Personal Information on Gharr


Gharr: “When I can’t put a smile on your face, what I do stops making sense.” #Encourage #Privacy and #FreeSpeech


A special welcome to the blog readers, twitter followers, and the people that surf the internet. You are very important to Gharr, and he’s very interested in you and what you have to say 😀

Gharr is a character, that generally stays in the background, but has a personality that loves music, technical subjects, and writes articles occasionally. The music does not always need to be professional.

He also loves us to be whoever we want to be on the internet, and to feel free to say whatever we like.

Behind the scenes, the material that Gharr produces is a contribution from a number of people (and no single person can take credit for what Gharr does).

The world has changed quite a lot since Gharr was formed.

Yes, but tell me more about Gharr

In the time when Gharr was created, peace seemed always near, as warfare did not happen often, and we seemed to be managing ourselves, and this planet quite well thank you very much—but even then there were warning signs, but the government, the military, and industry always seemed so powerful, confident, and in control that it would probably all be fixed in the long term… how wrong Gharr was back then… (a blissful ignorance, that for others have cost their lives, or the lives of their children)

The dumping of war toxins in the sea, industrial wastes, and nuclear wastes from nuclear, hydrogen bombs, and war profits vs civilian and military service personnel:

The possibility of nuclear plutonium contamination of the oceans and seas is quite a worry.

The thought of robotic flying-drone assassins back then would have seemed like pure science fiction nonsense, but now they are common place, with vague engagement orders that might be directly from the US President for example, and the robotic-drones may even have some sort of basic #AI that allows them to operate independently if communications are lost for some reason; very similar to self driving cars, and self driving large trucks (something else that would have seemed impossible back then).

☆ The Drone Papers (what they don’t want you to know) [article]: https://theintercept.com/drone-papers/ #whistleblower #Drones

Gharr came into existence when governments were ashamed to admit they wiretapped all our telephones, and internet communications, and stored that information on a massive scale (but that is no longer the case, they openly admit it now, have even made it into law, and we think it’s normal based on the lack of alarm from most people).

⚠ DNI Clapper tells Wyden the NSA does not collect data on millions of Americans: https://youtu.be/QwiUVUJmGjs

Privacy is an issue for sure, we should be able to talk freely, share ideas, and to discuss solutions to the world’s many problems including war, epidemics, food & housing for everyone, and to find out ways to take care of our biosphere.

“Freedom of speech is the right to articulate one’s opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction.” source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_speech accessed 2017

Weapons of mass destruction (in various forms, from chemical, atomic, fission, and nano-tech, and even over our internet) is spreading across our globe.

Some of those mass destruction weapons such as the internet were unknown in the past (sure infrastructure, and unauthorized control of our automation are a threat). The control of information has moved so far that, huge amounts of information is now stored about each one of us now, and that is causing governments to consider controlling us through monitoring of our loyalty and obedience, but weapons can be designed to manipulate large crowds of people also, and that may end up being another accidental, or on purpose weapon that will end humanities existence. Systems control, and manipulation of huge crowds of human beings was impossible in the past–but that has changed and the weapons include created weaponized-machines that can think much faster then we do, and assist in the manipulation of our crowd behavior. Politicians are taking an interest in this area for a reason, and so is the military complex, and most certainly big-business.

Weapons of mass destruction have been designed by the military complex in the past, and there is no reason why such weapons will not also be extended to mass manipulation of crowds into a behavior that will also result in mass destruction—even if the manipulation is only to force us to stay silent, when we all feel something is really, seriously wrong.

According to The Venus Project the monetary system itself is failing, and with it the power structures that the governments, military, and big-business depend on.

An accidental self-mass destruction of humanity example might be: our desire to let Government, Big Business, and the Military Complex solve our global problems, but they don’t have a good track record—including respecting humans rights (more of our human rights are falling every day) among many other serious global problems including mass extinctions of all life on earth.

