The Rose Petal Mix: Love so Longing, You Gave Me Life, Now Without You I Feel Lost.

#Philippines #News Wind turbine can power Japan for 50 Years after single Typhoon [energy]: ❧

🌎 Wave Energy (WEBS) Electrical Power Generator: #transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌎 Kissenger 💕 (kissing over the internet) [example]: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌎 Animal Testing & Human Trials may no longer be required: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌎 A society with technology, & exponential changes : #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌎 We took their islands to test bombs. Now they’re homeless: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌎 Sweden: there’s not enough inches ($) to allow a 6 hour day: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌎 Basic income, assured income with shorter working hours are some #Transition ideas Resource Based Economy: (-tweet ref-)

(-🌎Shocking #News, less work hours, & we still like 2 work after leaving job… Why! O_O #Transition The Venus Project-)

🌎 The Venus Project likes us to become generalists, & not to kill animals if possible:, (-tweet ref-)

(-🌎 @WeAreAQENARI “we come in peace, knowledge and prosperity;” The Venus Project [article]: Resource based Economy ☮-)

🌎 Future by Design (2006, Official) [Full Movie]: The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

For tweets, check out: ☮ One Community Global [article]: ❧

For tweets, check out: ✎ Cybernated Farm Systems welcomes you to the 21’st century [article]:


The borders on how science branches is defined, is based on how useful it is.

♬ ポタリ @potali_japan, — 『Escape』MV[song/music]: ❧ ☆

♬ Muta Sax, — “LUPIN THE THIRD ’80” [Sax, Music]: ❧ ☆

♬ 松尾優❁Yuu Matsuo, — 「Memory」[piano music]: 👠✿

♬ 松尾優❁Yuu Matsuo, — 泣ける歌「leaves」[song/music]: 👠✿

⭐ Mix In (Incision; robot love) ☆ Scarlett’s Muse AKA Scarlett Taylor [songs and music]:

☆ 好き!雪!//Like! snow!本気マジックを踊ってみた【メリクリ!】[dance]: ❧ #Snow #Miku

★ 乱躁滅裂ガール//Disturb Manic Girl 【オリジナル振り付け】[#Scary Dance]: ft. 🦒🌸🐭 #LilyMouse

☆  Snow Fairy Story 踊ってみた【冬】[Dance]: ❧ ft. 🦒🌸🐭 #LilyMouse

♬ 【ヲタリストAyasa】 バイオリンで”セーラームーンCrystal”「MOON PRIDE」を弾いてみた[song/music]: #Sailor_Moon

♬ Spy/ Ozzy XPM – Connected 034 (Diesel.FM) ☆ Air Date: 12/25/16 (≈1Hr) [music]: ❧

✎🗒 Note: Diesel•FM Actually changes into a link, on this page, if left in the dot form. IT is better to fully specify the link, as not all dot forms are meant to be links.

♬ Enrico Costa (@ECofficialmusic, — Angels (Robbie Williams, Cover) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Enrico Costa (@ECofficialmusic) — Scende la Pioggia//The Rain falls(Gianni Morandi, Cover) [song/music]: ❧

The following Gio songs were apparently lost. The initial idea was a bad edit, but the pattern of tweets don’t match a new article promotion cycle, and edit checks came up with nothing. It’s possible that somehow this music was just missed (as hard as it is to believe that two songs would be missed). The songs are placed here after a tweet by the artist that caused a desire to share her songs.

  • @gioiasounds seems to follow few people, and likes to be left alone. No problem as only three songs are shared so far.

♬ Gioia — Purple Rain [song/music]: ❧

♬ Gioia — Michael Jackson Tribute (Medley) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Gioia — Crazy [song/music]: ❧

This is an interesting way to break the link by not providing a href, and it prevents the WordPress from auto rendering it to a link in the main view. It makes sense that it works that way as essentially the href is empty.

♬ Gioia — Crazy [song/music]: ❧

♬ @wearemagicuk, — Stone Cold Soul [song/music]: ❧ #Rock

♬ @wearemagicuk, — Running Scared [song/music]: ❧ #Rock

♬ @wearemagicuk, — Running Scared (live) [song/music]: ❧ #Rock

♬ @wearemagicuk, — Colour Up My World [song/music]: ❧ #Rock

♬ @wearemagicuk, — One Shot [song/music]: ❧ #Rock

♬ @wearemagicuk, — Innocence [song/music]: ❧ #Indie

♬ @wearemagicuk, — We Are Magic EP [Songs and Music]: ❧

♬ OBB (@OBB_Music, ) – Sweater [song/music]: ❧

♬ @CloudyGalvez — Discrepancy [song/music]: ❧ #Risky #Test because of #Insecurity

Cloudy Galvez music varies in sound level, and her EP final song seems unusually quite, forcing one to turn up the sound levels. Thus her other two songs exist at: ☆ The Sixteen Era Mix [article]: ❧ The song here is the quite one.

