The Robot (with artificial intelligence) Garden and Farm Mix

Main Section

☘ Marcin Jakubowski, 2017 Developer Invitation : ❧ #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

☕ Coffee flour offers a potentially healthier way of enjoying java [article]: ░

🗞 How robots are feeding the world [news]: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

⏰ Reversed Aging (Getting Younger) [science]: #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

★ A Bea-utiful Day! (SF Future) [online free book]: 🔖 by @aminadujean #Author Ft. Colin & his hologram assistant.

⚠ Children make up about half of all refugees [article]: #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy ❧

🌐 The creation of Jobs (but not for you) [automation]: ❧ #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌐 Be the Fresco of Today, & 3D print some amazing inventions: #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🎮 3D-Printed Embedded Electronics & Drone [article]: #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🐣 Will AI be our friends (rather then slaves)? #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #Emotions

🌎 Internet of Farming: Arduino-based, backyard aquaponics: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🗞 How robots are feeding the world [news]: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

ALT: 🐣 That’s kind of cute (◕ω◕) “Your #AI Friend:” via @ekuyda #IOT #Feelings #Ethics #Software

🐣 Will #AI develop analogs 2 emotions, feelings, love, & ethics; while mapping our emotions, & personality: #friend

🎤 COLOURS a nonsense ((( Artbook Audiobook ))) [🔖]: 🎛 review 📹 🎭

🌐 FACE FORWARD a manifesto for the future [Power of Theater]: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌐 A roller-coaster ride through time in real time [Interactive Theater]: World Premier Spring 2018 ⏰

⏰🌎🎭 A Message for Artists @ the United Nations [exponential change interpretation, & solutions]: via @NatashaTsakos

📱Google Perf. Arts Summit: @NatashaTsakos, “Creatively Mobile” [Theater] #Global #Community

🎬 KIN Global: Natasha Tsakos, & et al. [storytelling is dangerous, & yet wonderful]: 🎥

🎥 @NatashaTsakos, — OUT OF THE BOX [art meets science]: The Impossible Becomes Possible 🌎

☕ Coffee flour offers a potentially healthier way of enjoying java [article]: ░

★ A Bea-utiful Day! (SF Future) [online free book]: 🔖 by @aminadujean #Author Ft. Colin & his hologram assistant.

🌎 About Changing Keys [keeping music alive for kids]: #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

💗 Gave “☆ Media and Gamer Girl” [article]: a creative commons license, so the #Chans can grab her & give her lots of love 🐰💕

☆ Media & Gamer Girl [article]: becomes a #maths #chan! Francis Su: Math Is for Everybody [talk]: ❧

🤖 “Hikkikomori” (reclusive monks) may spread around the globe, reducing population growth 🗞The @aminadujean report:

♬ @principband — Barefoot [song/music]: ❧

♬ WISDOM — Happy? (prod. four a.m.) [song/music]: ❧

♬ WISDOM — Heroes (prod. four a.m.) [Mastered by DJ SIDEREAL][song/music]: ❧

📌 Suggested hash tags by Wisdom Music ‖Ⓐ: #radio #music #hiphop #rap #florida #gainesville #newmusic #bassline #guitar

☆ 【こずえ//@aikawa_kozue,】リバーシブル・キャンペー//Reversible·Campaign [dance]: #Contrast #Scary #Chan

Mix In: ☆ Melodic Poet [article]: ❧

♬ @Natalise + the Sunset Run — O Mio Babbino Caro [song/music]: #Classical for #Chans #Who #Love #Their #Parents

♬ @Natalise + the Sunset Run, — The Lucky Ones [song/music]: ❧ #Alt #Rock

♬ Baramuda and Sean DeClase — Feel The Fire (DeeSaxx bootleg) [music]: #House #Sax #Czech

♬ Ron J.B. feat. @deesaxx, — Tropical (Original mix) [music]: #Sax #Czech

♬ @deesaxx, & Dj Denim Fox — The Return of Wolfy (Saxo Edit) [music]: #Sax #Czech

♬ @deesaxx, & Dj Denim Fox — Get Lucky (Saxo Edit) [Song/Music]: #Sax #Czeck

♬ glowflower — yesterday [music]: #Techno #Chans

♬ Gloominoti — Turn it up [TRAP][music]: ❧ via @Bistro_Music, & S.R. Luna

♬ Gigi D’Agostino — Another Way [song/music]: ❧

♬ 内田あや//Aya Uchida — また会える//Let’s Meet Again [song/music]: ❧

♬ 内田あや//Aya Uchida — My Goal [song/music]: ❧

♬ 内田あや//Aya Uchida — Danny Boy [song/music]: ❧

♬ 内田あや//Aya Uchida — 君には笑顔がよく似合う//Your Smile 【MV】[song/music]: ❧

♬ 内田あや//Aya Uchida — 広い河//The [River’s] Water Is Wide is no longer available,

☆ @lilia_lilymouse — ねこがまるくなった/まふまふ//The cat turned round/Muffumafu 【Cover】[song/music]: ♬ ( 🦒🌸🐭 #Lilymouse