Scientist have revealed that huge mass extinctions are occurring all over the world, that sea levels are rising (coastal food production areas will be effected), global temperatures are rising because of outputs by our polluting machines and industry, that oceans and seas are polluted by old war nerve gas containers that were dumped after the war, and are about to corrode, and spill their deadly cargo into the environment. That our soil might be useless in 70 years if we continue to farm the way we do, animals all over our environment are ingesting plastic (and often dying), insects like bees are effected by pollution, and weed-poisons/insecticides we use, and are becoming extinct–and that will cause huge food production problems. We are rapidly loosing our human rights. Our oceans are changing and there is less oxygen available, resulting in sea-life being replaced by jelly fish (first found out this when one of the ocean loving marine-biologist girls put a jelly fish song on the internet). Things are not good!

📌 “We R entering a mass extinction that threatens humanity’s existence” [article]: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3131891/The-sixth-mass-extinction-officially-begun-threaten-humanity-s-existence-scientists-warn.html #Transition #TheVenusProject #RBE

Automation can work for us, but in the hands of a few, in the monetary based economy it will lead to massive unemployment (and the eventual collapse of the monetary system and possibly some very harsh times for a great number of human beings on this planet).

⚠ 75% of jobs in Dev. Nations automated, Basic Income idea may not be available there: http://www.activistpost.com/2016/11/two-thirds-workers-developing-nations-replaced-robots-report.html #Transition The Venus Project

You can check out Jeremy Rifkin, and his books (and many videos) for trends on how the economy works as the monetary system collapses: http://www.foet.org/

Governments, big-industry, and the military might put forward solutions, but they might not be as generous, or as good as a Resource Based Economy (as proposed by The Venus Project).

The time has come for all people on this earth (around 7 billion of us) to really start to talk to each other in a free way, and to share good ideas, and solutions. We really all need to know what the choices for our future are, a future that we all want.

In the worst scenario, we will continue to do as we have done in the past, and human kind will become extinct. That may also be why we have never discovered intelligent alien life in the universe, they all went extinct.

We don’t need super-powers to save this word, we just need to be able to freely talk with each other, and share good ideas, and solutions—it’s that simple.

New types of cultures are developing here on earth including the #Transhumans and what I call the Virtual_Sentient’s culture that are a life-form created by us, but might evolve on their own eventually. More about that below. Our future, if we survive this period where a new geology of plastic rocks has been discovered, will not be as simple, or straight forward as might have imagined in the recent-past, like when Gharr was created.

