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The Venus Project

🌎 “A World Without Language Barriers:” ✈ #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy; Global Community

🌎 ‘floating city’ in the middle of the Pacific Ocean [news]: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌎 8 men own same wealth as half the world’s population [news]: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

✎🗒 There may be updates to the news on how many people own as much wealth as half the world’s population ‖Ⓐ.

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Milestone Events

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Music Section

♬ @gegenphase_band — The Melody Central Tapes (EP Album) [songs & Music]: ❧ #Indie #Duch #60s #Punk
Ref: #Pop This singer’s songs are well known.

♬ Carly Rae Jepsen — This Kiss [song/music]: ❧

♬ Carly Rae Jepsen — I Really Like You (Lyric Video) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Carly Rae Jepsen — All That (Audio) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Carly Rae Jepsen — Your Type (Audio) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Carly Rae Jepsen — Run Away With Me [song/music]: ❧ (Live On Ellen)

♬ Carly Rae Jepsen — Boy Problems [song/music]: ❧


Lucas Ciliberti likes to sing a number of religious songs (and those productions are really good), so not all of his music is represented here. His songs also cover social issues.

♬ Lucas Ciliberti (@lucasloves2sing, — “Face of a Friend” (Original) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Lucas Ciliberti (@lucasloves2sing, — “My Wish” (Cover) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Lucas Ciliberti (@lucasloves2sing, — “I’m Not Invisible” [song/music]: ❧

♬ Lucas Ciliberti (@lucasloves2sing, — “Imagine…” [song/music]: ❧

♬ Lucas Ciliberti (@lucasloves2sing, — “Springfields” [song/music] An age of war & conflict

♬ @lucasloves2sing, — Wild Horses [song/music]: Our connection with the biosphere #Empathy


Twitter: @TheBabesRock

The two girls of the band (and founders) can speak Japanese.

♬ The Babes, — Bad News//悪いニュース (Official Video) [song/music]: ❧ ☆ (Can Speak Japanese)


♬ The Catching (@thecatching, — Worldwide 🌎 Girl [song/music]: ❧

♬ The Catching (@thecatching, — Wild Ones [song/music]: ❧

♬ The Catching (@thecatching, — Ready Set Go [song/music]: ❧

Strange, but don’t feel a connection to most of the songs for this band. Machinehead is not part of the videos they feature. A lot of their music is older then two years or more, so possibly they may be putting out some more music soon.

♬ Bush — Machinehead [song/music]: ❧

♬ @bushofficial, — Warm Machine [song/music]: ❧

♬ @bushofficial — Landslide [song/music]: ❧

♬ @bushofficial — The Only Way Out (Official Video) [song/music]: ❧

♬ @bushofficial — Loneliness is A Killer [song/music]: ❧

♬ @bushofficial — People At War [song/music]: ❧ It’s Time To End War, Poverty & Hunger #TVP


★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — 420 [music]: #Chiptune #Dubstep #Trance ♬

★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — Irankarapte [music]: #Dance #Chiptune #Techno ♬

★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — Haze [music]: #Electro #Chiptune #Rainbow_Factory #Techno

★ Cerberus – uraboroshi vs @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) [ LSDj Collaboration ] [music]: #Chiptune #Gameboy #Epic 🎶

★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — A Suit Man And Koenji [music]: #Electro #Chiptune #Gameboy #Dance

★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — Yulico(SST2016) [music]: #Electro #Chiptune #Wave #Venture

★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — Stella [music]: #Chiptune #Classical #Industrial

★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — ABARENBOUSHOUGUN(暴れん坊将軍-yukkeromMIX) [music]: #Chiptune

★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — Yulico [music]: #Chiptune #Gameboy

★ The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army(1xLSDJ mix) [music]: #Rock #Garage #Chiptune #Gameboy 🎶

★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — Tereport [music]: #Chiptune

★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — susukino-kyousoukyoku [music]: #Chiptune #Gameboy #Dance

