The Organization Called “The Venus Project,” and the “Global Volunteers,” that interaction with—it.

In a Resource Based Economy there are no leaders, and we are each our own teachers.

There are many people suffering in our world, some (even in the so called rich countries) don’t get enough food, education, or access to medical help. You have a large group that want to listen to good ideas, and solutions. Mention The Venus Project, and a Resource Based Economy if possible, as it is the destination (without a destination the ideas, and solutions don’t make sense).

Not everyone who creates, or finds good ideas, or solutions knows about The Venus project; if those solutions interest you, why not share them anyway, your 7 billion peers will decide if those solutions, and good ideas are interesting.

Share good ideas, and solutions. Listen to the global community, as there may be people on social media that are also sharing good ideas, and solutions that might happen to interest you.

To kick off this difficult discussion in a style typical of Gharr

♬ Bush — Machinehead [song/music]:

Is the Venus Project the core library of solutions, and ideas, that will help us share the idea of a Resource Based Economy

The Venus Project should be the core we can all reference, no matter what project we are working on, or if we have added knowledge, or improved on the ideas of what a Resource Based Economy is. Only the community can judge if it meets that criteria.

In addition, when we want to teach others about The Venus Project, or a Resource Based Economy, having a core library is really handy to act as a back up to what we talk about—the formal name for this back up information is a reference.

The Venus Project has changed its website: and subsequently reduced the information available for volunteers to share (such as online free books, posters, pamphlets, pictures, and even re-edited the FAQ section), changed how volunteers communicate with each other, how volunteers think about volunteering (much expanded, with new ideas in this article), how approachable The Venus Project is, or if The Venus Project is actually a reliable core library of ideas, solutions, and possibly many other things (like making music, blogs, video shows, radio shows, newspapers, magazines).

If The Venus Project is not a reliable Core Library that we can reference

Perhaps another distributed library (in several places) should be created, that will help us create references, study, and to build on the ideas, and solutions as proposed by The Venus Project for a Resource Based Economy.

The Monetary System Arguments, and The Venus Project

We are a complex people: when our bosses, movie stars, and music stars buy huge mansions, we don’t bat an eye, but when we think about The Venus Project Research Center in Florida, Jacque Fresco, and Roxanne Meadows some of us start to question their every financial move.

Really, even a million dollars is tiny, when considering what The Venus Project Research Center in Florida, Jacque Fresco, and Roxanne Meadows do… as a volunteer you should focus on what Resource Based Economy is, and not worry about petty change.

🌎 8 men own same wealth as half the world’s population [news]: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

“The richest are accumulating wealth at such an astonishing rate that the world could see its first trillionaire in just 25 years. To put this figure in perspective – you would need to spend $1 million every day for 2738 years to spend $1 trillion.”

The monetary economy is like a powerful machine, it forces us to work, make payments, and at times obey our leaders in totality—especially if there is war.

The Venus Project Research Center in Florida, Jacque Fresco, and Roxanne Meadows needs to work inside the monetary system to survive, and to give them the chance to do the work they love to do. Many don’t question what a boss does with profits, or how much this person should earn, what wage they should pay you, but these questions are asked when the focus is moved to The Venus Project and the founders (Jacque Fresco, and Roxanne Meadows).

On a global scale, what The Venus Project Research Center in Florida, Jacque Fresco, and Roxanne Meadows are doing is really mindbogglingly difficult to even think about when the global scale of it all is considered, and they should receive extravagant incomes for what they do—but some feel they should stay poor, to reflect what a world without money should be like.

Of course if Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows, and the core group that help them were to act as consultants to global governments that work on transforming this world into a Resource Based Economy, this small group of people could become very rich—especially if the final transition takes some time, such as ten years. If money ceases to exist after that time, and a Resource Based Economy becomes a reality, then possessions will no longer matter, and there will not be any need to worry about what happens when people reach old age, they will still be cared for.

No doubt there will be critics form both inside, and outside The Venus Project on how finances are handled, and like any tabloid, we will find it hard not to take a peek and read them.

The Venus Project is cluttered, dusty, and unorganized

This comment seems to be true, it is what a inventor’s den might look like, or a workshop.

The archivist certainly seemed to indicate that no one had organized, and recorded all the information that existed at The Venus Project Research Center in Florida, and quite a bit of information could be lost forever if nothing was done about it. He also wanted to use information storage that would last for  a very long time, so The Venus Project could be studied by future generations. Lets hope his project is a success.

