Gharr’s Re-branding (Human Rights) Mix

The Venus Project

Whatever is being designed and invented
[in a Resource-Based Economy]
goes right into society for
everyone’s benefit and security, so people
are more amiable towards one another.
Being kind would not be superimposed
due to a moral or ethical code,
or teaching them empathy,
but rather because the actions
that people take genuinely enhance
the standard of living for everyone.
We call this ‘functional morality’.

🌎 Bring useful inventions 4 who need them most [human rights]: #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

📚 @AmandaRijff ⭐ 🇫 🇱 🇦 🇼 🇱 🇪 🇸 🇸 #Book #Dutch #language #Beauty #Fashion

📚 @AmandaRijff ⭐ Make-up artist & beauty expert; inspirational stories & anecdotes in her world and work #Book

♬ @kayhettin — Beautiful (India Arie Cover) [song/music]: [Also Supporter of #Cosplay]

♬ @AimoonMusic — Perfect Euphoria ep.50 [song/music]: #Trance

♬ Kelly Hill Tone Feat. Hatsune Miku – Arcade Game [song/music/hip-hop rap]: ❧ #初音ミク #Vocaloid #ボーカロイド

♬ Kelly Hill Tone AKA @kellyhilltone, — Come on Now! – April 2014 Mix [songs and music]: ❧ #EDM

♬ Kelly Hill Tone AKA @kellyhilltone, — Cute But Psycho – October 2017 Mix [songs and music]: ❧ #Electro #House #Chiptune #Gamer

♬ Submersive AKA @submersivemusic, —Threshold of Reality Album [vocals/music]: #Techno #Chans

The Home We Made [and lost] is no longer available.

🚪Works on TOR✅ ♫ BØRNS 🇰🇮 Electric Love (Gryffin Remix) [song/music]: ❤

🚪Works on TOR✅ ♫ Juke Ellington Feat BassGator — Bring It Back (Original Mix) [vocals/music]: ❧ #Electro #Dubstep

🚪Works on TOR✅ ♫ Extrawelt / Dominik Eulberg 🇰🇮 A Little Further (Not On A Map) [music]: (beneath the sea) #Techno #Chans

🚪Works on TOR✅ ♬ Kiasmos — Blurred [music]: ✇ via @electropose

🚪(works on TOR) ♬ Murmur Tooth — And I Wait [song/music]: ❧

♬ Age Of Love — The Age Of Love (DJ Axel F. Stella Remix) [vocals/music]: ❤

🚪Works on TOR✅ ♬ Zombie (metal cover by Leo & Stine Moracchioli) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Eli Tidmore AKA @EliTidmoreMusic — Heart In My Phone [song/music]: ❧

♬ Katy Rose AKA @katyrosemusic, | BLEED [song/music]: ❧

♬ Haunted Like Human AKA @CodyClark_Music — River (Come Back Up) [song/music]: ❧

♬ RYINA AKA @ri1712, — ☆Punch☆ [the sky, and bring out the big dreams] ⭐ [song/music]: ❧

♬ Leah West AKA @LeahWestMusic, — Santa Fe [song/music]: ❧

♬ Jena Rose AKA @JenaRoseMusic — Loved [song/music]: ❧

♬ @MohaiExperiment — The brightest darkness #LP #Album [music]: ❧ #instrumental #postrock #progrock

♬ Liddy Clark AKA @LiddyClark, — “Attention” (Charlie Puth Cover) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Liddy Clark AKA @LiddyClark, — Painted By Numbers (Original) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Risa Binder AKA @risastuff – You Haul [song/music]: #Moving #Truck [oops! sorry I broke that] #Country

🎧 Mixes [article]: why do you come here, this is a toxic environment, don’t you know ☢

♬ The Lucid Archetype AKA @TLArchetype — 2.0 #LP #Album [song/music]: ❧ #progressivemetal #djent #deathcore #metal ★\m/

♬ 蒼 莉奈 @mix_r_1021, (possibly where she performs live…) Likes to do short but good music clips on twitter video medium.

💃 純粋カフェ・ラッテ//Pure Coffee Late AKA @latte_idol —「トロピカ~ルハイビーム!!!」//”Tropica – Le High Beam !!!” [dance]: ☕

💃【こずえ】DEEP BLUE SONGを踊ってみた【アイマリンプロジェクト】[dance]: ❧


♬ Natalise + the Sunset Run (@Natalise) — The Lucky Ones [song/music]: 💗

♬ @djaxelf (ft. @VenusRisingInfo & @SheenaBratt1) — RBE [song/music]: The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

♬ @VenusRisingInfo, — Woodlight [song/music]: ❧

♬ @VenusRisingInfo, — RBE [song/music]: #TVP The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy ☮

♬ @VenusRisingInfo, — Unity [song/music]: The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy ☮ #RBE


A change of focus to Jazz, there seem to be big things happening there… Other music is also included here… but as usual it is hard to predict what that music will be.

