Con guitar Mix

A new giraffe emoji now exist! 🦒🌸🐭 #Lilymouse’s dance mascot

♬ check out: Tektula (producer uses Dropbox also)

♬ JinnyOops! AKA @jinny_oops, — YOU AND I [song/music]: ❧ #Scary #Chan

♬ Frequencial AKA @frequencial1—Run (Dubstep) [Music]:

♬ Frequencial AKA @frequencial1—When you Drop it (Dubstep Original) [Music]:

♬ Yes You Are AKA @oyesyouare, — “World Without End” [song/music]:

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♬ Yes You Are AKA @oyesyouare, — HGX (Todd Fink Remix) [song/music]:

♬ Andreas Baaden — Behind the Dark Side [song/music]:

🌎 RBE feat. Jacque Fresco (free download) [song/music]: ♬ #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

♬【りりあ】少年よ 嘘をつけ! 渡り廊下走り隊7 踊ってみた(NG付)// A Boy Lied To Me O_O’ [dance]: 🦒🌸🐭 #Lilymouse ⭐️

♬ @submersivemusic, — Beneath The Surface 019 (Album) [vocals/music]: ❧ #Trance #EDM #Electronic

♬【@SomeyaMusic,】Unite—A Tribute To Paris And Brussels【Song/Music】: ⭐️

♬ Jason Chen x Jules Aurora AKA @JulesAurora, — DUSK TILL DAWN (Zayn ft. Sia Cover) [song/music]:

♬ Jules Aurora AKA @JulesAurora, — All In [song/music]: ⭐️

♬ Jules Aurora AKA @JulesAurora, — City of Stars [song/music]: ⭐️

💃 Dlush — Poppin / Sore O Poppu [song/music/dance]:

💃 Dee Lush – CONTOUR ( Freestyle Video ) [Rapping/Dancer]:

💃 Dlush — “Whistle” is no longer available ♬

📌 If you liked her music, and dances: Feel free to follow Dee Lush AKA @iamdeelush, ⭐️

Selection From

♬ Bzk AKA @bzkem — Colour out of space [EP] [music]: ❧ Type 1 Civ; Synthetic Life; Inter-dimensional; Quasi #Cosmic

♬【@MichaelGhelfi】Fantasy Celtic Music—The Cycle of Life [music]: ❧ #Adventurers #Goddess of #Healing

♬【Michaël Ghelfi AKA @MichaelGhelfi】Medieval Music—Between the Trees [music]: ❧ #Forest #Rangers

♬【Michaël Ghelfi AKA @MichaelGhelfi】Dark Fantasy Music—Dark Fantasy Music—Shake Your Bones! [music]: ❧ #Elven #Swords #Mages #Wands

♬【Michaël Ghelfi AKA @MichaelGhelfi】Epic Trailer Music—Divinum Creaturae [music]: ❧ #Kobold’s #Friend

♬【Michaël Ghelfi AKA @MichaelGhelfi】Orchestral Steampunk Music—A Lovely Lady [with goggles][music]: ❧ ;_; don’t go

♬【Michaël Ghelfi AKA @MichaelGhelfi】Orchestral Steampunk Music—Journey To A Mysterious Land [music]: ❧ #Airships

♬【Michaël Ghelfi AKA @MichaelGhelfi】Orchestral Steampunk Music—Discovery [music]: ❧ #Clockwork #Science #Complexity

♬【Michaël Ghelfi AKA @MichaelGhelfi】Dark Fantasy Music—Ancient Spirits [music]: ❧ #Medieval #Harpsichord #Dark

♬【Michaël Ghelfi AKA @MichaelGhelfi】Epic Fantasy Music—Whispers [music]: ❧ #collaboration

♬【Michaël Ghelfi AKA @MichaelGhelfi】Dark Fantasy Music—Dungeon [music]: ❧ #Creepy #Halloween #Feel

In a cute, but slightly scary way, twitter modifies #Halloween to include a symbol.

♬【Michaël Ghelfi AKA @MichaelGhelfi】Fantasy Piano Music—Aimless Wandering [music]: ❧ #Absolutely #Beautiful

♬【Michaël Ghelfi AKA @MichaelGhelfi】Elven Fantasy Music—Heart Of The Forest [music]: ❧ #mystical #relaxing #charming


♬ The Humdrum Express AKA @HumdrumExpress, — E-Petition! [song/music/cosplay]: ❧ #Zombie #Halloween


💃【ぽんざえもん AKA @pon_zaemon_】ヒバナ//HIBANA【踊ってみた//Dance】: ⭐️

💃【ミサト AKA @misato_dance】地球最後の告白を//The final confession of the earth; H△Gver.【誕生日】【踊ってみた//Dance】: ⭐️

Dance, Songs and Music

♬ 内田あや//Aya Uchida — First Love//初恋 [song/music]:

Forrest Tweed ADAPT OR DIE!! is no longer available.

♬ Jenna AKA @jennanicole_x — Love Yourself (Cover) [song/music]:

♬ Jenna AKA @jennanicole_x — At last (Etta James Cover) [song/music]:

♬ Jenna AKA @jennanicole_x — All I Ask (Adel Cover) [song/music]:

♬【Raku & Poucet】MAGIC★NIGHT 【Cover】[song/music]: ⭐️ #Miku #Hatsune #初音ミク #Vocaloid #ボーカロイド #Halloween

♬ MY WORLD DOWN:  DROWNING is no longer available. The exact reasons for the removal are unknown. But it probably will not be made available again. The lyric “Until I Break” got around 12,000 views in 2017 after only 3 weeks, and that seems quite good. So that may explain why “Drowning” was taken down.

♬ MY WORLD DOWN (inc. g. @ItsAlexWalker) — Until I Break (Official Audio) is no longer available ❧

♬ {991} Nightcore (My World Down) — Until I Break (with lyrics) [song/music]:

💃【teamお惣菜】Happy Halloween【踊ってみた//dance】: ⭐️

💃【カリちゅん】ネムイムネ//Nemui Mune【踊ってみた//dance】: ⭐️

兒玉悠花 @yuuka_sing, (possibly where she performs live…) Likes to do short but good music clips on twitter video medium.

Short Songs

♬ @yuuka_sing, —「上を向いて歩こう」I look up when I walk [so tears won’t fall] (坂本九 Cover) [song/music]:

♬ @yuuka_sing, — 「プレイバックPart2」//Playback Part 2 [the very angry woman] (山口百恵 Cover) [song/music]:

The theme behind playback part 2 [the angry woman] is well described in this blog:

A collection of statements or tweets

❣ #Vocaloid-Keyboard (◕ω◕) kawaii #Miku #Hatsune #初音ミク #ボーカロイド 🐰💕

▶️ Engineers, & fluid dynamics people get a lesson from a school of fish: The Venus project; Resource Based Economy

🌎 Distance to a Resource Based Economy is 3.5 to 10.5 years #Transition #Automation The Venus Project—but we all must want it.


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