The Venus Project administration is difficult to deal with, and working with other volunteers can be difficult.

A valid comment, Jacque Fresco has admitted that he just wanted to invent things, and balancing the budget, and getting income seemed to get in the way of things. So a lot of his inventions were literally given away for small amounts of money, so Jacque Fresco could continue to work on his inventions. Jacque Fresco also admits that he was in the military, and worked for aircraft companies, doctors, and so on—and they would have had strict organizational rules, and cultures of creating a professional image. Roxanne Meadows and other volunteer probably would have crafted an environment that allowed them to work as managers, so Jacque Fresco could just focus on inventions, and making examples of what it would be like to live in a Resource Based Economy. The legacy from this past would still exist in today’s “The Venus Project Research Center in Florida.” This organizational structure would be reflected in handling volunteers, how guided tours work, the sale of for profit materials, and the desire to strengthen copyright, so The Venus Project can also remain the place to go for consultants when we choose to transition to a Resource Based Economy.

While The Venus Project split from the Zeitgeist Movement, they could be an alternative for the lucrative consultancy of a transition to a (Natural) Resource Based Economy, or whatever other name for the solution they have developed.

Roxanne Meadows seems to be a strong female leader, and manager when this video was made:

“We are now organizing to initiate the very first city…”

🌎 The Venus Project at UN “NOVUS Summit 2016 (” [event]: Resource Based Economy Test City

This shows that The Venus Project intends to play a central role in the transition to a Resource Based Economy, as consultants. While being consultants don’t imply a need for leadership, there will probably be representatives that appear as leaders, as government and business are comfortable with traditional style organizations.

Certainly The Venus Project misstepped with the Zeitgeist Movement in a very public way, but that will be dwarfed by the politics, and power struggles of consulting for a transition to a Resource Based Economy, and the core group could easily become symbolic if they loose independent connections with the global population—in such cases, the meaning of what a Resource Based Economy is could be end up being something entirely different.

As a volunteer you need to just let the people handle your tour, or education, but there is a good chance that you will need to decide what The Venus Project is yourself, through your own studies and questions. That is the nature of a leaderless organization.

While The Venus Project Research Center in Florida is organized because of legacy as a core group that are clearly in charge and the owners of copyright materials, they also want to step back from that and try to teach us what it is like to be inside a leaderless group, something that’s hard to imagine.

As a volunteer you may do work directly for The Venus Project Research Center Core Group, and that can be overwhelming, as it will have all the politics, and power structure of a workplace—and your volunteer work might not seem appreciated, or may seem to be ignored. The true structure is actually a formal organization structure, with leaderless groups, and if you have a need for strong feedback, you need to form strong connections with key people, both inside and outside The Venus Project. This of course can require trust, and thing called “extensionality: People that Enhance Your Life ❤”

What do Volunteers Do?

Before you volunteer for The Venus Project, you should learn what a Resource Based Economy is, and The Venus Project website should provide the basic details, but you can buy additional material, get free stuff from the internet, and talk, or communicate with people that are interested in a Resource Based Economy.

If you go to the website (which is appears to change often, and even has re-edits): you will notice that you will seem to have few choices: 1) help with the web-site 2) help with translations, the third option is to train for two or more years to become a trainer/mentor for your local area. The forth option [2017] has been put on hold but involves working on the archives, but the translation teams might also be working on this.

The Venus Project did have a blog, but it was very strictly organized with quality control, and teams that would choose what articles were acceptable, a very controlled environment that governments used to control information, and people’s thoughts in the past (along with copyright, and limited access to publishing tools).

☆ Early Copyright History:

This management interaction with volunteers, probably turns off a lot of volunteers, as the process is far from transparent, and puts in project delays of a unspecific amount of time, as workplace relationships, and political views will still exist under such schemes (even in voluntary/commercial mixed environments).

☆ Early Copyright History indicates, there are other ways to handle the creation of media. In a way this represents a legacy organization, and a leaderless group that The Venus Project claims to have, and operate under—is destroyed by this legacy organization structure, and the procedures used the core group (leaders). In turn volunteers can end up feeling lost.

