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“We should stop saying ad-blockers. It’s an euphemism. It’s not about ads. It’s about privacy-destroying trackers and sometimes malware.” via Jan Wildeboer AKA @jwildeboer Oct 2017 and noticed because of a mention from @ncilla:

“It’s about pop-ups using overlays, abusing my reading experience in aggressive ways. It’s about so much more.” idbid

“It’s about publishers abusing my trust by backdooring their pages to evil “ad” networks. And blaming me for being careful. No. No. No.” idbid

“But what’s the better name? Privacy-defenders? Anti-abuse Tools? Privacy firewall? I guess I like that last one best :-)” idbid

idbid = in the same source, the reference has been mentioned in previous reference

⭐ Don’t forget that most of the posts I do here 🚪Work on TOR✅ Be whoever U want to be #Techno #Chans support #Free #Speech & #Human #Rights

📎 Normally don’t follow or share stuff from nicovideo, as you have to log in to watch, but given changes that seem to be going on at the social media scene, this person is worth following: @sennohanatika. This is the video that attracted me to her content, and gave me a desire to share it with the world community: Until 31 Oct, it might be nice to share this video also: This is her nico-video channel:

♬ Beth Ogden AKA @thebethogden, — Radio Man [song/music]:

♬ Beth Ogden AKA @thebethogden, — Boys Like You [song/music]:

♬ Beth Ogden AKA @thebethogden, — MILLION REASONS (Lady Gaga Cover) [song/music]:

☆ ΔLΞX ( アレックス ) AKA @Kawaiiidream, — Waiting for Forever [song/music]: #Rocking #Base

🌎 @PHclothing_ … Messages through designs on clothes: love. extensionality, ⚧, ⚨, 🏳️‍🌈, star sign, feelings. Designed, & personally sent to you by @Kawaiiidream:

♬ ニコニコ超会議2015 Cosplay Music Video/Niconico Chokaigi 2015 [song/music]: 🌹

♬ #Neutrino🌠🅿 「GUMI」君に届くメロディ//The melody that reaches you「ORIGINAL」[song/music]: ⭐ #Vocaloid #ボーカロイド

Below DEEP BLUE TOWN is a copy from ☆ Each time, a new moment… [article]:

💃【りりあ】DEEP BLUE TOWNへおいでよ【天使の羽で衣装チェンジ】[dance]: 🕊 🦒🌸🐭 #Lilymouse

💃【りりあ】星見る頃を過ぎても//Past The Stargazing Season【ライブ映像//Live】[dance]: 🌠 🦒🌸🐭 #Lilymouse

AKA 🦒🌸🐭 @lilia_lilymouse

♬ Past the Stargazing Season – Canon and Gigue in Plectrum Remix – Mili – Original artist H△G [song/music]: ❧ #English #Vocaloid #ボーカロイド

♬ Best of No Copyright Sounds | February 2015 – Gaming Mix | NCS PixelMusic [music]: #EDM #Dubstep #Techno #Chans

♬ L•B•ONE AKA @DJLBONE ( – AFROHOUSE MIX @ CLUB FG (10.08.17) [music]:

🗒 Had to take out the L.B.ONE and change it to L•B•ONE as twitter thinks it’s a website… wonder if our names are now turned into websites O_O’

♬ Valerie Warntz AKA @ValerieWarntz, — Be My Baby [song/music]: #Pop #Reggae_Rhythym #Mexico ❤ #Chans

♬  No Reason To Cry is no longer available.

♬ Break Your Heart Completely (ft. Valerie Warntz AKA @ValerieWarntz, [song/music]:

♬ Blind Innocence AKA @BlindInnocence LP Album is No longer available.

♬ Company Moves AKA @CmpnyMvs — Catch Me (What’s Good?) [vocals/music]: ❧ #Electronic

♬ Company Moves AKA @CmpnyMvs — Just Say The Word [vocals/music]: #Trap #Electronic #EDM #RAP

♬ Company Moves AKA @CmpnyMvs — Shadows (Original Mix) [vocals/music]: ❧ #Electronic


Last edited in Aug 2018
Gharr is currently in hiatus: “I miss writing all those articles, and sharing all those great things, and ideas on the internet.” Sept 2016

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