★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — Window(vocaloff&roughmix) [music]: #Chiptune

★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — Hammer [music]: #Chiptune #Miku_popipo_Style #Electro #Dance

★ @tone_death_ yukkerom(ゆっけ) — 001 [music]: #Chiptune #Swing


☆ RoViN×aa7 — SCANDAL [song/music/dance]: ❧

☆ RoVin — One & Only Lover [song/music/dance]: ❧

☆ RoVin — √69 [song/music/dance]: ❧


♬ 蜷川べに_Beni Ninagawa — Passion Continent//情热大陆 [Shamisen, music]: ❧

♬ @theselands, — [I want to] Waste My Life [with you] [song/music]: #Country

♬ Brain Purist — (#A #Chan) Curse[s] The Day (feat. Myah Marie) [song/music]: #Ouch

♬ @jakeandersongs, — Comeback Kid is no longer available.

♬ Sandra Szabo — I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (Aerosmith Cover) [song/music]: ❧

☆ JinnyOops! (@jinny_oops, — 爆音ヘッドフォン//Explosive Headphones [song/music]: ❧

☆ JinnyOops! (@jinny_oops, — HO!コミュニケーション//Communication [song/music]: ❧

☆ JinnyOops! (@jinny_oops, — 時//Time [song/music]: ❧

☆ JinnyOops! (@jinny_oops, — 生心生歌//Birthday song [song/music]: #Mellow #Indie #Rock

♬ Adrian von Ziegler — Fable [Music]: ❧ #Celtic

♬ @eriguitar, — ロードムービー ループステーション使用ver//Road Movie [song/music]: ❧ #loop #pedal

The launch of an album by Venus Rising Band: Nick J Townsend AKA @NickJTownsend: his tweets can be a little #Scary #Chan as some of his band’s videos borders on adult viewing only—try to only share general viewing material here. His tweet mentioning Venus Rising:, #debut #album #launch #party! 06.05.17 ( Not sure how tight as a collective the musicians are in working to promote each other, but assuming Nick J Townsend supports the Venus Rising Band among many other UK bands.

♬ Acoustic Eclectic Radio Show 4th December 2016 [songs and music]: ❧ (nearly 2hrs)

♬@kellyhilltone (DJ/Producer & Cosplayer) VOCALOID MIX—SNOW MIKU COSPLAY DJ SET [music]: ☆ #Hatsune #Vocaloid #初音ミク

★ 【Megpoid English】When the low, heavy sky【Original】[song/music]: ♬ #Vocaloid #ボーカロイド A future with no hope…

☆ 【初音ミク//Hatsune Mikul】ありさんのうた//San’s Song (Remix) [song/music]: #Vocaloid #ボーカロイド

☆ Gumi English – A Thousand Years (Cover) [song/music]: #Transhuman #AI #Android (#Robotic) #Lover #Vocaloid #ボーカロイド

☆ 【Avanna】Interstellar【Original】[song/music]: #Vocaloid #ボーカロイド

♬ El guitarrista anonimo//The anonymous guitarist [music]: ❧

♬ @VenusRisingInfo, — Woodlight [song/music]: ❧

♬ @Antwaanmusic — Starman (David Bowie, minimalist cover) the video only plays in a very restricted part of the world (probably a copy), discovered on the day twitter had no delete tweets option!

♬ N5ZaK — StarMan (David Bowie, Cover) [song/music]: •••

♬ ゆゆゆ Yusan, — フォークトロニカセット//Fork Toronika Set [song/music]: ❧ #Electro #Chill #Gong #Bells

☆ 【摩耶猫】ミュージックミュージッ//Music Music[Dance/Song/Music]: 💃

♬ @Thee_Kelly_Muff, — ニュー・トラッシュ//New Trash [song/music]: ❧ #Contemporary #Rock #Punk

♬ Art of Piano Recording — Winter 2017 playlist [music]: ❧ (possibly over 1 hour)

♬ 秋休//Autumn Holiday @AKIYASUMI2, — 一輪車//Unicycle PV [song/music]: ❧

♬ 秋休//Autumn Holiday @AKIYASUMI2, — 春色パレット//Spring color palette [song/music]: ❧



The Future of Our World Interview

The interview here is not verbatim, it’s roughly accurate for future reference.

