Sky Storms Mix 2016

♬ @SophiaGrayce, — Let Her Go [song/music]:

♬ @SophiaGrayce, — Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain [song/music]:

♬ @SophiaGrayce, — Bleeding Love [song/music]:

♬ @SophiaGrayce, — Grenade (Bruno Mars,
Cover) [song/music]:

  • Checked music up to May 22, 2016; the above songs stood out.

♬ Pleasure Dome — Texas, the Lonestar Ranger [A musical short film]:

♬ Pleasure Dome — Diamonds In The Rough [song/music]:

Raven AKA @KingdomOfRaven Changed her name to Dana Rexx AKA @DanaRexxMusic


Dana Rexx◁⏰░Transient Δ░⏰▷ [song/music]: ◁⏰░TransientΔlink░⏰▷

🔶 Transient YouTube Resource:

Suggested songs and music

  • None As Yet


#Note: BraveYou band requested that their YouTube channel be mentioned (as shown in their twitter link) in the tweets about them 🙂 #Awesome

♬ @Braveyouband ( — Suspended [song/music]: #Milwaukee #rock/#punk #trio

♬ @Braveyouband ( — Vincent [song/music]: #Milwaukee #rock/#punk #trio

♬ @Braveyouband ( — North Avenue [song/music]: #Milwaukee #rock/#punk #trio

♬ Closer 1 – cronqs x michaelkim (unofficial mix by @chelsearonqs) [song/music]:

♬ @MayorgaArturo, — Barroco (cover) [music]:

♬ Beau — In My Cave [song/music]:

  • Check out this singer’s tweets: @beauhs

♫ Audio Paradyne — Lost In Space (Chris Silvertune Bootleg Edit) [music]:

♬ RONDONRATS。”Rain” (Official Music Video) [song/music]:

♫ Alphascan — Running out of Time (Extended Mix) [music]:

♫ Forever Young remix reggae [song/music]:

♬ The Villains — Save The World [song/music]:

☆ 福士夏乃 @natsuno_fukushi, — 毎日の中に//In the daily routine [song/music]:

☆ 福士夏乃 @natsuno_fukushi, — 夏の雨//Summer rain [song/music]:

☆ 福士夏乃 @natsuno_fukushi, — 『毎日の中に』//”Some of the Daily Things” [song/music]:

☆ 福士夏乃 @natsuno_fukushi, — 『衝動』//Impulse [song/music]:

☆ @natsuno_fukushi, — 福士夏乃 ミセルバステージ//Natsuno Fukushi micelle bus stage [song/music]:

☆ @inoue_yu // [イノウエユウ] — 「しあわせのみなもと」//Happiness of Minamoto [song/music]:,

☆ [@omoware_chiemi & @emiko410] Virtual Rift // 想ワレ — Colors [song/music]:,

♬ @ClayWalker, — “Right Now” [song/music]: #Country

♬ Talens — Mothership [gamer music]:

♬ Talens — Charlie to the Rescue [gamer music]:

♬ Talens — Press Start [gamer music]:

♬ @Weschamber — Pure Bliss [Original][music]: ❧ #house

♫ @aaalyssadeboer, — Blue Jets and Red Sprites [music]: #Minimal #Techno ❧

♫ @aaalyssadeboer, — This is Not Reality [music]: #Minimal #Techno ❧

♬ BENI – 瞳をとじて//Close Your Eyes (Cover) [song/music]:


Last edited in Aug 2016
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Shortened link to article: ☆ Sky Storms Mix 2016 [article]:

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