Scarlett’s Muse AKA Scarlett Taylor


Scarlett’s Muse music was originally published as a mix in for these articles

  1. ☆ The Sixteen Era Mix [article]:
  2. ☆ The Rose Petal Mix: Love so Longing, You Gave Me Life, Now Without You I Feel Lost. [article]:

Scarlett’s music is influential, and has powerful secondary meanings… however if interpreted in the first sense, it probably is more #Scary #Chan music.

Some of her music on sound cloud may not be available as she produces music there in a similar way to other producers, and seems to delete music and put in new music

Songs and Music

♬ Scarlett Taylor AKA @scarlettsmuse,◁⏰░Transient Δ░⏰▷ [song/music]: ◁⏰░TransientΔlink░⏰▷

🔶 Transient Soundcloud Resource:
🔶 Transient YouTube Resource:

Suggested songs and music

Songs no longer available, or are recomended:


Mix Ins




Last edited in April 2017

Shortened link to article: ☆ Scarlett’s Muse AKA Scarlett Taylor [songs and music]:

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