The 着物(kimono) Mix

It is interesting that the kimono is often seen by Japanese as a symbol going back to a more restrictive past, possibly a past that repressed an individual’s freedom. That symbol to some should no longer exist in today’s world. The fabrics of the kimono seem to be nice, perhaps some other alternative garment that looks kawaii might be around that Gharr can promote to respect these views.

🌎 Teams in the leaderless, global community are self forming. #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #Trust #Science #Media

🌎 The concept of using multidisciplinary teams to solve problems is via The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy (-Tweet Reference Below-) ❧

🌎 The answer: form a multidisciplinary team, in the leaderless, global community (-Tweet Reference-) #Transition The Venus Project #RBE

(-🌎 Lots of U ask: “how do we invent/design/make good ideas, & solutions 2 problems that exist right now.” #transistion The Venus Project #RBE-)

★ Modeling: plans biodiversity corridors 4 multiple species: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

📌#Drones #Transports support #eCommerce in China country towns #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌎Post-War Chemical Weapons Dumped in the Ocean #Problem #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌎 A Resource Based Economy is about love, it’s about us ❤❤❤ The “Future My Love” [movie]: The Venus Project 🌷 (Copy—but where from)

🌎 The Venus Project is leaderless, but Sociocracy is… #Transition Resource Based Economy

🌎 #POTUS can’t solve world problems, we must do that The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌎 Cazza ready to Populate World With #3DPrinted Smart Cities: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

🌎Aquaponic Housing Design; Self-Efficient Ecosystem [article]: #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy


♬ Belocca – Way Of Thinking [song/music]: #tech #house The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

♬ Alex Uvin — Audio Theme [music]: The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

♬ Draker Dave — A Future Without Money [music]: The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

♬ Moon — Grown Up [song/music]: #War #Politics #Elections #Peace The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

♬ Draker Dave — New World [music]: The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

♬ Draker Dave — Machines Will Make You Free [music]: The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #TVPMedia

♬ Vlad Wulf — TVP [music]: The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

♬ Rasec Music — The First City [music]:, UN 2016 The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

♬ BFM — Quema petroleo // Burning Oil [song/music]: via @Fabrikoooo (, Michael C. Ruppert)

♬ Primitive Soul — Come Tomorrow (Ballad Of Jacque Fresco) [music]: The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #NoWar

♬ Jacque Fresco — TimeF0rChange [lyrics/music]: The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #NoWar


Search Engines rather then money determine opinions & leaders (-Tweet Reference-) #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

(-🎲 According to Julian Assange, it may be Google (not money) that drives our opinion & election winners [news]: #IOT-)

⚠Internet sharing, free press, freedom of speech under threat? (-Tweet Reference-) #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

(-⚠ Will the War on ‘Fake News’ Be Used to Silence Dissent & Alt Media [Social Media Giants & Search Engines]:

Sharing Economy on collaborative commons.

🌎POTUS #TRUMP—hesitates; China may choose sharing economy #IOT (-tweet ref-) #Transition The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

(-🌐 Can #China ignore huge profits from a sharing economy (Gov & Ind. become platforms to help production)? #你好-)

🌎 No B.I. ⚠: (-tweet ref-) ► sharing economy will work #transiton The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

(-⚠ 75% of jobs in Dev. Nations automated, Basic Income idea may not be available there: #Transition The Venus Project-)




Maya Wolff

♬ @missmayawolff, — The End Of War [song/music]: ❧ #Pop #Love #Future

♬ @missmayawolff,, Destyn — JUST WHILE YOU CRY [Piano, Music]: ❧ #Collab

♬ @missmayawolff, — Fight [song/music]: ❧ #Piano

♬ @missmayawolff, — You [song/music]:

♬ Looney B feat. @missmayawolff, — Our Future [song/music]: ❧ #Future #House

Bella Goldwin

♬ @BellaGoldwin & Kenneth Cullens — Nova [sing/music]: ❧ #Electro

♬ @BellaGoldwin — Higher Than Life [song/music]: ❧ #Dark #Dream #Pop

Other Music

♬ George Acosta ft. Tiff Lacey – I Know (Beat Service Proglifting Remix) [song/music]:

♬ Tenishia – Where Do We Begin (Andrew Rayel Remix) [song/music]:

♬ @Levy_sound — Bonfires Album [song/music]: ❧ #Rock #Alternative

☆ MK-twinty 「ラストチャンス 〜女子道〜 // Last Chance ~ Girls way ~」 [song/music]:

Whitty Whitesell’s video “Painted Ancient Fears” blanks out around the 5 to 7 minute mark: thus not shared

♬ @SamanthaPreis — Lost for Me [song/music]: ❧ (30 sec fade out)

♬ @angelina_alexon, — If I could stop the time [song/music]:

♬ @angelina_alexon, — Love’s Reign [song/music]:

♬ @angelina_alexon, — Hold On [song/music]:

♬ @angelina_alexon, — Missing You [song/music]:


Astral music has deleted and changed the names of music, so this new style of reference is used.

♬ @Astrale_music◁⏰░Transient Δ░⏰▷ [song/music]: ◁⏰░TransientΔlink░⏰▷ ❧ #Electro #Tropical #Techno #Ambient #Dubstep #musique_de_film #Movie_Soundtrack #Indie #Electronica

🔶 Transient Soundcloud Resource:

Suggested songs and music

  • Bienvenue // Welcome
  • Révélation
  • Peaceful
  • Ténacité par Astrale
  • Résilience par Astrale
  • Lâcher Prise//Let Go
  • Petites notes des îles // Small Island Notes
    • #Electro


❤ 世界の着物(1)/Imagine One World イマジンワンワールド [#Fashion #Music] ☆ 🎊 #着物 #kimono

❤ 世界の着物(2)/Imagine One World イマジンワンワールド [#Fashion #Music] ☆ 🎊 #着物 #kimono

♬ さくら(Sakura) 25絃箏 (25 strings koto) [music]:

☆ 【りりり】気まぐれメルシィ//Capricious Merci 【踊ってみた】[Dance]:

【いくまあゆずやこまな】気まぐれメルシィ//Capricious Merci 【踊ってみた】[Dance]:

☆ 【@I_LoVU_official,】 心のまま叫ぶのよ // Shout at heart [MV] [dance/song/music]: ♬ Ft. 🦒🌸🐭 #lilymouse

☆ 【@I_LoVU_official,】ラブソングを殺さないで 踊ってみた//Tried not to kill the love song【オリジナル振り付け】[dance]: 🎤 🦒🌸🐭 #Lilymouse

🦒🌸🐭 #Lilymouse dances ダメよ♡ // Dame yo♡ #Wow (ref. Masami Mitsuoka, stage name Mizca)

🌐Future where the line between our imagination, & reality is blurred #AI #Vocaloid #Imagination #Transhuman #Robots #Android #Bio_Construct

☆ 「Sweet Ann, Big Al, Megurine Luka」 [#AI] EVOLVED!.Framework 【VOCALOID Original】[song/music]: #ボーカロイド

♬ @BellaGoldwin — Can’t Forget [song/music]: In love with a Vocaloid that lives forever #Transhuman #Evolution #初音ミク

♬ 【Hatsune Miku】Our missing love (Original) [song/music]: #Vocaloid #初音ミク #ボーカロイド

♬ @DormeeMusic, — Superstar Runner – Alien (DORMEE Remix) [song/music]: #Indie

♬ Amr Mohsen — Star Glider ( Original Mix ) [music]: ❧ #Trance

🎶 AMINA DU JEAN あみなデュジャン — -はたち (Hatachi) Twenty 【PV】[song/music]: ❧ via @aminadujean “It’s not unusual”

