Popular (here) Band & Other Social Connections

The other social connections may be from sections not listed in:

  1. Connections On The Social Network. [Magazine]: http://wp.me/P10Tww-2gB
  2. ☆ Blogs, Web-Sites, News, Magazines, Media, Video Channels, Radio, T.V. Analogs [article]: http://wp.me/P10Tww-3Yo
  3. 🌎 Global Community Connections [article]: http://wp.me/P10Tww-4mG

They are generally active social media bands, and/or popular contacts that are worth taking an extra interest in. Not all groups, producers, and so on are shown here, they may be listed in other areas, or may be noticed in different ways.

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Shortened link to article: 🐦 Popular (here) Band & Other Social Connections [article]: http://wp.me/P10Tww-4mM