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The New Economy

🌟 Authenticity and long, hard work in relationship building
🌟 We consider crowdfunding a model of fair exchange, instead of charity; thus, creating a dialogue; a transaction, the value of which is determined wholely by the patron.
🌟 “Asking for help requires authenticity, and vulnerability. Those who ask without fear learn to say two things, with or without words, to those they are facing: I deserve to ask and You are welcome to say no. Because the ask that is conditional cannot be a gift”
🌟 We trust one another
🌟 This fan and artist network (Palmer calls this The Net) becomes a playful, endearing expression of her art, entwined within it.
🌟 Relationship building: Effective crowdfuding is “not about relying on the kindness of strangers, it’s about relying on the kindness of your crowd. . . There’s a difference”
🌟 For Palmer, it’s about “finding your people, your listeners, your readers, and making art for and with them. Not for the masses, not for the critics, but for your ever-widening circle of friends”
🌟 Our notion of free market capitalism. But, what if that machine is broken? Can we rely on major record labels to find what consumers want? Palmer’s answer is emphatically, no. She all but tells us where to shove that invisible hand. #Economics
🌟 Stop self-promoting. It’s Shameless!. Crowdfunding isn’t charity, as some people seemed to think, “My backers were buying things . . It was a means for implementing a business model based on the currency of asking and trusting.” Instead, our writer explains that Asking is, at its core, a collaboration. Begging, by contrast, is “a less-connected demand: Begging can’t provide value to the giver; by definition, it offers no exchange.” Begging is a function of fear, desperation, or weakness. Asking, on the other hand, “is an act of intimacy and trust.” In a particularly didactic moment, she writes, “Those who must beg demand our help; those who ask have faith in our capacity for love and in our desire to share with one another . . . Honest communication engenders mutual respect, and that mutual respect makes askers out of beggers.”
🌟 But a pop star, she is not. The “Star System,” coined by S. Rosen, is where a small handful of artists in the market earn a major part of its earnings (i.e. the Taylor Swifts and Beyonces). The Taylor Swifts and Beyonces charge only slightly higher prices than all the not so famous, but sell much higher quantities. Thus, making more money to become or maintain their status as a “star.” Palmer’s project takes a whole other route, opting for fewer buyers at a higher price point.
🌟 The music industry is known for separating the artist and the patron: musicians have agents, managers and marketing teams. Similarly, the music itself isn’t priced according to the talent or fame of the artist. You can buy a song on iTunes from Radiohead at the same price as you can the garage band down the street on songkick.
🌟 Ruskin wanted the prices of art to be low, “preferably pegged to the actual time spent by an artist on the production.” To put this another way, Ruskin advocated that art production be a form of wage labor. Palmer’s novel expresses a frustration with art production as wage labor. For her, the value of art is more than the time it takes and the materials involved. But Palmer goes so far to say that, when it comes to asking fans for money, it doesn’t matter how much time or what materials are required to make the art. Assume the art is the lifestyle, fund the lifestyle in whatever amount you feel comfortable. So long as the product promised is returned, it shouldn’t matter what happens in between.
🌟 “If you’re asking your fans to support you, the artist, it shouldn’t matter what your choices are as long as you’re delivering your side of the bargain. You may be spending the money on guitar picks, mai tais, baby formula, college loans, gas for cars, or coffee to fuel your all-night writing sessions. As long as art is coming out the other side and making your patrons happy, the money you need to live- and “need to live” is hard to define- is almost indistinguishable from the money you need to make art”
🌟 It’s high time to reconsider the assumptions we have made about the economy of art. The Art of Asking implores us to forget where the rules come from and to create our own. And if you can’t figure out what rules to create, start by smashing the ones that have been forced upon you- And dare to do it differently.

📌 Summary Points, and quotes From TOWARD a new economy of art: https://www.mythogynist.com/volumes/volume-1-winter-2016/amanda-palmer/



♬ 【AR Live Movie】 Reload — IA & ONE [dance/song/music]: https://youtu.be/k6NhFS6SynM ❧ #Voclaoid #ボーカロイド

♬ from Y to Y — Hatsune Miku 初音ミク—Project DIVA Dreamy theater English Romaji [song/music]: https://youtu.be/djwDhHYJyEE ❧ #Voclaoid #ボーカロイド

♬ [GUMI] New Humans [VOCALOID] [song/music]: https://youtu.be/YdCQS_gMMqI ❧ #Vocaloid #Gumi #ボーカロイド

♬ 「GUMIv3 COMPLETE」恋の風を//The Wind of Love「ORIGINAL」[song/music]: https://youtu.be/-QcEH2UMWoM #Vocaloid #Gumi #ボーカロイド

♬ Shogun – Zanarkand (Original Mix) [music]: https://youtu.be/lDiEODSpqLY 🌟

♬ Shogun – Erhu [music]: https://youtu.be/xVmfFX42c6Q 🌟

🔭 Thank You 🙂 To all that help share music, dances, art and many other things.

🚩 More music my be added here


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