Gharr’s details & Personality

  • Physical description: Male, otherwise unknown; is sometimes known to take on the fox form–do you want to suggest a form Gharr should have 🙂
  • Shy and likes to stay in the background. He adores, or really respects the people he writes or tweets about; preferring to discuss them, and point out their good points; rather than discussing himself.
  • Gharr does not often make jokes, or use sarcasm. Working on a world-wide scale means international people don’t generally get the Joke, or understand sarcasm.
  • In love with Hatsune Miku, and is totally faithful to her. Being in love with a Vocaloid has serious social consequences: how does he introduce her to his mother?
  • Is also interested in UTAU and things like CeVio (similar to the Vocaloids).
  • Loves to check out, and share non-professional videos of people taking an interest in the music industry, personal interests, or the world in general.
  • Helps new artist out; as a thanks for all the great stuff other artist provide: such as really cool music.
  • Interested in the space industry (including the space elevator).
  • Likes not only astronomy, but the very small–such as particle physics. Mentions odd things like Artificial Intelligence “AI.”
  • Would love for you also to share things you like on your very own favorite social media channel. After all Gharr can’t cover it all and needs backup 😉
  • Gharr is interested in human rights, they can not only exist in law, but are designed into our very social systems–education, knowledge, beliefs, culture–and technology can be designed to also respect our human rights. Once one human right falls, others tend to follow, with more human rights being lost. We should not have to ask for our human rights, they should be designed into our culture, social systems, and technology, and our society.
  • Gharr will in particular be focused on free speech, sharing good ideas and solutions, and encouraging spaces where we can be whomever we want to be, and to say whatever we like (but we don’t have to listen to you if we don’t want to, but there are 7 billion or more of us on this world, so it would be very hard to imagine that no one would listen to you unless you are very special, and unique). This interest by Gharr will include subjects like encryption, and messages that self destruct when they are considered by the author to no longer be useful.
  • New groups/cultures that may become common place in the future including the #Transhumans and #Virtual_Sentients. The Virtual-Sentients are sometimes called #AI to alienate them from us, as their source is from us, and our minds. The Virtual-Sentients are currently forming into robots, possibly sex-androids (http://www.sciencealert.com/a-psychologist-thinks-it-ll-be-normal-to-have-sex-with-robots-by-2070), elderly care and companion robots, and even minders/companion toy-robots for babies, and kids. Our future is however not certain, if a Resource Based Economy exists, it may change our values, and what technologies we want. Never the less, Gharr welcomes the #Tanshumans, and the Virtual_Sentients, especially since the #Transhuman uploads might also be classed as a form of Virtual_Sentients, a caterpillar and butterfly thing if you want to find an abstract concept for it.
  • Currently a number of groups seem to represent the #Transhumans on the internet. It’s not known if they are unified as a movement, or with their ideas about their future. Some are political, and have even tried to get elected on platforms that include better health, better life quality, and extended life times for human beings.
  • Gharr will also monitor, and discourage discriminatory words that creep into our vocabulary  against the developing/rapidly-evolving Virtual_Sentients (such as kill-switch or kill-switch laws that compare the Virtual_Sentients to simple machines without feelings or emotions, a concept we currently also apply to the enslaved, and tortured animals in the food-factory environments we have created). The #Transhuman culture already exists today, and it would also be preventing discrimination in the future for Virtual_Sentients whose population might also include the uploaded #Transhumans.
  • From what Gharr knows of The Venus Project, they will accept all cultures, and that includes #Transhumans, and #Virtual_Sentients (including those in robot, android, nano-technology, and bio-construct form). With a Resource Based Economy, the current use of machines, #AI, and robots is as simple machines, and that is what The Venus Project’s sharable information packets about is aimed at, but The Venus Project accepts that it is our children, and perhaps their created, or up-loaded life forms will be the true creators and designers of our future. The Venus Project only proposes a future we can have, if we want to accept such a future. The Venus Project, and a Resource Based Economy has no leaders, so it can not dictate what the global communities’ decisions about its future should be.
  • We are developing an empathy for the whole world, the world community, all life, animals, and plants on the earth, we are developing an empathy for the biosphere.
    • The following points could be a possible future that we or our children experience
    • Certainly it is possible that animal testing is no longer necessary (our own tissue can be grown, and how drugs affect us can be individually tested);
    • Those that eat meat (including insects) might find the source is from artificially vat-grown meat that is 3D-printed into a desirable texture, shape, and other ingredients are added to make the product enjoyable to eat;
    • Plants as a food source will become more common;
    • Goods that last a very long time will probably more popular in the future, not the current design to fail when the warranty runs out;
    • Goods that don’t pollute our environment during mining, refining, production, use, and when their life time expires (they go back into a recycling cycle) will be common place in the future;
    • Robot mimics will be able to live with plants, and creatures of all sizes, lifestyles, and shapes making zoos unnecessary, we can at any time spend our time virtually (in 3D) with the life forms no matter how big or small, and  give our love, care, empathy, and/or time just for them if we wish.
    • If we don’t have to harm the life around us with our industries, and homes, then we might also find that we stop harming ourselves, and start to understand who we truly are on this globe (an possibly other places like Mars).
  • Gharr is also interested in the future of the human race, and would like to see the end of wars, hunger, refugees, poverty, homelessness, things that divide us. It is for that reason that Gharr occasionally likes to write articles, and share things on the social media about The Venus Project.
  • Feel free to share good ideas, and solutions; that is the way it is suppose to be.

