Miku Historic

These historic songs might be useful for Miku’s birthday celebrations.

  1. ☆【Dreamy Theater Extend】Puzzle (パズル) by クワガタP ft Miku (Live mode by xtokashx) [song/music]: http://youtu.be/FnroP3y6LN0 #vocaloid
  2. ☆【Dreamy Theater Extend】Iroha Uta by 銀サク (ginsaku) ft Kagamine Rin [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/Hc3LO_KS9s0 #vocaloid
  3. ☆【Dreamy Theater Extend】Pazuru by apple41 ft Hatsune Miku [song/music]: http://youtu.be/bWkzvnaiQb8 #vocaloid
  4. ☆ 【Dreamy Theater Extend】Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo by doriko ft Hatsune Miku [song/music]: http://youtu.be/rj4GluWpPqE #vocaloid
  5. ☆ Project DIVA Extend – Cat Ears Switch (Christmas Ver.) [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/BumprRpQP38 #vocaloid
  6. ☆【Project DIVA Extend】Stardust Utopia by otetsu ft Megurine Luka (JPCSP/Fraps 720p HD) [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/K6py9V4gxBg #vocaloid
  7. ☆【Megpoid the Music#】KiLLER LADY by 8#Prince feat. Gumi【PV Edit by xtokashx】[dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/nyRCDoAc4zc #vocaloid
  8. ☆【Project DIVA F】Working for the Weekender Girl ft Hatsune Miku【PV Edit by xtokashx】[dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/EcUahP4PPNU #vocaloid
  9. ☆【Dreamy Theater Extend】RIP=RELEASE by minato ft Megurine Luka【PV Edit by xtokashx】[dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/or2a1JuWArs #vocaloid
  10. ☆【Project DIVA F】Monochrome∞Blue Sky by Noboru↑ ft Hatsune Miku w/English subs [song/music]: http://youtu.be/Z324BPGW-oA #vocaloid
  11. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】Innocence by KazuP ft Hatsune Miku [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/6qZT0W0n5Ug #vocaloid
  12. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】Sound by baker ft Hatsune Miku [song/music]: http://youtu.be/HxlsSLZ5BW8 #vocaloid
  13. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】From Y To Y by Jimmy-Thumb ft Hatsune Miku w/Meiko [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/1DjHdo9kngg #vocaloid
  14. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】Song Of Life by Travolta ft Hatsune Miku [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/Ngl9ALeAf5I #vocaloid
  15. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】PoPiPo by Lamaze-P ft Hatsune Miku [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/lB72RFdNdks #vocaloid
  16. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】Song Of Wastelands, Forests, And Magic by Travolta ft Hatsune Miku [dance]: http://youtu.be/8Ka6kvmWo6o #vocaloid
  17. ☆ 【Dreamy Theater 2nd】Dear Cocoa Girls by Aki Hata & Satoru Kosaki ft Hatsune Miku [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/-vcqoMPyhJM #vocaloid
  18. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】Melt by ryo ft Hatsune Miku [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/IX1g3AyVeE0 #vocaloid
  19. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】Meltdown by iroha/kuma ft Kagamine Rin [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/PLUunutfFq0 #vocaloid
  20. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】First Tone by malo ft Hatsune Miku [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/Z0DQNggzeH0 #vocaloid
  21. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】The Farthest Ends by Kobayashi Onyx ft Hatsune Miku [song/music]: http://youtu.be/LH5ziFQOn6A #vocaloid
  22. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】Double Lariat by AgoanikiP ft Megurine Luka (& Tako Luka) [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/wZCWjsIMgSA #vocaloid
  23. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】I’ll Make You Do The Miku Miku♪ (You’ll Do It) by ika_mo ft Hatsune Miku [dance]: http://youtu.be/cY9Ayixq86g #vocaloid
  24. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】Star Story by kz ft Hatsune Miku [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/uRD33rvEtsM #vocaloid
  25. ☆【Project DIVA F】タイムマシン Time Machine (Live Mode) by 164x40mP ft Hatsune Miku 【PS3 PV】[dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/eeFuhbMN5UM
  26. ☆【Project DIVA F】39 (Live Mode) by DECO*27 ft Hatsune Miku 【PS3 PV】 [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/LGeOWWtVD3o #vocaloid
  27. ☆【Project DIVA F】Weekender Girl (Live Mode) by kz / HachiojiP ft Hatsune Miku【PS3 PV】 [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/UN2kZyjWfGI #vocaloid
  28. ☆【Dreamy Theater 2nd】Gigantic Girl by 40mP ft Hatsune Miku  [dance/song/music]: http://youtu.be/ECL9qGS6j5E #vocaloid

–End Of Page–

—End of Page—

Shortened link to article: Miku Historic [article]: http://wp.me/P10Tww-2LM


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