😻 The Interesting Things News

Current Edition: 🌸TITN😻201711: Tears Dance Group

Contents table

  1. January 2018
  2. December 2017
  3. November 2017
  4. October 2017
  5. September 2017
  6. End Notes
  7. Gharr’s Re-Branding November 2017, and how this news section was named
  8. Edition name conventions

🌸 TITN 😻 2018


More follows of interest φ)

    1. @PlugTalent https://www.plugtalent.com/ – “Powerful Marketing Automation Software For SMB’s” #MarketingAutomation, #SocialMediaAutomation, #Smallbiz” ⚠ Has grow your followers pop up boxes in links, and that’s linked the concept of some very agressive marketing.
      1. US Company
      2. Software is quite interesting, provides commercially interesting customer data, and facts
      3. Interesting, but not followed due to link to hard selling.
    2. Synthetic Dreams: it always surprises me that 8 or 16 bit, 90’s gamer musicians, and producers can be a part of the wilder crowd—no matter how innocent thier music may seem. Because of this it can be hard to follow and share the material because of the mixed in adult material. SN has shared quite a few of my entertainment tweets. This person or group probably promotes things in a similar way to Gharr. Made a new list because of this account, as some of the material shared is quite interesting even so. Some of the 90’s SF and other fiction material is quite powerful, can’t deny that, a time when we imagined anything was possible, and we were a free people and not constantly under surveilence: the NSA, and other gov-approved-agencies #Massive #Surveilence #Dragnet. The Sound-Cloud group seems to be a #tight #organized networked-group that re-posts each other’s music.
    3. 🐣 @nextreality_ has some virtual reality technogy/stuff. It is curated by 🏺 @deanfankhauser co-founder of 🏺 @Nuji. Not sure if this accunt will post much, but who knows how popular VR will become, or if we are moving up a promise/trend hill, followed by a dissapointment trough. Not Followed for the moment…
    4. 🐣 @_MenuX_ has few tweets, and seems to be interested in changing our food systems, starting with milk prodcution. The speaker is a Manager operations for @agricofarms [just the start] Pakistan @arfaamjadd, Co-founder and Executive Vice President @FurqanTahir14 of agricofarms. The problem with the dairy industry is many things. It is not stated how improvements will be made, simply the benifits of dairy is built upon, as a superfood. IMO the group needs more experience in the media, and time to formulate thier message, so it presents a clear plans, comparisons, and easily an understood message. This is not the case yet… IMO.
    5. Henk Hadders AKA @henkhadders, retired, has an impressive number of followers including Sovereign Awakening, and Noomap. Get the feeling this person is interested in imporving the world in many different ways, even outside his professional field. IMO he’s an organizer, and facilitor of communications for groups; a very useful person to have in leaderless groups.
    6. Very Ape TV has adult themes, some material is high impact RT material. Normally would not bother looking at this type of account, but since a new list was made for Synthetic Dreams, put them in that list also. Not followed, but will check thier tweets from time to time.
    7. 🗿 James Timothy White AKA @officialjtw, not mentioned on his profile, as he may be changing gears as he moved from Canada to US, but inicated in tweet stream: he’s a author of several books: https://www.amazon.com/James-Timothy-White/e/B005EPC2A2. He seems to be currently interested in realestate; drug-testing, and biometric background checks info for employees, and business partners(?). Too few tweets to guage where he is going with all this. Not followed yet…
    8. Eugene Capon AKA @CaponDesign “VR Evangelist, Designer, YouTuber and Public Speaker. CoFounder at ensoVerse. Host of VR talk show Glitched.” Not followed as yet as VR Tokyo supplies equivalent material. The VR field is going to mature, so this info channel is of interest.
    9. Frank O’Kelly Guitar AKA @FrankokGuitar “RGT@L.C.M. registered Guitar Tutor and Musician. You can never have too many guitars or cats!” Tweets some videos of guitar play, instruments, and musician’s equipment. Not followed yet… as seems to make very few tweets, and may instead be more suitable on lists, or contacts of interest.
    10. ⚠ Annon seems to be supporting a video that tells us to stop using social media, to stop communicationg with each other… that sounds good… sure the big-bussiness, military, and the government will approve(?) and like Annon a lot more now.

🌸 TITN 😻 2017


It is possible that Korean, Kpop short video singers are making 15 second videos as a normal stadard practice—and not posting any longer videos, or doing so very rarely. it’s very difficult to justify sharing such a short clip. Jut wondering where such trends are going…

▉{+p}▉Plus▉Privacy▉ AKA @PlusPrivacy “Personal #privacy dashboard service sponsored by the #EuropeanUnion”

Privacy Plus is open source, and can be viewed on github. Possibly needs some research, as these things are complex to analyse, given the attitude of governments around the world. However, this is quite an interesting tool, and a topic that is quite interesting.

