Mellow Mix

This new music just seems so relaxing to listen to, it is amazing that it happens to fit together so well.

♬ Go Periscope feat. Susy Sun — Dreaming [song/music]: ❧ (Copy)

♬ Nomyn — Daydreamer (Royalty Free Music) [music]: ❧ via @BassRebels

♬ Rusty Shipp — F-Words (You Don’t Mind) [song/music]: ★ (copy)

♬ Rusty Shipp — Sinking Scarabs [song/music]: ★ (copy)

♬ Rihanna — Sledgehammer (From The Motion Picture “Star Trek Beyond”) [song/music]: ❧ (copy)

♬ Pope – Dance The Night Away [Dance/Song/Music]: ❧ (copy)

Leah West (copy)

Facing West and Dormee Music have both mentioned that more up to date music is available… but Gharr shares over 2,000 links (not just here, but on other websites), and to check each one for updates would be editing hell, and be very confusing to mix. The question is, how can it be done… the best idea that still retains mix properties, and hash tags (and other related stuff) is shown below.

Of course the risk with this method is the new updated version might be worse then the original!

Here Leah West is the first one to get this new style of sharing: even though, her music may not need it 🙂 The idea is to build the music. the ◁⏰░DeltaΔMarker░⏰▷ also sticks out in black and white on twitter for example… and at the time of publishing (Nov 2016) could be copied directly to the add tweet box.

With this method, if the unit is a popular share, and is copied into several places, it actually saves on editing, if things are changed, or deleted.

The example of the “full Simple Song” being shortened to a few seconds for example is a risk with using this method, as active changes to existing music can play havoc with what the mixer expects to occur—but that risk remains with “fixed-format” tweets also.

♬ @LeahWestMusic — ◁⏰░Transient Δ░⏰▷ [song/music]: ◁⏰░TransientΔlink░⏰▷

🔶 Transient Soundcloud Resource:

Suggested songs and music

  • Santa Fe
  • Destiny’s Calling
  • Beyond Words
  • Orange Bliss #Sunrise #Sunset #Sunshine
  • Anything For You

Awaken Sovereign (copy)

♬ We the Ones from @AwakenSovereign ( — “Come Back Love” [song/music]:

♬ Ambassador Bloom from @AwakenSovereign ( — “I am Life” [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock (copy)

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — Someday [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — Silent Times [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — If You Leave My World [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — Call On Love [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — I’ll Wait For You [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — That’s Why You Go Away [song/music]: #Classic

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — We Shared The Night [song/music]:

♬ Michael Learns To Rock—Someday (Alt. Version) (with Lyrics Closed Caption) [song/music]: ❧ via @OFFICIALMLTR

♬ Michael Learns To Rock — Dream Girl [song/music]: ❧ #love 2 #mums

Odza (copy)

♬ ODZA — Cream (Original Mix) [music]: #Electro #House

♬ Electro-Light — Symbolism [NCS Release][music]: ❧ (copy)

♬ @DormeeMusic,◁⏰░TransientΔFor the Win░⏰▷ [song/music]: ◁⏰░TransientΔlink░⏰▷ #Dubstep #BrightLights #Electro

🔶 Transient Soundcloud Resource:

☆【CREA, @crea_music】— 「GO+AHEAD」【LIVE】[song/music]:, #rock ❧ (copy)

☆ PET — Waking White [song/music]:

via: @jungles_japan

♬ ALAICC (@cc_alai) — GEWELMORD [#Live Music]: #Electronic #Hardware #Techno #House #DarkMod #Halo_Soundscape


Last edited in Jul 2016
Gharr is currently in hiatus: “I miss writing all those articles, and sharing all those great things, and ideas on the internet.” 2015

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