A volunteer project goes down, and break up from The Venus Project results.

Tweet: “What happened to The Venus Project Magazine – TVPM?”

Ref 1:

Ref 2:!/

Tio: “TVP left me with a mix of ‘feelings’…. I also experienced many weird, nonsensical, and surprising events/situations with TVP, …and its teams. I was dragged into endless teams and lists… [had friction with some people, and legal issues such as copyright made it difficult to share stuff]… [TVP was like a] full blown company from my perspective… If TVP [was] like a new and futuristic society from outside, from the inside it [was] like an old library to me… TVP is organized as an “organization” looked to me way too rocky, unprepared, unorganized, and highly inefficient…”

Certainly what Tio experienced is not unusual, and each person that interacts with admin or other TVP-Activists can find it unsettling, because there are no leaders, and we are each our own teachers. However listening, and reading what people say, can bring insight into finer details about The Venus Projects, such as how art, fiction, and sport is interpreted in a Resource Based Economy for example. Jacque Fresco was primarily an inventor, the organization around him, was there to give him a good image, and to let him work, but to us The Venus Project can seem unorganized, inefficient, and yet as an organization it can seem difficult to deal with. The Venus Project is built to educate visitors, and as a inventor’s den. The Venus Project could probably do with thousands of volunteers to get all the work done that needs to be done there, the on-site archivist, gives some clues to this, as does the translation team. The handling of huge numbers of volunteers using a leaderless model, is quite a thought bending exercise in itself—but it’s possible, it’s just that nearly all organizations today don’t use that model. While the Zeitgeist Movement seemed to have aspects of a chapter organized around leaderless groups (and the whole organization is said to be leaderless as well), it seemed to miss the concept that The Venus Project should be like the central-core or central-reference-library/knowledge-base; this is because a huge body of inventions, and ideas were developed by Jacque Fresco[1] to support the concept of a Resource Based Economy.

No doubt Tio’s pain was real, and reasonable. Reading this person’s article is an emotional experience, even though it was written in a hurry. The twitter response to this follows.

The following is not an exact copy of the posts on twitter, as it would have been nice to have more then 140 characters, and that can be done here.

🌎 The Venus Project: is the cybernetic core (none exists yet, and this one is the manual, human occupied model then); Resource Based Economy (easy 2 share idea); Your project: sharing ideas, & solutions to the global community of 7 billion people. #Poem

🌎 Noticed your struggles to share good ideas, & solutions//wish you well//many share your journey; The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #Poem

🌎 The project the group makes for The Venus Project is like art // the beholder judges its worth not you // & organizing a group isn’t easy #Poem

🌎 It’s possible to build, mix, redesign, improve-on, & re-think projects; The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy // Creativity is you #Poem

🌎 Great projects come from the input from many disciplines over time // The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy // Let’s make it happen #Poem

🌎 The language of science, & engineering projects is not without misadventure/disaster—but we can find better solutions. The Venus Project #Poem

🌎 If you think you can make a Resource Based Economy better, to find better solutions—go for it! (The language of science, & engineering projects is not without misadventure/disaster—but we can find better solutions) The Venus Project

🌎 If you feel The Venus Project Global Community needs to become stronger, and friendlier—then maybe it does, your feelings are important.

🌎 There is a reason why The Venus Project wants a Resource Based Economy Test City—you now might be able to guess why that is. #Poem

🌎 There is a reason why The Venus Project seems to be a old style organization, and yet cluttered & unorganized—the inventors den. #Poem

🌎 The Venus Project works to make a Resource Based Economy a reality, but your global team can help: (There is a reason why The Venus Project seems to be a old style organization, and yet cluttered & unorganized—the inventors den) join us.

