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3 Responses to Gharr, I have a Question or Request.

  1. @Gharr_home Hi^^
    I’m Chris Leutwyler, the leader of Project Mikurone and I’ve just seen your actions on Twitter! 😀 Please let us contact you! Thanks

  2. gharrhome says:

    I have checked out Edguy123 (aka @B00bietrap I believe) and it’s possible your productions will be a little too adult orientated for my channel–I have a strong branding to keep: the appeal to the widest audience possible. Edguy123’s music video’s do rock, and are quite good though. You can find my branding statements in my bio: Gharr’s Short Bio [bio]: and stuff that I tend not to share with my community here: ☆ The legitimate(?) stuff I reject [article]:

    It’s quite possible that the Vocaloid song producer: @VocaloidSongs might like, and take a great interest in Edguy123’s (aka @B00bietrap‘s) music.

    I’m guessing that you will notice tweets to: @ProjectMikurone

    Thanks for your request. I don’t know your twitter account, or any of your other social network contact details. If you don’t like the social networks you are welcome to contact me on this (WordPress) website or here: (contact details are listed below).

    If you are unsure of how to use twitter, here are some things that might be useful to know: Twitter info-graphic made using (the kind of stuff that people like to share) [article]: #useful

    Gharr does not always get in direct contact with the people he promotes, but entertainers from all over the world use cues, to suggest when promotions are occurring, or hiring of people is going on–Gharr finds those cues and shares them… simple is it not!

    You have contacted me!

    Who do I think you should be contacting? other Vocaloid producers, and I think you should become a strong part of the world wide Vocaloid community. Another person that might be interested in what you do, is a Vocaloid music, and song producer called @VocaloidSongs; he also has a strong sense of community and is working with other Vocaloid producers:

    More Vocaloid producers are mentioned below, but I have mentioned them to you before.

    I have noticed you, I am very interested in you. I am also thinking about making an article on your group, once I feel you have something to offer to your future fans–that will exist all over the world. Why is a world wide audience relevant to you? Because live vocaloid concerts can also be transmitted all over the world to large screens (such as cinemas) and live event parties–think big, & start getting a world wide reputation now–when Gharr promotes you, that is the audience he likes to share things with!

    I suspect that I will only play a small part in you promotion efforts, and the sharing your music, and you will need to make connections with many people like me.

    I was not aware of your name previously: My contacts were @ProjectMikurone, @Micu_CH, @nibill, @Agea93, and @B00bietrap. I assume that they are still relevant.

    Gharr is a group, and a character (in a similar way that Miku is both a character and has official links to an organization). Confusing? Well, … there is some good news to this also. Gharr is more like your host who stays in the background and lets you get all the lime light–try not to melt, lol.

    • Gharr: “I like to promote people by staying in the background and making you the star!”
    • Gharr’s services are free–no cost. That also means Gharr does not accept payments of any kind. If you want to pay, or donate… then do it by supporting the people and groups you like or other artists or professionals that you admire. You are certainly welcome to show support for the many people I support. But for me, your fans are my main focus–because they are the people that will follow you, support you, and enjoy the things you produce.
    • Gharr’s Short Bio [bio]: (including contact details, and much more.)

    The contact details repeated here to save you time:

    Gharr is about promoting things, and private communications, such as emails, DM’s, mail and so forth are not preferred methods. Every communication is a really good opportunity for promoting your group, product, and/or self according to Gharr.

    So how does Gharr work?

    A) Gharr noticed you, and shared information; by giving you contacts in his network that might assist you:

    Vocalekt Visions: (note: this article will eventually be shifted and a new kick-starter campaign will be listed in this location)

    1) Vocalekt Visions: @Tempo_P
    2) Vocalekt Visions: @neutrino006 [流れ星P, P中性微子] (probably more approachable–if you are really into collaborative music making, stage performances &/or Vocaloids)
    3) Vocalekt Visions is also linked to this group: ☆ WVD01–World Vocaloid Dance 01 Group [article]: (you may need to contact them separately)

    Gharr is not a formal a member of Vocalekt Visions, but has had some conversations with @neutrino006 [流れ星P, P中性微子] over twitter, some of those conversations are mentioned in his article.

    B) Gharr also supports the communities that are part of his network.

    I noticed you are interested in:
    1) lighting: |_O)/♫ lighting, green screen & video making:
    2) Vocaloids: Buy your #vocaloid: and make it dance: today (special thanks to #Miku #Hatsune ❤❤❤)
    3) Business: ☯ The Business Model [article]: (simplified)
    4) Promotion: Gharr is a small part of that, you might think of Gharr as being like a taster. You will need may types of networkers to make marketing work well–if you choose to use that method of getting your message out to your customers (Gharr refers not to customers, but to communities in the business model mentioned above, because his focus only follows the above business model in general ways).
    5) Composers: Gharr has linked you with a community, and it’s hoped that the people you get to know in the music industry will continue to expand: @VocaloidSongs, Vocalekt Visions, @Tempo_P, & @neutrino006 [流れ星P, P中性微子] all have additional people they know–and they live all over the world! Your own band, might be useful with this as there are many projects out there that need musicians and singers; and the band members could easily make strong links with the Vocaloid community that will be invaluable later on. Collaborations can be done by people in different geographic locations now days: ♬ Worldwide Collaboration – Stratovarius – Black Diamond (Cover) [song/music]: #Amazing #Heavy #Metal
    6) MMD – MikuMikuDance: Certainly, a single color background (possibly pure black–similar to green/blue screen choice because it’s furtherest away from our skin color) might be handy. If you then edit out the background–Miku, and the other vocaloids could visit any place in Switzerland, just as she goes out and visits this dancer on one very special day: Nami Tamaki *Shining Star* DANCE x Miku Hatsune [dance]:,
    g) The band:, yeah, you already have one of those 😀

    Thanks for taking an interest in Gharr, and reading this article/reply.

    Note: this is a long document; it may contain errors; and it may be corrected at some time in the future without notice.

  3. gharrhome says:

      Thanks for your comment and offer tubeinspirations.

    I work for my followers and people that visit this blog among other things. My project is different from yours and the people that like my work, follow me, and read my blog have indicated that they don’t like marketers and plans like yours.

    Your project is aimed at a marketing approach (a system)–a subject that people I work with have indicated is not popular because they have seen too much of it and it is not often things that people like to share.

    That is not to say your project does not have merits, or will not be shared by people; it is simply saying that I can not be a part of your project.

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