♬ Jessica P — Love Galore (SZA Cover) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Jessica P — Location  (Khalid Cover) [song/music]: #Techno #Trance #ASL #SubTweets

♬ Jessica P — I Was Here (Beyonce Cover) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Jessica P — How You Love Me (3LAU ft. Bright Lights cover) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Jessica P — If I Lose Myself (OneRepublic Cover) [song/music]: ❧

Jessica P AKA @itssjessicap (previously jesspagliuca)

♬ Edge Of Paradise AKA @EdgeofParadise1 — Mystery [song/music]: ❧

♬ BEYOND OBSESSION AKA @BeyondObsession, — On My Way (CHROM Remix) [song/music]: ❧

♬ BEYOND OBSESSION AKA @BeyondObsession, — “Washed Away” [song/music]: ❧

♬ BEYOND OBSESSION AKA @BeyondObsession, — Not Forgotten [song/music]: ❧

♬ BEYOND OBSESSION AKA @BeyondObsession, — “Lie after Lie” [song/music]: ❧

♬ Caroline Romano AKA @CarolineRMusic, — Thumbs (Sabrina Carpenter Cover) [song/music]: ❧

A copy from other places… “Not Interested.”

♬ @mana_guitar ( —「興味ない」 // Not Interested [song/music]: #amazing

♬ @mana_guitar ( — くだらないの中に//The Contradiction [of real & fictional love] (星野源//Hoshino Gen cover) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Rene & DJ JURI — 虹//Rainbow [song/music]: ❧ via @mosurarenemama

The below “Like a Comet” is a follow on song, that just seemed fine after the Jazzy set I just listened to… but this is not placed in any real order, just at the current top, or near there 😉

♬ Mr. Universe — Like a Comet [song/music]: #Stardust #Dream #Moment #Sci_Fi

♬ Daniel Fogel, דניאל פוגל – Stick Your Nose In (Official Lyrics Video) [song/music]: ❧ Share good ideas, & solutions

♬ Forrest Tweed 180° is no longer available.

♬ mikael vasara — hos nån annan//with someone else [song/music]: ❧

“The death of the dead” followed me aka laura riding//@vasara_mikael, and the official Vasara Mikael account is probably @MVasara. It’s hard to know what is going on there as there were some terrorist violence, and possible gang related shootings that may have troubled this person… but that is unknown… as for music promotion… often in demand.

♬ Matt Steady AKA @MattStoicSteady — Lying in the rain [song/music]: ❧

♬ Matt Steady AKA @MattStoicSteady — Theory of ruins [song/music]: ❧

♬ SALIO AKA @salio_official — Keep On Dancing [song/music]: ❧

♬ SALIO AKA @salio_official — Where The River Flows [song/music]: ❧

♬ SALIO AKA @salio_official — Wayside [song/music]: ❧

♬ Angel Lilly AKA @nmgal007 — I Remember [song/music]: ❧

♬ Angel Lilly AKA @nmgal007 — The Way Love Goes [song/music]: ❧

♬ @Soultastics, — You Swing Me Round [song/music]: ❧ #Dead_or_Alive #Love #Pop #Swing #Jazz

♬ @Soultastics, — Locked Out Of Heaven [song/music]: ❧ #Paradise #Love #Blues #Jazz

♬ @Soultastics, — Living On A Prayer [song/music]: ❧ #Blues #Pop #Jazz #Ambient #Rhythm

♬ @Soultastics, — Louis Prima Mash Up [song/music]: ❧ #Jazz #Mix #Special #LuckyDimes

♬ @Soultastics, — Black Hole sun [song/music]: ❧ #Gentle #Fresco #Jazz #Tastic #Restro #Duo

♬ @Soultastics, — Worksong [song/music]: ❧ #Gentle #Fresco #Jazz #Tastic #Restro #Duo

♬ @Soultastics, — Sunny [song/music]: ❧ #Gentle #Fresco #Jazz #Tastic #Restro #Duo

♬ @Soultastics, — My Romance [song/music]: ❧ #Gentle #Fresco #Jazz #Tastic #Restro #Duo

♬ @Soultastics, — Lavender coffin [dance/song/music]: ❧ #Dark #Blues #Swingporium #LateNithtDance #Rhombic #LastBerverage

♬ @Soultastics, — Yes Sir [dance/song/music]: ❧ #Swingporium #GirlyHour #Freeform #Jazz

♬ @Soultastics, — Sunday Mashup [song/music]: #The_Girls_Go_Wild O_O’ #Ramblers #Swing #Hour #Jazz

♬ @Soultastics, — Seven Nation Army [song/music]: #Second_guess #Reverb #Epic #Pop #Swing #WorkBlues #Strawboss #Jazz

♬ @Soultastics, — Mercy Susanna + Louis [song/music]: ❧ #Lovers_Promise #Blues #Pure #Classic #Romantic #Jazz

♬ @Soultastics, — Fly Me To The Moon Louis [song/music]: #Casablanca #Last_Goodbye #Romantic #Classic #Jazz

♬ Blade Runner tribute: Dawn of the Android [music]: ❧ About 42 minutes of music.

🔶 @BrainvoyagerMsc is also promoting “Blade Runner tribute: Dawn of the Android.”

► More to be added!


💃 #Dance RT @ICharlestonBN 😻

🐺 The truly incredible wolf: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🎲 #RPG #Gamer #News ⚔ @KnapsackGames “strategy board game Apotheca is now available” [Mastodon Toot & RT]: 👾

🎲 #RPG #Gamer #News ⚔ Alas for the Awful Sea is out! check the game out O_O [powerful story]: via @dicestormers


Last edited in Sep 2017
Currently 2017 working on re-branding Gharr (includes marketing research).”
Gharr is currently in hiatus: “I miss writing all those articles, and sharing all those great things, and ideas on the internet.” Sept 2016

Shortened link to article: 🔶 Gharr’s Re-branding (Human Rights) Mix [article]:

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