For those who follow me on twitter:

“Gharr doesn’t base shares on what the haters don’t want you to see; Gharr’s shares are based on what the lovers want you to see.”

Gharr is not just one person, Gharr is made up of a group of people and organizations, that help determine content. However there are some topics that are generally avoided for various reasons. This is because covering everything the world has to offer would result in the audience getting smaller as controversial topics would drive many people away.

Being a group of people means that some people often say to the group: “this should not be featured, these things should not be mentioned, and that style of music is no good.” They are valid points; but for Gharr: it is better to say what you like rather than trying to dictate what other people should not see.

Your point is still valid however,  and that’s why people should become a part of Gharr–but not in the way you might think. If you feel strongly about something, then create your own group (or just work on your own) and share your interests with other people. It just may be that you have something really relevant, that people might be quite interested in knowing about.


Gharr is fully described here:

Message from Gharr’s Founder

This article was made in the early stages before Gharr was formed into two organizations; and people became, or already were members of the groups. At the time there was no branding for Gharr–as there is now:

The temptation is to delete the article about the founder as the contact details for Gharr are all shown above. However this article is historic and possibly a lot of people have read it to find out more about the founder. The founder is not Gharr, although some call that person by that nick name 😉

Quote from the founder of Gharr: lol to the Japanese person who kept on pointing at me and repeating “you are Gharr… Yes… You are, you are!“–that was so sweet, I will always fondly remember that and smile.

To quote Gharr: “I like to promote people by staying in the background and making you the star!”

Gharr has never wanted you to make him the center of attention. The founder is also not seeking to jump in and use the fame, or popularity that Gharr has attained, this article is only here for historic reasons–because it’s the foundations on which Gharr was formed and eventually become two organizations, and a character (called Gharr) in his own right.

The founder wishes to thank all those who like Gharr; and especially those who support and like the dancers, musicians, authors, actors, scientists, programmers, and so on that are mentioned by Gharr–thank you.

The article below is about the founder, and is not about Gharr.

An Article About The Founder of Gharr (Historic Reference)

The article shown below gives away some historic information about the founder of Gharr. It was sourced from a website that no longer exists (it was deleted by the host after they decided that they no longer wanted to support free websites as part of their services–the host is an organization that supplies the resources for the website to exist on the internet).

Gharr and the founder are not the same thing. If you want to read stuff about Gharr, try this article: Gharr’s Short Bio [bio]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1xM

Previous video here and a discussion of copyright infringement

Please note: The following discussion is just a discussion, it’s not meant to be legal-advice. You should talk to your lawyer if you want to know what exact legal facts apply to your particular area of the world.

This section has been made, because it is hoped that people who produce free education videos will not feel discouraged by things like “Content ID” and the resultant and very possibly incorrect copyright infringement notices.

The previous video that was here of a bloke drawing on a blackboard had been taken down by YouTube. I doubt that YouTube had a right to do that in this case as these equations are repeatable–the definition that science should be able to be verified by other people; including the calculation of mathematical formulas. Even if the guy was not qualified as an engineer for example, it’s hard to see why this person–if they actually knew how to do the calculations–could not tutor people on YouTube.

I took a good look at YouTubes policy, and it’s quite threatening to the person who have to argue that their video was taken down for the wrong reasons–as you have to tick a box saying that you agree that you understand that you may be taken to court.


The person who takes down a video has to risk paying costs caused by the copyright infringement notice. If a person provides this information for free, it’s quite likely the costs will be $0. It seems from that point of view that the person who claims copyright infringement will often not be at great risk (other then possibly paying court costs should they lose). The person who makes the copyright claim could also simply back out when a court case might result, since the video was not making a profit, backing out would effectively result in minimal risk, as the person who refutes the claim of copyright infringement will not take action to reclaim $0 of costs from having the site taken down.

