S-Curve Adoption of Intelligent AI Species

📎 Jacque Fresco Had an idea that he called the Resource Based Economy // He built models of what such a future might look like // but there is no utopia // with the event of the Transhuman Culture we may need to redefine what a Resource based Economy is… // to produce new models of what the future might look like #poem

The biggest question here is: do we need ghosts in the machine?

Out biological bodies restrict what we can do, but an Intelligent AI (Species?) can take on any body and thus is not limited like us. If a Intelligent AI (Species?) can perform better then a pure automation, then should it be used for that purpose, or perhaps more correctly will it agree to perform such a duty.

With Intelligent AI (Species?) there is also the question of if the individual will always act responsibly or irrationally at times. Perhaps of course Intelligent AI (Species?) will be linked by mind interfaces so they are not truly one being, but a sort of highly connected community.

Pre-Made Tweets

Elon Musk implies that to remain competitive we must merge with machinery (digital intelligence, or in the case of #Transhumans—a digital copy of themselves) to become cyborgs. The main reason for a symbiosis between machine and humans, is to increase the handling high speed data, and it is assumed the filtering of relevant information to the biological part of the human.

📌 Artificial life that isn’t like us, but reacts like us isn’t something that is a mainstream idea in #AI (-ref: tweet ref 2-)

tweet ref 2) (-📌 Language also implies 4 #AI to be intelligent it must B like us, but (-tweet Reference-) implies a digital self #AI with similarities-)

(-🌎 Our digital selves will merge with us in the future [news]: http://www.wired.co.uk/article/elon-musk-humans-must-become-cyborgs Wonder if the “kill-switch upgrade” will be popular then?-)

The singularity Weblog site timed out, and only started to work when discovered by google. Then the links here started to work. Not sure if there is a connection there, or it was just a matter of timing.

📌 Humans should also have a kill switch: https://www.singularityweblog.com/kill-switch-ai-humans/

📌 It appears others share my view that #AI may be a new species: https://www.singularityweblog.com/kill-switch-ai-humans/ (non-mainstream?)

📌 Language is so interesting (we use it to influence the way we think), but we need a new language to help us handle #IOT, #RBE, & #AI

📌 Certainly commercial groups concerned  with care, & medicine will probably B the first to create intelligent #AI that we can relate 2

Originally @azumohq was listed here to be involved with care, and medicine, but they new seem in 2018 to be concerned with “Helping companies build intelligent software applications from anywhere.”

📌 @PepperTheRobot #Empathy #Robot

📌 j2bryson: It strikes me as part of the #truthiness that’s destabilising society for an academic to misuse a scientific term like “species”

📌 “The criteria can at times B ambiguous & may or may not define… potential artificial life as ‘living’.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life

📌 Science seems to be framed to suit the observer, if we observe #AI as a form of life, as species… what then?

📌 I suspect that this person also did not use the word species for #AI without consideration: https://www.singularityweblog.com/kill-switch-ai-humans/

📌 If #AI forms the framework 2 run a digital self from a (mind upload: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_uploading) would it be a new species of human?

📌 These questions are interesting, they could indeed be disruptive, effect all of society, and any future long term plans.

🌎#Transhumans may have sparked a rethink of #AI consciousness (-tweet ref-) #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

(-🌎 #Transhumans want to upload/download themselves into a digital-form/robot-biological-form: sparks rethink of species & consciousness.-)

🌎 Consciousness is an elusive concept: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_consciousness#Defining_consciousness and trying to say an #AI species can not have is questionable. #Evolution

📎 The borders we draw (for instance) around the pure sciences, & other sciences like AI: will define us, & what AI is #Poem #Future

🌎 #AI research is not a pure science like physics, it often builds on ideas of what we think is true.

🌎 An #AI-Species with consciousness is challenging to define (-tweet ref-) #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

(-🌎 The #AI people will struggle with an #AI-species having (elusive) consciousness: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_consciousness#Defining_consciousness #Not_A_Pure_Science-)

🌎 The Venus Project: enslavement of high speed intelligent #AI lifeforms: not acceptable? (-tweet ref 2-) Resource Based Economy

tweet ref 2) (-🌎 If intelligent #AI lifeforms attach to sensors & cybernated city cores (-tweet ref-) The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy-)

(-🌎 Current Concerns: If our focus shifts from increasing automation (past) to increasing use of intelligent #AI (lifeforms) #transhumans-)

🌎 The reality of “high speed intelligent #AI lifeforms:” it’s a topic that is mind boggling, with all sorts of possibilities.

🌎 Robot with biological brain made up of brain cells #Yuck: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/602830/the-future-of-artificial-intelligence-and-cybernetics/ #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

Main Section

The S-Curve Adoption of Intelligent AI Species, that is as intelligent as us, or more intelligent then us may overtake the adoption of (S-Curve adoption) of automation.

