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This page holds information that is considered as being a useful (and a vital) reference to Gharr’s work among numerous groups and communities.

Not only useful links will be stored here; because Gharr is about building communities.

A number of pages here on this website (and this page is one of them) is designed to make sure Gharr takes notice of the many communities and groups he’s interested in (that all of them has his attention). 2000+ contacts is a lot to handle, let alone understand.

The communities, rather then the stuff promoted her will always be the main focus of Gharr, So thank you to those who visit this website, surf the internet, and follow me on twitter–you are the reason why I am write all this, share things, and tweet so much.

I also hope you follow many of the  people and groups I promote for free ( and some of them are mentioned here). The people and groups I promote are the ones that have provided a lot the the content on twitter, and even here on this website–thank you.

If you are one of the people I promote, then this explains what I do: Gharr’s Short Bio [bio]:

Gun Lobby People

This is a very emotional issue, especially if people have died–emotional people are very hard to talk to.

This debate can occur at any time; and during the discussion I found myself needing a hyper-link to a video; and worried that I might not find it because I always prefer problem solving to cleaning up dead bodies and punishing the killer–it’s simply too late when that stage is reached.

This is the true story of an innocent victim, and a boy on death row :

Sex Changes, Homosexuals, and Suicide

This topic has all the topics parts you might never expect to see in your life-time, let alone discuss in public. In several countries these topics might even be against the law and have severe punishments: Fagot (anti-tank guided missile & Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15) & Faggot (slang used by today’s kids) [article]:

The internet has made this world smaller for me, I meet many communities, groups, & individuals that I might never normally hear from in my offline life. Of course I love being contacted by musicians, actors, and poets; but most of all, I like sharing things with you.

One of the musicians I like to promote was campaigning for the punishment of a reporter that may have been a major contributor (through the news channels) to a person who had just had a sex change committing suicide.  I respect this musician because I think by being in public view, he will make people feel more confident about themselves, and hopefully seek out help and support if they feel the need for it. So I was very relieved when he supported my views on this (preventing people from harming themselves)–even though he may feel very emotional about this topic:

If this world is to become one community, I feel we need to do more problem solving, and not worry about a situation only when people die, and criminals are punished after the crime. Often people are too emotional to think straight after such an event.

I wish that everyone on this small ball that drifts through space, can find a way to be friends, since technology is making this world smaller, and placing more and more power (information, technology, 3D printers, materials, and energy) into each of our hands–and I think the future of our world will be held by the communities that can make use of this new situation (I suggest that this community will be a worldwide community; that is a lot more friendly then it is today, as the barriers that divide us will no longer exist).

I also think that many of us know humanity is on the verge of a very big change–but we may not be sure of what the change will be exactly: “#engineer Very interesting talk by Danny Hills: of designs we don’t fully understand! #Future via @amandapalmer”

This is why I will appreciate peoples support on this matter more then they will ever know–because I feel these small steps will help us become better friends, and break down the things that divide us. Perhaps small steps like this will help the world’s people become one large community, and prevent many of the problems that occur today–such as poverty, hunger, wars, and so on–problems that right now many of us think are impossible to solve.

With today’s technology, I find it very hard to understand why such problems such as: poverty, hunger, and wars have not already been solved. Cybernated Farm Systems, @DouglasMallette [article]: “In the 21st century, it is unconscionable that any human being on the planet should go hungry, especially given our advanced technical capability to assist in producing food with minimal human labor input.”

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Shortened link to article: ☆ Interesting Stuff [article]:


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