Hiatus 2017 August On-wards

🏷 Hiatus 2017 August On-wards (◕ω◕)

Gharr is going into Hiatus, the internet is weird.

✈ North Korea is launching missiles over Japan 🙈

Countries now wiretap all telephones, and internet communications indefinitely, since that is how long low-level wars called terrorism, or under whatever vogue name the government chooses to use, lasts for—and it seems people are just starting to accept it as normal, as there seems little we can do about it.

A guy gets 100 lashes of a whip for talking about religion—who makes silly rules like that—freedom of speech is not a good thing it seems.

Went to install ublock, as being forced to watch adverts gets really irritating after 100 videos. Got this message:

As I understand, add-blockers block URL access, and don’t need to wiretap everything we do.

In the past I have seen email providers taken down for trying to protect privacy, and governments demanding that they can take all our data, and the service providers are commanded to pretend that it is not being done—in effect lie to us on behalf of the government. I don’t know, but I really see something seriously wrong with that.

Gharr promotes things, but part of that brand statement is that privacy is respected, and you can be anybody you want to be on the internet. The clear break seem to be made by things like Ublock seemingly wiretapping us for no reason, it is just another long list of violations that is going on.

Going into Hiatus, and hope that some form of logic, and freedom will remain in our world.

Gharr has been considering for some time to make some major re-branding to allow for this new world of never-ending surveillance of everyone, and the resulting erosion of human rights that will follow, as when one human right is violated, others are likely to follow.

Gharr was formed in a world where governments were ashamed to admit they wiretapped all our communications, and denied they did it at the highest levels, in fear of what we might do if we discovered their true intentions. To some extent the government directions remain hidden from us still, but they have stripped off the clothes of some of their deceptions—and openly admit that all our communications are monitored on all levels (as picture of ublock privacy violation request demonstrates). Gharr does care, and it is very likely that others care also.”

There are solutions out there that do respect our privacy, and lets us be any form we want to be on the internet—because that is what free speech is all about.

Not sure how long it will take to re-brand Gharr, or if mainline products like WordPress, or twitter will be part of that new branding statement. There is also the matter of how should the transition be made…

When privacy statement=lack of privacy statement. There is some serious lies being told. Most of us know these lies are being told, and by being silent, we are lying on behalf of those in power. Governments, and industries are centralizing, or combine into bigger units (and that instability is shown by 8 men owning the same wealth as half the world’s population). Things are breaking including our human rights, just how serious things will become, is hard to tell, but things are not good right now, and now more then ever we need a space to talk freely, and that seems to totally lost, the free voices are going dark.

I share and promote music, but when the people that those products go to are not free to be who they want to be, then what I do stops making sense, because I can’t pretend that is is just business as usual, because all is not well.

With blatant lies—the governments and business is not saying were they are all ultimately heading with all this, and open recording of all our communications to discourage open and fee speech, means it is becoming really hard to decide what brand statement should be put out to my followers, and web-surfers, to support the free people that still exist… if any exist anymore at all 😦

While free people still exist in some place, and people are free to be who they want to be on the internet, Gharr will try to be there, and share from that place that nurtures, heals, and provides a future for us all that makes sense. Gharr is not there for the producer of music, Gharr is there for you, the music is provided to make you smile, and when you stop smiling, I feel helpless.

Even if Gharr fails to resolve this problem, and is unable to be a part of the internet, there are many other people that might find a way to put that smile back on your face. All the best for your future, and the world’s future.

😉 till next time, I hope we get a chance to meet again.



Last edited in 31 Aug 2017 (Miku’s Birthday)
Gharr is currently in hiatus: “I miss writing all those articles, and sharing all those great things, and ideas on the internet.” Sept 2016
Gharr is working on some major re-branding on what Gharr is, due to losses in human rights, that will ultimately result in further loses of human rights from privacy-losses, free-speech losses, arbitrary punishments that may seem harsh (a result of authoritarian governments, and businesses because they can now monitor you for loyalty and obedience, since they have your data via wiretapping). All is not lost, there are still groups working on letting you be whatever you want to be on the internet, and to let you say whatever you want (but people are free not to listen to you). Let Miku’s birthday (31 August 2017) be a start to a lasting future of love, and nurturing that will always make you smile.”
Gharr will be working very hard to make sure you feel free, and maybe if Gharr is in luck, he might even find a way to make you smile [again?]. With love… working on a project (your happiness). Remember, even if Gharr fails at this new project, there are many others out there working on making this world a better place.
Always share good ideas, and solutions, and we will find a way make this world a good, and kind world, where even all creatures, and plants will get a home, and our global-empathy, and care. There will be no zoos in the future, our mobile robots will be able to live among the creatures in the wild, and we will be able to visit them, and give each plant, and creature no matter how big, or small our attention, curiosity, and perhaps even our love via virtual reality.

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