🌎 How big should a design team B (even a creative music band)//what is the core message (library)//your creative canvas #poem

  • “be creative: more then just having ideas, solutions, designs, services/products, it’s about organizing teams 4 each stage.”
  • “Music creation, and inventors might work as individuals, or in small groups to get the best results in the shortest time.”
  • “committees & large groups of people might deal with complex problems like sailing a boat, seed planting, city maintenance.”
  • “As we automate stuff, the complexity is removed (as is often the case today) and smaller groups can handle city management.”
  • “The same goes for ideas, solutions, designs, manufacture/service-delivery; smaller groups can now handle this #automation.”
  • “Not everyone in the global community wants 2 use email: my deliveries come as WordPress or #example”
  • “The reason I use twitter or WordPress, is because every moment is a chance to promote things, & a chance to form community.”
  • “to form teams of the right size, requires experimentation, looking at how other teams work, how do leaderless teams work?”
  • “How many people should one person know before they can no longer handle it (some say 150 people). thousands on twitter?”
  • “I’m not here to teach you, you are your own teacher. If the vibrations of the universe allow it, I will work with you ;)”

🌎 Hope the global community finds ways 2 work together, as we make choices about our future; Resource Based Economy

🌎 @shreyanshdixit regardless of what U do, I will check your tweets from time to time, as you are probably working on similar projects to me.

shreyanshdixit: “Yes, I am working for a better future of the planet and that is a very similar project to urs. we can climb mountains together.”

shreyanshdixit: I loved the idea of @Gharr_home . So thanks founder for making it. 🙂

💭 “Yes Gharr is a group, and is not the work of one person. Perhaps some of you will exist here also, and that’s a good thing. A good idea is something you can do also, in your own way. Build your community, look forward to being a part of it.”

shreyanshdixit: Yeah, I agree.

💭 “Often the important lessons we learn are when we were young, and able to be extremely creative: in a playground, you can be a part of a group, and it doesn’t need a name, just a fun idea #NoRules Gharr is a little like that.”

🌎 “The Venus Project is like a seed, if we are technically skilled, and have been exposed to a lot of ideas, we can help implement concepts and ideas from The Venus Project into our current society (because we know of the destination we want to go to), and we can improve on the idea as well (that is the reason a Resource Based Economy Test City is required for example). #marketing (technology also includes a need to understand human behavior, and a need for free education)”

shreyanshdixit: yes, that’s the reason of include The Venus Proeject too, as less technically skilled people can understand [a Resource Based Economy as defined by] The Venus Project.

shreyanshdixit: Or even if they do understand, they don’t come up to the surface, probably due to fear of left alone from the masses that are unaware of it.

🌎 “Ah… there are many people suffering in our world, some (even in so called rich countries) don’t get enough food, education, or access to medical help. You have a large group that want to listen to solutions, mention The Venus Project as it is a destination (without a destination the ideas don’t make sense).”

🌎 “For example converting plastic waste to fuel will help communities (anyone can like this idea) and it fits in with The Venus Project–to clean up the environment.”

🌎 “Plastic waste can also be converted into 3D printer material, but may have many other uses as well.”

shreyanshdixit: okay, I need (& want) to learn more about these solutions, as I haven’t explored [this subject matter] much yet.

🌎 “These solutions have come from the world community, you just need to listen to them, and not all the people that come up with good solutions know of The Venus Project–but they unknowingly help The Venus Project and to bring a Resource Based Economy into existence, but often things like automation is like a tidal wave, it is unstoppable, we like the idea of automation serving us (or at least the 1% or 36 people that have as much money as half the world’s population in 2017).”

🌎 “Of course a Resource Based Economy will only come into existence if we want it to.”

