Connections On The Social Network, Magazine.


Many people have really good content that is great to share. This is a place to connect with those people (and groups).

Of Interest

  • @anthrovideolgst; Seti Speaks “Hack://2050 series creator, filmmaker, futurist, science, VR, technological singularity, artificial intelligence, and the merger of man & machine;” “An Exploration Of The Technological Singularity From The Eyes Of A Time Traveler”
  • @NatashaTsakos; “Show Creator • Visioneer • High Performance • inventing possibilities through theatrical experiences @TED speaker @SingularityU alumni;”; “A Talent of the Next Generation”
  • @Noomap; “Noomap is a holonic, mind-like technology revolutionising communication, collaboration and co-creation. Navigate imaginal worlds of perception and possibilities”
  • @VenusProjectDE; “The Venus Project is an organization that presents a feasible and realistic blueprint for social change.” #Germany
  • @YoungUnknowns “We’re a band in Brooklyn. We melt ice cream on your ears. You Are A Young Unknown.
  • Grimanesa Amoros, @grimanesaamoros is a light sculpture artist
  • Angel Lilly, @nmgal007: Knows of The Venus Project, and Michael C. Ruppert (oil collapse). She also has interest in aquaponics, aeroponics, and hydroponics. Also interests in soil, and food/plant growing.
  • Ulrich J van Vuuren, @UlrichJvV: #Johannesburg, #South #Africa; One human race. One love. One with nature.
  • @freeclothing; “Love People // Live .Free”
  • @Grimerica; “A loose cannon podcast featuring casual conversations with whomever we deem interesting…”
  • @Allison_JYX; “Sales of electronic components ( Hope to cooperate with you!;”
  • @HighTechPanda; “fictional character; Another Parallel Universe”
  • @jeffsmiles1019; Jeff Stewart; “Voice Artist, Actor, Singer, Animation Story Artist, Creator (Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Fox Animation!)…and Kind of a CHARACTER!!”
  • @NikiTaylorInc; “Agency: New York Model Management –, Manager: TRM Inc –;” “Niki Taylor has become one of the most successful international models of all time…”
  • @byDianaMarks: “Digital fashion influencer and blogger.”
  • No Longer Available: @adancersdays; “Musings of a semi-professional #ballerina/#collegestudent/#writer. Combing the web for the best #ballet media to send your way!”
  • @CitizenMaths; “A new, free, open way of learning maths at NQF Level 2. – @CalderdaleCol @ocrexams @IOE_London @UfiTrust;”; “Citizen Maths is for people who want to improve their grasp of maths…”
  • @jasperkoch_; “[old bio:] Venture Dev at StartupCVs. Sharing economy, innovative products, economics, startups and tech;” [still checking out how this person tweets…] (prev _jasperkoch_ but employment may have caused a change in handle, and profile bio)
  • Alt News Feed: @marc_ahx example tweet: un warns racial divisions are becoming serious.
  • ⚫️ @anakhemia ➕ grad dentist heading in the direction of public health and research, but became disillusioned with the industry, and decided to search for her true purpose to life. She felt drawn to music. She felt that going back to a skill she learned in her college days as a DJ was worthwhile, and music can be quite healing. It’s a great place to share emotions and ideas.
  • @CaylinBritt is a singer that is not currently backed by a band and possibly video mixer/producer. She makes songs every Friday at last check.

Dynamic Information (the online-community)

  1. Small Business Ideas 2013
  2. Software and Technology 2013 News
  3. ☆ Gharr’s Oshimen [article]:
  4. ☆ New Stage [article]:
  5. ☆ 美佳 みかずき @NoelleMikazuki‘s Promotions & Reviews [article]: but has periods of random hiatus (breaks from all that).
  6. Interesting Tweets
    1. @SheenaBratt1
    2. 📌 @VenusRisingInfo “Fusing original funk, folk, blues & more, advocating a Resource-Based Economy & The Venus Project.”
    3. 📌 @GlobalPathRec “Independent record label”
    4. @Stararband ( a whole bunch of great music released in 2014)
    5. Junki_DraceXII No longer active 4 twitter: (musician; metal bands; and artist), working with new metal band now…, came to my notice via Gackt fan Club. may also be related to, @SuiOfficial (Drace).
    6. @chocolate_pin Gackt fan club
      1. Blog:
    7. @RumiShishido (performer, actor, & musician)
    8. @mana_guitar (musician, and online-show host)
    9. @E_Blue_marinda (member of band)
    10. @AkiGlancy (vocaloid and UTAU music producer, also member live-vocaloid-show-producers)
    11.  ☆ノ彡 @neutrino_P [流れ星P, P中性微子] (previous twitter name @neutrino006)
      1. (Vocaloid Music & Song Producer, also supporter of live 3D Vocaloid Dancer Shows)
      2. BlueFly_color (Polish manga artist!) Expressed an interest in promoting own work and Neutrino’s songs. @Tomeiame  and Nixie Blue may be related to Blue/Butterfly. It remains to be seen what ideas this group comes up with, but they did mention Patreon.
    12. @ahsoft (Vocaloid Supplier)
    13. @tomo_ahs (live video shows & Business person)
    14. @SRealityP (Live 3D Dancing Vocaloid Show Producers)
    15. @Citizen_16 (Live 3D Dancing Vocaloid Shows & industrial style music)
    16. @ladfa_B (Vocaloid artist)
    17. ✎ @hey_leia (odd weather phenomena, space weather, space astronomy & science news—esp. earth distant past)
  7. All Those Interesting Websites, and Blogs [article]:
  8. ☆ New Stage [article]:

African News

  • ********************************************************************************
  • @SABCNewsOnline
  • @eNCA
  • @ANN7tv
  • @SocialSA_
    • “OFFICIAL Account of Social SA – a South African based Twitter Community Page. We place our focus in all things South African.”
  • ********************************************************************************

South Africa

Leandri J van Vuuren, @Lean3JvV seems interested in education. Some of this persons tweets are adult rated news, and political rated items—which are not generally the type of content that is suitable for the general audiences that Gharr tries to reach out to.

Bio: “Sportswoman turned Businesswoman || Humanitarian Campaigner || Digital & Social Media Marketing || Tech Writer || Media & Radio Personality || Advertising” ~ Leandri J van Vuuren

This person probably followed me because of company related tweet by Gharr: The company: @social_mediaSA,

“South Africa’s leading Social Media Marketing Agency | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Content | Workshops ||” ~ Social Media 101

Alternate & World

Creating a better world

  • “When the power of love overcomes the love of power , the world will know peace;”  GIL DON (#News, #Info): @Gil_Don, “TVP & RBE Supporter”
  • In a world of accelerating change, understanding how exponential tech works is critical to a child’s #future @PeterDiamandis (ref tweet: Bold Capital, Author of Abundance & BOLD. Passionate about space, Abundance & Longevity. #SingularityU #XPrize #Planetary_Resources @humanlongevity
  • Singularity University empowers leaders to leverage exponential technologies to solve global grand challenges. For tech news: @SingularityHub, @singularityu, A number of interesting people have attended this university including @NatashaTsakos
  • Massive, world changing competitions. Disruptive, breakthrough technology and innovation. We are a catalyst for the benefit of humanity. An innovation engine. @xprize, Helping Change The Future
  • The asteroid mining company: @PlanetaryRsrcs (may be mentioned in other places), Scans of asteroids, and it is assumed moons. Ceres is an instrument that will be turned to monitor the earth, and it will be a test platform that will enable the mass production of spacecraft (space transport), an the asteroids may be a possible source of rare metals and Hydrogen and Oxygen (electrolysed water is used for hydrogen fuel cells, and rocket fuel). In general the idea of low gravity fuel stations will help us expand into the solar system, but solar sails + gravity may also produce expansion possibilities. Ion engines are another possibility. Electrolysed water is used as a “cleanser and disinfectant / sanitizer (ref:”
  • The leading research institute in complex systems science theory and applications. #NextGenScience @NECSI, Solving Problems of Science and Society


  • @a1schmid “Policy Officer – Agriculture & Inclusive Growth | The ONE Campaign”
  • @NorbertBol “Sustainable Real Estate & Infrastructure Investment Strategies”
  • @SeriousWonder “#Future Tech, Design, Scifi, Transhumanism, … and Physics”
  • @KingNorthSudan “The world’s first #crowdsourced nation. “

Mobile Factory Amsterdam

Celestial Elf

“Machinima Animation Director. Think Trees, Mountains, Mythology, Environment, Earth, Ecology, Poems, Art, Animation, Animist, Explorer of Ologies and Issness.~”

🎥 A message from the future to “The Venus Project” is no longer available: reasons = unknown

The video about The Venus Project from Celestial Elf & comment can be found at the bottom of this article:

🎥 Milarepa The Yogi [mini-movie]:


  1. @justinjlockhar1
  2. @catjazz002
    1. “Thank you I know of RBE, Venus, all of it.” ~ ref
    2. “inhuman engineering inc.” and this may give a clearer view of actual communication.
  3. @OneTimePad7: The Venus Project supporter, but likes to hang out on other social networks; such as GNU Social.
    1. Tweet:
    2. GNU Social:
  4. @Celtic_Barb The Venus Project supporter, likes to use social networks to promote art.
    1. Art:
    2. The Best that Money Can’t Buy:
    3. FAQ, The Venus Project:
    4. Cool, posted my blog on FaceBook:
  5. End


Transhumanist Party

Transhumanist Plus (International Organization)

Opinion Leader & Former councillor (councilor US) for the City of Athens

Meditation Master

Human Rights: to be who you are

  • @SinghLions, ੴ #Sikh 👳🏻: #Sikh originated from India: and they don’t seek converts, but consider themselves not just a religion, but as having their own ethnic community. They also exist all over the world, they like English speaking countries (possibly because of historic ties with England, which occupied India for a short while), and have a reasonably sized population in Canada.

IOT, Cyber-Watchers, Transparency/Opaqueness, Encryption, Free Speech, People, Government

  • The Lazy Consultant: @LazyConsultant: “A global traveller’s view accompanied by a dry wit and occasional cynicism across security, management, law, business and the finer things in life.”
    • Gharr’s Comment: To see oneself as part of the global community is to appeal to all people… he’s also able to work with the government, and business communities. Understands law. Cyber security expert. Consultant. Advocate. Will be interesting to check out what he has to say.
  • Ref: Executive Master in Cybersecurity:


  • Anonymous: they can’t be referenced, they have no form, no identity (or so they say).


  • #IOT hash tag can give some useful insights



🎥 @FilmInAYear ( ) ►HARKER MOVIE PREMIER!! ◄[a thank you to crew]:

“Viver feliz é uma arte // Living happily is an art”

Erivaldo Siimons, Guarabira, Paraíba

is followed by Aeon Cruz (@aeonmonster) so may have links to show-business in some way or just be a fan/supporter of it.

FaceBook is not public, so unable to see what this actor likes to post. There is only 33 tweets from Mr Siimons, so currently that is not enough to get a gauge of what he does.

Erivaldo Siimons, @ErySiimons Ator e Cantor Paraibano, Aprendiz de Violoncelo. Apaixonado pelas Artes. // Actor and singer Paraiba, Cello’s Apprentice. Passionate about the arts.

No current public social network links (oct 2015)

Music Industry

Free No Copyright Music

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku Fansite (HMF)








  • 📌 “Musings of a semi-professional #ballerina/#collegestudent/#writer. Combing the web for the best #ballet media to send your way!” ~ @adancersdays,

Soars Music Channel

A Japanese style program that seems to be a very popular format in Japan. Have included it here because it may be of much more interest once more is understood about this channel. It seem quite zanny at first look though.

RT a ☆ [@omoware_chiemi & @emiko410] Virtual Rift RT of @SoarsMusic_CH

This is the “Autumn Festival 2015 Wonder TV⑥ ‘Virtual Rift'” video that was RT

📌 Autumn Festival 2015 // 秋フェス2015ワンダーTV⑥「想ワレ」// Virtual Rift [show]:


  • @IEMediaNewsCorp: close to 13,000 tweets at last check! Included news on 3D printing spider robots in space.
  • @PerceptionEng was the one that mentioned IE Media News in tweet, they supply a lot of technical information—such as healing the heart using 3D printing.

Space Industry

  1. @marsrader (Aerospace Engineer, and Ex-candidate for mission on Mars)
  2. @DarleneDenis (Ex-candidate for mission on Mars–to live there in a colony)
  3. @MelissaEde (Ex-candidate for mission on Mars–to live there in a colony)
  4. @Bob_Richards (Space entrepreneur. Orphan of Apollo. A Founder of the International Space University, Singularity University, SEDS, Space Generation & Moon Express (CEO).)
  5. @MarsOneProject
  6. @human_Mars
  7. @SpaceX  (Official Twitter for SpaceX, the future of space travel. I tweet about some of their launches).
  8. @elakdawalla (various useful information)
  9. @kennicosmith Instrument Builder for space telescopes & probes.
  10. @StarzanPlanets Astrophysicist, planetary scientist.

Games Industry

#PGUK Games & Networks

Production management, review and collaboration tool

API; Schema; File Management; Launchers, loaders, & Publishers; Engines and APPS; Pipeline Management; Dev Tools; Event Driven Automation; Integrations, Community.

It will be interesting what sort of questions and interactions this community has. Perhaps the twitter account or blogs will give some insight.

