 tweets at last check) so it is hard to tell what her tweets will be normally like but defiantly #Scary #Chan level—she liked a picture of a little cute white bunny rabbit creature with huge scary sharp teeth, and huge black orbs for eyes is an example of this.

This is a demo from that band: Red Skies — Sinners [song/music]: via @laurasilver93

📌 Trump defends proposed Muslim ban from U.S. as outrage mounts [Trump causes US and international outrage, but he does manage to get lots of press coverage]:

Trump’s statements caused this comment by one twitter account: “Oh No! Was it Trump’s head?” ~ @GreenIceT,

@GreenIceT (Tom Wray), does seem to make random comments to many different twitter users, so it’s possible that comment was just a passing thought .

As for Trump, his comments might result in him to possibly splitting from his party, and become an independent, but that remains to be seen.


📌 “Musician, Political Science/History student, dog/cat dad. I used to have a band called Birds of Wales, now I’m fronting @bellwoodsmusic. Living in Toronto.” ~ Morgan Cameron Ross, @Morgan_C_Ross,

📌 “A Toronto based band revolving around Morgan Cameron Ross(Birds of Wales), Alan Snoddy (Stars), and like-minded friends and foe.” ~ Bellwoods, @Bellwoodsmusic,


📌 DFO Band has published a whole bunch of new music around 10 months ago. Just starting to share the new music now: on twitter. Great Material, very entertaining.


📌 Periscope: “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes. ”

In August 2015 Periscope has 10 million accounts ref:

📌 #Twitter #news Removing the 140-character limit from Direct Messages [blog]:

Tip via Bill Tan (Malaysia) @gugubird ref:

Before August or general news

♬ Looks like @arghavanmoeini is working on a new album: complete with full multi-track recoding and editing as required–professional!

📐 Interesting Architecture [picture]:

📐 I wonder if #Vanuatu can rebuild using 3D printed houses: 2 weeks construction time!!!

📐 #Vanuatu rebuild? 3D printed houses:  Design your own house #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy #shared_energy

📐 How might people design their own houses in the future: check out The Venus Project [website]: #ResourceBasedEconomy

📐 #TVP #Gamer #news Cities XL Platinum – BUILDING A FUTURISTIC CIRCULAR CITY [Part 01 video] : #ResourceBasedEconomy

📐 Want to check out what real circular cities might look like in the future: check out The Venus Project [website]:

☆ Naughty Boy – Home ft. ROMANS [song/music]: (to the homeless people of Vanuatu–may the homes be rebuilt)

2014 News

Hatsune Miku is going on tour with Lady GaGa—I am left speechless

Computer-Generated Pop Star Hatsune Miku to Join Lady Gaga on Tour [picture]: (this channel puts out adult material so I don’t want to promote it)

This apparently is Lady Gaga’s twitter account: @ladygaga and this is her mention of Hatsune Miku :

Virtual star Hatsune to tour with Lady Gaga [news]:

Virtual Diva Hatsune Miku [#vocaloid] to open for Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Ball Tour [news]:

  1. Hatsune Miku & Lady Gaga
  2. 6-May-14 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  3. 8-May-14 Pittsburgh, PA Consol Energy Center (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  4. 10-May-14 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  5. 12-May-14 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  6. 13-May-14 New York, NY Madison Square Garden (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  7. 15-May-14 Washington DC Verizon Center (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  8. 17-May-14 Detroit, MI Joe Louis Arena (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  9. 18-May-14 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  10. 20-May-14 St. Paul, MN XCEL Energy Center (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  11. 22-May-14 Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre (Support: Hatsune Miku) SOLD OUT
  12. 25-May-14 Calgary, AB Scotiabank Saddledome (Support: Hatsune Miku) SOLD OUT
  13. 26-May-14 Edmonton, AB Rexall Place (Support: Hatsune Miku) SOLD OUT
  14. 28-May-14 Seattle, WA Key Arena (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  15. 30-May-14 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  16. 2-Jun-14 San Diego, CA Viejas Arena (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  17. 3-Jun-14 San Jose, CA SAP Center at San Jose (Support: Hatsune Miku) Get Tickets
  18. via

2013 News

Beat Producers

The following is just thoughts about the beats and music production facilities. This industry is something that hangs around the edges of Gharr’s tweets for example–possibly search filters, and automated systems attracting them to follow Gharr on the social networks. It’s time to try to define what this industry’s form, and plans might be.