♬ “Princess Leia’s Theme (” [music]: ❧

♬ Johannes Hirschmann (@jhpianomusic, — Today & Tomorrow [piano music]: ❧

♬ Johannes Hirschmann (@jhpianomusic, — Sitting At An Open Window [piano music]: ❧

♬ Johannes Hirschmann (@jhpianomusic, — When It’s Said and Done [piano music]: ❧

♬ Johannes Hirschmann (@jhpianomusic, — For You [piano music]: ❧ #Chill #improvisation

♬ Johannes Hirschmann (@jhpianomusic, — Watching The Beautiful Walk By [piano music]: ❧

♬ @BenMyersOnline, — The Morning Sky [song/music]: ❧

The only song from Framing Fables that resonates is Traveller, Crazy is really well done by another singer here, so did not include that one. They seem to record live (like if they were in a gig situation), and sound levels in duets can be difficult, also the band seems to shine based on the percussion section and how the song relates to that. The song probably resonates well as Traveller is also a RPG and that may mean the song makes connections for gamers. Who knows what music they will come up with in 2017.

♬ Framing Fables (@framingfables) — Traveller (Chris Stapleton Cover) [song/music]: ❧

Alex Kimbrel says she is from #Bahamas (ref:, and her music reflects a light, and happy nature, but can follow modern music trends.

♬ @AlexKimbrel, — Take Flight [song/music]: ❧ #Mellow #Ambient #Emotional

♬ @AlexKimbrel, — Weightless [song/music]: ❧ #Mellow #Ambient #Emotional

♬ @AlexKimbrel, — Will Be OK [song/music]: ❧ #Mellow #Ambient #Emotional

♬ @AlexKimbrel, — I Just Smile [song/music]: ❧ #Mellow #Ambient #Emotional

♬ @AlexKimbrel, — What Everyone Wants [song/music]: ❧ #Mellow #Ambient #Emotional

♬ @AlexKimbrel, — Chasing the Sun [song/music]: ❧ #Mellow #Ambient #Emotional

♬ @AlexKimbrel, — Just the Beginning LP [songs and music]: #Album #RandB #Ballad #Pop

The following two music mentions are copies from another place.

♬ Tomsize & Simeon — Slender [Festival Trap Music]: ❧

♬ Laffik – Black Cofee in Goa is no longer available.

♬ Elleke Hacha — #Dj Black Cofee [music]: ❧

🌎 Your Obedience/Loyalty points defines who U are [#Dignity]: #Transition The Venus Project (-tweet reference below-)

1) 🌎 The Venus Project doesn’t protest; but as a human being, we might worry about our friends in China, & the USA (-tweet ref1-) O_O

2) 🌎 Obedience/loyalty points help you get education/jobs/travel/partners [#terrifying]: (-tweet ref1-) #Transition The Venus Project

tweet ref1: (-🌎 Monitoring bata testing of China credit system of loyalty/obedience 4 use in USA #Democracy [#Grey #People #News]:

📌 When you are the Resource, for the 1984 Orwell style World Governments (-tweet ref-) #transition Resource Based Economy #BeGood

(-📌 17 agencies monitor U now ( 4 Loyalty & Obedience ( #transition The Venus Project #BeGood-)

🌎Robotic lover holds your hands before U die/deletion: Obedience/loyalty points R low (-tweet ref-) #Transition The Venus Project

(-🌎 Internet Of Things: 1 way communication: deleting/monitoring U #Obedience #loyalty Points [music]: ♬ #Grey_humans-)

♬ Stage of Reality – The Next #Transhuman Generation [song/music #Metal]: —naked male, replaceable brain/heart model

♬ @pianomalone, — Anthem (Leonard Cohen Tribute) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff — “Everybody Knows” (Leonard Cohen) [song/music]: ❧

♬ @amandapalmer & et al — Democracy (is coming to the USA) [poem/music]: ❧ inc #LGBT

♬ BeautyCase — Bright Lights (Cover) [song/music]: ☘


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