The Sixteen Era Mix

🔷 A strange time for the world, what the future holds is uncertain. #Poem

The Venus Project

🌎 China decides to use Robotics, & Automation #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #Competitive

🌎 Wondering why Amazon is willing to do this (-Tweet Ref-): to become a platform that allows us to do things #Economy #Profit

🌎 If no #Cash/#Money: Then this might be the way a Resource Based Economy will look like (-Tweet Ref-) #Transition The Venus Project

(-📌 Amazon Go Shopping (unseen automation #IOT) [intro]: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #OhYeah-)

📎 Things that won’t exist in a Resource Based Economy: ★ Canada’s Resource Based (Monetary) Economy. #Transition The Venus Project #NoCash

★ Ian Collins & Myles Dyer discuss a resource based economy [talk]: #Transition The Venus Project

☆ Power from sea waves, but from your footsteps… O_O #Energy The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

☆ Norway plans world’s first underwater floating tunnel: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

☆ Animal Testing & Human Trials may no longer be required: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

☆ The surprising truth about what motivates us [info]: #NoMoney Resource Based Economy; The Venus Project

Odd Notes

🔶 Transparent windows collect solar power [article]: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🎮 DJ Sona #LL [info]: 🎧

Music, Songs, and Other Stuff

The Wayne Garner Band has music that is rated mature as it often includes alcohol as one example. Will not be following his twitter account, as prefer not to accidentally tweet mature content. Run With The Wolves song is quite good even so.

♬ @WilliamShatner — Ponder The Mystery [song/music]: ❧2.0

The above link is active, but the java-script is prevented from auto-changing the string ‖Ⓐ.

This is an interesting alternative technique from an accidental link mishap, with the songs by Gioia.

♬ @WilliamShatner — Ponder The Mystery [song/music]:×2 ❧

✎🗒 Note: WordPress renders the above into a link normally, when the page is displayed. Used the a-tag but deleted the href ‖Ⓑ, so it has none, but put in a style format string. At the moment, assume url value is an invalid null, or invalid zero-length character. The a-tag is still valid however, and is called a placeholder, and is even used on live pages.

<a style=”color: #222222;”>×2</a>, must have inactive java-script, or the link will be rendered:×2.

♬ Ben Landis — Classical Americana [music]: ❧ (Copy)

♬ Wayne Garner Band — Run With The Wolves [song/music]: ❧

♬ @CloudyGalvez — Distance [song/music]: ❧ #Soul

♬ @CloudyGalvez — Let It Run WILD! [song/music]: ❧ #Soul

♬ コハクノアカリ, — ノスタルジアに会いにゆく//A Date With Nostalgia【PV・高画質】[song/music]: via @kikuchi1992 ☆

♬ コハクノアカリ, — fantasy 【PV・高画質】[song/music]: via @kikuchi1992 ☆

♬ コハクノアカリ, — 愛の底//Love’s Lowest Point【PV・高画質】[song/music]: via @kikuchi1992 ☆

♬ 東京プラヰマリー//Tokyo Primary — ラブミー!ラブミー!//Love Me! Love Me! [song/music]: via @kikuchi1992 ☆

♬ 東京プラヰマリー//Tokyo Primary — Precious [song/music]: via @kikuchi1992 ☆

♬ op_art — 空っぽの夜//Vacant Night [song/music]: ☆

Mix In1.0: ♬ @moecotic — Super Bus [article]:

♬ Moon — Grown Up [song/music]: #War #Politics #Elections #Peace The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy 🐞 (copy, modified to fit in Moecotic music style)

♬ 結~yui~ — 『紅』//”Kure” [music]: ❧

Mix In1.0: ☆ Verge Songs and Music [article]:

Mix In1.0: For Jungles (& RBV) Music, check 🎧 Mixes [article]:

📎 If #Jungles played: then the following may be included: ♬ Red Bacteria Vacuum — 「ホラーサンバ」//”Horror Samba” Official PV [song/music]: #Scary #Chans ★

♬ @H_ZETTRIO, × Bamboo Flute Orchestra — 【“SCATMAN” Cover】: #SHIBUYA #CLUB #QUATTRO ❧ (Copy)

★ 【やこまなわたりりあ】『妄想疾患■ガール』//Delusion Disease ■ (Darkness) Girl 【踊ってみた】 [Dance]: Ft. 🦒🌸🐭 #Lilymouse #Tokyo #Internet #Life

★ 【まなこ×やっこ】大嫌いなはずだった。//It Was Supposed to Be Hate。【踊ってみた】 [Dance]: ❧

Link: #LilyMouse ☆ The 着物(kimono)Mix [article]: ⭐

♬ @ryosuke_sunset — オリオン座の夜//Night of Orion [song/music]: ❧

♬ @ryosuke_sunset — 桜が舞っている//Cherry blossoms are dancing [song/music]: ❧

♬ J.Fla – Grey Skies (English Sub) [song/music]: ❧

♬ All We Know & Don’t Wanna Know – The Chainsmokers & Maroon 5 (MASHUP cover by J.Fla) [song/music]: ❧

♬ Espen Stenersrød — Fotavtrykk I Vannet//Footprints In the Water is no longer available.