As a volunteer you might feel like a useless cog in a machine, and you may have the desire to save the world, and do something meaningful to you, such as working on the core message of The Venus Project (a Resource Based Economy) and leave all that organizational, management stuff back in the dusty corridors! For example the making, and production of music, making videos, documents, vlogs, blogs, live performances, live talks, organizing meetings and so on.

The Venus Project has a media department (that has a sub-department called the music department), film department, cybernetic core (development) department, and other departments that have other functions, but you might only find them if you have specific skills, or get to know the right people. As a guess those departments have been put on hold, as The Venus Project re-organizes how it does things on site and off site. It’s possible that The Venus Project will continue to evolve and change constantly, as demands and requirements change. Such changes will also be reflected in The Venus Project website—if funding allows for it.

Here is a simple suggestion for volunteers that is in line with a organization that has leaderless groups, and what actually occurs in a Resource Based Economy: do whatever interests you, and simply work on the project until it is finished, then publish it, or whatever (such as: do the performance, or a talk). The material, or designs can be published under creative commons. Computer Programs can use the The GNU General Public License. This lets people build on your work, and if The Venus Project wants to use it, or modify it, they can. If your work has errors, or incorrect information, others can modify, and correct it, if you don’t.

If you want to run a show, a online video show, newspaper/magazine, radio show, then do so. Your peers will decide if it is of interest.

Many want to tackle problems that exist right now, just remember as the monetary system breaks down, there is a possibility that all the things you have worked on will be destroyed in the chaos created. Even so, you may have influenced the way people think, and that is not so easily destroyed.

Do you want to get involved with solutions and good ideas that will help solve problems? If you understand what a Resource Based Economy is, you have a road map to the future you want to live in. You can help invite the technologies, and thinking that will make the transition to a Resource Based Economy smoother. For example the conversion of plastic to oil (while unhelpful in some ways) creates wealth from garbage, cleans up our environment of waste plastic that can kill living creatures, and this in turn matches the concepts The Venus Project promotes of cleaning up the environment, and caring for all living creatures. Another example is the growing of food using aquaponics, hydroponics, and aeroponics: which is a technology that also results in a person getting educated in a number of fields, especially if automated equipment is used—The Venus project likes the idea that we have access to food, and education. If you don’t have an education yet, then you can simply share good ideas, and solutions that interest you. Your 7 billion peers around the world will be able to decide if the share good ideas, and solutions by you are of value.

It’s possible that people from The Venus Project might complain that the suggestions for volunteers to follow their own interests will drain valuable resources that could be used by the core group at The Venus Project Research Center in Florida, but this is not true: as volunteers can still devote some time to helping The Venus Project, but in addition—not all 7 billion of us will end up working for the core group at The Venus Project, even when automation helps implement a Resource Based Economy, and build the Resource Based Economy Cities in ten to three and a half years (given that 3D printed houses/components are possible, and two story villas can be built in 3 hours in 2016:

If you are a professional, investor, government representative, business, manager, secretary, jack of all trades, model creator, digital producer, painter, cleaner, promoter, radio-video-television show host, archivist, builder, electrician, engineer, scientist, movie producer, DJ, MC, futurist, Transhuman, artist, singer, musician, organizer, lawyer, accountant, medical specialist, nurse, or whatever, you should learn what a Resource Based Economy is (as proposed by The Venus Project) before emailing The Venus Project, or telephoning them. Here is a short introduction that may help you before you make that first formal introduction: 🌎 The Venus Project at UN “NOVUS Summit 2016 (” [event]: Resource Based Economy Test City

Thank you.

The Transition

Sometimes Jacque Fresco seems to imply that putting band aids on the breaking monetary system will only prolong the agony, and others want to push the failure of the monetary system in the hope that a Resource Based Economy will occur sooner, rather then later. The huge force of automation, is unstoppable, we seem to love the idea of robots doing work for us (and certainly the 1% or nine people that own as much wealth as half the world’s population like the idea, business realities about automation forces them to to like the concept). The impending death of soils, mass extinctions—that may include us, rising sea levels, global warming, and alarming distribution of wealth (9 people having as much money as half the world’s population) is a probably a good signal that things have gone too far already.