A subject that’s more complex than it might first seem, as home studios are becoming quite good, and musicians might be choosing to do the production stage at home.

If small independent musicians can get enough income, they might choose to get professionals to handle time-consuming production elements; so they can focus on the creative aspects of producing songs, and music. How many of these people exist will depend on how much the larger industries can control their numbers through massive infrastructure projects–on the internet for example.

It’s not always easy to get all the stuff that is going on in the music industry. One event, is that mixing machines–now computer programs can do some amazing things and “houses” can now produce massive amounts of “beats” in customized,  or “caned factory styles.”

One contact in this strange/new industry, has been found, or perhaps they found Gharr, and Gharr finally understood their significance to the music and entertainment industry–including the computer game industry for example.

This website focuses more on production of music is of considerable interest to Gharr, as it features several artists. The business also provides facilities for musicians to produce music (costs are mentioned on the website):

This group could do many things.

After watching the videos, this industry might have a big impact on remixes of music. However, it’s infrastructure depends on the same musicians making use of their facilities, so there is conflict there if the small-scale musicians resent having mixes, and covers made of their music by a company. On the other hand the company could make new versions of the musicians older music, but then it becomes a problem of marketing and getting musicians interested enough to make a financial commitment.

Also, musicians that have enough money might decide to ask such places to handle the more time-consuming aspects of music production.

This basic website/blog–it’s a nice down to earth feel website:

This website includes online radio show archives–a technology used by many, but live show video seems to becoming quite popular now days.

Thoughts on the strategy that this industry, and music producers might take

For creative musicians, they can use the beats as background perhaps. Obviously there is going to be some interesting copyright issues here, as a similar beat could be produced by two different producers; since there are probably a lot of people on this earth.

Another consideration is that big industries are trying to configure the internet according to their large range plans–but such long rang plans are essentially forecasts, and might be completely wrong for the internet. Because beats are fundamental to music, and this industry could become major: they need to be considered for scale-up (popularity) and how they will combine with other big industries and produce long-term aims and goals. Already the author has witnessed unnecessary crack downs on young and independent producers of music and songs–sometimes at random & without legitimate reasons via automated systems. The fundamental beat (just like the pattern of words in this article) should not be another reason used to control the music “industry” or “hobbyists.”

While this unreferenced thoughts on the industry might have substance, it is also true that beat producers could do a lot of good for the industry. Small time music producers often can play only a limited number of musical instruments, have limited to no mixing experience, and often only basic video editing knowledge. Some music producers also are poor and/or may suffer from health issues. Adding beats could breath a real life into these people’s music, but factory line music might not answer their needs… but on the good side, beats might encourage them to buy software and/or equipment that will help them make their own beats eventually.

Thus the beats industry could combine its efforts with software and hardware producers (via advertising and shares) to encourage customers to “upgrade to better things.”

Currently the industry is just selling or leasing beats:

Another direction this industry could take is off the internet for street performers, street gigs (such as dances), and shop background music: and perhaps that is the model they are using now… when moving to the internet…

Stars and Novas

Supernova G1.9+0.3 (Type Ia) explosion’s X-ray emission is mostly “synchrotron radiation [article]:” #astronomy

One of the youngest-known supernova remnants (G306.3—0.9) in the galaxy has been found [article]: #astronomy

—End of Page—

Shortened link to article: News [article]:



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