🌎 “I’m in favor of no more war, poverty, hunger, and no more unnecessary human suffering.”

shreyanshdixit: How do I “listen to the global community for solutions”? And I agree with the later part you said.

🌎 “As you build community on twitter, and possibly word press (not familiar with face-book), your community will tweet or blog about things that interest you (good ideas, and solutions), and you can record them, and also share them; like I have done with you here. I find feelings are about this world is also interesting.”

🌎 “For example this tweet came up from my community (play group in a young persons language): “The Livelihood Challenge for workers today: 10 proposed actions to consider” but this person is working on solutions from a particular perspective–governments that can be trusted.”

🌎 “Like a DJ, if you are skilled in several things (and you probably are) you can mix the ideas into a form that makes sense to you–plastic waste (problem) and take notice of what people feel are solutions, and record, share the ones you like (large groups of people tend to get solutions to problems right often, so sharing with the global community lets your peers pick up on ideas they like–your community judges the worth of what you do).”

shreyanshdixit: oh okay…

shreyanshdixit: now I understand I guess

shreyanshdixit: And I am not skilled in many things yet, but I love to be. 😍

🌎 “Just study, and take an interest in things you like, Jacque Fresco did not go to school, but talked to a lot of skilled scientists, and engineers, as well as read lots of books, and was lucky to be exposed to lots of interesting technology. But here on the internet you have many chances that Jacque Fresco never had–I make mistakes, but it gives me the chance to shout our messages twice so that is not bad for promoting things.” (twice: in reference to–Like a DJ–made a mistake, and redone it twice on stream, as a comment–oh okay…–had already been added)

shreyanshdixit: THAT’S A GREAT PIECE OF ADVICE. Thanks a lot!😄

💭 🙂 I will record part of this interview (inc. public on twitter), as I talk to … thousands of people, and as time passes, I might want to remember where our project, and meeting is at. Thank you for your time, to me you are skilled, and worth listening to.

shreyanshdixit: Thank You again. You are amazing. 😀

💭 🙂

🔴 End of Interview

End Notes For The Future of Our World Interview: “A volunteer project goes down, and break up from The Venus Project results.”

[1] Collaboration, and avoiding copyright by using creative commons is a possible way to produce work in today’s world. Apart from the building of The Venus Project Research Center, and possibly administration assistance, and technical help (such assistance with model building, decoration and maintenance) by people like Roxanne Meadows (, Jacque Fresco appears to have developed the concept, idea, solution of a Resource Based Economy on his own (

From this Jacque Fresco developed a vision of what it would be like to live in a Resource Based Economy by producing many models, and other materials like books (also encouraging, and helping out with various media productions). The models included entire cities, and the surrounding areas between cities, as well a transport,energy, manufacture concepts, and solutions. The purpose of these videos, and a possible future movie project, was to help educate the world’s population about a Resource Based Economy. This is like a road map of where we want to be in the future.

The #Transition is not fully explained (it’s happening right now), because the break down of the monetary system (happening right now due to automation), and how it effects the world’s populations is difficult to predict, and it also depends on how free people are able to communicate with each other, and share good ideas—rather then have controlled information fed to them by governments and those in power. For the concept of spreading information about a Resource Based Economy, it might require that people can communicate freely with each other. However the concepts of a Resource Based Economy can be built into our present day society, and world. Automation is certainly being implemented right now, but other technology such as feeding the world’s populations, or housing for everyone, and care of the biosphere (of all life on this world) might need some work by groups dedicated to such ideas, and that in turn lead to people caring about each other and the world which will certainly help in establishing a Resource Based Economy—if that is the type of future we all want.

The Venus Project has expressed that copyright might be used to prevent a Resource Based Economy existing, if many of Jacque Fresco’s ideas are claimed by companies, and then legal team use this to prevent, or hinder the building of the first Resource Based Economy Test City, and the subsequent Resource Based Economy.