Some people split video making sessions into short 1–5 minute topic based sessions (but statistically vary, often to longer videos. When viewed on the YouTube Channel, it creates a grid. This grid is time related possibly (but might be slightly independent if you promote the parts). The grid gives you an idea of what video and topics are interesting. This is a market research thing, and it is assumed that the videos are based on a body of market research, so the person is not just guessing when putting the effort into making the videos.

⭐️ @YunaSakuragi she is quite good a singing (a voice that sticks out), and the guitar skills are quite good, and bound to improve! Makes short videos on twitter for her music and songs. #Aweome

Updated tags, and categories for WordPress to reflect the re-branding of Gharr done in 2017. The framework that goes around a post or article here has become quite elaborate. This article has been updated because of the new understanding of Categories, and Tags: 🗃 How WordPress Lists Posts, Pages, Categories, & Tags work [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1ap

Not sure why Brian Tomkins AKA @BrianTomkins is followed, as the information he talks about is posted on Facebook, and automations probably place such posts on twitter. He seems to focus on Facebook and what it does. Not really the focus of my channel, and that makes his stuff difficult to share. There are a few people that interest Gharr, and do post on Facebook, but in general, such posts are avoided for sharing. There must be some reason why he was followed, so will stick at it, and continue to check out what he is posting on twitter. He does make odd references to who owns photographs. If an #AI composes a film or photograph, does the company that made the #AI own it, or does the person who own the equipment (but possibly not the #AI app)? Perhaps that is what sparked my interest in him—he thinks deeply about complex subjects, but makes them sound simple.

まさみん @ma_sa_mi_nn does short video songs. She sings well with guitar or piano accompaniment.

Deano Sutterfield AKA @KilltimeAd and KountingTheDAZE AKA @KTTDZ use the same YouTube channel, and advertise the same products. They don’t reference each other…


These three Japanese social media types:

  1. Blog: lineblog•me
  2. Live Video: showroom-live•com
  3. Live Video: live•line•me

Got a very strange log-in redirect for WordPress in Dec 2015 after a 502 (sever) error: https://wordpress.com/log-in?redirect_to=https%3A%2F%2Fwordpress.com%2F


More follows of interest ξ)

  • @ScooterBrownBND chose only one song, quite a few bands go for the adult style music, but not sure as yet where this band will head out to. Would guess they will go the adult music scene, but the desire to succeed, and to respect the past might drive them in different directions.
  • @zirqueboisdarc focuses on the standard bar side audience of the music, and is thus more adult orientated.
  • @three_cp strangely… don’t connect with any of the music…

♬ Scooter Brown Band AKA @ScooterBrownBND, https://www.scooterbrownband.com/ – “Georgia” [song/music]: https://youtu.be/GGct0fQXbeA #Problem #Solvers #Gift

More follows of interest II

  • Albert nsoukoula AKA @Albert84564310 has tweeted only 47 times May-October 2017, he’s bilingual possibly, but speaks French, while also saying he’s African: “I love all-being and all individuals, I am delighted to make your acquaintance.” He seems to have ties to Republic of Congo (One of the 3 official languages spoken is French): https://twitter.com/Albert84564310/status/920347687496626176. Not sure if twitter is the first choice social media for this person, not sure what is the most popular in Republic of Congo (if any).


  • @wonder_evo_live
  • 10/14米子 ワンダーライブ//10/14 Yonago Wonder Live
  • Listed on twitter under the new promo-fleeting tag
  • October 14, 2017 (Sat) We will hold a live event at the special stage of the Seventh Yonago Movie Incident (Patio Plaza).
  • hope [that the following acts will be performing:] # ILoVU # Aikawa Kozue # Hoshino Morning # Shogaku Mitsuori # Shirasaki Hatsune # Yonago Movie Incidents # Idol # Try dancing # Tottori # Yonago
  • This event seems like it is going to be big, judging from who is performing there.

More follows of interest

  • DJ Promo AKA @DJPromo6 ⚠ Material That is unsuitable for sharing on Gharr’s Channels has some adult only rated content, gamer content… They have a soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/djpromomusic1 with a huge [serious level] collection, for possibly DJ work… too few tweets to be considered to be a serious promoter as yet. Quite an interesting person or group, as can’t help to wonder what they use during their performance work [sound cloud only?]. It’s worth checking out what they decide to do on twitter in the near future.
  • Following: @kenshiroplus
  • Following: RYINA AKA @ri1712 Solo Artist http://ryina.jp/, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLHVmKKbJM0RpdESYgPkLpQ/videos
  • Following: @submersivemusic, http://www.submersivemusic.com/,
  • Not followed… yet… @DezMoneyMusic seen this musician before, not sure where the music is going… very few guides… possibly dark undertones… possibly adult content…
  • Avaritia (latin from greed) Greed = Greed Greed litrally AKA @Avarlce ([hindi]continuous [Turkish] by): 🐣🔔 not sure where this person is going with their tweets, and RT. They appear to support The Venus Project, but have only 20 tweets right now.
  • @godsandanimals: No idea, too early to tell. They only have one release on SoundCloud: Runaway People by Gods & Animals https://soundcloud.com/user-952803376/runawaypeople
    and that seems to be Jazz based.
    Soul / Funk / Blues / Psychedelic; Williamsburg, Brooklyn based band.
  • Following: @EliTidmoreMusic
  • @PhoenixTaylor11: Very close to making a full on music video.