☆ Honomi Sugihira on twitter (possibly): @Honomi_voice

♬ Honomi Sugihira — How Far I’ll Go, One Woman Acapella #Ambient #Relaxing is no longer available.

♬ Honomi Sugihira—Don’t Stop Me Now -Queen- (Sheet Music for A Cappella, Cover) [music]: ❧ #Electronic #Piano_Score

♬ Honomi Sugihira — Lady Gaga Mashup (Sheet Music for A Cappella) [music]: ❧ #Electronic #Piano_Score

♬ @TommyYoungsteen, — RIBBON OF HIGHWAY [song/music]: ❧

♬ @laini_wildfire, — “Higher” [song/music]: ❧

♬ @laini_wildfire, — “Wandering” [song/music]: ❧

♬ @laini_wildfire, — Laini and the Wildfire EP [songs and music]: ❧

♬ You Me At Six — Room To Breathe is no longer available.

♬ Linkin Park x Steve Aoki — A Light That Never Comes [song/music]: ❧

♬ @___KEVLAR___ — Oblivion Guitar Playthrough with Jake Flaugh [elec. guitar]: ❧ #Metal \m/

♬ @___KEVLAR___ — Alibis [song/music]: #Metal \m/

♬ @___KEVLAR___ — The Void [song/music]: #Metal \m/

♬ Elephant Gun Riot — Daydream [song/music]: ❧ #Rock

♬ Elephant Gun Riot — Battle Scarred [song/music]: ❧ #Rock

♬ Elephant Gun Riot — Crossroads [song/music]: ❧ #Rock

♬ Elephant Gun Riot — Tonight [song/music]: ❧ #Rock

♬ Elephant Gun Riot — Hypocrite [song/music]: ❧

♬ Elephant Gun Riot (@elephantgunriot, — Starlight (Acoustic) Lyric Video [song/music]: ❧

♬ Elephant Gun Riot — Driven [song/music]: ❧ #Rock


♬ @zalzachipmusic, — Out Of Memory (LP Album) [music]: ❧

♬ @zalzachipmusic, — The Lonesome Droid [music]: ❧ #Chiptune

♬ @blueaesthetics — It’s For The Best (Straylight Run, piano cover) [music]: ❧

☆ Hatsune Miku — Jenga (ジェンガ) – English & Romaji Subs [song/music]: #Vocaloid #ボーカロイド #初音ミク 4 #Alternative #Truth

☆ 【公式】Get Chance!ポケモンガオーレ!【踊ってみた】[Dance]: #Pokemon (Ga-Olé) 💃

♬ SALIO — Back to Black (Live Cover) [song/music]: ❧

♬ ADAM — WaWa [music]: ❧

♬ S.BOYZ — Techno Movement #7 [music]: ❧ #Techno



Interview Section

Project Discussion: Robotic Farming, AI, Data Analysis, Modeling

The answers shared by Gharr, were designed to give an overview of the subject, and give various possible directions the question could take us once the basic topic is introduced. The discussion should give shreyanshdixit several directions to investigate, and think about. If shreyanshdixit is interested in producing a computer game for farming, then this topic is not directly covered, but games can be sourced from real life examples, especially when technological change is occurring so quickly. Of course the word game was not used in the question, so one must assume that real world examples were required. Not all games need to be based on reality.

The interview here is not verbatim, it’s roughly accurate for future reference.

Reference Question: “Do you know any person/forum who can help/guide with the software/hardware for the AI and 3D sim part of a farming robot, who wants to go open source, but is experiencing trouble in doing so? :)”

The above question is not an exact quote, it has been edited and changed, but retains the general concept of the question asked.

Question was from: shreyanshdixit (topic improving this world, this project may need technical ability in the fields of AI, software, robotics, farming; unless a system is provided for use).

🌎 @onecommunityorg, provides open source for a entire community, from farming, buildings, education, menu/recipes and possibly more. They currently don’t seem to use robots (with or without AI) for farming to my knowledge—but if they get into aquaponics they might use automation.