The history of copyright is interesting, and gives some reasons for caution, but it may not be relevant in today’s world of the internet and computers, where creative collaborations can use other licenses that negate copyright:

So while The Venus Project may have made the right decisions (based on legal advice from their lawyers), that does not mean that teams formed to support The Venus Project need to follow this style of administration for their projects, unless working as a volunteer within the core team of The Venus Project. The Translation teams may work with different rules as they often work for The Venus Project, and other organizations like the Zeitgeist Movement for example.

This entire interview is about problems that volunteers face when dealing with the core team from The Venus Project. A lot of these problems could possibly be sorted out if The Venus Project is considered as a Reference library, and resources, that are based on the life long work of Jacque Fresco to develop the concept of a Resource Based Economy. The Venus Project can also be an education center. However Education Centers can exist outside The Venus Project in Florida. Local TVP-Groups may help, or groups that The Venus Project Mentions could be trusted. However other groups may get a reputation based on world of mouth—but such groups should always acknowledge the sources they use for teaching, even if not all of them are from The Venus Project—such additional ideas and research about a Resource Based Economy, and the transition.

A standard education system is not easy, even in a monetary economy, so if possible do try and visit The Venus Project Research Center, or its websites, to learn the basics first. Re-visit should you be tutored by external groups, and when you feel that your understanding of a Resource Based Economy has improved, to check if there is any disagreement with existing facts from the core references that are provided by The Venus Project—take note of any discovered differences, and think about why this is so, and even discuss it with your peers (that understand what a Resource Based Economy is) if possible.

It is important to learn what a Resource Based Economy is for the core references, held at The Venus Project Research Center, and related website:

There is no reason not to promote, and work on projects outside The Venus Project and its core group, just as many researchers and engineers today form their own groups and work on their own projects based on ideas they learned from core text books, lessons from the schools they attended, their own studies, and previous work with colleges, peers, and mentors.

A lot of people, or groups also think that idea, or concept by Jacque Fresco: The Resource Based Economy is beyond challenge or change (just as some people think we can’t exist without money, or at one time that we can never fly, or go to the moon, and the earth was flat). Jacque Fresco’s idea: The Resource Based Economy is open to challenge, but what many don’t seem to get is that even if Jacque Fresco’s idea: The Resource Based Economy, is modified or some aspects of it are found to be based on false ideas (science should be able to prove this), it is going to be very hard to knock the whole idea down. Because of this Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project will most likely remain in the history books, and be used as a core reference when we refer to a Resource Based Economy.

Certainly the Zeitgeist Movement has attempted to negate the work of Jacque Fresco, by trying to re-invent the The Resource Based Economy by basic principles, and using another name, but that seems to be silly in some ways. However perhaps the researchers at the Zeitgeist Movement working in this way, might avoid having to be influenced by Jacque Fresco’s work, and be able to fully check up what the optimal solution for a better version of how to solve all the world’s problems, or to produce a better version of a Resource Based Economy. Perhaps there is a fundamental variation that also makes sense: governments, and those in power may also be researching variants that are of benefit to them.

If the Zeitgeist Movement, chooses to use the work of Jacque Fresco (the Resource Based Economy), they should correctly reference The Venus Project (a risky adventure in some ways, as if the company called The Venus Project is taken over, it may hinder the formation of a Resource Based Economy Test City, and the subsequent Resource Based Economy), and expand on and improve on the concepts of a Resource Based Economy. A lot of the followers at the Zeitgeist Movement (as well as The Venus project) want solutions during the transition, and in the past, The Venus Project simply has not had the resources to focus on such projects, so that may be some additional projects that could be focused on. The transition is not only about technology (and automation), it is about how we think and the need for our empathy to expand beyond the imaginary borders of our countries to the global community and all life on this earth. All sorts of projects can make it easier for us to transition to a Resource Based Economy.

Really hope the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project can find a way to work together (and some of us are) in a constructive way, so we (both organizations) can work towards creating a Resource Based Economy (or whatever it ends up being called, and whoever claims to have invented it).

