The Sky-Flight Mix

♬ Brothers Page — Kids (OneRepublic Cover) [song/music]:

♬@TimothyBuss—Curious? [music & video story]: #Composer #Producer #Musician #Ambient #Progressive #space_exploration

🌎What will you do if you have everything you need? (-tweet_ref-) The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy #transition #Anything

(-♬@ZenJuddhism — Want To Be Free (ft. Naomi Terry) [song/music]: ❧ Get Your Basic Needs First

♬@ZenJuddhism—Private Banks (So Cold) ft. Opkar Hans [music]:, The Venus Project #transition

Ref: ☆ The Crystalline Structure Mix (eight men) [article]:

♬ @ZenJuddhism — “Am I Alive?” feat. Marlene Rodriguez [song/music]: 🎤

☆@ZenJuddhism Feel that your teams music and songs allows us to reflect on the things we want, & solutions to today’s problems. #minimalist

♬ @kellyhilltone (DJ/Producer & Cosplayer) — Electro Wave – October 2016 Mix [music]:

♬ Hayden James – Just A Lover (PETIT BISCUIT Remix) [song/music]:

♬ Archie_Marais — Flight [music]:

♬ Milan Joan (@milan_joan) — Liewers Laat As Nooit Nie // “Rather late than never” [song/music]:

♬ @WhittyWhitesell — Live My Days [song/music]:

♬ @HearAdamsStuff, — Wormhole [music]:

♬ “The Dresir Power Mix” is no longer available

♬ Yaysh “Light Up This Room” is no longer available

♬ Yaysh “Universe” is no longer available

@yayshplz, mysteriously and effectively deleted (blocked access) to all her music from SoundCloud and YouTube. She also deleted all her tweets. The reasons for such a sudden change are unknown (December 2016), but her Twitter and Facebook says she is re-launching: “Yaysh is coming. Watch Out World. Singer/Rapper based LA. new Music coming soon. It’s bout to be lit 🔥🔥🔥”

♬ SALIO — Beautiful Day (SOLO) [song/music]:

♬ SALIO — LostWorld [song/music]: ❧ DEBUT EP #lostworldEP

♬ SALIO — Wayside [song/music]: ❧ DEBUT EP #lostworldEP

♬ SALIO — Horizon [song/music]: ❧ DEBUT EP #lostworldEP

♬ Space Invaders Minimix by ANAKHEMIA (@anakhemia, [music]:

♬ Let Me Love You (Ne-Yo, Ariana Grande, Mario, Justin Bieber & DJ Snake Mashup) | emerald (@emeraldwaslike) [song/music]:

♬ Thavi – Flashback [music]:

♬ @LMarshMusic, — Fresh Eyes (Andy Grammer, Cover) [song/music]:

♬ Charlotte Someone ft. Lokka Vox — Eyes Like Volcanoes In The Night [song/music]:


Last edited in Oct 2016
Gharr is currently in hiatus: “I miss writing all those articles, and sharing all those great things, and ideas on the internet.” Sept 2016

Shortened link to article: ☆ The Sky-Flight Mix [article]:

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