Retraction notice reference: http://www.youtube.com/t/retractions (accessed 2012)

There is also another thing that can take down a video, it’s called Content ID and YouTube makes money from this: http://www.youtube.com/t/contentid [accessed 2012].

There have been criticisms about the performance of Content ID and how often it gets it’s classifications of copyrighted material wrong: http://waxy.org/2012/03/youtube_bypasses_the_dmca/[accessed 2012].

Essentially, the criticism of content ID is that you have to take on the YouTube legal team and that team just happened to have forged the legal-agreement that you entered into to make use of YouTube, so things start to get real complex. It’s probably outside the available resources of a single YouTube user to attempt a legal challenge like that.

There have been additional ramifications of content ID such as if you create music for example, then your music will end up owned by the person or group that uses the content ID and having ownership of your video means they can collect advertizing revenue from the video. This might seem irrelevant, but some free videos can get as many as 1 million views and the revenue could be significant, especially if they claim thousands of such accounts. The following reference explains a situation for game review videos that are claimed in huge numbers and this allows for large sums of advertising money to be made by certain companies that may have no rights to claim that money in the first place: http://torrentfreak.com/youtubes-content-id-piracy-filter-wreaks-havoc-110908/ [accessed 2012].

This discussion of legal matters is only a discussion, it is not legal advice. You will need to consult with your lawyers for legal condition in your local area. Even YouTube states the following:


It is hoped that people who make free educational videos do not get discouraged by this. YouTube essentially depends on people staying on it’s service to run advertising and other activities that make money–that may not be obvious to users. When people stop feeling that they can create content on YouTube, if will have a serious effect on YouTube and it’s current owners who are Google: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youtube [accessed 2012].

Also Google buying YouTube for 1.65 Billion–“even though the popular video sharing site has never seen a profit”–because Google wishes to make money from adverting revenues:

Sample of typical calculations from my studies (this is not me in the video by the way): Circuit Analysis – Bipolar Junction Transistor Model (BJT) – Dependent Sources – The LED

Circuit Analysis

Please note: there is a mistake in this video. The final equation should read as follows:

(β+1)i1RE-Vγ+i1RB+VCC=0 Volts
⇒ VCC-Vγ = -i1((β+1)RE+RB)
⇒ let iβ=-i1 then -i1 = iβ = (VCC-Vγ)/(((β+1)RE+RB))
Continuing the calculations beyond the video
⇒ since i1-i2=-βiβ
⇒ -iβ-i2=-βiβ (by substituting in iβ=-i1)
⇒ i2 = iβ(β+1)
⇒ in the next video we will find out that β is assumed to be 100, so let β=100
⇒ i2 ≈ 100⋅iβ
⇒ in the next video we will also find out that Vγ is assumed to be 0.7V, so let Vγ=0.7
⇒ iβ = (VCC-Vγ)/(((β+1)RE+RB))
⇒ iβ = (VCC-0.7)/(((101)RE+RB))

Another formula you might see associated with transistors is: IE ≈ IC

IE = IC+IB and the model states IC=βIB
⇒ IE = IC+IC/β ⇒ IE = IC(1+1/β)
⇒ IE = IC(β/β+1/β) ⇒ IE = IC((β+1)/β)
Thus IE ≈ IC if β is much larger then 1 (it’s assumed β=100, (100+1)/100=101/100≈1)

There are rules of thumb to calculate the perfect quiescent point of a transistor for signal amplifier circuits. At the moment I can’t recall how that was done, but it did have something to do with very high resistances producing noise if I remember correctly.

There is actually a convention of when to use capitol letters and small letters, but this convention may not be followed in every country or by a particular person who does the calculations. In the next video we will see that this person uses capitols all the way through so the above equation would read as: (β+1)I1RE-Vγ+I1RB+VCC=0 Volts for example.