The #Transition is not fully explained (it’s happening right now), because the break down of the monetary system (happening right now, due to automation), and how it effects the world’s populations is difficult to predict, and it also depends on how free people are able to communicate with each other, and share good ideas and solutions—rather then have controlled information fed to them by governments and those in power. For the concept of spreading information about a Resource Based Economy, it might require that people can communicate freely with each other. However the concepts of a Resource Based Economy can be built into our present day society, and world. Automation is certainly being implemented right now, but other technology such as feeding the world’s populations, or housing for everyone, and care of the biosphere (of all life on this world) might need some work by groups dedicated to such ideas, and that in turn can lead to people caring about each other and the world, which will certainly help in establishing a Resource Based Economy—if that is the type of future we all want.

The Zeitgeist Movement

A lot of people, or groups also think that idea, or concept by Jacque Fresco: The Resource Based Economy is beyond challenge or change (just as some people think we can’t exist without money, or at one time that we can never fly, or go to the moon, and the earth was flat). Jacque Fresco’s idea: The Resource Based Economy is open to challenge, but what many don’t seem to get is that even if Jacque Fresco’s idea: The Resource Based Economy, is modified or some aspects of it are found to be based on false ideas (science should be able to prove this), it is going to be very hard to knock the whole idea down. Because of this Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project will most likely remain in the history books, and be used as a core reference when we refer to a Resource Based Economy.

Certainly the Zeitgeist Movement has attempted to negate the work of Jacque Fresco, by trying to re-invent the The Resource Based Economy by basic principles, and using another name, but that seems to be silly in some ways. However perhaps the researchers at the Zeitgeist Movement working in this way, might avoid having to be influenced by Jacque Fresco’s work, and be able to fully check up what the optimal solution for a better version of how to solve all the world’s problems, or to produce a better version of a Resource Based Economy. Perhaps there is a fundamental variation that also makes sense: governments, and those in power may also be researching variants that are of benefit to them.

If the Zeitgeist Movement, chooses to use the work of Jacque Fresco (the Resource Based Economy), they should correctly reference The Venus Project (a risky adventure in some ways, as if the company called The Venus Project is taken over, it may hinder the formation of a Resource Based Economy Test City, and the subsequent Resource Based Economy), and expand on and improve on the concepts of a Resource Based Economy. A lot of the followers at the Zeitgeist Movement (as well as The Venus project) want solutions during the transition, and in the past, The Venus Project Core Group simply has not had the resources to focus on such projects, so that may be some additional projects that could be focused on. The transition is not only about technology (and automation), it is about how we think and the need for our empathy to expand beyond the imaginary borders of our countries to the global community and all life on this earth. All sorts of projects can make it easier for us to transition to a Resource Based Economy.

Really hope the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project can find a way to work together (and some of us are) in a constructive way, so we (both organizations) can work towards creating a Resource Based Economy (or whatever it ends up being called, and whoever claims to have invented it).

The Resource Based Economy Test City (via The Venus Project)

Certainly a major way to improve what a Resource Based Economy is, will occur when the Resource Based Economy Test City is built, but that does not mean you could not start work with your project teams on concepts, potential problems, and ideas that might need to be addressed in the test city. Because Test Cities (for reasons of politics, profit, and/or funding) may be used for other purposes: such as testing The Internet of Things, Automation, Robots, and housing refugees for example, we might ask if a Resource Based Economy City can exist with such nearby neighbors that may not understand what a Resource Based Economy is and may be struggling to just survive, or interference form researchers and officials with other agendas.

So you want to start a project, and are considering collaboration with one or more people

Here are some things you might want to consider.

Musicians often discover, some people promise to do work, but don’t deliver at all, or seem to delay a project for an unreasonable amount of time–how will you handle that?

Some people might want to divert your project into another direction, with a creative commons, or GNU General Public License this should cause no problems if the project is finished, but while a project is being developed, this will cause a situation–how will you handle that?

If team members don’t get along well–how will you handle that?

What is the ideal team size (small teams or single persons are often creative, but large multi-skilled teams can often handle complex projects such as city maintenance, automation on the other hand can reduce the team size required, including for city maintenance)?

What is the maximum number of contacts a person can handle (some say 150, but on social media you can have thousands of contacts)?

You or other members feel they don’t have a lot of skills or need to learn more: “Just study, and take an interest in things that you like. Jacque Fresco did not go to school, but talked to a lot of skilled scientists, and engineers, as well as read lots of books, and was lucky to be exposed to lots of interesting technology. But here on the internet you have many chances that Jacque Fresco never had.”



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Gharr is currently in hiatus: “I miss writing all those articles, and sharing all those great things, and ideas on the internet.” Sept 2016

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