Roll out 1: Code 26: policies

♬ RYINA AKA @ri1712, http://ryina.jp/ — ☆Punch☆ [the sky, and bring out the big dreams] ⭐️ [song/music]: https://youtu.be/eoBnFhEBxPM

♬ Submersive AKA @submersivemusic, http://www.submersivemusic.com/ — The Depths [music]: https://youtu.be/7KZ70qHOiWQ #Techno #Chans

♬ Submersive AKA @submersivemusic, http://www.submersivemusic.com/ — Threshold of Reality Album [vocals/music]: https://soundcloud.com/submersivemusic/sets/threshold-of-reality #Techno #Chans

♬ Haunted Like Human AKA @CodyClark_Music — River (Come Back Up) [song/music]: https://youtu.be/fda_gP-zfvo

♬ Eli Tidmore AKA @EliTidmoreMusic — Heart In My Phone [song/music]: https://soundcloud.com/eli-tidmore/heart-in-my-phone

♬ KENSHIRO+ AKA @kenshiroplus — Vengeance Preparations EP [song/music]: https://kenshiroplus.bandcamp.com/releases 🤖➕ #Gamer #Gig #VR #synthwave #outrun


Have different energy levels, motivations, and the re-branding effort is making for hard times in deciding how should be done… just drifting and observing what I do normally, and what is actually happening as I operate on the random schedule.

The speed of follows, and sometimes un-follows means I need to record stuff here, or might miss out on the chance to review if person or group has interesting material that can be shared.

📌 Adam Bouzane (D.EDDT, Building Technologist, Systems Administrator) will spearhead the operation to “begin initial procedures for the next phase of detailed design and production” for The Venus Project.

Repeating Media Questions

Quote “… the planning stages and will be years before buildings are built…” source: https://www.thevenusproject.com/multimedia/engineers-architects-technicians-wanted/ Sept 2017, comments section.

🌎 @TheVenusProject A question has been asked about accelerating a current project’s timeline: (-tweet-link-here-) ❧

(-🌎 @ZeitgeistVernon Will The Venus Project B cooperating with @onecommunityorg 2 accel. this (https://www.thevenusproject.com/multimedia/engineers-architects-technicians-wanted/) project’s timeline?-)

📌 Left a comment on Tokyo Girl about “Set of 3 travel pillows + earplugs + 3D eyebrows, Newest inflatable travel pillows, Portable travel pillows with carrying bag, Innovative pillow for plane, train, office for sleeping, relaxing:” https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/65224928/posts/1538037730 UMATRIX makes every task a mystery.

Finding travel pillow product on Amazon (Germany): https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B072DRYPZ3/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

End Notes

Re-branding of Gharr, Nov 2017

The name: The Interesting Things News (a word play on TIT News, and TITN—which sounds like kitten), was named after a famous, but also sad incident for Gharr. There was once a Vocaloid magazine (newspaper to be exact) called Vocaloid Cosplay that Gharr had known for years, and really enjoyed reading. To Gharr’s surprise! One day the The Vocaloid Cosplay was featuring some very hard core pornographic pictures. Gharr un-followed the twitter account that shared The Vocaloid Cosplay Magazine—to get a widest possibly audience, Gharr generally only shares content that the general audiences might feel is acceptable.

Really miss reading, and sharing the old style Vocaloid Cosplay magazine… but times are always changing.

Current Edition Naming convention for 🌸TITN😻The Interesting Things News

After deleting material here (to keep this article short), a new edition name is often produced. The edition number may use the following format: 🌸TITM😻year:month<:date is optional> as a standard default name, but other names may also be used if something significant happened around that date such as: 🌸TITM😻201711: Tears Dance Group

The concept of deleting material comes form the Serious Wonder website. They do a similar thing to here of referencing recent news. While original material is produced here, and may be placed in other places in WordPress or in related social networks, a lot of what goes here is about recent news. If the older stuff is important, it would have been mentioned in main line articles, or be incorporated into social networks like Twitter or Mastodon Social.

—End of Page—

Shortened link to article: 😻 The Interesting Things News [article]: http://wp.me/P10Tww-2jO 🗞


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