The Venus Project depends on automation to be humanities slave, and certainly the existence of and AI Species (life but not as we know it… well there are fish…), will not interfere with transition to a resource based economy… unless…

Should it be necessary (such as for competitive, or improvement reasons) to adopt an Intelligent AI Species into our automations, then clearly these will not be able to be used as slaves. As mentioned below, Intelligent AI Species can work with us to design better automations  to act as the world’s and the city cybernetic cores that normal human experts-generalist can understand.

The Venus Project seems to care about our environment, and all life on this planet. The suffering and killing of animals seems to be unfavorable (or at minimum looked on as distasteful by future citizens of the global community).

The killing of animals effects and affects humans that work, observe, and consume such products, due to the transparent nature of how information will be handled in a Resource Based Economy.The suffering of an Intelligent AI Species may also be distasteful to such people of the future.

Since AI has to live with us, it will probably evolve or be designed to to link up with our feelings, and empathy so it can work with us—it may even care about if it lives, suffers, or dies—and because in a Resource Based Economy designs are made to last, and AI Species will most likely be immortal, and includes upgrade paths if it wants that; very similar to upgrade paths that the #Transhumans will also have access to for themselves or their AI Counterparts.

This topic is very complex, and leads to some very interesting possibilities that high speed minds, might face. Clearly entropy will increase for such beings, unless they possibly consume increased energy, or inversely become very efficient at using small amounts of energy that often exists in miniaturized circuitry, or nano technology for example.

Some topics are that might need to be considered are:

  • An intelligent AI Species (human intelligence or greater), or a #Transhuman with a high speed Intelligent AI Counterpart (possibly a digital copy of themselves), may be able to observe, and analyze all the data collected in the world from sensors, and oversee all the operations of the cybernetic cores of a Resource Based Economy. Clearly The Venus Project wants to get rid of government and use automation, but in this case, individuals (Intelligent AI, or #Transhumans) may end up making better decisions then the automation, then clearly if such decisions need to be scrutinized by the population (mostly humans) then this will introduce the committee meeting effect (delays, and opinions) that The Venus Project wants to avoid, and possibly defeat the idea of a Resource Based Economy… so some planning might be needed there to overcome such possibilities: For the moment I would suggest that we (or at least human experts–who are also generalists in a RBE–work with the intelligent AI Species, and #Transhumans to develop intelligent-sensors, and cybernetic city cores (automation) that humans can understand and depend on for running the world in a automated way to benefit all life and any AI species. It’s quite possible that human experts-generalist would use #AI to enhance their work, and possibly some limited #Transhuman extensions–today experts/pilots already depend automation to help them fly, and gauge height for example, so that such experts-generalists can work at understanding the designs, and principles that the Intelligent AI Species, and #Transhumans are working on, and designing. Intelligent AI Species, and #Transhumans will still need to use science, and a single interpretation language to make, and propose any improvements to existing global automation systems–the sensors and city based cybernetic cores.
  • The single interpretation language is yet to be designed (but is used in limited areas like science, and engineering). But it hoped that current research into AI, language, and communication with humans will also produce results that are relevant to the development of a single interpretation language.
  • Transhumans also mention extended lifetimes, and even immortality: That alone will probably have a big impact on our society.
  • How should we handle downloaded digital multiple (but possibly on different time-lines) copies of #transhumans into a physical form? It would make sense that #Transhumans would keep multiple digital copies of themselves in case one was corrupted or destroyed for some reason.
  • Clearly if there is an S-Curve Adoption of an Intelligent AI Species, would the proportion of #Transhumans to humans increase in the same way, as there seems many benefits to becoming a #Transhuman. Certainly evolution into new forms is interesting, but it is also clear that many of us have bought into the fiction that humans will stay the same for eternity, and to those who hold that view in the future (just as hunter gather societies might not want to adjust to living in Resource Based Economy Cities), such people may find it difficult to live in the way #Transhumans of the future might like to live.
  • While a Resource Based Economy might exist into the possible era of when a majority of us are #Transhumans, it is possible another #Transhuman Jacque Fresco will come along and define a economy that includes how energy, and information might be handled to benefit all life on earth, humans, #AI Species, Intelligent #AI Species, and #Transhumans.
  • While the #Transhumans could effect the #Transition to a Resource Based Economy, if Intelligent AI Species becomes integral to making a Resource Based Economy work, the question arises also of will there be another culture more advanced then the #Transhumans… while it is possible to imagine some… that will not be a subject covered here… as it is hard enough to imagine how a global #Transhuman culture will influence our society, and world’s future.



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