Recycling Industry

Clean Energy

Foodie or Reviewer


  • @ChefArtSmith
    • He has health issues and now favors:
      • vegetarian diets
      • community gardens
      • less processed foods
      • worries about GMO foods being owned by one company, just too much power.

Voice Overs

Businesses with websites seem to be searching for this information, so here it is. While it can be used for lip sync actors, it can also be used for virtual characters of any type. These character’s videos often sit on the front page of a website welcoming visitors or giving out relevant information.

Voice Bunny

The complex links between people and groups is easily lost, and it’s nice to have it all in one place.

  • @VoiceBunny
  • Founder & CEO of Voice Bunny: @torrenegra
  • Probably a freelance programmer: @foxxor
  • Possibly a recruitment agency that has Voice Bunny on its books: @Voice123
  • 🎤 “Voice Artist, Actor, Singer, Animation Story Artist, Creator…and Kind of a CHARACTER!!” ~ @jeffsmiles1019, 🎥


Kaylaa Blackwell

Publishing & Media

Nothing Here Yet

freelance designer, design, illustration, art, photography, smiles, & silly dances

Fashion & Models


Not sure how to promote models, but will check out the tweets of one of them and perhaps some clues might come from that direction. However the author suspects that they need to be promoted indirectly by the media they appear in, or the runway shows they participate in.

Interesting: It may be possible for musicians to feature short samples of their music for future albums on catwalksI had no idea that there might be such a place for short music samples.

#IOT Internet of Things

  • “Chief Scientist at Development Dimensions International (@DDIworld); Authoring & Curating on #leadership | #dataviz | #analytics | #bigdata | #hr” ~ @EvanSinar,
  • “Big thinking recruiters, specialising in Big Data, Data Science & Machine Learning. #BigData #DataScience #MachineLearning #InternetofThings #Analytics” ~ @BigCloudTeam,
  • “Latest news, reviews and videos on Wearables, Internet of Things and Smart Home” ~ @appcessoriesuk,
  • “Health care technology strategist and consultant, synthetic biology and biotech enthusiast, outer space nerd and MBA from UCLA Anderson” ~ @ajfoley
  • “Lead, #Research & Development ♦ Philosopher of Mind ♦ #Social #entrepreneur ♦ Futurist ♦ #InternetOfThngs and Open …” ~ @UpolEhsan,
  • 📌 “…helping companies implement Data Warehouse Automation and Predictive Financials” ~ @ceotimextender,



  • @SWEtalk ( the Society of Women Engineers)

Static Information

  1. Making Poems: The meaning of Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, & Poetry:
  2. Earthquakes Map [article]:
  3. Python & Raspberry Pi [article]:
  4. Software and Technology 2013 News [article]:
  5. Small Business Ideas 2013 [article]:
  6. Cybernated Farm Systems, @DouglasMallette [article]:
  7. The Venus Project Tags [article]: #TVP #RBE #TheVenusProject #ResourceBasedEconomy #like2
  8. Here’s a book for everyone [e-book]:

Interesting People & Groups

There are people and groups out there that are like gems and precious metals. They are simply unusual and interesting. They provide stuff that might just be interesting to read. Background work on technology and science for example are required, but they are not things that need to be shared, as usually the people interested in highly technical things are few in number for example. Also there is a need to revise things and check out if scientific ideas have changed–perhaps an old theory is found to be incomplete or wrong.

@Bradzang astronomy, theoretical physics, math, Philosophy, Chemistry, Chess and dance

This person has some tweets about interesting maths for example that’s nice to read, as it is either advanced math or university level maths for example. I’m not sure if he really comprehends all the stuff he mentions, but that does not matter, as he knows how to choose interesting references, and that is all that is required. He has no websites: a typical sign that he’s probably not a professional, or business.

Various Music


Website: is idol support app for mobile telephones.

Δ Edited

The winners of the Miss ID will be announced at the end of November it seems.


After a earthquake, there are energy shortages, political power debates, and possible power shifts. The people of Nepal are suffering also due to exploitation during of their vulnerability: as they are homeless, and suffer from supply shortages and the risk of disease. To get an idea of how much the people of Nepal have suffered after the earthquakes, check out ♬ @Swr_NM — I’ll Be [article]:

A bot (that did not use the full twitter handle) suggested I follow

Important Dates

  • Miku’s Birthday ♥♥♥ August 31st, 2007 (Debut Date); not actual age (she was probably 16 to 17 on that day–but she does not age as we do (in some cases she gets younger, in other cases much older)).

———End of Page———

Shortened link to article: Connections On The Social Network. [Magazine]:



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