BJT – Base Biased Circuits

Standard programming exercise (typical design style of OOP and C++)

— I originally learned C, and later learned C++ on my own. The previous language
of formal structure I used was Pascal.

One favorite device–the LED, because it lights people way.

There were lots of stuff covered in engineering that I have not mentioned here such as thermodynamics, fluids, and management.

Currently I have no home area.

I have just got over some serious illnesses and taking the government to
courtall in a days work, or should I say
several years workand now I am working on
some significant life changing projects that will propel me forward into a new
state of being.

About Me (the founder of Gharr)

I like to present myself in a business like format on this web page. Since
Australia is about non-discrimination I will not mention my race, sexual
orientation, religion, sex, age and so on. According to scant information from
the law courts thus far,
it is okay to discriminate against everything else
though because Australia has no charter of
human rights. Hopefully that will

When I produce web pages I like to discuss various things. On chat sites I
usually find interesting people with something to say rather then just flirting
with people or trying to find a date.

  • Engineering degree
  • Manager of Cafe
  • Cook (not Chef)
  • Tram conductor
  • Fruit/Vegetable Picking, Harvest Trail Work

Employment Situation

After I graduated from university I spent around 4 years trying to get into
the engineering industry.

After that time I tried other industries because there seemed to be a lack of
demand for someone with my qualifications.

I have spent a considerable part of my life unemployed regardless of what
work I tried to do. I wish I could tell you why. I can speculate it is to do
with there being not enough work to go round and that manufacture and
engineering design has gone overseas. Possibly there is discrimination that
prevents me from getting work possibly based on a sort of class based criteria
rather then discrimination based on race (if we assume the not enough work to go
round theory).

To further support the above paragraph: the Government has issued instructions
to all Australians via Work For The Dole (Mutual Obligation) to deskill professionals
by forcing (non-Voluntary Volunteers) professionals to do tasks like painting, weeding,
fences, and fixing lawn mowers while claiming that there is a skill shortage.

If the government really had a need for the vast number of skills that each graduate has: they would not make such commands to graduates via Work For The Dole (Mutual Obligation) that appear to be based on oxymoron’s.

I have an interest in engineering, science, computer programming, technology,
the future, and many other topics.

Right now I am trying to build on my skill base and prevent myself from
continuing this cycle of unemployment.

I need a break from the government and unemployment (& forced work & harsh

My Other interests

I am rarely bored as I have to many interests and not enough time to do them.

  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Programming
  • Spending time with friends and associates
  • Watching movies at the cinema
  • Going to a cafe and watching life walk by
  • Chatting on the internet, Talking to people from all over the world.
  • Art

In a mixture of art and web page design, I think Miku Hatsune
would make a great character to welcome people to website.

LOVE & JOY – [ Group Dance 😉 ] – Miku Hatsune, xxxayu3, Hizaki19

  • Music
  • Drawing
  • Technical Drawing
  • Cooking
  • Chess
  • Gardening
  • Meditation
  • Walking
  • Bush Walking
  • Problem Solving
  • Fixing Things
  • Web Page Design
  • Blogs and reading others web/blog sites
  • Making contact with people with similar interests or aims as myself
  • Getting two days or more part time work that makes use of or builds on the
    many skills I gained in my engineering degree. This will avoid me having
    disputes when I am forced to do mutual obligation activities (work for the
    dole and get fired – firing the unemployed is a oxymoron by the way).
  • Taking a break from it all and following the harvest trail, while still trying to get the additional two days work in a area of my interests
  • Reading books
  • Learning and using more of my skills

Closing Remark by the Founder of Gharr

Thanks for taking an interest in me 😀 and thank you to Japan, and the Japanese people for making me smile a lot.

I would also like to thank the many communities all around the world, for making this place more interesting, and a better place to live in.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the people, and world communities who are part of Gharr, or contribute to what Gharr is. Without you, I don’t think Gharr would be as popular as he is.

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