♬ @CodyJohnsonBand, — “With You I Am” [song/music]: ❧

♬ Commerce — Network (@SoWonderfulEDM, RMX) [music]: ❧ #Progressive #House #Dance

♬ So Wonderful meets Dj ChrisZ — The Journey Of Love (@SoWonderfulEDM, Mix) [music]: ❧ #Prog

♬ @SoWonderfulEDM, — Hard Beat (Radio Edit) [song/music]: ❧ #Dance

♬ Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes—Counting Down The Days (@SkAusten Remix) [song/music]: #Deep #House #Topical #Pop

♬ @SkAusten feat. AKM — Secret [song/music]: ❧ #Deep #House #Topical #Chill

♬ @SkAusten feat. Lonna Marie — Cutting Loose [song/music]: ❧ #Deep #House #Topical #Chill

♬ @SkAusten feat. Dídac Corbí — Love is Gone [song/music]: ❧ #Deep #House

♬ @SkAusten — Amanda [song/music]: ❧ #Deep #House #Tropical #Beach

♬ @SkAusten feat. Ciça Hermann — Amor Pra Vida Toda//Love for all life [song/music]: ❧ #Deep #House #Tropical #Chill

♬ @SkAusten feat. Ciça Hermann — Longe Demais//Too far away [song/music]: ❧ #Deep #House #Tropical

♬ @SkAusten feat. Ciça Hermann — Agora//Now [song/music]: ❧ #Deep #House #Electro

♬ @SkAusten feat. Samantha Valentine — Our Season [song/music]: ❧

🗞 News: Scarlett’s Muse has it’s own page; influential! Powerful secondary meanings in her songs.

Mix In: ☆ Scarlett’s Muse AKA Scarlett Taylor [songs and music]:


End Notes

Short Notes and Expanded References 🖋


Note: link was previously displayed as this:×2 ❧ This change in the display of the article link was copied over here, and the resultant link ended up broken. Copying the faulty link and pasting it into other media (such as twitter) also resulted in a broken link. This is quite a serious error that is produced by possibly WordPress trying to make code international and misinterpreting the letter x for the multiply × symbol. As a guess WordPress saw (-2x2) -2×2 and decided it was an equation. For this note: the code for the link was automatically converted into a link when displayed, and this is another misinterpretation error in this note’s particular case—yet another error that can creep into documentation if the author is not aware of it, and a search on the internet shows old articles may be effected by this change, possibly making older articles that are longer usable, unless edited. The code tag will not get rid of this as of Dec 2016, and so pre must be used, and that adds disruption to the text flow unfortunately. To hack the code tag: a span tag with class was used for the letter h in the potential link, and that seemed to be enough to wreck the code that auto-converts stuff into links for WordPress. ID could have been used also, but generally only one ID can exist with each span, while each span can use the same class as it is designed for formatting of text throughout a document. The ID is used as a location marker within the document (such as a location that can be used by a table of contents) and is sometimes referred to as an anchor to a location within the document that can be used for links that exist externally in other documents for example. Certainly normal coding practice is to make things backwardly compatible (not the case in WordPress changes it seems—they just chuck them in and see what happens). Non backward compatibility (such as wrecking old articles with new software engineering changes) is sometimes done in attempt to make sales or profits, but it does come at some expense (annoying existing users).

‖Ⓑ a-tag without a href



The Dark Cyan text style is used here for mix-ins, and it’s just an experiment to see how it would look in an article, it’s not standard style for here. Among all the blue links, it seems to fade into the background more then the standard Orange Lighted text style that is usually used for that task.

2.0) Known as a Non-Rendering Link, caution should be used when copying and pasting it, as some active elements (such as javascrip code possibly) can break the link by assuming things about the link that is not relevant (such as it’s a maths equation. The pattern-matching operator is produced in programs, by making a regular-expression, and this expression is not 100% accurate). For more, see: ☆ Style Codes (for Gharr’s Style Manual) [article]:


Last edited in April 2017
Gharr is currently in hiatus: “I miss writing all those articles, and sharing all those great things, and ideas on the internet.” Sept 2016

Shortened link to article: ☆ The Sixteen Era Mix [article]:

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