As a group that supports The Venus Project, we can work inside The Venus Project (under its guidelines), or outside The Venus Project as consultants, to suggest improvements to The Venus Project Organization, how it works, educates people, shares information, handles archives, handles legal, and political issues, and so on; or we can improve, and add to the idea of what a Resource Based Economy is; or in our own project teams (which in some cases may just be a single person) to improve the idea of what a Resource Based Economy is, to develop concepts, ideas, and solutions for the transition to a Resource Based Economy (sometimes encouraging existing or new ideas, solutions, or technology is enough). We can also share with people the idea of what a Resource Based Economy is.

Some may say that projects not run and managed by the core group at The Venus Project is wasting time that could be used constructively, by sticking to the core aims that The Venus Project is working on: While certainly core aspects to the movie, and the Resource Based Economy Test City might require close liaison with The Venus Project, other things like sharing information about what a Resource Based Economy is quite broad, and includes assisting in the implementation of technology, and ways of thinking that will make it easier to implement a Resource Based Economy, make the #transition smoother it is hoped, make it easier to learn about a resource based economy, and even spread the idea of a Resource Based Economy. So if teams want to work on their own interest, and still spread the idea of a Resource Based Economy, or make it easier to learn about a Resource Based Economy, it would be difficult to understand why that is outside the aims of The Venus Project—not all 7 billion of us will end up working for the core group at The Venus Project, even when automation helps implement a Resource Based Economy, and build the Resource Based Economy Cities in ten to three and a half years (given that 3D printed houses/components are possible, and two story villas can be built in 3 hours in 2016:

Certainly a major way to improve what a Resource Based Economy is, will occur when the Resource Based Economy Test City is built, but that does not mean you could not start work with your project teams on concepts, potential problems, and ideas that might need to be addressed in the test city. Because Test Cities (for reasons of politics, profit, and/or funding) may be used for other purposes: such as testing The Internet of Things, and housing refugees for example, we might ask if a Resource Based Economy City can exist with such nearby neighbors that may not understand what a Resource Based Economy is and may be struggling to just survive, or interference form researchers and officials with other agendas.



|∙∙∙END OF The Future of Our World Interview SECTION∙∙∙|

End Notes


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‖Ⓐ Updates to how many own as much wealth as 1/2 population of the earth

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☆ The Eight Men The Crystalline Structure Mix [article]:

☆ The Eight Men The Crystalline Structure Mix [article]:

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<span style="color: #ffffff; border-bottom: 2px solid #0099ff; border-top: 2px solid #0099ff; background-color: #99ccff;">☆ The Eight Men The Crystalline Structure Mix [article]: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a></span&gt;

<span style="color: #525200; background-color: #fec0fe;">☆ The Eight Men The Crystalline Structure Mix [article]: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a></span&gt;


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Random Facts 🖌

I) Unicode Symbols

⭐ List of useful symbols:

Random Notes 🖍

A) 🖍 Hyperlink Symbol: 🔗 but prefer 🌐 as the hyperlink symbol, as it seems more to do with freedom. It “🌐” also reminds me a little of Tron, and alternative world, which IMO is a more abstract symbology of what the hyperlink is.

B) 🖍 Hyperlink Symbol: 🔗 is used on twitter.

Brainstorming, and Unrelated Notes, Fragments 🖊 🖋 🖌 🖍 💭 ⭐ 💎 🚩 ⚠

⚠ This section has no structure… and is designed to not necessarily make sense. It might even look messy O_O’

💭 Was thinking of raising the status of this page… might use first page to launch this idea in some way… you know… the crystal symbology… and The Eight Men… it just seems to make this page almost a meme in itself… to future self: “well… is this page’s status raised in some way?”

|∙∙∙END OF “End-Notes” SECTION∙∙∙|



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Shortened link to article: ☆ The Crystalline Structure Mix [article]:

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