Also check out ♬ Cotton Candy☆Magical First Date【KARAOKE】[music+lyrics]: ft. @pikoboy & @aminyanmoemagi ☆☆☆

♬ Michelle Qureshi – Spring [music]: ❧ #Nature

♬ @H_ZETTRIO, × Bamboo Flute Orchestra — 【“SCATMAN” Cover】: #SHIBUYA #CLUB #QUATTRO

♬ @H_ZETTRIO, — “Next Step” [music]:

♬ @Holly_Drummond, – I’m Ready [song/music]:



Reference Comments On Sharing, Society, and Chaos

💭 Engineers simplify things to make technology work with humans; but ideas are like “cellular automa” simple rules=complexity

📌 Using Privacy/Security as pivotal idea, as who we are effects engineering designs…

💭 internet security & privacy are just ideas; the politics/economics/engineering designs follow up on those ideas #Complexity

💭the edge of chaos (-tweet Reference-),,

(-💭 It can be mesmerizing to stare at the forms internet security/privacy can take (simple rules):

💭 Example: engineers making non-linear transistor/components linear 2 simplify electronic/control design

💭 Engineers use theory of control in many areas (it involves the idea of feedback & instability) #Chaos

💭 internet security & privacy (ideas) is also influenced by feedback of the evolution of our society & our place in it.

💭 For example what is internet security & privacy in a sharing economy; Empathy

💭 May your journey (internet security & privacy) of staring into complexity, & edge of chaos be fun 😀

💭 I feel the feedback loop is changing, as we change who we think we are as individuals, & as a society

💭 In a leaderless society, I am not here 2 teach you, I simply share stuff— #Feedback #Global #Community

💭 You are your own teacher ☆ Sharing good ideas, & solutions that will solve global, and local problems

💭 #Evolving #Society #ideas If sharing separation is 6 to 7 people then anything is possible.

💭#Evolving #Society #Ideas “Hundredth monkey effect” animals can share, so can we/humanity #Good #Ideas

💭 #Evolving #Society #People #Ideas #Feedback #Loops #Complexity (& cellular automa) #Chaos—infinite possible patterns

💭 In some patterns Humanity does not survive; in other patterns humanity does survive:

💭 Even though the future is filled with uncertainty, #Chaos, Infinite possibilities: we/humans make guesses about the future.

💭 When we use science, & scientific thinking, often those guesses about the future is correct: e.g. increasing use of automation

🐾 The S curve of moving towards automation ❧ #Research VS #Engineering

🐾 An 8-Year-Old Cat Plays A Game Of Jenga Without Knocking Over The Tower ☆

💭 Our minds & the cats mind may contain (limited?) equivalent of a physics & maths computer:

💭 Integrate the S-Curve = normal-curve to make guesses #Past #Present #Future

💭 The fields of “science” is divided into pure/applied science: Engineering is often applied science.

💭 engineers predict the future using contingency planning (several possible futures: worst/optimal/best)

💭 even in designing circuits, engineers take into account component variations in value (normal curve), and predicted life times

💭 There are many types of engineers (electronic, electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical… management)…

💭Engineers may B classed as scientists when going 2 other countries—but it’s thought that scientists & eng. think differently

💭 If you studied 3 years of management, you will probably know about contingency planning for budgets

💭 when you design a bridge or circuit, you are also predicting that it will work for a set life time… and be affordable…

💭 But the engineering of Privacy/Security may be changing because our society and who we are is changing #Global #Community

💭 Perhaps the engineering of Privacy/Security is getting it wrong this time,

💭 This is a time when all 7 billion of us need to share good ideas & solutions:,


Gartner Hype Cycle For Emerging Technologies



Last edited in Nov 2016
Gharr is currently in hiatus: “I miss writing all those articles, and sharing all those great things, and ideas on the internet.” Sept 2016

Shortened link to article: ☆ The 着物(kimono) Mix [article]:

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