Rebranding 2018: Being a entertainer, performer, host, creator, designer, speaker, guide, facilitator, moderator, consultant

(◕ω◕) Rebranding 2018: Being an entertainer, performer, host, creator, designer, speaker, guide, facilitator, moderator, consultant is about fundamental changes in who Gharr is as a character, how the founder realized that Gharr changes as the founder changes—unexpected surprise, and as the founder becomes all of the above labels, the founder—and any speaker for Gharr—also becomes an actor, portraying Gharr, and that actor (The Character Called Gharr) will also change who the founder is, and possibly the speaker for Gharr. It is hard to believe how a fictional character can become reality in our world, and change even the founder… starting to understand who #Miku really is now ❤❤❤

Gharr is also a group, the nature of what Gharr is not a simple one. Gharr reflects aspects of the the Group called Gharr, and is not simply created from the founder, or the speaker for Gharr. So the character called Gharr is linked to the founder, but is also linked to the members of Gharr. So the members of Gharr also help create who Gharr is, and that Gharr changes who the founder is (and may also change who the speaker for Gharr is).

Another part of Gharr, is the featuring of performances, and concepts: technical, economic, bitcoin-art, other people’s tweets, other people’s articles. That is that the channel called Gharr (that exists on the website called WordPress, and other social media) will also feature other content that may or may not be aligned to what Gharr is. That is: allowing other groups, people, characters (even Miku) to shine, and influence the people that follow Gharr, or web-surfers that visit Gharr’s social media.

Gharr will no longer remain in the background, and just let the stars shine brightly, but hopes that a synergy will develop as Gharr becomes a entertainer, performer, host, creator, designer, speaker, guide, facilitator, moderator, consultant.

The founder for Gharr, and speakers for Gharr, will also face the challenges of being an actor, and how that actor, or character will alter who these people are.

Yes I still care about you // those billions of lights // and the way you also care about me #Friend #Short #Poem

When Gharr performs for you, often as a host to share, and promote music, there is no solid program, and from moment to moment, am never sure what exactly will happen, it is a lot like a stream of wonderful mind storms, that seem to always turn out really well.

But it does take a lot of work, to get the contacts, and to understand the music, and songs as much as possible. In being creative, and still wishing to make shows as done in the past, may need some automation productivity tools… but hope to avoid them, as the people Gharr respects, and are his mentors always minimize the use of such stuff, and make it all look very personal—even when they have a million followers #WOW.

Want to do what Gharr does, well the below material may help you do that.

Have you ever wondered how the group that is Gharr works… well here is a basic explanation. Part of the contacts are what you might think as normal, and some people Gharr interacts with directly influence him. But in The Venus Project, and a Resource Based Economy people will create so much stuff, and between so many cultures, that direct contact will be impossible, and sometimes difficult if the cultures tend to focus on differences, rather then what we have in common. Gharr’s group are people who put out stuff on the public network, and make use of things like Creative Commons (both pictures, and designs of a technical nature), and the The GNU General Public License (for programs). They also may use project collaboration tools if they work together, a style that seems to be popular among professionals, and The Venus Project for example—and should be very popular in a Resource Based Economy as proposed by #TVP. Gharr is influenced by the public domain, and turn the public domain is influenced by Gharr possibly… It is totally okay for the #Techno #Chans to remain anonymous, it is what you make, and create that Gharr loves, and is interested in. You are part of Gharr’s group, even if in real life we can’t talk, or may not even get along that well, love what you do.

To focus on what we have in common, people will do the following:

1) This is my take on creative projects, and working with others. We are all free to do whatever we want, the idea of what will benefit others, our culture, people all over the world, and even our the health of our planet is something interesting. It is the empathy we feel towards others and this world that has extended from our local contacts, to our imaginary bordered country, to the whole world. We love all this world, it is our home after all. 📌 edited… from ☆ Semi-Retirement Mix [article]: & read at Jul 2018

2) looking at twitter for years, people are not reaching out to work with other people, they just pump out stuff. Even if work can not progress without other specialists (such as dancers needing relevant background music, and songs), people still don’t reach out, unless word of mouth informs them that material is already available for them to use to help their projects out. This sharing of ideas, and concepts is also a project in itself. This is a strength not a weakness! This allows sharing and mixing, and creation on a massive global, and even solar-system scale. It focuses on the common ground between all cultures. 📌 Remixed, and altered from ☆ Semi-Retirement Mix [article]: & read at Jul 2018

3) Projects that “work with others” are leaderless, and they are not organized, except by you when you work on your own material. You can take your own work (including commentary on what you do, a sort of news), or work with stuff others leave around in the public sphere. 📌 from ☆ Semi-Retirement Mix [article]: & read at Jul 2018

4) Working with others is abstract, as just because you use other people’s stuff to make new stuff, does not mean that they will notice your efforts, and it’s possible that someone else who has similar interests will notice instead. 📌 from ☆ Semi-Retirement Mix [article]: & read at Jul 2018

5) You leave your work in the public sphere (unless you choose to use the business for profit approach), but there is the matter of if people will notice your project or not. Getting people to notice what you do can be a full time project in itself. Musicians often face this challenge, but so do technical people, speakers, authors, and gamers. 📌 from ☆ Semi-Retirement Mix [article]: & read at Jul 2018

“Quote from Gharr: “People don’t seem to work together, they just like to make things.”

While this re-brand statement may be short in summary: Gharr will become an entertainer, performer, host, creator, designer, speaker, guide, facilitator, moderator, consultant.

The changes will be major in many ways, but hopefully those who love Gharr, my #Techno #Chan bosses, and other groups who Gharr works, or volunteers for, will still love and enjoy what Gharr does even more, as he gains more dimensions.

✎ You may never know, or notice me, but thank you for all you do to inspire me on the public networks, and I may never truly know who you are, as some of you are anonymous, and others only reveal specific things about themselves on the public networks—the principal of being whoever you want to be. [to my] #Senpai ❤ #Poem



⭐️ Be Whoever You Want To Be, Say Whatever You Like ⭐️

⭐️ Don’t forget that most of the posts I do here, and the music also 🚪Works on TOR✅ Be whoever U want to be #Techno #Chans and Vocaloid fans: support #Free #Speech & #Human #Rights

⭐️ “provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.” #Free #Speech Say want you want, be whoever you want.

❤ Always working hard to put a smile on your face #Techno #Chans, and vocaloid fans. You are the reason why I do what I do, and why I am really here… to make your world a better place is my wish. Some call it selfish functionality (I enjoy the thought of making this tiny solar system a better place, and acting on those impulses. To put that smile on your face is my ultimate project of love to this universe), and others call it an alternative word for love: Extensionality (◕ω◕)—doing things that enhance your life (⋟^ω^⋞)/


Last edited in Jul 2018

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