🌎 Most farms today are shifting to automation, AI, sensors, robots (often self driving farming vehicles) to do the farming, pickers, processing—they don’t really have a choice if they want to remain competitive

🌎 Certainly fleets of drones (flying) will also play a big part in farming, from watering, fertilizer placement choices, weed detection, and much more.

🌎 One of many articles as an example of robots, and automation:

🌎 This is an example of drones in agriculture:

🌎 So the AI and 3D data is collected from drones, and the robot machinery, and that data is analyzed by programs or AI, and fed back to the robots (so they can do their job), the farmer (probably to calculate risks and profits), and possibly others (such as the manufacturers who want to improve on the things they sell).

🌎 This is an example of one open source farming robot:

🌎 Because of automation, probably small scale framing, people or groups will grow popular as people have no work and still need food (and initially basic income, or other schemes may provide the ability for those communities to thrive).

🌎 This is probably a good introduction to the future of farming (owned by business or by communities/individuals):

🌎 LED lighting technology is also of interest for indoor farming systems, and controlled over the internet (by software programs, that may use AI):

🌎 All this means that there are a lot of directions that your single question can take us (and some of it revolves around what our future will be like).

🌎 While not sure if Cyberfarms is making open source (but they do want communities to maintain, operate, and understand the technology that makes an automated farm work) they might be worth contacting: 🌎 Welcome to the 21st Century : via @CyberFarmSys, #sustainable #agriculture #food

🌎 Cyber farms is designed to serve a community, but since they are still in the starting stages, they might not be able to pay you 😦

shreyanshdixit: That’s a huge pool of useful information. I wasn’t sure where to begin. This is very helpful! 🙂

shreyanshdixit: Thank You 🙂

🌎 Yes, there is a lot of start ups, and some may exist in your local area, and you may be able to use the internet to find them.

📌 This may interest you also: 🌎 Internet of Farming: Arduino-based, backyard aquaponics : ❧

🌎 An example of searching for startups: a lot of people don’t like kickstarter (there are other funding methods and schemes), but this might also be of interest to you:, and you can search the internet for more. Such as this:

🌎 Thanks for asking this question, I will record my answers here, as my interests are large, and months down the track will probably forget what I said to you—and prefer not to do that, as I look forward to working with you again in the future 🙂

🌎 Gharr Works on projects for free, no payments of any kind accepted. Designs, documents, art and so on: if generated, will be made creative commons, or GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL) if it is software. Thank you for letting me (the community that generates so much information, knowledge, and good ideas that I can share) help you with your projects.

💭 Generally this has been a policy used in the promotion of music, but for projects that help improve this world, and especially The Venus Project (volunteer) people, it is nice to let such people and groups know, Gharr follows the same policy should any material be generated, and for the sharing of interesting information. If true projects are undertaken, then generated items can be handed over under creative commons, and GNU General Public Licenses. When discussing lines of actions, avoid the actions, and provide options for thoughts, ideas, and solutions that the person or group can act on if they wish to, based on their own understanding, knowledge level, and desires. That is allow a discussion to be open, and allow paths for feedback, comment, and additional discussion, rather then dead end discussions where the person or group feels they are unable to reply, question, or extend the discussion if needed.

shreyanshdixit: Alright, I will look into it. 😉 Thank You Gharr !

🚀 Just got a new follower, and checked out their time line: “Google Is Partnering With #RaspberryPi To Create AI” (love listening to my followers, there are so many good ideas, solutions, and project in this case that can be shared) It’s possible for a raspberry pi to control Arduino (one used by via USB.

🌎 Communication Between Raspberry Pi and Arduino Via Usb #firmata #python (an thus AI on raspberry pi can control Arduino) 📎

📌 If this is too technical right now, there are previous examples above where you can just buy a system and use it.

🔴 End of Interview



End Notes

Short Notes and Expanded References 🖋


  1. WISDOM (AKA @mindofamir) made the switch to adult style music circa 2017–2018, and is no longer directly promoted here.
  2. Some of his music is still rated for here, and is by any standards: exceptional, and it’s probably one of the few exceptions that Gharr will make.
  3. Wisom, seems to have gained support, and promotions from those who work in the adult industries—whom may also follow Gharr (but are not followed back due to the policies here).
  4. “Mastered by @DJSIDEREAL,” which is mentioned in the Heroes song: is not promoted, or rated here… listened to some of his music… and it seems to be mainstream. Listed in pre-made tweet for Heroes song as DJ Sidereal.
  5. Shortened link to article: ☆ Happy [song]:
  6. Shortened link to article: ☆ Heroes [article]:


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Shortened link to article: ☆ The Robot (with artificial intelligence) Garden and Farm Mix [article]:

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